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Author Topic: M Seeking F for "Sherlock Holmes" Pathfinder Romp [Pathfinder]  (Read 252 times)

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M Seeking F for "Sherlock Holmes" Pathfinder Romp [Pathfinder]
« on: October 09, 2016, 11:45:27 PM »

Seeking Snobby, Slutty, and Smart Pathfinder

The Lady was reading the evening edition of the Absalom Absolute by candlelight when she heard Ms. Smalls open the door below for some unknown visitor.  Who could be calling at this time?  She never accepted new clients at this hour, and she had not set any appointments for any of her current clients for the evening.  She listened intently for a few seconds, but could not make out the late visitor by the pleasantries he--she was certain it was a he--had exchanged with Ms. Smalls.  She did hear as the visitor ascended the steps, though.  His footfalls fell evenly, but the pattern shifted on the twelfth step so as to avoid it.

"Captain Olivero," she said with her back turned to the young, blond-haired captain as he entered the room.  She glanced over her shoulder to look at him.  He was wearing the blue cloak of the city guard that looked too large on his slim figure.  "It is always a pleasure."

"My lady," Captain Olivero replied, bowing.  "I apologize about the late hour.  But the city guard needs your help this instant.  I have a cab waiting downstairs.  Would you please get dressed and come with me?"

"Certainly, Captain," the Lady said as she rose, gathering her robes about her.  "I was just thinking that things were getting dull."

Premise:  You play a sexy countess who solves mysteries.  She is a detecting consultant for the city guard, and is frequently hired to find killers, recover stolen loot, and gather intelligence.  The lady has a vast network of lovers--men, women, and monsters--and her work oftentimes takes her to the most sinful places in Absalom.

Posture:  Originally, I wanted to run this game through Roll20.  But then I couldn't get Roll20 to work!  So it's the boards for us.

Desires:  I would like to run a Pathfinder game for a female version of Sherlock Holmes.  She would have a lot of the same qualities as Sherlock Holmes, in that she is an incredibly skilled and neurotic detective.  This version wouldn't have a Watson, though--instead, she would have a wide-assortment of friends, colleagues, and paramours that function as invaluable resources.  For example, "this book will require a linguist to decipher.  Fortunately, I know just the man.  He is a polyglot who has mastered several ancient languages.  If anyone will be able to decipher this tome, it is him.  Besides... he owes me a favor."

The game's ambit is to place the lady in uncomfortable situations as she goes undercover to gather information.  Thus, the lady's player should be comfortable with anal, oral, BDSM, dom/sub, NC, groupsex (orgies, gangbangs, threesomes), public sex, hedonism, voyeurism, and multiple partners.  See my roleplay preferences.

Additionally, I would like for the lady to have a vile arch-nemesis.  Sherlock Holmes had Professor Moriarty, and the lady has an enemy in KING.  At this point, it would be unclear as to whether or not KING is a person or a group though.  I would like for the lady to have barely survived an encounter with KING by the start of this game.

Character Creation:
  • Format:  The lady may be a gestalt character.
  • Race:  I would prefer for the lady to be human.
  • Level:  The lady will start at level 1.
  • Attributes:  Point buy 25.  However, by GM fiat, she has a 20 intelligence and an 18 charisma.  The lady is incredibly intelligent and incredibly beautiful.
  • Skills:  The lady receives 10 skill points per level.
  • Feats:  The lady is well-connected.  That means that she can usually call upon one of her lovers to help her out of a bind.
  • Gold:  The lady receives 1,200gp.  The lady's wealth has been diminished due to extraordinary circumstances.
  • Possessions:  The lady has a posh three-floor apartment in the outskirts of a rich suburb.  She has a large library there that provides a +2 to all knowledge and gather information checks.

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