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May 29, 2017, 12:57:23 AM

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Author Topic: Looking to RP [MxM]  (Read 246 times)

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Looking to RP [MxM]
« on: October 06, 2016, 09:14:20 AM »
Oh boy, it's been a long time since I've been in the mood to RP. But here I am, looking for a partner(s) for and RP or two. :) If had any RPs going on here, or elsewhere with anyone, that I kind of dropped; sorry for that. Kind lost my Mojo for a while and forgot about the RPs. ^^; I'm mostly interested in plot. I mean, I LOVE plot, plots are everything for me! Some of my plots are a bit outlandish, I'll admit, but that's the burden of being a writer, I guess, lol. I will do smut driven RPs, but only if I'm in the mood, and god only knows when that is, so don't be afraid to ask. x) I've got a few plots of my own, but I'm open to coming up with new ones. So without further ado, let us begin!


As far as characters go, I'm fairly easy to please. Age is negotiable, as long as they're not too young, or too old. I don't do non-humans/non-humanoids (though elves are just fine.), and I don't do femboys, nor ridiculously muscled characters.


I'm pretty good at a few genres;

Fantasy/High Fantasy
Realistic Fiction
Super Hero

And then there are my weaknesses:



-Star Wars
-Guild Wars 1 and 2
-Dragon's Dogma (Male Arisen/Main Pawn)
-Mass Effect
-Dragon Age
-DC (Batfamily)


~Current Cravings~

Currently, I have sort of a DC kick going on, specifically the Batfamily. Anything in there would be a huge bonus. :D Just don't expect me to go for any of the following pairings:

Bruce/Anyone (Bruce is a good character, I just...I dunno, I fail to see the attraction. x) )
Damian Wayne/Anyone (I just don't like the kid. >:| )
Clark/Anyone (I don't like Clark either. Too much of a boy scout for me.)

Although I would LOVE to do any of these pairings:

Dick Grayson/Roy Harper
Dick Grayson/Jason Todd
Dick Grayson/Jason Todd/Roy Harper
Jason Todd/Roy Harper

Anything can be discussed. It depends on my mood, mostly. I should note that I am partial to Birdflash/Nightflash as well. ^^

Threeway RP (1x1x1)


~Original Plots~

What The Heart Wants:

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A story of mine I've role played with others in the past. It's a modern setting and is centered around Jason Davis, a black haired trouble-maker, a wiccan and a bisexual teenager of 18. He lives with his mother and an abusive, alcoholic Catholic father. He believes he is straight, but that slowly changes when the new guy moves into town. Seth Jones is a gay 18 year old brunette Australian whose moved into town with his parents and his twin brother, Scott Jones.

~Other characters:
Kaidan Jacob
Travis Taylor
Rose Matthews
Melinda Michaels
Michael Davis
Scott Jones

~Other possible pairings: Kaidan Jacob/Scott Jones

The Beginning of the End:

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
It starts in the modern day with a government funded program centered around the idea of a multiverse. Called "Project Multiverse" the scientists on the project are attempting to create a bridge between our reality and another. They succeed, but in doing so, they've let something through. Spirit-like creatures we've come to call "Phantasms" have flooded in from another reality and started possessing people. There are three different kinds of Phantasms. Wraiths are the strongest. It takes a while for the infected to fully turn, but they slowly get more and more irritated, until eventually, they become mindless rage thralls. Wraiths appear as a black mist. Specters appear as a light red mist and as with all phantasms, take a while to fully infect their victims. Warning signs and symptoms of infection include hearing whispers, eventually full voices. Easily misdiagnosed as schizophrenia, the infected slowly loses their mind, until the Specter fully settles in, and the victim completely loses their mind. Last are Phantasms, which appear as a white mist. Symptoms of phantasm infection includes illness; fever, cough, vomiting, and eventually death. Phantasms are weak and cannot control its victim until it is dead.
50 years have passed since the initial release of phantasms into our world. Animals and people alike have been infected, and "Safe Zones" have been established. Furthermore, the phantasms appear to be adapting to human physiology, getting smarter, evolving. Wraiths now modify the infected on the genetic level, adapting their hosts to their surroundings, while the victims of weaker phantasms begin to show rudimentary intelligence. The one thing all phantasms have in common, is how they spread. They require a host to reproduce and cannot live outside of a body for more than a few hours. Once they have a host, they infect and spread through a bite. Upon biting a new victim, they split a part of themselves off and send it into the bite victim to start anew. According to research and studies done on victims and infected, the stronger a person's will (in case of wraiths and specters) or their immune system (in case of phantasms) the longer it takes for the phantasm to overpower them. To date, only three people have managed to survive and even drive out any phantasms.

Hiding Away From You

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A young man, 18 years of age, has been harboring a crush for his best friend for the last four years, but he's afraid to say anything, not wanting the jeopardize the friendship he's had with his friend since they were young children. He's gay and discovered it when he was 13, when he realized he had a crush on his best friend. To hide his feelings and his orientation, he's been dating girls and pretending to be straight, none of which he's ever really cared about. Then one day after breaking up with his best friend's little sister, he finally reveals everything to him.

The Necromancer of Mahdevi

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
YC has spent their entire life at Morrenwood Tower; a school of sorts for those gifted with magick. (Not to be confused w/ Dragon Age's Circle of Magi. Magick isn't considered a curse.) YC has a dark past, one that they are unaware of. They are the son of a Warlock and self-proclaimed Dark Lord of Mahdevi. This warlock specialized in Necromancy (thus the title “Necromancer of Mahdevi”) and extended his life several hundred years by siphoning the life from his slaves. He currently controls the island of Mahdevi and its inhabitants. He fathered a child with one of his concubines, but the woman took the child and fled when she overheard the warlock's conversation with one of his followers about binding a demon to the unborn child to create a dark creature to raise as a weapon against his enemies. As she listened she learned that such a binding took months and had apparently already begun, but was not yet finished. The child was tainted with darkness, as was required to bind a demon.

