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August 22, 2017, 02:38:06 AM
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Author Topic: Brooke's Romantic and Sensual Stories (F/TransF [FUTA] lf F/M)(TG)  (Read 631 times)

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Offline Brooke SatoTopic starter

Hello, good people of Elliquiy! I'm Brooke!

A few things things about me:

  • I love roleplaying stories in which two characters fall in love, have lots of romance and passion, and build a life together.
  • I enjoy both romance storylines and action/adventure storylines with love stories at the core.
  • I play storylines that have one of the following two elements in them: Gender Transformation or Transgender Females (Futa)
  • I play either Bottom/Switch Women who were turned into women by Gender Transformation, opposite of Male or Female Characters
  • Or Top/Switch Non-Op (Futa) Transgender Female characters opposite of Lesbian or Bisexual Female Characters
  • I'm a shade or two spicier than vanilla in my kinks, tastes, and fetishes (F-List).

Here are a few of my specific romantic/sensual fantasies:

Hometown Best Friend to Girl Next Door (MxF, FxF, FxTransF (FUTA) Transgender/Gender Transformation)
Your character can be male or female in this scenario.

The two of you grew up together, inseparable peas in the proverbial pod. But after you both graduated and went off to college, your friendship began to wane, and you heard less from one another, gradually growing apart. But now, having graduated college and returned home to stay with your parents until you can land a job, you look your old best friend up again after all these years and discover that although his clothes have changed and something seems different about him physically, the friendship you once shared was just as strong as ever -- with one notable difference.

'I think I'm in love with you,' your best friend -- we'll call him Timothy, Timothy North, a 22 year old college graduate like yourself -- confesses one night over a lot of drinks. The declaration takes you by surprise, and you sit back, returning his honesty with your own: you're not attracted to him. Whether you're a heterosexual male in this scenario or a lesbian/bisexual female, you've just never found him attractive.

'I know,' he tells you quietly, biting his lip and worrying over what he was about to say next. And then suddenly he whispers "... what if I looked different? What if I could be a girl for you?"

From here the scenario diverges. If your character is male, Timothy will tell you about a miraculous black market drug called X-Change that can temporarily transform a regular guy into a beautiful, sexy woman. He points out that you haven't exactly been lucky in love of late, and it's true. Timothy suggests that if he took this drug and became a gorgeous girl that your long years of friendship and closeness might lead to a happy, fun relationship for both of you. At least it's worth a try, he tries to persuade you...

Now if your character is female, the scenario can proceed in one of two ways: either you can go ahead with the scenario outlined above and Timothy will transform into a beautiful 22 year old girl whose appearance is based on the photos to the right, OR, Timothy could reveal to your character that he -- she, really -- has known that she was a trans woman for years, and has secretly been transitioning without telling any of her old friends. She has been concealing her developing figure under bandages and baggy clothes, and pitching her voice lower to avoid being detected in public. She has not had surgery and still has a penis. The slight physical differences you picked up on earlier are the result of several subtle facial feminization surgeries that -- with a little makeup -- have turned her into a surprisingly beautiful and sexy young woman. A young woman you quickly find yourself becoming very attracted to...

I would like this story to be a fun, passionate romance. I would prefer that you play a character who romantically meshes with the character I will create for Timothy/????? -- which we can discuss together.


College Roommate to Temporary Girlfriend (MxF, FxF, Gender Transformation)

Your character can be male or female in this scenario.

The two of you are roommates in college -- your character might be an upperclassman, while mine is an underclassman. The two of you quickly bonded over similar interests and passions once you were assigned to one another as roommates, and have become fast friends. You do everything together, including ... not date. Although both of you is attracted to girls, and both of you are attractive, you have not really had a lot of luck meeting girls with whom you've found a spark, something that could last beyond the initial few dates. Watching your other college friends meet girls and pair off has been hard for both of you to bear, and you've both been dumped by girls with whom you thought you had finally found something that was real.

Finally, one night, the two of you are watching one of your favorite shows together when a subplot comes up in the show that involves the use of X-Change (the miraculous, if illicit, underground pill that can transform a regular guy into a sexy young woman for a predetermined period of time) your roommate -- we'll call him Daniel Park, a 19 year old Korean American college student from L.A. -- has the craziest idea. "Hey -- what if I took some of that. Do you think ... "

"What?" you counter, confused why Daniel, your roommate, would ever consider such a thing.

"Well, we're both always complaining that neither of us can find someone who is a good match, right. Except, you and I have been close for two years now, and I can't imagine not having you in my life anymore. What if I took this pill and suddenly -- we didn't HAVE to go looking for other dates anymore? What if we could find what we were looking for right here?"

