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Author Topic: TARZAN | Fighting the tribe of Snakemen  (Read 187 times)

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TARZAN | Fighting the tribe of Snakemen
« on: October 09, 2016, 03:27:57 PM »
Send me a PM if you are interested in continue the story below with me.

I am into stories in which Tarzan is brutally beaten and defeated just to have his muscles, nipples and armpits gruesomely tortured. Cum denial, flogging and needle torture is welcomed as well. Let me know if you have other kinky stuff in mind.


The swamp was unknown to Tarzan, but he had to keep going through the putrid odors, weird noises and slimy ground under his feet to rescue his Jane. Bugs had been feasting on his warm blood. Evil eyes followed his movements and watched each of his muscles flexing and bulging as the hero struggled through the swamp.

While he was crossing another pond, he felt an elongated muscular snake coiling around his torso and legs. The anaconda bursted out its head from the water aiming at the neck, but Tarzan quickly moved to the side and the snake’s teeth sunk into his muscular shoulder causing the hero to roar in pain.

The anaconda pulled Tarzan underwater. The hero reached for his knife. He stabbed the snake a half-dozen times at no avail. In turn, the snake squeezed tighter around Tarzan’s torso and made few ribs crack. No one could hear Tarzan screaming under water. He exhausted the air in his lungs. He aimed the tip of his knife at the head of the snake. He had to injured it before drowning. Tarzan stabbed the head of the beast few times until it released his shoulder and break the squeeze.Tarzan used his powerful legs to propel himself to the surface. He blasted out of the water desperately gasping for air. The snake pulled him back down before he could fully recovered his breath. A fierce combat followed under the surface. Turmoil and blood tainted the once tranquil pond for a while. In a sudden, all turned quiet again. The surface slowly regained its peaceful steadiness. Time seemed to have stopped, butTarzan bursted out from the dirty water victorious. His torso had sustained four deep bite wounds. His muscles sagged a bit. He dragged himself out of the pond and finished the crossing. Once out of the water, he fell on his knees looking exhausted.

He looked down and saw that the severed head of the snake still had the teeth sunk into the muscles of his thigh. Tarzan felt weak and stumbled on the ground face forward even before having tried to remove the snake head from his muscular leg. He used his arms to push his torso up and stand, but fell back to ground. He was drained.

In no time, five black warriors wearing armbands and chest plates made of snake skin emerged from the shadows and circled the fallen hero.
“He is not to be underestimated,” the larger of the five warned the others with his coarse voice. “Tie his arms against his back - And you, grab his ankles.”

Tarzan’s vision was blurred. He saw those brutes moving toward him. He tried to fight, but was kicked mercilessly on the face and knocked down.
His adventure was about to start ...  [to be continued]
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