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October 22, 2016, 06:50:28 AM

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Author Topic: The Artist and The Muse {M for F concept RP}  (Read 82 times)

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The Artist and The Muse {M for F concept RP}
« on: September 29, 2016, 02:16:45 PM »
This is something of a 'concept rpg' I've been developing as of late, and I believe it's ready to take flight. And while I don't believe it's anything terribly novel - and I don't think it's anything a lot of us haven't done to some extent at one time or another - the key lies in the shift in focus and how that focus is carried out. And there may just be some free bits of art in it for you along the way as well... Follow me here...

So I would act as the artist, and you would serve as The Muse. The Muse of course, being 'The Source' and inspiration and 'gateway' of a particular art. In this case, erotica.

This would play out in any number of different ways. At it's most basic level, it could be a 'traditional' role-play. A few (very simplistic) examples might be:
  • The artist is in his studio (or, more aptly, at his workstation) finding himself unable to work for whatever reason. His Muse appears to him and finds ways of inspiring him to work...
  • The Muse and the artist have just spent a long day at a convention. After a few drinks at the hotel bar, they finally retire to their room upstairs...
  • A new assignment finds the artist working on a cyber-punk themed project, but he's finding it difficult to really envision it properly. Together with his Muse, they're able to conjure a very vivid representation he's able to work with.
(These are all really basic, but they're just to serve to give simple ideas of the types of things that might happen rather than specifics.)

Here's where 'the fun begins', and the focus and ways in which the alternate game-play can be handled comes in. It could be considered sort of 'meta' in way, and some examples of this might be:
  • The artist might notify The Muse periodically regarding his 'creative state', and the ways She's helped him, sending Her images or video he feels She might like, and even 'offerings' of sketches or works of art he's made for Her as well.
  • Periodic little messages of encouragement go long ways with the artist as Ego tends to be temperamental and loves nothing more than to fuck with him. Ego is both artist's and Muse's Mortal Enemy. That guy's a jerk, and must be kept at bay at all cost. Fortunately, this can be done fairly easily for the most part by way of these little messages. They certainly don't have to be a daily thing by any means, but they always put a smile on the artist's face.
  • And, if it pleases Her, The Muse might even choose to send the artist items She feels may excite his passion and creativity as well. These could be anything such as images or video, or even short writings or anything else She may come up with.
  • The artist would most likely consult The Muse on various projects from time to time. Feedback is always appreciated. And it may have to be something that happens over time, but collaborating on a project, or even just a straight commission as an ultimate tribute to The Muse is a distinct possibility.
That's the gist of the idea anyway. It can shift and ebb and flow to whatever is desired basically. It can be a casual thing for the most part, but I figure there would have to be at least some semblance of consistency/continuity to it for it to make sense.

So I know it may be a little different, but if this sounds like something you may be interested in at all, first and foremost, please be sure to check out my on/offs to make sure you're okay with them. They should certainly play a part in anything we do. And be sure to let me know what yours are to because as mentioned, I'm going to want to incorporate them too of course!

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