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May 20, 2022, 05:05:02 am

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Author Topic: Space Station Epic - M Looking for Female(s) and Male(s)  (Read 658 times)

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Space Station Epic - M Looking for Female(s) and Male(s)
« on: September 25, 2016, 05:47:23 pm »

My background is technical and I love it.  I love romance almost as much.  I've often wondered if there is a way to combine those loves in one role play that would be satisfying and enjoyable for all involved.  So far, I haven't spotted a request that fits exactly.  Some have been close, but none have made me sit up and say "Wow!  That's exactly what I was thinking!"  So I'm going to attempt to explain exactly what I mean by "Wow!  That's exactly what I was thinking!".

I may be drummed out of E for a stupid story idea, or I may be not as dumb as you think I be.  Only time and you reading the story idea below will tell.

Station Hydronium

It is 2433.  The story is about a space station, Hydronium, that was assembled over the past six decades and then commissioned approximately six months ago.  The station is located in a newly mapped sector of the Milky Way galaxy - a sector that has yet to be explored.  The intent was to provide a main hub for prospectors, miners, space adventurers, and a whole host of people hankering to go off into the first mapped but unexplored sector of space since the Sol Sector was defined and then thoroughly explored with the final planets visited in 2351.

 Hydronium is by far the largest space station ever designed and built.  It holds vast water, food, equipment, and medical resources along with a bevy of long-range shuttles and other auxiliary spacecraft.  It has a defense system capable of stopping any known spacecraft and weaponry humans might bring to bear, but the designers had no idea what sort of alien societies and associated technology might be discovered in the sector.  There was no point in adding systems that only provided marginal improvement in defense at great cost.  Thus, they rejected the most advanced defense weapons as too costly, too unreliable, too manpower intensive to run, too demanding in the amount of mass to be transported from Earth, and too massive in terms of the fuel required to reorient the station which was periodically required in it's orbit around the super-massive black hole Argulus.

For the past six days, all subspace transmissions from Hydronium have ceased except for a low power secondary distress signal that died out three days ago.  After researching millions of possible scenarios, the most likely cause was a swift and incapacitating, perhaps deadly, epidemic getting loose on board.  Where this epidemic had come from caused wild speculation but no credible answers.

A sub-space transport has been given the mission of traveling to the station and discovering what caused its thousand workers and inhabitants to stop their normal reports and then set off the lone secondary distress signal.  My character is tasked with leading this expedition and piloting the transport.  He considers this a demotion since he's discovered that there is little expectation that any of the transport's crew will return alive - but that's supposed to be a secret among the higher levels of authority.  Obviously, they now consider him expendable even though he'd been the top pilot and navigator in the Space Corps for a number of years.  And he's pissed.

The other members of the transport crew include your character who is the chief medical officer with some dozen other medical staff members who report directly to your character, not mine.  Whether these other characters are NPCs or real players depends on the response to this request post.  I have about the same number of technical staff reporting directly to me.  Again, whether they're NPCs or real players depends on the response to this thread.

Now for the fun bits.  To make sure both YC and MC (and any other players) have significant and balanced roles, the RP will revolve around three themes.  First, YC's medical work to discover the cause of the epidemic, locate and treat any survivors, and find a way to cleanse the station of whatever it is that you find as the source.  Could be a virus, bacteria, alien spore, microscopic but intelligent alien life form, whatever else you can dream up.  Second, MC's technical work to repair anything damaged during the epidemic and restart all the station's systems with his tiny staff.  And third, the growing attraction between MC and YC as they both struggle with their respective responsibilities.

I see this playing out as stretches where YC and MC don't interact at all for a number of posts.  Each is pretty much independent of the other during these times and you will have the freedom to do as you please so long as you don't destroy the station or kill everyone aboard.

Then there will be stretches of posts where YC and MC will interact closely, eventually developing a relationship of some sort which is TBD.

So, if you think you'd like to invent a Chief Medical Officer along with space station medical issues, and you'd like to have her medical story rather independent of the technical story I'll be telling simultaneously, this RP might be your chance.  You'll need to have enough imagination to come up with plot points and twists to keep YC's story going.  I can help, of course, but the primary responsibility will be yours.

And for those of you who might fancy a try at one of the staff members, send me a PM as well.  We'll see how that part can be worked into the overall story, but I'm confident we'll find a way that's compelling and satisfying for you as a writer.

Cheers!   :-)