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October 27, 2016, 09:42:02 PM

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Author Topic: The Search for a Long-Term Sexy Fantasy Adventure! [Male x DM/Narrator]  (Read 86 times)

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Offline KessariaTopic starter


Hello there, thank you for taking the time to read my thread! Now I have been roleplaying/creatively writing for quite a while now, probably about ten years or so and whilst like everyone the cravings for different scenes, encounters and settings tend to change and swing back and forth this particular idea of mine has remained a constant. I have attempted several times over the years to find someone who could help me fulfil the equivalent of my role-playing holy grail quest but always felt I lacked the ability to clearly voice what I was after and so never really found that writing partner.

I guess everyone has their dream RP idea they'd love to find someone to play out with this would be mine.

A system based RP could be used but I warn you I have only ever done freeform/story driven before so if you wish to use a system please tell me and how I go about interacting with said system!

So, what I am after in a nutshell is this, I want to play as the main character, the protagonist in a sweeping fantasy adventure. However, I want to play as the fresh faced adventurer, the novice, the rookie, someone young and inexperienced to the ways of the world who either has to or is forced into a life of adventure, mystery, danger and eroticism with some kind of distant overarching goal or reason for him to keep pushing onward. Think of the main character starting off at Candlekeep in the Baldurs Gate saga, Frodo or Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings or Luke Skywalker in the original Star Wars Trilogy and you will be along the right lines.

Now to make things a bit easier, the following is a list of points so that you don't have to spend twenty minutes reading to figure out if we are even compatible, you don't have to meet all of them but the more the better, I may add more along the way:
  • You love taking on the role of the GM/DM/Narrator!
  • You love playing as multiple characters!
  • You love the idea of an inexperienced main character!
  • You love providing detailed posts, descriptions of sights, sounds, smells, textures, ambient noise etc etc!
  • You love the idea of there being story, purpose and context!
  • You love a more even balance of story to smut, don't get me wrong I want their to be sex, pleasure, sensuality, eroticism and carnality but.. Story is what holds it all together.
  • You love world building! Whilst this ties into story and detailed posting I thought it deserved it's own mention.
  • You won't just send me a 1-3 line PM regarding this request thread, that is always disheartening.
  • You don't mind the idea of my character not being dominant or submissive, I don't mind him dipping into either role as required and it makes sense but the dom/sub labels carry too much preconception and frankly I'd like to keep it flexible.
  • You don't mind a long, detailed set-up phase!

If most or all of those meet with your approval do read on and I'll get into the nitty gritty details of things.

The Essential but Boring Bit!

Before we get to the fun stuff these are just some general expectations and the like such as posting perspectives etc:

  • RP via Thread: This is my preferred method for this particular request thread. Likely in the Non-Con Exotic or Extreme play-by-post board though that will depend what nature of adventure we plan!
  • Writing Perspective: I can write in either 3rd or 1st person perspectives depending on which you prefer and what we decide will work best for this story.
  • Posting Rate: In general I can post 2-3 times a week on average, sometimes it can be more but it will depend on how detailed your posts are. If you have a slower posting rate that is fine!
  • Post Length: This is a tricky one for this kind of RP but typically so long as there is enough detail in each post for me to have something to work with it will all be fine. I can average maybe four detailed paragraphs more if I am given more.
  • OOC Communication: Whether it's discussing plot and scene ideas for our RP or just chatting it's fine, friends make the best writing partners!
  • RL Gender a Non-Issue: Whether you are male, female, femboy, trap, cross-dresser, inter-dimensional alien, rogue AI or Cthulhu himself if you want to write this with me I am more than happy to do so!
  • Real World Comes First: This goes for both of us, typically if you tell me you are going to be busy and posts will be slow I won't start worrying unless a couple of weeks pass with no word. Same goes back in my direction, I don't pester for posts as I know that life can get busy all too quickly.
  • In it for the Long-Term: I don't expect this to be done in a week or a month so if you are after a shorter scenario you'll have to be convincing! :)
  • Anything I Missed? Don't be afraid to ask!

