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May 26, 2018, 11:12:42 AM

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Author Topic: Survial Stories (Now with Fandoms and Fantasy) (M for mostly F, LIGHT/BON/NC)  (Read 941 times)

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Offline PainlessTopic starter

Leaning pretty strongly towards M/F on this. I'm not opposed to M/M but you'll have to be convincing.

I'm looking for a partner for a wilderness survival RP that's on the harder side of soft. Not completely realistic, since realistic wilderness survival tends to involve a lot of sitting around trying not to starve, but still employing real survival techniques, having to keep a fire going, etc.

I've tried this idea a couple times, but somehow it rarely gets off the ground. So let's try again, but with concrete plots this time. I'm quite flexible on the plot details.

Monster Hunter New!

Loosely inspired by Monster Hunter World. A Hunter and a Handler (or two Hunters) get caught off guard by a monster while returning from a tough hunt. With few resources on hand, they're forced to flee, but their escape goes wrong. They hook on to a wingdrake that gets spooked and takes off into the wilderness, or dive into a river only to get washed away by the powerful current. They end up in completely uncharted territory, and have to brave hostile monsters, scrounge for resources, and work together to get back to the safety of one of humanity's few settlements in the new world.

Alone Together (M for F)

YC is nerdy, reserved, perhaps a little on the chubby side, and she's been paired with MC for a high school/college project, who is quite the opposite, strong and outdoorsy. I originally envisioned this as two students, but it could also be a teacher/student RP if that's your thing. Part of the project involves a trip to an isolated mountain research station to interview the scientists there, but unfortunately, a freak snowstorm leaves the two of them stranded on a mountain road in the middle of nowhere. With no cell reception, little hope of rescue, and only each other to count on, they'll have to set out for the research station on foot if they want to survive. Their character dynamic could be anything, from an unrequited crush to a mutual attraction to an instant dislike due to their vastly different backgrounds.

Return to Earth (M for F)

A thousand years ago, Earth had to be abandoned, as humanity took refuge in the stars, leaving the polluted hellscape to its own devices. But life found a way, nature reclaimed what had been lost, and nowadays the place is doing okay. MC is a scout sent to test whether the planet might be safe to re-colonize, but an accident knocks him out of the air and sends him into a crash landing, where YC pulls him from the wreckage. She is one of the last remaining descendant of one of the few families who decided not to leave Earth, and has been surviving on her own since losing her family years earlier. She is intelligent and capable, but may not speak English; may not even speak at all, but she is MC's only hope of getting by on a hostile world.

Stranded (M for F/trap)

This one could be modern or post apocalyptic (or something else; I'm open to suggestions) but it's definitely the most dark and smutty idea on the list. MC and YC have ended up stranded in the wilderness together. MC is strong, violent, cruel, and reasonably well equipped. YC is none of those things, and is therefore dependent on him for survival. But he comes up with a simple arrangement: So long as YC provides him with sexual favors, he'll keep them provided with food and shelter. Of course, it's not like they have much choice in the matter.

Possible Settings

North American wilderness
Deserted island
Mountain range
Uncharted planet (sci fi)

If you have a plot or setting not on the list, just tell me, and I'm sure we can work something out.
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Offline PainlessTopic starter

Re: Wilderness Survival (M for F)
« Reply #1 on: October 16, 2016, 01:44:33 PM »
Update: removed a setting and a pair

Had a few bites for the normal guy/savage woman pairing and tropical island settings, so I'm no longer interested in doing those, but I'm still looking for takers for other settings and pairs.

Offline PainlessTopic starter

Re: Wilderness Survival (M for F)
« Reply #2 on: November 10, 2016, 06:50:15 PM »
Update: re-added the things I removed, added a setting

I'm reopening this plot as all the games I've tried to start with it have fallen through. If you've got ideas, even if they're not on the list, PM me.

Offline PainlessTopic starter

Completely revamped the opening post