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July 23, 2017, 10:03:11 AM
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Author Topic: Femme Fatale [Seeking Female & Male Characters]  (Read 607 times)

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Femme Fatale [Seeking Female & Male Characters]
« on: September 24, 2016, 11:53:16 PM »

Currently Closed for RPs

She's capable of anything...

Hello and welcome. Here you will find a collection of stories featuring women who aren't good for anyone, including themselves, but sometimes it's just like a moth to a flame. Can you keep yourself from getting burnt?

Some are newly thought up and others developed from formless ideas that have been floating around my mind for quite some time. Read through what I have to offer and if anything interests you just shoot me a PM (but please do not reply within this thread).

Table of Contents

Things to Note
  • You can expect a post back every two to three weeks. This writing frequency isn't set in stone. I have been known to writer faster or slower than that.
  • I am all for smut but a complex plot is what I am looking for.
  • I'm pretty adaptable and easygoing. If you have anything you would like to add to these plots, please don't hesitate to share your ideas with me. All that I ask is that you respect my offs. My O/Os are linked in my signature.
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Re: Femme Fatale [Seeking Female & Male Characters]
« Reply #1 on: September 24, 2016, 11:55:46 PM »
Seeking A Male Character

Story : You were just minding your business when you bumped into her. The streets weren't exactly empty, they never were in the city, but it was hardly a place for the faint of heart. You didn't feel her slip anything in your pocket, you didn't feel her snag your wallet either. Either way you were lucky when she showed up on your doorstep the next night, lucky it was her and not the people that were chasing her. She wanted her things back but the luck ran out for both of you when they arrived and you had to make a run for it.

Setting : A nondescript North American city, sort of an amalgamation of all the traits that define a large urban metropolis.

Seeking : Someone to play the male counterpart in this story. He's your average guy, just working his 9 to 5 job, never broken the law or been involved in any sort of crime but before he knows it he's embroiled in the seedy underground of the city all because this girl decided to use his coat pocket as a hiding place for something that she'd stolen from some pretty menacing people.

Things to Know: I don't really see anything extreme happening in the sexual sense. There may be a bit of blood and gore considering the characters are dealing with the mafia. I would really love to get into an in depth discussion for how this story will unfold and am very open to ideas and more plotting.

Tags : Modern, Urban, Crime, Adventure, Action, MxF

Status: Open

Story : The Yaxleys of the North Yorkshire moors were certainly land rich but cash poor. A disgraced noble family whose coffers now lie near empty. The village their family once ruled nearly vacated of tenants. The evidence could be seen in the massive yet crumbling castle they called home. All the family's hopes lay upon the slender shoulders of Georgiana Adella Yaxley, daughter of Arcturus Yaxley. With a good marriage she could help bring some prestige to the family once again. There was also the hope that if she made a good impression on other influential people, she could find a rich heiress for her brother despite his desolate circumstances. Unfortunately the Great War tore through the world. Her brother had been drafted and when he came back from the war, honourably discharged due to an injury, he was never the same again. Physically he had recovered but mentally, it was a whole other story. The calm individual had been replaced by someone that was more irate, more demanding. Someone who was unwilling to follow the orders of his sister and father.

Setting : The story takes place in England (somewhere between 1916 and 1917).

Seeking : I am looking for someone to play Georgiana's twin brother. The two have been carrying on an illicit relationship for years but Georgiana has always been the one with the power. She has always been more manipulative and controlling, more towards others than her brother. In her younger years she was mousy and easily pushed around but after her marriage brought her a bit more power she changed. It was subtle, just enough for her father and brother to notice and for people to continue to underestimate her. She wants the best for her family but what she thinks is best and what her brother thinks is best are two different things. He doesn't want to get married to some heiress, he wants to be with his sister. She isn't willing to give up the possibility of power and wealth for love, especially forbidden love. After the war her brother is less willing to follow along with her plans. To make matters more complicated Georgiana is married. She doesn't care about her husband in the least but her brother's behaviour may threaten to expose them and she can't risk that.

Things to Know: I envision a power struggle between the two characters so there will be an element of power changing hands. Things like bondage and dub-con will be a part of the story. Other elements can be discussed.

Tags : Incest, Romance, Historical, Revenge, Power Struggle, MxF

Status: Open

Story : She'd thought she had left her past long behind her but it finally caught up with her in the form of a young man, a young man who should have died centuries ago, like she should have. Long ago this man had called her mother and she took care of him like she would her own son even if he was the product of a torrid affair between her husband and her lady's maid. Then she lost her own son, his life taken by the same conniving lady's maid that had given birth to her adopted son. In the madness that ensued she had met a vampire and the creature had turned her. When she returned home it was only to kill the woman that had taken her son from her and to kill the man that had brought such misfortune into her life, her selfish husband. As for the child, she left him with the castle and the riches. She never saw him again, until now.

Setting : The story is set in Seattle in modern day.

Seeking : I am looking for someone to play Adelina's long lost adopted son. This character will be the product of an illicit relationship between a courtesan and Adelina's husband (Prince Heinrik Josef Esterházy von Galántha). Upon finding out she was carrying Prince Heinrik's child the courtesan secretly murdered Adelina's 7 year old son and heir to her husband's estate and fortune, thinking that this would elevate her status within the home and allow her child to become the Prince's heir. Adelina discovered the truth and after becoming a vampire returned to kill her husband and the courtesan. She spared the courtesan's young son and left, never to return. The boy was raised as the heir of House Esterházy, a prince of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Her adopted son would have no knowledge of what Adelina did and will believe that Adelina is in fact his birth mother but will eventually find out the truth from Adelina herself.

