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Author Topic: Beachlover's Lascivious List - M seeking F  (Read 721 times)

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Beachlover's Lascivious List - M seeking F
« on: September 28, 2016, 12:23:17 PM »
Hello! I'm Beachlover, a laid back guy from a sunny shoreline. I'm finding myself with far too much time on my hands again and wanted to spice things up with a few fun and lighthearted RP's focused around nudity, awkward situations, or both. Let's face it, it's fun to be naked! If you're looking for NC, Rape, Violence, D/s, Bondage, Pain, and the darker side of things you might as well keep moving on to the next post.

If you would like to start a RP, please send me a Personal Message. Feel free to suggest tweaks to any of my suggested prompts/scenes. I'm pretty flexible and if one catches your eye, let me know and we'll work out the details. My preferred method of play is through PMs, though I'm happy to RP in threads if that's what you prefer.

Also, please don't reply to this post because it will mean you haven't read this far :P

1. Neighborhood Halloween Party
There has always been a costume party every Halloween in my affluent neighborhood for only the adults. It was a private affair, a chance for the parents to blow off steam after taking their brats trick-or-treating all afternoon. As we kids grew older we were always curious as to what happened at the party, but were kept firmly in the dark because of reasons. However, this year will be different.

I'm a freshman in  college now and this year that Halloween falls on a Saturday. It's too perfect an opportunity to let pass by as I intend to sneak into town and see what all the fuss was about. At worse it'd just be some boring affair with free booze and a few laughs to see my old neighbors drunk off their asses. I made sure to pick my costume carefully. I decided to go as Ceasar, using the same toga that I had wore during one of the rush parties at my fraternity earlier in the year. Combined with a theater mask that my roommate had; it was painted old gold and covered from my cheekbones to my forhead; and a crown of fresh branches woven around my newly dyed hair. Dying my hair dark instead of it's usual blonde was probably overkill to hide my identity, but it fit the costume perfectly with a pair of old leather sandals.

The party was at the Sanderson's this year, a large house at the end of the block. Walking up to the door, I rang the doorbell with my skin almost shivering with anticipation. Before I could think better of my plan the door opened tipsy woman in a skin-tight cat costume with matching mask opened the door. I'm glad I included a mask in my costume, as it turns out everyone was supposed to wear one. Lucky break number one. She broke into a smile when she saw a hunky shirtless guy in a roman toga. "Hey! Come on in!" she giggled and I grinned back at her and took her arm letting her escort me into the party, wondering what the night will hold.

2. The Concert
My phone chirped. I was back home from college for the summer, just finishing up my off-season workout for the swim team when my phone gave off a tone I didn't recognize. I usually didn't receive messages from his classmates or friends this early, so I set my weights down to take took a look. It was an twitter message from one of his favorite local DJs about a summer concert this afternoon only. Interested, he opened the app the message linked to as I made my way to the a shower. I paused mid stride though What the fuck? I thought as I re-read the message. No way this is real.

My town was in the midst of a heat wave, so this crazy DJ decides to have a free concert. At the hottest part of the day. At the nude beach. The sun must be baking his brain. However, the more I thought about it the more I realized he probably could get away with it. I mean, the concert's in like 3 hours. No way the authorities could mobilize to stop it. Doubtful they even knew about it. And that beach is out of city limits, no one would stumble on it unless they knew about the concert ahead of time. Fuck it.. At worst it was an hour's drive out of town to see if this guy was just bullshitting people. If not....

After an hour's drive outside of town, I find the parking lot half-full of cars with the sound of loud music over the nearby dunes; clearly some testing and warming up of their sound system before the show began. It is real I grin to myself. No one will believe me if I told them, so might as well take advantage of the anonymity and the insanity of the event and go for it. Stripping quickly in my car, I exit and tuck my keys under the rear wheel well. I stride boldly over between the dunes and toward the beach, wearing nothing but a smile and my favorite pair of sunglasses.

3. Comic Con
Eric has always been a bit of a geek. Growing up on comic books and cartoons, he unfortunately quashed that part of his life as he joined the football team other athletic pursuits. However, with the recent resurgence of comic book movies he's been happier ever. Moving across the country to California for college, he secretly harbored a hope he'd be able to make it to the SDCC, the largest Comic Con in the country. However, being a poor college freshman he knew his chances were slim to none. Luckily for him, Eric's roommate John presented a perfect opportunity.

