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April 25, 2017, 09:48:18 AM

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Author Topic: Transformations and Shapeshifting (F/F, F/M mostly. Less smut.)  (Read 1254 times)

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Transformations and Shapeshifting (F/F, F/M mostly. Less smut.)
« on: October 02, 2016, 02:18:41 PM »
Hey all! I finally decided to get on my lazy ass and make a thread.
This thread will list my ons and offs as well as a few story ideas i have.

Definite ON

  • Transformations/Changelings + The big one. Ranging from vampire/werewolves to true shapeshifters, I love all kinds. Inanimate, animal, bizarre, you name it. Except for the ones listed below in OFFS.
  • Non-Realism + I like mostly fantasy and scifi. I can do historical if there's a touch of whimsy to the proceedings, since I'm far less interested in realistic settings.
  • Romance + I like romance but I can't write sex scenes. Don't expect much in this department from me; but if you want to sweep a character off her feet, then by all means please do!
  • Story + Similar to above I enjoy story-telling far more then I enjoy sexual scenes. I'm not dead from the neck down, but I really just want to write something fun. Action, adventure, horror, suspense, romance; all big pluses for me.
  • MONSTER GIRLS + Want me instantly interested? Include a Monster Girl for me to play as/with. Instant yes. Usually.What's a Monster Girl? Here's a pic with some examples.
  • Maids + Maids are amazing. To clarify; this is another way t get me instantly interested.

Definite OFFS

  • Certain types of Transformation - Mostly the following: Bimbos, Anthro-animals and similar. Note that the fox girl in the above pic is a monster girl. Anthro-animals are sometimes called "furries". Centaurs, fox girls, etc are fine. Check out Shantae for another example of transformations I like
  • Most sex - I don't care about sex. I just want some fun and adventure. If you come to me with a sexually charged RP we aren't gonna get very far.
  • Advanced Sex - I don't mind vanilla but BDSM does nothing for me. I don't mind doing interesting things, but not everything should be about sex all the time. I'm not gonna say it again, don't worry sex-lovers.
  • Death - Exploring things like the potential of a life after death or the process, such as with anime like Death Parade, fascinates me and would be interesting to explore. I'll even play Grim Reaper with you. I will not die in an RP, generally.

I have Discord now!!!

Story Ideas

I should point out that in terms of a dom/sub relationship, I do have a dom side and a sub side. However I also value relationships where we're equals. Also note that whilst I personally will be playing a female character in all but a few roles, you can be either gender. Though you may not stay that gender for long. I also don't want to limit these, so I'm not specifying which role I will play.

Overwatch: Reinhardt's Heir
Overwatch is rapidly becoming, if it isn't already, one of my favourite games of the current generation. I have a few favourite characters but the guy I keep maining is Reinhardt, so I actually came up with an OC based on the idea of Reinhardt eventually siring a daughter. Raising her as a Lady Knight, she soon becomes a fearsome fighter in her own right. I don't see her wielding her father's hammer but I can see her wielding Twin Swords and using special gauntlets to generate a similar shield to Reinhardt's own. I'll see about potentially drawing her.
The one thing I'd want to stress is that this is not a smut RP but more action-focussed. My OC would travel with your OC and together they'd be on some kind of campaign against Blackwatch and the Omnic Army or something.

Sorcerer/Sorceress Duel (My character is in the pictures below)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

I'd like to have an actual fight between to transforming magic users. The aim is to somehow incapacitate or confine the other magic user so they cannot escape.
There's no limit to what you can become; an element, an animal, a plant or an object. The only caveat is it has to be something relatively realistic in size; you can't turn into a planet for example but you could transform into a kraken. Think of the battle in Sword in the Stone, something like this.

Scientist's Assistant
The idea is fairly simple. One character is a mad scientist studying transformations and the like, the other the hapless assistant.
The funding for this project has been cut due to a lack of sufficient results, including a recent experiment where a human was turned into a puddle of goo.
The main character succeeds in transforming the assistant in what will be his latest and greatest work, as well as his last. This can go one of several ways; perhaps with this the board of directors agrees to fund further projects with the assistant being the Prototype, or perhaps said assistant becomes a living weapon that the scientist uses for a revenge/world conquering scheme. There are a few ideas for this so please tell me if you have an interesting variation on this.

Dragonball: New God of Destruction
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Unlike most ideas this one's fairly rigid. My character is a Majin and she's going to end up becoming a new God of Destruction.
This story would be an opportunity for some world-building as it won't take place in the currently known verse that Goku inhabits. It'll take place in an otherwise unrelated part of the multiverse.
Your character would be an angel (similar to Whis and Vados) and work as teacher and attendant. The story will basically have Purpell the Majin go on a journey to become a god-level being as well as prove she can pull off the job.