The Kinks and Sexy Time Do's and Do Not's

First off I'll provide a link to my basic F-List, it hasn't been updated properly but use it in conjunction with the list I will write below to see what I like when it comes to sexy times:  F-List Link!

IMPORTANT NOTE: I would classify my character for this as being pansexual with a slight leaning towards feminine/female identifying characters. For males I am afraid those will be monsters or non-human only for now unless you can convince me otherwise. I will go into a bit more detail in a later section.

Do not take this as an exhaustive list it's just a rough idea of things I like and the kinds of scenes I might like to see:
  • Oral: Receiving a blowjob or going down on a woman. Receiving oral is my only mandatory kink. From slow and sensual with lots of tongue to an aggressive sucking!
  • Anal: There is just something inherently attractive about the shape of a nice pair of buttocks. Especially feminine ones! (Note: I didn't say purely female.)
  • Vaginal: Pretty obvious one!
  • Cock/Ball Worship: There's just something about the idea of someone paying such lavish attention to those most intimate areas that the only way to describe it would be worship.
  • Various Kinds of Outer-course: Handjobs, Blowjobs, Footjobs and other non-penetrative means of stimulation.
  • Multiple Orgasms/Milking: Whilst stopping at one if it's a big one is all well and good, why stop there?
  • Voyeurism/Exhibitionism: Perhaps my character stumbles across someone bathing and can't help but watch or maybe they notice him and decide to put on a show.
  • Sexually Aggressive, Confident and Experienced Characters: Who better than to give my character a sexual awakening than someone who knows how everything works!
  • Power Bottoms: Those who give the impressive of being submissive but are actually fully in control!
  • Massages: These are difficult to write well and do best when used with a slow build up. They are also inherently intimate, sensual and sometimes sexually charged experiences.
  • Non-Human Encounters: Anything from tentacle monsters to ghosts. Not essential but it feels a bit silly restricting flexibility in a long-term adventure such as this.
  • Being Seduced: I would very much like to experience my character being seduced maybe even more than once there's just something appealing about being drawn into someones charms.
  • Consensual, Dubious Consent, Pseudo Non-Consensual and Non-Consensual: And everything in between are open as options both have their plus points depending on the encounter.
  • Risky Public Play: A footjob at a royal banquet from the queen? An under the table blowjob from a lusty tavern wench? A librarian who insists on things remaining silent whilst jerking my character off? Things along those lines are all fun things to fit in at times.
  • Possibility of Romance: It's an option I'll always leave open!
  • Edging, Teasing: Driving someone to the brink of an orgasm only to back off and drive them all the way to the edge over and over again.
  • Clothing: Anything from elegant to sexy, from slutty to conservative the descriptions of clothing and underwear and their hasty removal (or yanking to one side) just adds so much to  a scene!
  • Casual Nudity: Doesn't apply to every character or encounter but maybe they are from a land where clothes just aren't worn or are part of a species that finds them pointless. Maybe a particular character is confident of their bodies appeal or just doesn't care who is looking. Not mandatory but options are always good!
  • Lingerie/Revealing Attire: Deserves a separate mention and as with all not essential but some elegant lingerie or just a character who loves showing their body off is all fine with me!
  • Mud, Mess, Sweat: I doubt anything would stay clean for long but I want it's application to be used believably. I don't want everything to be a messy roll in the mud!
  • Combat, Fighting, Injuries: These are to be used as story telling devices that could maybe lead to more encounters and as a means of keeping things interesting.
  • -More to be added soon!-

The Absolutely Not's

These are non negotiable under pain of being bonked off the bonce with a rolled up newspaper:
  • Gore, Vore, Mutilation: Whilst combat and injuries are allowed I don't want my character to have severed limbs, to be torn apart and eaten or anything else.
  • My Character being Transformed: This is something that just plain freaks me out I am afraid. Sorry. :(
  • Anything That Breaks Site Rules: Read 'em, follow 'em and we'll get along just fine. :)
  • Anything that belongs in the toilet: Vomit, scat, pissing.. Just no thanks.
  • If something is on neither list, simply ask!