John had no interest whatsoever in the geekier side of life, but Eric and John got along famously from Day 1 due to the both of him having been football players in high school. Quickly becoming fast friends over the Fall semester, John got some fantastic news: His girlfriend from high school could visit for the weekend. Only one problem, John had promised to take his younger sister. And by take she meant dress up in costume with her. Playing make-believe superheroes with his brat sister or getting with his girlfriend all weekend? It was a simple decision for John, who offered up his ticket to Eric to take his sister instead. What could go wrong?

4. Blowjob Contest
"Come on, you can't get pregnant from sucking cock so what's the big deal?" your roommate giggles, stripping her shirt off and checking her lipstick in the mirror again. "No one is around so it's the perfect time to do something stupid." she reasons. It's fall break, most of the people on campus having gone home for the weekend leaving only a handful of people like you and your roommate who are from out of state. That is until someone put up a flyer that morning in the co-ed dorm:

Blow-Job Contest for the residents of Franklin Hall! Ladies, put your pride where your mouth is! Show up naked @ 10 tonight in the study hall on the second floor. Open to five contestants only! signed Guys of Rooms 203A-B

Eric was standing naked in his room which he shared with his roommate, both of them competitive swimmers for the college. Somehow they got talking with their neighbors in the triple room next door about doing something when the RA's were out of the halls over the holiday weekend. I forgot which person suggested trying to host a blowjob contest, but the idea stuck.

"This is either going to be an epic night or a flaming disaster, there is no middle ground." I laugh as I grab my room key and followed my roommate out into the hall as we joined the guys from 203B in the study hall. 10 minutes to go. "Taking bets to see if any girls actually show?" I smirked, finishing my beer as I glanced at the other four naked guys.

5. Bored in the Dorms
It's almost 3 in the morning and I'm still up studying in the co-ed dorm, my roommate fast asleep as I'm trying my hardest not to doodle on my notepad. An e-mail chime goes off and I take a look, my hazel eyes flicking over to my monitor. I see an e-mail from the dorm-wide message group from a name I didn't recognize. "Bored and Awake? We're streaking through the quad! Get naked and meet in Study Room 3!" was the subject with no body. I laughed, running a hand up through my short blonde hair 'The hell is this?' I chuckle. I try to return to studying, watching the message sit in my inbox for a few moments and then spontaneously disappear; like someone rescinded it. It was like the email never existed, removing all evidence. But what if it was real?

I checked my watch as curiosity got the better of me. "Fuck it." I said, standing to my 6'3" frame and stretching, hardly believing I'm doing this as I tug down my pajama pants. I grab my room key and quietly exit my dorm room, hoping I didn't wake my roommate. Softly walking down the hall naked to one of the study rooms I wondered if this was some elaborate prank or not. "This better not be a trick." I growled, quietly tiptoeing down the hall as I think I hear quiet talking talking coming from the study lounge.

6. Spring Break
Spring Break this year was going to be epic. Eric and some of his fraternity brothers were able to save up for a hotel room at a popular resort that catered to college kids. They arrived early that Saturday, having a hotel room on the top floor of a beachfront hotel for well over a week's time. Plenty of time to drown themselves in alcohol and pussy, something they sorely needed after some rough midterm grade results.

From the giggling and laughing from the room across the hall was filled with girls probably on a similar mission as our own. The likelihood of ever seeing these women again certainly encouraged both parties to engage in acts of depravity that would shock and aghast the common person. Then again, that's why we all were here.

As my fraternity brothers decided to make a booze run, I had the brilliant idea of introducing myself to the girls across the hall to see if our groups could kick the day's festivities off together. I'd changed into a pair of comfortable board shorts which combined with a pair of flip flops completed my ensemble of the afternoon. To be honest I planned on wearing much less throughout the week. As I knocked on the door I was greeted by a gorgeous bikini-clad coed that.... we both blinked at each other. I was staring face to face with my sister. "What the fuck are you doing here?" we both asked in unison.

7. Pants Off Dance Off
Heading back to my frat house after class I check my mailbox at the student center to find a pink envelope adorned with pictures of boxers and panties all over it. That alone has piqued my interest as I wander over to the corner of the mail room to open it in semi-privacy. Who knows what could be inside of this! Cracking the seal he pulls out what looks to be an invitation. "Admit One to the Chi Omega 'Pants Off Dance Off'. 10pm, Saturday. Wear only undies or else! ;)' it reads.

I tuck the invitation back into the envelope and chuckle softly. Well then, I know what I'm doing Saturday night. I just wonder who sent me the invitation.