At first you put up an argument, try to talk him out of it, but the longer the idea sits in your head, the more it begins to stick. Whether you're a heterosexual male or a bisexual/lesbian female, the idea of your best friend and roommate suddenly turning into a beautiful, sexy girl with all of his personality traits is a very tempting and intriguing one, and you finally admit it. Eventually, the two of you secretly buy a trial amount of the drug from the campus underground dealer -- just enough for a weekend, to give it a real shot.

Friday afternoon, as classes end, you walk into the apartment to find a baggie filled with pills sitting on the counter, and your roommate nervously awaiting your return...

I would like this story to be a fun, passionate romance. I would prefer that you play a character who romantically meshes with the character I will create for Daniel/????? -- which we can discuss together.


Vacationing Vixen (MxF Gender Transformation)
                 Your character can only be male in this scenario.

Clearly, she comes from money, but that's all you can really tell about her when you first encounter her in the luxury resort bar on the first night of your weekend stay on Malibu Beach. She's beyond gorgeous, with curves to die for and a smile that would have sunk the Greek armada sailing to Troy. You ask the wait staff if any of them have ever seen her before, and they nod and exchange looks with one another, then smiles, and shrug, telling you that she comes in every few weekends, trolls the resort pool, the beach side, and the luxury dining suites waiting for men to approach her, latches on to the first reasonably handsome individual who comes her way, and seduces him back to his or her suite, spending an unforgettable weekend with him before suddenly vanishing on Monday morning without any note, number, or way to reach her. The wait staff take note of your mildly handsome - in a boyish, sweet kind of way - looks and decide it might do you and your confidence a world of good to enjoy a whirlwind weekend romance with the mystery girl, 'but!', they caution, 'do not try to hold onto her, or she will vanish like smoke right in front of you.'

Of course, what the wait staff doesn't know, what no one knows, is that the bewitching, curvy beauty who appeared to be a lovely young woman on the cusp of her twenties spent five days of her week as a man -- as forty-seven-year-old billionaire and Fortune 500 CEO Robert Reardon, head of FutureCorp Pharmaceuticals, the most successful and wealthy pharmacuetical company on the planet (and secretly, the makes of X-change, the illicit, underground drug that could transform regular guys - even those as old as Robert Reardon - into beautiful, sexy young women in their apparent twenties for a predetermined amount of time. No one knows where Robert Reardon dissapears to every weekend after he leaves the office at 5pm, not even his secretaries, mistresses, or wife, but in secret, as he rides down the private CEO's elevator from the penthouse suites to his private parking lodge, he transforms into his beautiful, sexy female alter ego: Jacqueline Jordan, 20 year old sophomore at UCLA and wealthy beach bunny, and then spends the weekend on the beach, enjoying the pleasures of his female alter ego's body in the company of some of the hot, eager-to-please men who came to stay. At the end of each wonderful, romantic, sensual romp, Jacqueline dissapears from her lover's bed in order to change back into Robert Reardon in the privacy of his own hotel suite on Monday morning, then returns to work with never-quite-convincing stories of weekend business trips and hush-hush CEO meetings.

And yet, despite his -- her? -- pleasure in playing the weekend game of being the sexy young girl on the arm of a sweet, hunky guy before returning to the rat race and the business wheeling and dealing, a gnawing bit of emptiness has begun to nag at Robert Reardon lately. For some reason, the weekend romps have not been as thrilling lately, and she has lingered longer and longer in her lovers' beds before returning to her room and her male form again, wanting to maintain the connection she feels when she's lying in their arms, wrapped up in them. Quietly, in the back of Jacqueline's mind, the thought has just begun to form that what she really wants is a relationship that doesn't evaporate immediately into a puff of smoke as soon as Monday morning rolls around. She's been toying with the idea of leaving her name and number for her suitors, although she's never gone through with it (and during the week Robert has been quick to counter such romantic notions with the practical logic of the fact that Jacqueline does not EXIST five days a week and therefore certainly could not conduct a relationship as if she did) -- and yet, as her eyes linger on your characters for a moment too long, with just a little too much interest for the look to be POLITE, the thought starts to grow again...

Maybe this time... she doesn't have to go back into Robert Reardon's box.... at least not for the whole week...

I would like this story to be a fun, passionate romance. I would prefer that you play a character who romantically meshes with the character I will create for Robert/Jacqui-- which we can discuss together.

Club Rocker Bad Girl (MxF, FxF, FxTransF (FUTA) Transgender/Gender Transformation)

Your character can be male or female in this scenario.

