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October 25, 2016, 03:32:40 AM

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Author Topic: m seeking f to play Rogue in X-Men story  (Read 55 times)

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m seeking f to play Rogue in X-Men story
« on: October 02, 2016, 12:51:18 PM »

Rogue's powers go wild after a chance encounter with another mutant, leaving her personality undulating between them.

Hey, how's it going? Thanks for checking out my request.

"Welcome to The X-Men..."

A more relatively realistic adult approach
I don't generally play canon on here, but I felt this would at least be a relatively realistic way to introduce those more adult elements into play. After all, the Hellfire Club was just this side of the Comics Code of being an brothel, wasn't it? This will certainly push the Hellfire Club a little bit past that edge. Okay, a lotta bit...
My initial thought is that Rogue ends up interacting with a girl who's unique mutant ability clashes with her own, causing a psychic backlash, and Rogue's persona begins breaking-down. Not that she's permanently absorbed the other girl, but that pieces of her persona begin 'slipping through', much like Carol Danvers does from time to time. This girl's deviant sexual nature opens up all sorts of opportunity to play with Rogue's own sexuality and for you to have some fun with her.

You as Rogue, me as an original character, in a present-day Claremont era
All of this is sort of malleable for the most part. I would like to play an original character, and the rest of the canon characters can be involved as much or as little as we'd like. The setting I'm shooting for is Claremont's run around 1983-1991, issues 171-279 but set in present day. And there can certainly be characters involved from outside that target period so that we're free to create our own customized universe to some extent. It would just be good if we could stick to the sort of 'feel' of that era.

My character
Kevin Forester (call-sign Vektor) has the ability to emit kinetic energy from his arms which constantly glow a deep blue. He's amiable, imaginative, and can be a little witty from time to time. He's also a bit of a geek which probably shows through more often than he'd care for. He cares a great deal for others, and his biggest fault is that he overdoes most everything whether he intends to or not. Especially when it comes to caring for those closest to him.
I'm thinking he's been at the school for a while now (I'd say several months to a year) and we can discuss how well he and Rogue know one another or not. Again, any or all of this.

Control as much or as little as you'd like
I have had a lot of experience running X-Men campaigns in the past - much more so than any other type of game I've played. So we could pick-&-choose or switch off which characters we play, or I could play most of the characters and leave you to just feel free to 'play' inside our own version of the X-Men universe, and being able to interact with those characters if you'd like. Whatever you're most comfortable with.

Canon characters true to the comics
The characters themselves should be true to their roots so they will feel very familiar, but this also means they will absolutely not be like they are in any of the movies. (Particularly not Rogue, if you please.) We can 'cast' actors in the roles of the characters if you'd like, but it should be for appearances only, so it might end up resembling something more like a show on the CW. But we could just as simply rely on the comic books for source images as well. For me, this would mean primarily Marc Silvestri, Arthur Adams, and Jim Lee.

Original storylines
The storylines in the game will be completely original for the most part. Combat can also play as much or as little of a part in the storylines as you'd like. None of the storylines should absolutely require too terribly much combat, but that can always be a factor, and I always strive to make my action scenes (sex included) serve the plot, not just 'beat up baddie to continue'.

Thanks for reading, and if this interests you at all, please send me a private message with your thoughts and ideas.

"...`Hope you survive the experience!"
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