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Author Topic: Sassy Space Vixens: Redux  (Read 1313 times)

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Offline SidheLadyTopic starter

Sassy Space Vixens: Redux
« on: October 01, 2016, 09:40:28 am »
Okay, so, 3 slots have opened up in my SSV game, and I am eager to fill it quickly.

Close to the border of the Many Planets Union, the independent space station known simply as "Friendship 2" (don't ask what happened to friendship 1), quietly orbits the planet RenHault (a small mining and scientific colony).

Friendship 2 is popular station with pirates, mercenaries and others who like to take advantage of it's independent status, and on the recruitment boards the following message is posted.

"Wanted, a brave (and competent) crew for thrilling adventures, exploits and some crime.
If the life of a pirate is your thing
See Captain Slam Bloodybone, Captain of the Fuzzy Boots, Dock 47.

No Time wasters (or time travelers) please"


so, I want to run a playtest group for my game Sassy Space Vixens. I would like between 4 or 5 players (any more and I'll consider running a second game). Once the basic characters are posted, we'll communally do the ship build.

If your interested in playing, drop me a PM or reply to the thread.

The game can be found off this post.

Thanks for your time

Thanks again!

Offline LivingGarment

Re: Sassy Space Vixens: Redux
« Reply #1 on: October 01, 2016, 06:47:59 pm »
New race

A gentle folk whom dislike warfare in general, nevertheless these plant-like beings can be surprisingly adept at weaponry once they learn the basics. Whereas the Silvari evolved from plants, Florians are instead a symbiotic merging of plant and animal. This puts them at extreme odds with their "brethren" as they have a different view on non-plant life then the more threatening relatives. They are also natural dancers; however notably they find alcohol to be toxic. On the other hand, carbonated sodas can give them the same effect as being drunk.
Homeworld: Oma-Oma-Osh
Government: Monarchy
Affiliation: MPU friendly
Appearance: Whilst looking fairly human, most Florian's are a fair bit shorter then the average human; they tend to average about 4-5 and a half feet tall. Their skin is a pale green and often leaves will sprout from their bodies; on rare occasions fruit has been known to sprout when the Florian has been sexually active. The biggest difference between a Florian and a human are the large flower petals in place of hair on the back of their heads; they bloom during the day and are said to be especially pretty during certain times.
Feature Chart: None
Lifespan: Florians have a complex life cycle as they tend to spend about six months underground as seedlings, before eventually emerging as flowering children. In total it takes them about ten years to grow into their humanoid forms. After this they will generally live between 70 and 90 years, though rarely they have been known to exceed 100 years of age.
Names: Each Florian's name is derived from their parents name, hyphenated. As they are hermaphrodites, and thus are both male and female, there is no true heritage to a name. In general the first part of the hyphenated name is used.
Tech Style: Whilst it is not fully understood, Florian technology mostly seems to be made of wood and will sometimes be shown to have blue energy coursing through it. They will use other race's technology but never seize it for their own.
Traditional Dress: Typically, Florians will eschew clothing as it hampers their ability to photosynthesise. grass skirts are sometimes employed, especially during times of festivity. In the depths of space, however, they will generally wear skin tight clothing so long as it does not cause pain in any particular areas.

[bFeature:[/b] Chlorophyll: Florians naturally become more energetic during the day but become sluggish at night. Their health can also slowly recover in a particularly well-lit area.
Air Filtration: Florians are able to breathe in toxic gases without it causing damage; this includes sleeping gas and the like. If they continue to do it for long enough they can save their allies.
Hermaphordite: Despite having fairly feminine appearances, Florians are actually both male and female at the same time. This means that they can unfortunately be charmed by races of any gender, but also can charm races of any gender in return.
Harvest's Bounty: On very rare occasions, Florians can produce fruit. Generally these take the form of berries. If eaten sparingly then they are not lethal to other races but can be slightly toxic if several are eaten at once. The Fruit a Florian produces is considered a rarity, so could be sold for a decent price on the black market.

New Room:
Florian Paradise Despite the name, this room is generally where the Florian rests. However, due to the pheromones released by the plants and the general feel, this room can be used as a makeshift medical bay. Do note that this cannot heal a physical wound; it is meant to stabilise mental and health-related issues and is not a Panacea.

New Character
Name: Shiro-Jora
Race: Florian
Role(s): Maid

Fighting: 1
Drinking: 3
Wits: 5
Savvy: 4
Gambling: 2
Plunder: 4

Bargain Hunter

As with most members of her race, she prefers to go barefoot.
She has a few loose-fitting t-shirts as well as a matching set of simple mini-skirts; there are two of each all a deep green.
She has a shoulder bag used for transporting various medical supplies.