You first encounter her in the club, dancing under the strobe and swirling lights with a few female companions, swaying her hips and tossing her hair to the music. She notices your interest immediately, and smiles a coy little smile, but the pretends not to, turning away and putting on a small show for you as you approach...

There are multiple ways this scenario can develop: If your character is MALE...

She's playful and a little submissive with you. She clearly loves being the object of your desire, and is getting into your advances. After dancing and flirting with her (and potentially making out and even having some sex with her) in the club, you take her home, surprised to find her so willing and excited to reciprocate your advances, but as she's picking up her purse in your place to leave later that night, it spills open and a small bag of what are unmistakably the temporary sex-changing X-Change pills falls out. Where you go from there will determine whether this was a one-night encounter, or possibly the beginning of something more.

HOWEVER, if your character is FEMALE....

She was confident and sexy, with a swagger and aura of calm assurance that your subtly submissive nature curled right up in the lap of, and you let her dance you all over the dance floor and seduce you with her mouth and with her hands and with her curves before she finally asks you to come home with her. You agree. But when you get home, one of two things could happen: you go to bed, have a wild night with the hottest girl you've ever seen who completely blows your mind, then wake up in the morning and find her stash of X-change pills in her medicine cabinet and confront her, OR you get to her place and after some heavy petting she suddenly puts the brakes on just long enough to explain to you that she's a transsexual girl, non-operative (FUTA), and lets you decide what you want to do next...

I would like this story to be a fun, passionate romance. I would prefer that you play a character who romantically meshes with the character I will create  -- which we can discuss together.


Becoming Your Girl (MxF, FxF Gender Transformation)

Your character can be male or female in this scenario.

In this world, magic exists. There are vampires, werewolves, and other things lurking in the shadows, but in this one shot we probably wont meet any of them. Instead, we're going to deal with an urban legend. In this world, or so goes the legend, every one has multiple possible soulmates, people whom they can be truly happy with, whom they were - in a way - made for. A subtle magic exists in this world that helps soulmates recognize when they have encountered each other by making each other more appealing to the other in varying ways. For most people, this is nothing big - a man and a woman might meet, the magic might recognize them as soulmates, and she might become prettier, or more curvy and fetching, while he grows a bit taller and more handsome in ways that she'll appreciate -- they are drawn to one another by the magic's effects.

The catch however, is that the magic seems to be really crap at considering sexuality as a component in soulmate matchmaking. In fact, according to the urban legend, the only thing the magic takes into account is personality compatibility - gender, sexuality, and physical form are all malleable to the magic. Some legends say that two women were once matched by the magic and one transformed into a guy with a new sexual orientation in order to make the match work -- but no credible news source covered the story.

Our characters have been friends ever since they got to college. They met through other friends in the same part of the college - humanities or theatre or sports or whatever - and have always sort of existed in each others' circles. They talk alot online and get along quite well, sharing a number of mutual interests, and always wind up laughing and having a good time together whenever they are in a group with other friends, but to your character's perpetual confusion, my character never spends more than a handful of minutes alone with your character whenever the group breaks up. If our characters bump into each other somewhere on campus, my character - White-passing Hispanic American Leto Morgan, 20 years old and a junior in college - can only spend a couple of minutes with yours, alone, before he finds an excuse to leave. If our characters are spending time together in a group and then the group breaks up, leaving us alone, Leto quickly leaves. And in the three years that they have known each other on campus, Leto has only agreed to hang out one on one with your character ONCE -- and quickly left in the middle of things, seemingly very distraught.

What your character doesn't know yet -- what no one but Leto has figured out yet -- is that the urban legend about soulmates is TRUE, and to Leto's very great horror, whenever he is alone with your character for more than a handful of minutes, his body begins to tingle, and and grow sexually excited, and then starts to change into the body of a young woman. Whether this is because your character is a lesbian or bisexual woman, or a heterosexual man, Leto (after his first few initial freak outs) put the pieces together with what he could discover online and realized that the longer he is alone with your character, the more his body begins to transform into that of a woman. Your body, on the other hand, just gets more noticeably attractive to Leto (which he thinks is very unfair.)