Things to Know: The story could range from vanilla to more extreme when it comes to the realm of smut. This can always be discussed. As for other plot elements such as gore out of the sexual realm, things may get pretty violent. Bloodplay is to be expected.

Tags : 'Incest', Supernatural, Vampires, MxF

Status: Open

Story : They have known each other for years. They had both grown up in the same turbulent neighbourhood. It was on those mean streets that they became allies, the two were inseparable but their ideologies were far from the same. In fact while he had aspirations to one day become the hero that helped stop the violence in the Eastern Fringes, she had aspirations to exploit it. As they grew older their views drove a wedge between them and they didn't see each other for many years. Years later he came back into her life, now the masked hero known for his hard work in the Fringes. She was unrecognizable herself, years of surgery completely transforming her from head to toe. His powers were no match for hers though, and in the end she unmasked him but once she recognized him, rather than kill him she made him hers. He was no longer Static, champion of the Fringes but Smyther. It wasn’t long before he became the new leader of the Splice Circle, due to the convenient death of the former leader. They ruled together but the more she manipulated his mind, the more it began to slip from her power. Smyther wasn’t just forgetting his past, he was forgetting his love and loyalty to her.

Setting : The story is based on a text game series called Heroes Rise and is set in a far future, alternative universe. In this world people have begun to develop powers. These Powereds can either use their powers for crime, or apply to the government to gain a superhero license and the ability to use their powers to help their city and gain fame as well. Our story takes place in a fictional metropolis, the Mecca of Powered individuals called Millennium City.

Seeking : I am looking for someone to play Static now Smyther. I do have a face claim in mind to play opposite my character.

Things to Know: I would say that this story will have BDSM as well as Non-Con/Dub-Con elements. My girl used to have some level of control over Smyther but she's losing her grip on his mind and he's truly becoming the mafioso she wanted him to be but in turn the scales have tipped and she's not really the one holding the power anymore.

Tags : Alternative Universe, Superheroes, Mafia, BDSM, Non-Con, Dub-Con, Twisted Romance, MxF

Status: Open

Story : No one that knew Natasha Volkova could say that she wasn't hardworking. Despite her natural vocal abilities, Natasha threw almost all her time into training. True perfection could not be achieved with just God given talent and so she had good reason to be so arrogant and haughty. A workaholic, she often neglected personal relationships and her social life in favour of study. Some would say it was an obsession. So when she had the opportunity to work with the top composer in their year, she jumped at the chance. The joy of having won such a prestigious opportunity soon faded when she discovered how exhaustingly demanding he was. Nothing she ever did seemed good enough but his near impossible high standards only fueled her desire to prove him wrong. It wasn't often that she was challenged in such a manner.

Setting : The story is set in modern day Paris, France. Both characters attend the Conservatoire de Paris

Seeking : I am looking for someone to play the composer that Natalya is working with. He's also a student at the conservatory and is equally talented but unlike others, he is not dazzled by Natalya. He wanted to work with her due to her vocal abilities but he wants to deflate her ego. I envision him being a bit of an eccentric. He's as much of a perfectionist as she is but the reason he pushes her so hard could be because he believes that her arrogance is clouding her art. This is just an idea and I would be happy to plot out other elements to the characters and the story.

Things to Know: I don't really envision this story being extreme in any way.

Tags : Music, Opera, University, MxF

Status: Open
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Re: Femme Fatale [Seeking Female & Male Characters]
« Reply #2 on: September 27, 2016, 06:56:19 PM »
Seeking A Female Character

Story : She was not of their time, and in many ways not of their world, but when she rose from centuries of slumber and saved the cornered Queen the two were forever linked. The sorceress had no memories of her origins but she knew that in this new and strange land, her powers were not accepted. As for the Queen, her kingdom had been ripped apart by savage invaders. It appeared that the two had a mutual need of each other. Despite their initial lack of trust they must work together for their survival and that of those around them.

Setting : The story is set in an alternative universe. It is based on Dark Ages Europe, specifically Britannia and the invasion of the Vikings. There are a few difference which make it an AU; a woman is seen as fit to rule and magic does exist.

Seeking : I am looking for someone to play the Queen. She rules alone, her kingdom is a matriarchy. That being said she faces extreme pressure from her nobles. She inherited the throne rather young age after her family was killed and so she has had to be strong despite the immense pressure.

Things to Know: I do want a romantic relationship to eventually develop between these two but there will be many obstacles (i.e. the fact that they are two women, the sorcerer's mysterious past and the kingdom's distrust of her).

Tags : Alternative Universe, Dark Ages, Fantasy, Court Intrigue, Action, FxF

Status:  Open
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Re: Femme Fatale [Seeking Female & Male Characters]
« Reply #3 on: September 27, 2016, 06:57:14 PM »
Seeking A Male/Female Character

Coming soon...

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Re: Femme Fatale [Seeking Female & Male Characters]
« Reply #4 on: September 28, 2016, 01:58:04 PM »
Updated Blessed Are the Meek

Added Lost In A Mirror

Added Molding A Muse
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Re: Femme Fatale [Seeking Female & Male Characters]
« Reply #5 on: October 10, 2016, 03:20:16 PM »
Updated Status: Closed for RPs