My Character

This is just a rough template that I can tweak as you prefer so don't be afraid to ask though I will provide a 'range' so to speak.
  • Gender: Male though I may also play a cross-dressing femboy or trap if preferred. Though in that case female pronouns will be used unless asked otherwise.
  • Age: Around about 18 I would say. Mildly flexible with this
  • Height: Average 5' to 5' 10" or 152cm to 175cm.
  • Hair: Short, Light brown, body hair is down to your preference!
  • Eye Colour: Ice Blue/Grey
  • Build: Ranges from slim to potentially the start of athletic.
  • Personality: Shy yet polite, lacks experience to be truly confident.
  • Penis: 4-8 Inches is my range of preference for my character.
  • Possible Preferred Occupations: Wizards Apprentice, Novice Ranger/Archer, Squire in first year of training (enough to get a bit of muscle on him but not much), scout, novice in any fantasy profession basically.
  • Anything else you need only ask!

Character Options for You as DM/GM!

I won't go into too much in the way of detail but I'll give a wide array of examples within each category as with most of the above merely designed to inspire rather than be a set-in-stone series of ideas. The more of your own ideas you bring the better, you can use pictures, gallery links and anything else:

IMPORTANT NOTE: This section is heavily work in progress so if you have ideas or feedback feel free to PM me!

  • Human/Humanoid Females: From powerful elegant Empresses down to slave girls. Warrior women, amazons, bar maids, matronly women, chubby, slim, curvy, athletic. Also includes things such as elves, half elves, dwarves etc. Age range is I would say anything from 18 and up to maybe 45-50 tops. Literally it'd probably take me about five years to right down every example of female characters I would like.
  • Traps, Femboys, Shemales: Anything feminine will usually be more than fine with me, though I prefer sexually aggressive versions of these particular types but as above open to a wide range of physical options.
  • Humanoid Monsters: Minotaurs, orcs, goblins, trolls etc.
  • Non-Human Monsters: Tentacle beasts, slimes, oozes, giant insects, reptiles or amphibians, plants, aquatic life etc.
  • Gods: They could probably take whatever form they desire but they could be a potential option.
  • Golems/Constructs: The robots and androids of the fantasy world. ;)
  • -More to Come!-

Settings and Story Related Fun!

The following is a list of some established settings I have knowledge of or experience in playing in though do note I am willing to play in most any fantasy setting established or created these are just the ones I have direct experience and knowledge of:
  • World of Warcraft.
  • Dragon Age
  • Dungeons and Dragons
  • The Witcher
  • Warhammer Fantasy

Might seem obvious to an experienced DM/GM but not everyone is one of those:

  • An Overarching Goal or Quest:Something that keeps him pushing through the fights, the seductions, the sex, the betrayals. Be it rescuing a captured queen or princess or recovering a magical object or defeating the big bad woozle of evil and doom.
  • Something that Forces Him Into a Life of Adventure: Be it his home being destroyed, surviving an ambush or simply being given the task by someone whom he can't refuse.
  • An Antagonist/Rival: The queens kidnapper or just a rival adventurer who thinks they can rescue her first. Not essential but an option.
  • Themes/Moods: I would like to see mystery, magic, monsters, intrigue, sex, seduction, betrayal, heroism, chivalry, more sex, gods and titans, darkness, horror, humour, survival, desperation, determination, romance, lust, passion, sensuality, sexuality.. Okay, I think I am going to stop there, hopefully you get the idea. ;)
  • Persistence: In the sense of my characters equipment, clothing, supplies, wounds etc.
  • -More to Come Soon!-

Possible Plot Hooks

Just some rough ideas for reasons that my character might go off on an adventure or be forced into it, again, don't be afraid to bring your own ideas:
  • Home/Village/Town City attacked or destroyed.
  • Magical/Dangerous object stolen from local temple/lord.
  • -More to come!-

The End... For Now!

This will likely be work in progress for quite some time so if it's not quite something you wish to provide right now do keep an eye on it. This is my dream long-term RP idea and I will ensure this thread will reflect that in time.

For now though, thanks for reading and I hope to find one or two compatible writers out there for this!
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