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May 23, 2018, 11:38:04 PM

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Author Topic: Peachy's Stories (D/s and Romance. Seeking female characters for FxF and FxM)  (Read 534 times)

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Offline PeachyPieTopic starter

So I haven't been here for a while! I had no active partners at the time, so I feel no guilt! Anyway, that's neither here nor there. I have some stories.

When you respond, please state that you are desiring to play the dominant female in all these stories, and I understand that I will be writing the submissive partner, whether male or female. This goes for all writers who respond. I just want to make sure we're all on the same page from the beginning!

Bend Over Boyfriend

A few months ago, someone came to me with this idea. I loved it instantly! Romantic stories that appear vanilla on the outside, only to be devilishly kinky at their heart are among my very favourite things to write about. My only issue at the time was that I generally prefer to write the submissive character, with very few exceptions. So while I did enjoy the story, it wasn't my favourite. A little while later, I posted an ad on here hoping to find a female character who would allow me to play the male. I found one person! But either the story kind of fizzled, she lost interest, or simply poofed. I'm not sure which, and it really isn't important. What is important is that I find another partner, because, once again, I have a huge, huge craving for this story.


Ours is a mostly vanilla relationship. A boy likes a girl, and that girl likes the boy. Dating ensues. However, where this relationship veers off the vanilla path is in the bedroom. Their sex, at least their penetrative sex, consists almost entirely of her wearing and using a strap-on on him. This could go a few directions, but let's discuss those in private, shall we? I would also like it if she were dominant in some way, shape, or form, beyond the simple act of enjoying pegging. Maybe they're into BDSM. Maybe she likes to spank him when he's a bad boy! There are lots of options, and I don't want to write out an exhaustive list, so I won't. I want this to be as open-ended as possible, so that we might tailor-make a story together that's based on this premise.


Boy and girl date. Girl is dominant. She likes to fuck boy with strap-on! Other details to be discussed in private!

High School High (FxF or FxM)

This is a romance between teacher and student with a hint of D/s added in. We'll pick the story up a few weeks or months into the relationship. They're comfortable with each other, probably in love, definitely sexually active. It's not a relationship where the teacher is using her student for sex. Rather, they genuinely care for each other. However, our student isn't exactly... Responsible. This is where the D/s comes in. The teacher, perhaps on a day where the student shows up for class very late, decides her lover boy or girl needs to be taught a different kind of lesson. And so spanking is introduced to their relationship. She Spanks her student as a punishment, and promises that, from then on, spanking will play a major role in their relationship. Not as abuse, but loving guidance.

I'd prefer this to be longterm. We can explore their growth as a couple, particularly in regards to this new D/s element that has been added. Like most of my stories, I prefer to write it out in episodic fashion, rather than a continuing narrative.

Supremacy (FxF or FxM)

It's a female-led, dystopian society. Women are stronger, usually bigger, more sexually aggressive, and, in a society where there is no government or law enforcement, the strong tend to take what they want. However, not all women are top of the food chain. The weaker, smaller sort are generally used, like their male counterparts, as slaves of some sort, whether sexual or otherwise. Rape is not uncommon, nor is it even frowned upon by most. It is a dog eat dog world.

Our story can take place anywhere in this world, and I'm happy playing either male or female here.

Mommy's Girl (Not Incest FxF)

A middle aged woman (45+) and a young girl (No younger than 18) enter into an odd relationship. It can be sexual, but that part isn't necessary for the story. I'll leave that up to my partner. What is necessary is a Mommy domme who will give this girl a lot of spankings!

For story I was thinking this older woman sacrificed family for career, maybe politics? She doesn't regret that, but lately has been feeling lonely, that something is missing. She always wanted a daughter, but that had been a fantasy that she had to give up on. Until she met our girl. Maybe she's an assistant to start, an intern, doesn't matter. We'll figure something out! But one way or another, this girl ends up the "little girl" of our older woman. As a heads up, I'm not into diaper play or anything like that. This girl also isn't going to pretend to be super young, or dress super young. She will look, talk, and dress like the adult she is. She will be given spankings, however, be given sweet pet names, and submit to our dominant woman.

If you're interested in the story, but strongly prefer a male submissive, I'd be open to discussing it. That said, this story is meant to be Female-Female.
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