The concubine took only what she could carry and fled from the island. Her unborn child had already been exposed to the darkness of a demon, so she hid and when the child was born, she left it at Morrenwood, in the hopes that someone could save him. She left a note, explaining everything. A council was held about what to do with the child; half the council advocated killing it, while the other half suggested raising it for good. The ArcheMage, a woman named Lannaya broke the tie, accepting the child into the academy.

18 or so years later, YC is about to graduate and become a full-fledged Wizard, granted a staff allowed to go out into the world. That's where he meets a handsome young rouge (MC). And we can just take it from there.

As for the mage, the mage's dreams are plagued by darkness, disturbing imagery such as violence, blood, and darkness. He can summon demons, but has no control over it. The darkness, not being natural, causes "attacks" of sorts. Like splitting headaches, followed by his magick going out of control and on occasion, summoning demons by accident.

It is an incomplete plot, so there's plenty of room for brainstorming!

Heartless (Dragon's Dogma)

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A young man has been marked by the dragon after his home village of Cassardis is attacked. He sets out on his journey to slay the beast and reclaim his heart, meeting his new pawn along the way. As they travel together, the Arisen starts to grow feelings for his pawn, but pawns are emotionless husks...or are they? Everyday, it seems as if the pawn is...expressing himself. He smiles, he laughs, is it possible he can love too? After the Arisen has a near death experience, things change drastically, and the pawn reveals emotions that the Arisen wasn't aware he had.

Crisis Point (Potential Group RP)

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
The aptly named 'Crisis Point' had been reached and there was nothing that humanity could do now to change the fate of the world, toxic fumes were filling the air and the earth was changing for the worse. Fleeing into space, to one of the closer earth-like planets that had been found, most of humanity escaped the planet.
Over half a millennia had passed before eventually it was decided that a small team would be sent to see the state that the planet Earth was in and if it could be re-colonized. The team, which contained everything from specialized fighting groups, to workmen and engineers, to doctors and bio-engineers, was sent on a fast interplanetary ship headed for Earth and though they planned for almost everything they hadn’t planned for this.

The planet was changed irreversibly, acid rain had whittled at mountains until they were all but unrecognizable and all but the most stubborn remains of previous human life were gone. Nature had taken over again, and the environment was stable enough to contain life once more, though rapid evolution had taken its toll and many species were now unrecognizable as well.
Making camp around their landed ship and beginning their exploration and testing of the area, it took a few days before the camp was attacked first. The first night they were raided by human-looking creatures, and the nights after were spent defending from creatures that didn't look human at all.

Injured while helping protect the camp, only a small number of the previously large team survived a especially vicious attack on their camp and were forced to flee the remains of the base to save their own lives.
With minimal equipment and only the weapons they could grab as they fled, the group was hunted until they were confronted by the more peaceful, more human looking creatures who took them in without trust to simply save their lives.
Settling slowly into the community that they were brought into, and slowly becoming more accepted in that community despite the war going on between the other two races, the group has to decide in the end whether they want to return home or whether they would allow the Earth 2.0 colony to believe they are dead.

Interestingly enough, this ‘community’ has seemingly evolved into a mix of Celtic and Old Norse traditions, speaking a language not unlike proto-celtic and worships the old Norse gods. It’s likely that as the remaining humans on Earth descended back into the dark ages, that they once again turned to deities, with this community acknowledging the old Norse Gods.

Secrets in the Dark

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A young wiccan who was kicked out of his Catholic house at 16 for embracing his family's magick. Now 18, he's been searching for people to mentor him in magick. Then he learns of a city, governed by a coven of witches and accepting of magick. The city, called Athena, is where he heads to next to hopefully learn from this coven. There he meets the son of the coven's High Priest and Priestess, who offers to train him. However, Athena hides a dark secret that could have consequences for the young, lone practitioner...

In Plain Sight:

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A young man has been accepted to college and is moving into his new dorm. When he arrives however, he finds that his roommate, a sophomore, is a total, anti-social dick. Neither one of them gets along at all, and they only just tolerate each other. The freshman meets another guy online one day and they just hit it off, and have been chatting with each other everyday for months. However, the Sophomore has also met an interesting guy online recently too...

To Walk A Different Path:

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
YC, The prince dons a cloak and runs away in the dark of night. The burden of ruling just isn’t for him; he wants to be free, to go where he wishes and do as he pleases. To rule over others, as king, is a responsibility he never wanted. Armed with only a sword, a bow and arrows, he sets out to live the life of freedom he’s always desired. Along the way, he meets MC, a handsome young rogue, much like himself; a free spirit with the desire to go anywhere he pleases. However, when the man discovers the prince’s identity, he attempts to return him to his father and collect the reward for his safe return. The prince pleads with the man not to take him back, and the rogue begins to feel sorry for him and cuts him free and sends him on his way. Yet the prince doesn’t want to go off on his own…he’d much rather accompany the rogue.


~Potential Pairings~

Elf x Human
Elf x Elf
Brother x Brother
Mage x Knight/Rogue
Prince x Knight/Rogue

A small list of potential pairings.


Samples of my work can be found here Ao3 to give you an idea of my Writing/RP skill.

As for how we would RP, I have Gmail, Skype, and I wouldn't be opposed to TitanPad or RPGWrite
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Re: Looking to RP [MxM]
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Added new plots and a fandom section