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May 21, 2018, 10:25:48 AM

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Author Topic: Fitey's Story Corner. ( m x f, futa x f, and f x f )  (Read 1238 times)

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Fitey's Story Corner. ( m x f, futa x f, and f x f )
« on: September 25, 2016, 12:06:38 AM »
Hi there! Thanks for taking the time to check out my thread. I try to keep this updated as I go; plots I'm no longer interested in will generally be crossed out (I am reluctant to fully remove them, in case someone sees it and might have a new twist to add or something) and I will add new plots as I come up with them. Many of my ideas are very broad, as I love brainstorming with my partners and really working in their own ideas/cravings/etc.

Please check out my O/O thread ----> here <---- to decide if we'd be good writing partners before contacting me.

I am looking for:
- Experienced RPers and/or confident writers who generally write at least a paragraph per response. Sex of the player/writer does not matter to me.
- People open to RPing through PMs or forum posts (I personally prefer PMs).
- Those who write in third person.

That's about it other than what's already stated on the O/O page. o.ob

I am a romantic at heart and most plots here are written with the idea that there will be romance/smut. I am not as receptive to "casual sex" stories even in one-shots, so please keep in mind that I won't be as into it if your character doesn't give a shit about mine beyond being a cum dump (there are exceptions to this in some plots/GM-ish stories). For now, this thread will only be for stories where I will be writing a female role.

What is listed here is by no means an exhaustive list of what I'm looking for and I always welcome original plots/ideas. Please feel free to present your own storylines or scenarios as well - just PM!

"MC" - My character, the character I (Fitey) intend to play.
"YC" - Your character.
Genre: The world/setting (ex: modern fantasy).
Fandom: Means the idea is based in an already existing universe (example: X-Men, Harry Potter, Sekirei, etc.).
Elements: A "feel" for what might in the RP, especially possible kinks. Depending on the plot, some things are pretty much guaranteed, while others are just ideas of possibilities. If you can't tell after reading the prompt, feel free to discuss with me (well, discuss it with me anyway so I know whatcha want!).
If I'm okay with the roles being reversed, it will be listed along with the scenario.

-- scenario / one-shots --

These ideas are primarily made for heavy smut one-shots. I'm open to converting them to long-term games if you have further ideas.

* I don't have any particular ideas for this right now, but I am feeling really drawn to scenarios involving dubcon/semi-molestation. Think a masseuse getting extra "handsy" and it going somewhere, a peeping "Tom" getting caught and getting the tables turned on them, so on. I would prefer f/f or f/shemale or futa for these particular scenarios.

-- long-term / story and/or relationship-driven plots --

These ideas are primarily made with the idea that it's an ongoing story. Character relationships will go through changes over time - maybe they'll strengthen through adversity, perhaps they'll struggle, so on. It's more likely in these plots that we will both be playing multiple characters side/story characters ("NPCs," if you will, which we can share or not) with one or more "main characters."

Siblings of Titledom
Genre: Medieval Fantasy; Can be high or low fantasy.
Elements: Incest (brother/sister), noncon, war, romance, master/slave.
Our characters are the only children of their kingdom's royalty; after a recent assassination "attempt" on the royal family, these two are the only ones left living. YC, the brother, is angry at their kingdom's enemies, suspicious of their allies, and not about to risk the only family he has left... especially when he's long harbored feelings for her. MC returns these feelings but neither has shown, much less acted upon, them, so they're pretty much unaware of the mutual lust/romantic love. However, MC is very, painfully aware of her duty to her people and new king, and she attempts to forge peace and some stability for the kingdom by pushing for a marriage of herself with one of their allies. This could eventually upset YC, leading to possible rape, and him claiming her as his queen instead. Drama, possible war ensues, etc.

As you can see, I'm pretty open with the direction and specifics of this plot. I'd be happy to discuss what you'd like to see in it! Noncon is not an essential element.

The Dragonriders of Title
Genre: Medieval Fantasy.
Elements: Dragonriders, war, romance... after that, the possibilities are practically endless.
Honestly, this is an idea for a setting more than a true plotline. A world where multiple kingdoms have dragonriders who are a part of the military, possibly kingdoms that are currently at war or may come to that. We can play dragonriders on opposing sides, dragonriders fighting for the same kingdom, or a dragon and rider pair (taboo interspecies romance? shapeshifting?). I'd love to brainstorm on this with someone and really make it something we can both love.

-- GM stories; long-term or multiple scenarios --

So, I love to table-top RP, even if it's just me and the DM/GM (dungeon master/game master, storyteller) and this is the idea I'm going with here (without dice and character sheets). Basically, these ideas are written for myself playing one character and the other player writing... just about everyone else. This is for people that like controlling the reigns of the story and possibly playing multiple partners for my character.

Futas of Title University
The following plot is based upon a plot originally created by King Serperior and is posted here, modified for my own tastes/ideas, with permission. Please check him out if you have the time! If you like this plot but are more into m/futa or m/m, he might be your guy if he's still looking. ~.^
Genre: Modern.
Elements: NC, Bondage, Gang bang, Master/Slave, Futa x F.
A highly-esteemed private college for girls is hidden away in an isolated area in the mountains but it possesses a secret - all the "girls" are actually futanaris... well, at least until recently, when the college decided to let "regular" girls onto campus. MC is one of the new arrivals who isn't aware that the majority population are futanaris until she's already enrolled and basically trapped there (perhaps she received a full ride scholarship, hurr hurr). This college actually has a dark secret; the girls aren't there so much for diversity as they are a means to help the futas' overactive libidos, and all girls on campus are fair game (willing or not) to any futa unless they sign special paperwork with one futa or more futas and move into her/their dorm.

Further Notes: The students can be hermaphroditic (breasts, penis, vagina) or shemale (breasts, penis). I have no preference for one over the other. ^^ This plot is kinda just a basic premise - I'm open to going many different ways with it, so please feel free to share your own ideas.
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Re: Fitey's Story Corner. ( m x f, futa x f, and f x f )
« Reply #1 on: October 18, 2016, 05:30:35 PM »
Updates! Thread is finally complete as far as set-up goes; seriously lacking in plots, I've been in such a "let's brainstorm together! Add your ideas, please love me!" mood that I'm lacking initial direction myself. :/
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Re: Fitey's Story Corner. ( m x f, futa x f, and f x f )
« Reply #2 on: November 26, 2016, 06:38:37 PM »
Update. Fleshed out the one-shot section a tad bit more, added a way to give plots titles without stressing myself out over titles. >->

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Re: Fitey's Story Corner. ( m x f, futa x f, and f x f )
« Reply #3 on: March 08, 2018, 09:37:35 PM »