8. The Next Door Nudists
My dad recently earned a massive bonus for winning a large governmental contract at his job, so he decided to do something he's been wanting to do for a long while: find his dream home. There are some very specific criteria for a dream family home when it comes to us. Large tall privacy fences, preferably covered in some sort of hedging to deter nosy neighbors. Large trees in the front of the house to block the view of the house from the street. A pool in the backyard. Other than that, things can be flexible. See, my family are nudists. My parents actually met at a nudist resort, so when they began to have a family they decided to raise my sister and I in the lifestyle.

After a few months of searching he found one in a small town down by the coast, a summer resort spot that is sleepy in the winter. Moving was a simple affair, the house itself isn't very large; enough for my parents and a spare room for my sister and I to crash in while not away at college. After a week or so of unpacking and sorting the place out, it's ready. My mom organized a little get together of family friends from our local resort in order to show off the new house.

It's midday on a Saturday and the party is starting to get into swing. There's a few extra cars parked in our driveway which would account for the large pile of clothing heaped on the couch in the living room. Most everyone is in the backyard where my dad is cooking up a feast on the grill. My mom and sister love playing hostess with party planning being one of their few shared interests. I'm on door duty, so when I hear the doorbell ring from the kitchen I figure it's one of our final guests to arrive.

"I got it!" I call out, weaving my way through the house to the front door. I pull open the door, fully expecting a late arrival. However, I see you standing there with what looks like a welcome basket of some sort. You must be one of our neighbors.

9. Riding Out the Hurricane
Hurricane Matthew is barreling down on Florida and I've done all that I can to prepare. I drove home from college specifically to stay with my single mother Candace to help her shutter up the house, ride out the storm, then stick around for a few days to clean up.

With a bit of effort I finished shuttering up all the windows and sliding doors, leaving the only way to get in and out is the front door, right as the rain starts. Mom has been running around all morning getting the rest of our hurricane supplies: water, food, batteries and for some reason more than a few bottles of wine. I suppose that will help with the boredom of being stuck in a house for a few days alone with my mother.

I finish the last of the shutters as the rain begins, soaking me as I am working in just a pair of knee-length basketball shorts, boxes and sneakers. A member of my college's swim team, I was no stranger to physical exercise with a chiseled body to perform it. Standing at nearly 6'4", I was glad that I didn't inherit my mother's short stature as I reached up to slide the last shutter in place. However, I did get her blue eyes and blonde hair with my skin taking on a nice bronze tan from many many hours in the pool every week.

Mom is inside as I walk around front as another sheet of rain drives down on my back. I step inside and lock the door behind me, shaking myself off like a dog before wiping my eyes clear of water. It's a surreal feeling with every window blocked, making the house feel more like a bomb shelter than a home. It's going to get dark as fuck in here when the power goes out, not to mention stupidly hot as well when the A/C is knocked out with the power.

I see my mother busying herself in the kitchen, the TV turned to the weather report and I smile. "You ready for this, mom?" I ask, walking over to get a much needed drink.

10. Trapped!
Dad recently earned a nice fat bonus for his work so in order to celebrate he decided to take the family on a ski trip. This was a pretty big deal being from Florida. I mean, my sister and I haven't even seen snow before! The flight out was uneventful, but my sister and my faces were glued to the rental car's windows as we entered the mountains. Snow! Finally!
The day was a good one, having spent most of it just goofing around in the snow and sledding a bit out behind the resort. Ski lessons were set for tomorrow and I was both excited and nervous for it, so much so I couldn't sleep. I was in my own room, a small adjoining suite with my sister's which was attached to my parents master bedroom, all which opened into a living area with an attached bath. Dad really went all out for this.

I knew I needed to relax, so I started flipping through the brochures arrayed on the nightstand. One was for the spa services of the ski resort and it kept catching my eye, particularly the sauna. I've never been in one before. Fuck it. I climb out of bed and strip out of my boxers that I had been trying to sleep in and I wrapped a large towel around my waist. Might as well do this right I grinned as I carried my room key in my hand as I crept out of my room. All the other rooms were quiet behind their closed doors, so I assumed my parents and sister were sleeping. The halls were deserted this time of night, so it was an easy trek down to the spa downstairs. I found the sauna over in one corner and by the looks of the fogged glass window, someone was in there. Maybe a cute girl!
I step in to the heavy steam, letting my eyes adjust as the door closes behind me with a very loud click.

"Eric?" I hear from the girl with a towel wrapped around her, my sister. "What are you doing here?" I ask, gripping my towel a bit tighter as before it threatens to slip off my hips.

If you have a scene of your own creation that you would love to share, please don't hesitate to send it to me. I'm always open for suggestions ;)

Random Pairings I typically enjoy:

Best Friends
Brother x Sister
Son x Mother
Older Brother x Little Sister's Friend
College Jock x Nerdy Girl
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