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May 21, 2018, 04:09:12 PM

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Author Topic: Looking for a solo system Vampire the Masquerade RP (I'd GM!) <closed!>  (Read 411 times)

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Offline BlytheTopic starter

As the title states! Info you'd need to know about what I'd like to play:

- System game where I'd GM for you
- I can use the V20 system or I can use the Revised system. You'll need at least the core rulebook of whichever version you want me to GM and the Ghoul supplement for whichever version you want me to GM. You need to be familiar with the system to play!
- I'd like to showcase a relationship between a vampire and a ghoul, with your character as a the ghoul, and with a dominant/aggressor male vampire as my 'primary' character.
- All characters will be 18 or older!
- I will happily make NPCs to fill the world of the story.
- Would love if the game focused on the Sabbat, but I'm flexible here. If you like Anarchs or the Camarilla better, I can work with that. I'm also possibly interested in playing a Giovanni.
- I don't care about the gender of my co-writer, so long as you play a character I am interested in! Ideally, I would like your character to be cisfemale or transfemale. I'd also really like the character to be switch/submissive victim. I'm open to my RP partner playing a male character, too, but just be mindful my characters are usually male.
- I'm not picky about system posts. I can write large posts, but I understand writing small posts where we're doing some back-and-forth dialogue.
- The game would probably go in NC-Exotic System Solos or in Extreme Solos. Non-con is an element I'd like to explore via the blood bond, since consent tends to be dubious at best when a ghoul is blood bound.
- I've been posting reasonably often lately, so I'd like someone who can post at least a couple of times a week.
- Kinks I'd like to include would be: bloodplay, non-con, bondage. I'm also open to incest, but only our story involves Clan Giovanni. I'm open to gender transformation, but only if the vampire I play is a Tzimisce. We can discuss other kinks as needed.

Anyways...a few small plot bunnies to show that I've thought this out (just some brainstorming):

- A Tzimisce Priscus finds that he needs security for his haven somewhere in Las Vegas, and your character turns out to be either active military personnel or works in private security, so he feels that your character would make the perfect ghoul. The situation slowly escalates after he acquires his new ghoul when his rivals, as expected, try to steal something valuable from his haven or even send their own ghoul servants in during the day. The item in question is a genuine fragment of the Book of Nod. Over time, the Tzimisce grows intrigued and later enamored of your character and her clear skillfulness and effectiveness.

- A Lasombra Cardinal (haven't decided on a location for this) becomes fascinated with a Catholic woman. She's conservative, beautiful, and everything he used to love about humanity and the Church...and he feels compelled to ghoul her and corrupt her, being unable to stand her perfection. Maybe she even has True Faith at the beginning? Will he grow tired of her once he's had his fill...or does he find there's something more there, something beyond the Blood Bond?

- An elder Giovanni, proud of his lineage, has his eyes on a descendant of his. He wants to groom her for the Embrace, but he's not sure she's ready. He subtly keeps trying to test her loyalty and gives her increasingly more important tasks for the family. Eventually, he blood binds her without her knowledge, against the Clan's wishes. Because the Giovanni bite causes significant pain, he longs to feed on her, but he can't without causing her pain. Soon, though, it becomes clear that his brother, Embraced when he was, is also vying for your character and the right to Embrace her...which causes an internal feud within the family.

Take a peek at my O/Os, linked in my signature, to see if you think you'd like to write with me.  :-)

Edit: Closed for now! I got a couple of bites on this one!
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