The longest that Leto has ever been alone with your character was seven minutes, and as he passed the five minute mark the early symptoms of his transformation - arousal, sexual excitement, and weird sort of 'not quite right' feeling all over his body, quickly began to give way to rapid feminization, and when he escaped from those seven minutes trapped in a car on his way back from Jack in the Box with your character, he dashed into a single-occupancy stall and checked himself all over, discovering that he had lost his Adam's apple completely (his voice transforming into that of a girl's in the process), his hips had widened, his ass had inflated, his hair had lengthened considerably, and his chest had begun to sprout what looked like breasts. After ten minutes or so of hyperventilating in the bathroom, Leto had been relieved to see his body beginning to return to normal again. He'd since noticed a few other minor things about the transformations he started to have whenever he was around your character too long. Leto's hair would get lighter, or blonder, or darker and more glossy depending on what mood your character was in at the time, as if the magic was having trouble determining exactly what kind of girl to turn Leto into based on the mood your character was exhibiting at the time. But despite being somewhat low-key fascinated by the workings of the magic, Leto had never let himself be alone with your character for more than five minutes at a time since.

At least, not until tonight, when our characters encountered each other in a University Library Elevator, just seconds before the power went out and the emergency lights came on.

Was this the will of the magic at work? Tired of Leto avoiding and ducking his soulmate and resorting to drastic measures to bring our characters together? Or just a random coincidence? At the moment, trapped in an elevator with someone - male or female - whose body was literally beginning to force his own to transform into HER own... Leto didn't much care...

I would like this story to be a fun, passionate romance. I would prefer that you play a character who romantically meshes with the character I will create for Brandon/Vanessa -- which we can discuss together. If the initial rp - a single encounter, or perhaps more - is enjoyable for both of us, I am open to continuing into a longer storyline.


High Class Escort-to-Order (MxF, FxF Gender Transformation)

Your character can be male or female in this scenario.

As a rich, wealthy, cultured individual with wide connections and diplomatic concerns that span the globe, your character -- male or female, doesn't matter -- is constantly on the move and rarely able to put down roots long enough in any one particular location to foster and nurture a romantic relationship with someone. But missing female companionship, they have therefore reached out to high-class escort services in major cities around the world. From one such agency in the states, a young Korean American woman by the name of Holly Park came to meet you at your penthouse. She seemed very intelligent, inquisitive about your business, about art, history, politics, democracy (I'd really like it if my writing partner could credibly represent these subjects), but a little unsure of herself and nervous in odd ways -- repeatedly crossing her legs to get it 'right,' steadying her hands, smoothing her skirt out underneath her.

After doing a little intrigued digging of your own later, you discover that Holly Park - at least the one you met - does not actually exist, it is a fictitious name, but a further investigation of Holly's purse when you invite her back for a second 'get to know you' meeting before bringing her to an event with you, she accidentally spills the contents of her purse on the ground and reveals a small bag of X-change pills. When you confront her, she confesses that she wasn't born female, but that she loves feeling beautiful and sexy and glamorous and couldn't resist the pills after she tried them. Now she works as an escort (just started) to help her afford her new lifestyle -- the pills are very expensive.

Your reaction... ?

I would like this story to be a fun, passionate romance. I would prefer that you play a character who romantically meshes with the character I will create for Brandon/Vanessa -- which we can discuss together. If the initial rp - a single encounter, or perhaps more - is enjoyable for both of us, I am open to continuing into a longer storyline.


Two Old Friends and a Spring Break Fling (FxF, FxTransW Transgender Lesbian/Gender Transformation)

Your character can only be female in this scenario.

Growing up, he was always the sweet, cute boy next door who had the silly crush on you that made you smile and glow, but the two of you only dated briefly before your character realized that she was not very attracted to guys -- and definitely not to blonde, gawky, gangly teenage Brandon Glover. You became best friends instead of high school sweethearts, although you would catch him looking longingly at you from time to time and felt a pang of sympathy for the great guy whose feelings you could never return.

This scenario can proceed in one of two ways. Here is the first:

After the two of you went off to college, some distance entered your relationship, and the two of you began growing apart in various ways. You learned from Brandon's brother, before you ever heard it from him, that Brandon was exploring his gender identity, seeking gender transition counseling. When Brandon finally came out to you and all of your mutual friends from high school, you pretended it was a shock, but really, you were just a little confused. How could the guy you grew up with really have been a girl underneath for all this time? You read his e-mails, respectfully agreed to change the pronouns and name you used for HER in your mind once she introduced herself to you as Vanessa, and you saw a couple of photos in which she didn't look half bad. But --- somehow, it never really clicked in your head that the person you had grown up with, whom you remembered as a guy, was actually becoming a girl.