Her primary weapons are a pair of fans, which she uses in tandem with a dance-like style of fighting that works in a mixture of defensive and offensive manners.

Comm Device
Universal Translator
First-Aid Kit

Appearance: Despite being just under 5ft tall, Shiro-Jora is a slim green woman with yellow buttercup petals. She has leaves protruding from her shoulders as well as some that extended from just below her stomach and point down. Her frame can be described as willowy, and she isn't particularly strong physically. She usually just wears a shirt and pants, loose-fitting.

History: A young member of the Florian race, Shiro-Jora grew up in a fairly happy family, though it was rather heavy on the politics.
She was taught from an early age to dance, as it was believed she may end up as a potential concubine for the next ruler. Being more strong-minded then people gave credit for, she stowed away on a pirate vessel at the age of 20. Before long she was found and put to work.
Working as a drifter, she would drift from ship to ship for years, though her family was distraught she was content with the relative freedom her new life provided. Her goal for the future is to explore and meet many new races, to essentially make this the biggest road trip any person has ever been on.
Oh, and money. Lots and lots of money.
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Offline CharlieSariel

Re: Sassy Space Vixens: Redux
« Reply #2 on: October 02, 2016, 07:34:51 am »
Name:  “Squiddly”  Her real name is unpronounceable outside of her species.  This is what people call her.
Race:  Cthulhoid (Minor Alien Race)
Role(s):  First Mate

Fighting:  1
Drinking:  3
Wits:  4
Savvy:  2
Gambling:  1
Plunder:  3

Qualities:  Alien (2) [4 additional prehensile tentacle limbs, Synaesthesia, Amphibious], Lucky (1), Little Bit Psychic (Eschering)

Outfits:  X-plore Corps Outfit (Black rubber one-piece swimsuit with unobtanium frills and her X-Plore Corps logo picked out in soulstone on the breast, lined with suede), Silver duratanium upper arm bracers, Good heavy black rubber ankle boots with a 1” stiletto heel, silver sunglasses, a pretty silver foil sash, and silver bracelets

Weapons:  Chain Whip (Studded with amber), Ray Gun (Pulse weapon), TIMP

Appearance:  Sleek blue-gray skin that always looks a little wet, with really really big black eyes that have nictating membranes, instead of lids.  Her hair is actually a bunch of tentacle-like protrusions, all of which are exactly the same colour as the rest of her.  Her four tentacles sprout from her back, although they’re definitely long enough to reach all kinds of places up front!  She has the usual two arms and two legs as well, with her fingers and toes being slightly webbed.  A pretty little bum and a smallish b-cup chest (gotta have that aerodynamics in the water doncha know).  The delicate, lipless mouth makes her always look a little more delicate, and her nose is little more than a slight bump in her face, with membranes inside to prevent getting water up there.  She has no visible ears, per se, but can hear perfectly well, no need to shout thankyouverymuch.  Even the bulge in the front of her uniform is relatively sleek, although she can use it well ;)

History:  Squiddly was just another of the people on her world of Cthul, but unlike most, she was curious and interested in the whole space thing.  A chance encounter with a recruiter, and she was off to the X-Plore Corps, who figured they could use a fully amphibious cutie in their teams.  She trained with the best, and turned out to have  really incisive mind, and one hell of a stamina when it came to packing away the beverages.  Alas, she was terrible at actually getting herself out of the scrapes she somehow always managed to find herself in, so eventually, she and X-Plore Corps parted ways.  After that, she was lucky enough to find a spot on a pirate ship with a rather robust Orx captain who had a thing for tentacles.  It didn’t last as long as she would have liked.  Something about the crew needing to disperse because of warrants or something.  She drifted here and there, and finally found herself in the rather fortunate possession of some really juicy intel about a really juicy booty score!  She’s on her way back to Friendship 2 to try and find another ship aboard a commercial starliner, the Apollo (might as well spend for some comfort after all!).  Just her luck!

Offline LivingGarment

Re: Sassy Space Vixens: Redux
« Reply #3 on: October 02, 2016, 01:08:07 pm »
Charlie: A Cthulhoid is such a cool idea. Reminds me of some alines I designed one time:

Offline SidheLadyTopic starter

Re: Sassy Space Vixens: Redux
« Reply #4 on: October 02, 2016, 02:54:39 pm »
LG, we need your qualities!

Offline SidheLadyTopic starter

Re: Sassy Space Vixens: Redux
« Reply #5 on: October 05, 2016, 06:56:55 pm »
Any more interested?