Craving a little torture (MxM)

Started by WindVoyager, October 05, 2016, 07:42:23 AM

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 Humanx Anthro x  or Anthro x anthro, MxM, rape,bondage

What I'm looking for: Male only characters, no females, no trans and no futa, they can be either human or anthro. The character needs to be dominant, keep in mind my character is not a submissive and will not just lay there and allow your character to do what ever they want to them.

I am looking for a male character, human or anthro, that takes on the task of being my characters 'owner' and is pretty much free to do what ever they want to them.

What I'm not looking for: Romance, human x human only, supernatural, female characters, Futa, humans with animal ears and tails

Setting: Modern

The General Idea:

I have no plot or anything at the moment, just some general ideas. I have at least two characters I've been wanting to play, both are male. One is a cyborg anthro rabbit and the other is a male anthro rabbit that is a metaphysical being that is immortal. Meaning he can't be killed so he can easily withstand some pretty serious torture and abuse.

Things I’d like

-bondage and gags
-Forced oral (watch those teeth)
-an actual plot
-non con

Things I'm not looking for

-the typical victim falls in love with the rapist or grows to enjoy it
-over-sized body parts
-excessive cum
-purely smut or largely smut based RP