But in the spring of your second year at graduate school, you suddenly receive an invitation from ... Vanessa ... to accompany HER on a spring break vacation to Ibiza, the beach pleasure Island in the Mediterranean. Your character took some time responding to the invitation, torn between the desire to spend time with your old friend and enjoy an amazing vacation together on the one hand and your slight confusion and discomfort with the new person who took your old friend Brandon's place on the other, but eventually Ibiza wins out over reservations, and you agree to meet her on the Island in a few weeks time.

All through the flight there, you try to prepare yourself for what might be waiting for you when you get off the plane: will a strange looking female person that vaguely resembles Brandon be greeting you, or someone who looks a lot like Brandon in drag? Will you be able to handle the differences? You start wondering whether or not you should have reconsidered this trip. However, once you get off the plane, an absolutely drop-dead GORGEOUS dark-haired beauty launches herself out of the crowd and wraps her arms around you, and laughs in a beautiful melodic voice "Hey stranger! Is everything alright? You look like you've just seen a ghost!"

Suddenly, your mind starts catching up to your body, and you realize that you find your old friend's new form VERY attractive, and new concerns and possibilities and questions regarding the week begin to emerge...

Here is the second:

After you and Brandon went off to different colleges, you and Brandon stayed in somewhat closer contact than in the previous scenarios, remaining friends and visiting one another on occasion. Both of you tried dating college, with mixed results, and both of you were coming off of long recoveries from particularly heartbreaking breakups when Brandon suggested that the two of you run off to Ibiza together for spring break. On the verge of saying 'fuck it!' and giving up on dating all together, you decide some time away might be exactly what you need, and you and Brandon meet up on the Island and hug like old friends.

Later that night, after unpacking in your adjoining suites and changing your flight outfit for more casual beach-lounging attire, you and Brandon go out and get really trashed, drinking like you were never allowed to do when you were friends in high school, and staggering back into your room sometime just before dawn. Brandon starts to say goodnight to you, but feeling a little lonely and a little horny and VERY drunk, you grab him and unthinkingly kiss him before sending him off.

The next day, Brandon is unusually quiet, withdrawn and pensive, and you feel bad. You know you should not have kissed him. Finally, as you feared, Brandon brings up his continuing feelings for you, and you regretfully tell him again what you told him 7 years ago -- that you're not very into guys. You're not entirely opposed on a sexual level, maybe, but you're not interested romantically. Brandon sighs, saddened, and wanders off, leaving you alone on the beach for the rest of the day to feel sad, lonely, and regretful about kissing him the night before.

Just as you head back to your room to freshen up for dinner, however, Brandon pops in on you with a bag of pills in one hand and a determined expression on his face. Half-dressed and a little shocked and flustered, you try to kick him out, but he instantly starts launching into his explanation: the pills in his hand are X-change pills, designed to turn any regular guy into a sexy, gorgeous girl for a predetermined period of time, and Brandon bought them with the crazy notion to take some and to see if -- as two girls -- there might be chemistry between them where none existed now.

... Or... was it really so crazy? Despite telling him it was, the wheels in your head instantly began turning...

I would like this story to be a fun, passionate romance. I would prefer that you play a character who romantically meshes with the character I will create for Brandon/Vanessa -- which we can discuss together. If the initial rp - a single encounter, or perhaps more - is enjoyable for both of us, I am open to continuing into a longer storyline.

If you would like to write this story with me, I have an appearance in mind for your character already, based on this picture of 'Vanessa' and your character together:

Your preferred character appearance


If you'd like an Action/Adventure storyline with me instead of a regular romance, here are a few themes or settings I enjoy. I'll list a theme and a romantic/sensual dynamic for each (the character I wish to play will be in bold):
  • Tomb Raider (2013 Reboot)/Treasure Hunting Adventures. Trans!Lara Croft (Futa) x Samantha Nishimura
  • Legend of Korra. Trans!Korra (Futa) x Asami Sato OR Trans!Korra (Futa) x Asami Sato
  • The 100. Trans!Lexa (Futa) x Clarke Griffin OR Trans!Clarke Griffin (Futa) x Raven Reyes
  • League of Legends comes to Life in the Real World. Male x Gender Transforming Katarina OR Male x Gender Transforming Foxfire Ahri
  • Lovecraftian Investigation/Adventure Stories. Male x Gender Transforming Female OR Trans!Female (Futa) x Female
  • Skyrim/Middle-Earth-esque Fantasy Universe Adventures. Trans!Female (Futa) Warrior/Knight x Female Princess/Priestess/Sorceress
  • Star Wars Rebels/Original Trilogy/Post-ROTJ Eras. Trans!Female (Futa) Smuggler/X-wing Pilot x Female Jedi/Rebel Fighter/etc.