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October 25, 2016, 08:58:32 AM

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Author Topic: The Berserker's Fated Match - Immortals After Dark Fandom Idea - M For F updated  (Read 99 times)

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Offline Cold HeritageTopic starter

I've tried to better clarify what I want and what I'm looking for in a writing partner! Thanks to everyone for your feedback!

I have recently begun to read the Immortals After Dark series of paranormal romance novels by Kresley Cole. I find that I enjoy them a great deal.

One aspect that I enjoy about the series is the conceit of fated pairs - a male and female destined to be together and whose union is arranged by fate. It has an appeal that I find difficult to pin down and put into words, and I especially enjoy how the author puts together two characters who appear initially mismatched and at odds, but grow to love each other and as they do their unlike traits are shown to complement each other. The angst and yearning that both parties experience while they are initially at odds and learning to be together is always very delicious to me - it is the difficulties and emotional trials that the characters endure in these sorts of novels that I enjoy most and find make the conclusion especially satisfying. I like that the characters make mistakes and hurt each other but find it in themselves to forgive and open themselves up at the risk of further hurt because they find their partner and what they might have with them worth it.

Of the many different species in the Lore, I enjoy the Berserkers the most even though so far they have received only one novel - far less attention than the vampires, Lykae, or demons. I have a deep, abiding love of all things viking and I suppose that accounts for why the Berserkers fire my imagination more than the Loreans who receive greater attention and detail. The cyclical Accession is also very cool and it is a perfect backdrop for so many different story seeds.

In my mind I have a character idea. He is Hallbjorn the Only, an immortal Berserker over a thousand years old. As a mortal he sailed with Ragnar Lodrok and fought with the army of Aiden the Fierce, earning the prize of Ohalla: the immortal with untold might promised to all Berserkers who win two hundred battles while bearing the mark of Wóden. As an immortal, Hallbjorn fought as a mercenary, wielding steel for many different factions among the Lore. Where other Berserkers cleave to one another, flocking to the banner of a powerful warlord like Aiden the Fierce, Hallbjorn stood apart from his kind: there was no raucous debauchery to bring shame even to the wild Lykae for Hallbjorn - always he abstained, always stood apart. For him there was only iron control, unbending will, and battle unending. Even the Wóden-given rage does not cause Hallbjorn to lose control; his reputation among the Lore is that of an icy killer with a heart like a glacier.

Hallbjorn has a brother, Helgi, who lives on as a vampire. Born thirteen years before Hallbjorn, Helgi was taken to be a monk by Christians before Hallbjorn was born. The Berserker met his brother on a fateful night after Helgi was turned. Helgi was pursued by Berserkers who sought his head. Wounded Helgi returned to his family, having no other recourse. The Berserkers lost themselves in their rage and slaughtered mortals in their search for Helgi. Hallbjorn and Helgi's family fell beneath swords wielded by men who screamed like wild animals. Weak from injuries and lack of blood, Helgi was in no shape to fight off nine Berserkers in the fullness of their rage, but he did not have to. The Berserker's fury gripped Hallbjorn and he ripped and tore the Berserkers apart with his young bare hands. The two had little contact until the 1400s, when Hallbjorn entrusted a magic sword into his brother's keeping, bidding Helgi to hide in a secret place only the vampire knew. But when Hallbjorn returned for it, needing it to face a powerful demon king, he found his trust betrayed: Helgi had bartered the sword away to a soothsayer in exchange for knowledge of his Bride. The result was that Helgi found his Bride and was Blooded, knowing peace and love like nothing the vampire could imagine. Hallbjorn spent a century in a hell dimension fighting a ten foot tall demon with six arms and seven horns. Each hand carried a fearsome weapon, and each horn dripped a dire poison different in its own vile way from the others. Hallbjorn was freed from this endless cycle of single combat only when Nix the Ever-Knowing brought the magic sword needed to slay the Demon King. The Berserker did not suspect that the soothsayer who manipulated Helgi into giving up the sword was in fact Nix herself. The valkyrie held the Berserker's sense of indebtedness over his head to the modern day . . .

Now, in the time of the Accession, Nix requires a certain female protected. And for this task, the Ever-Knowing has chosen out of so many Lorean warriors she has around her little fingers Hallbjorn the Only.

And of course this female is Hallbjorn's fated match: the one soul to match his own, the one being in all of creation that could truly make him give up his control, and want to.

For this story, I would like a partner to portray the female that Hallbjorn is meant to protect and be matched with. I do not have a preference for which species of Lore being that she could be, and if a prospective partner wishes to play something that is not described in canon I am amenable to going that route - it could even feed well into the story; a being of non-canon nature could be described as rare or mostly unknown and thus advantageous to the Vertas Army that Nix is assembling, thus providing a rationale for the Ever-Knowing sending the Only to guard the character. If at all possible, I want the female to someone who is something of an ingénue or girl next door type - to contrast with a jaded, world-weary Berserker. A cute, loveable innocent who could bring something to the lonely life of a Berserker other than battle rage and bloodlust. In terms of appearance - and I am by no means demanding the use of images - I would enjoy one similar to actresses Amy Acker, Sarah Carter, or Mageina Tovah. The latter actress's role in the Sam Raimi Spider-Man film series is what I most strongly imagine as a pairing with the Berserker I wish to write, but I do not wish to put undue restriction upon a writing partner - it is an indication only of what I want, not an inflexible demand.

Ideally, I hope for a writing partner able to provide responses twice a week and in approximately the 300 word range. Real world circumstances and creativity permitting. I aim to offer the same. Because this is a fandom based idea, I hope for a partner who has read the novels as well. Not all of them, but some. I am terrible at relaying the information of a franchise to someone who is not familiar.

I envision a fair amount of action scenes taking place in this story. After all, someone who is in no danger does not need a guardian. So the female character will be someone whose life is in danger and she should be someone who is not completely capable of protecting herself, either because inexperience or unpredictable power. Not completely helpless - unless the writer wishes - but someone who would benefit from having someone as lethal as a centuries old Berserker as a protector.

In terms of sexual content, I do not envision the story containing anything that would be out of place in the Light sections, but this is negotiable.

Thank you for your time, fellow Elliquiyan. I welcome responses in this thread or in private message. I think that the largest collaboration would take place by private message and prefer serious discussion take place there, but do feel free to post interest here if it suits you best.
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