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April 22, 2018, 06:44:04 PM

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Author Topic: When the Villain Wins (Male seeking Female)  (Read 312 times)

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When the Villain Wins (Male seeking Female)
« on: October 01, 2016, 05:06:02 PM »
Greetings! :D

So, for the past few days (as of writing this thread) my mind has been concocting a story that is similar to the classic tale of "big, nasty, evil tyrant wants to rule the land and the brave, noble heroes rise up to stand against him". Except the RP I'm looking for would pick up where that story leaves off. Right at the end of it, after the brave, noble heroes have been killed, and the last hopes of the people have been crushed. Basically, I want to play the bad guy who won. The evil overlord who ACTUALLY gets to be the overlord, instead of nearly making it and then being struck down at the last possible minute.

The character I'm looking to play opposite is an important women. She can be whoever my partner wants, with some important key factors. She should be influential among her people. Possibly a ruler, like an Empress or Queen. Or she could be a great warrior, or a powerful sorceress. Or maybe she's a renowned cleric and healer. Any of these could work, but they are certainly not the only options. She's beautiful, strong willed, she matters to a lot of the people my overlord has just finished conquering. She matters as much to them as anyone can. And that is precisely why he chooses her.

The overlord character will temper the hatred for him and his armies, the remaining anger against that conquering, controlling power, by using her. He takes her, and uses her word and her voice to keep the peace. Of course, its not like she has a choice. If she doesn't do as the overlord commands, she'll have a short, painful life. As will those who are most important to her. Family, friends, everyone.

Of course, using her as a public figure to keep the populace from forcing him to put them down is just one part of the overlord's plan. This women is undoubtedly beautiful, and the overlord wants her for his own. But he doesn't want to just take her. No, he wants to break her down. To force her to accept him. Them to force her to adore him. Then to force her to beg for him. His end goal is that, while to the public she will still be the voice that keeps them at peace, behind closed door, she will be made into his willing slave.

Obviously, this would be a (b)non-con(/b) story, at least in the beginning, something which I haven't written much of historically. But eventually she would be made willing, though she will still find it unpleasant for a time due to her hatred for such an evil person. But then, over time, she wont just be willing, but she'll eventually become eager, unable to deny that she's starting to enjoy what she is made to do. And then, she ends up adoring him, looking forward to when he takes her into a private place.

This story would also feature the female lead being made to suffer some physical pain. Nothing that would mutilate her, main her, cripple her or cause any irreversible harm. But as part of the process of breaking her down, the overlord will make her suffer when she displeases him.

I'm quite happy to discuss any ideas from my prospective partners on things they would also like to see added into the story, and I hope this idea catches the attention of someone who likes to chat in between posts. I'm really talkative sometimes, so bonus points for you if you're the same and would be happy to have some friendly discussions after we've ironed out the plot and story :D

If this catches your interest, please PM me.

Have a great day everyone!

*UPDATE* Probably taken, but I'll remove this message if that changes.
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