Opening Song!
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Keijo is an odd anime that's very light-hearted and silly but somehow manages to take the subject matter seriously. Keijo is a sport where female athletes fight to shove each other off various styles of "land" into the watery depth below. However, you aren't allowed to use your hands; combatants are only able to fight using their butts or breasts.
Whilst there is a kinky side to this, I should point out the focus of the anime is the character's personal experiences, training, as well as the competitions themselves, referred to as Races.
  • One thing I'd love to attempt to do is open up a Multiverse Keijo!!!-esque tourney setting. So you could have, say, Saber VS Princess Peach. It's just an idea but I thought it would be way more interesting to have characters from different verses interacting

I just realised that last one has no transformative elements to it WHATSOEVER. Something must be wrong with me.

The Enchantress' Apprentice
In medieval England, the prince of a particular kingdom wakes up to discover a woman in his room. Said woman reveals herself to be an Enchantress whom quickly takes him, later a she, under her wing in exchange for ruling the kingdom til he comes of age. There's a much darker tone to this RP as before she can succeed, she needs to remove the current rulers. I don't mind which role I play but I'd like to play the prince. Think Disney's Sword in the Stone but with a sane Madam Mim instead of Merlin.
  • An alternative storyline here is to have someone get lost, then find their way to the Enchantress' hideaway in the forest. Similarly they become an apprentice, and all kinds of hijinks ensue. This is a good one if you enjoy owning someone. I'm also happy to play the Enchantress for this role.
  • One other idea i had is Monster Girl Keijo. I have no freaking clue if something like this could work, but it might be fun nonetheless.

Monster Girl Adventures - Group based?
Treasure Hunting expeditions are dangerous for humans, and even more dangerous when you're half-snake!
This is a multiplayer RP but I don't want to make an entire thread for it unless I get heaps of interest.
A group of five adventuring monster girls are tomb raiders, and they're working their way up to the biggest heist in history.
Notably this RP will focus less on transformations (with some minor exceptions) and will instead focus on building a Monster Girl world that is somewhat believable. It's something I've always wanted to do so if anyone is interested, please let me know.

Pokemon Gijinka Adventure
Another fan idea. This one is based on Pokemon Gijinkas. Here are the Pokemon Sun and Moon starters as Gijinkas for your reference.
There's a few ways this could be played. Perhaps one player is a trainer, the other a Gijinka. Perhaps we both play Gijinkas. Heck why don't we do a Mother/Daughter one where the daughter is caught be a wandering trainer and goes off to have an adventure?
Regardless, please note I am a hardcore Pokemon player and have been since Red/Blue. I've grown up with this franchise, that said I'm happy to teach if you're not sure of certain terms of phrases because you skipped a few generations.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Extra Idea: LusaBeast
The basic idea is that I have been waning to play an Alternate Universe version of Lusamine from Pokemon Sun/Moon. The idea is that after the battle between herself, Lillie and the Trainer, she remains fused with Nihilego and continues to live in Ultra Space. She becomes the Mother Beast and starts to genuinely look after the other Nihilego. Over time she forgets everything about being a human and eventually ends up just becoming a particularly intelligent Ultra Beast with major power. Your character could be a Trainer trying to capture her (whether that's to save the world or rule it is your choice) or could even be Lillie fused with a different Nihilego, trying to reconnect. Hell, you can be one of the other Ultra Beasts if you want. The game mostly takes place in Ultra Space, an alternate dimension where the normal rules of reality don't necessarily apply. If you are interested, please let me know!

Shapeshifting Servant <-- This one I'm craving more at the moment.
So this RP can be set during any time period, pretty much any genre. My character is a shapeshifter; your character would be some powerful or very important figure. Maybe you're a warlock, maybe you're a sorceress, or even someone who is head of an office.
The point is, you're a character whom has authority. My character works as a servant, and depending on the setting, they either have to hide the secret of their existence or perhaps they are trying to usurp some other authority figure. Like I say, this is a very open RP idea, but it's one I'm rather open to. Please let me know what you think.

Alice in Otherland
Another transformation based RP.
Basically my character would be Alice (or maybe a variation on Alice) whom falls down the rabbit hole and lands in a world where her human form will never fit in. A small mysterious fae or butterfly is her guide and forces various transformations onto her. This could range from a centaur to a chess piece, depending on how surreal we make it.
If you're genuinely interested, please hit me up. It's a recent idea that I want to explore.

I'll update this if I think of anything else. Thank you for reading and have a lovely day, my soon-to-be-wardrobe.
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Re: Transformations and Shapeshifting (F/F, F/M mostly. Less smut.)
« Reply #1 on: March 13, 2017, 05:19:47 PM »
Updated with Overwatch idea