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Author Topic: Rebel Billy - Are you him? (F/M - BDSM)  (Read 312 times)

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Rebel Billy - Are you him? (F/M - BDSM)
« on: September 24, 2016, 09:42:46 PM »

There is no precise story plot formed in concern William McKynght. He is a BDSM Dominant and a powerful businessman who is seeking pleasure, play and the ultimate in everything. That includes the capturing of his life`s permanent spouse. When he finds her it is intellectual games, spiritual bonding, power struggle, emotional overload, temptations of the highest quality and sexual wildness.
It will be them dealing with:
- his sexual needs.
- her sexual needs and concepts.
- the existence of other sex mates/harem.
- her career.
- her public persona.
- family issues and ex-partners.
-the world of kink that he wants her in.

He will be playing opposite of an updated version of Dr. Angelina Bomberi.

- Seeking short-term RP & short-term partner. 
- 1X1
- F/M 
- Relationship building.
- World building
- Romance, Erotica, BDSM, action, life and more.
- Multi paragraph, well-written descriptive prose.

RP Concept:
- Contemporary
- Humans
- Love Story
- BDSM Content.
- The world of wealthy.
- Intellectual games.
- Spirituality.
- High sexual content (Not smut).
- Plot based.

William Amon Maximus MacKnyght
William Amon Maximus MacKnyght
Aliases: Rebel King, Billy Blade
Heritage: German-Scottish Canadian
Gender: Male
Age:  45
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual - never been with men.
Height: 6-foot 1 inches
Weight: 180lbs
Eyes: Blue with dark blue circles
Hair: Dark blond, wavy, crew cut
Body Build:  Mesomorph, athletic, muscular
Complexion:  Caucasian
Special Features: Beautiful mustache and beard
Personality:  Alpha Male. Dependable. Rebellious. Adaptable.
Dangerous. Loving. Protective. Playful. Flirty.
Extremely Sexual. Intellectual. Commanding.
Spiritual. Business orientated.
Life Status: Scholar, lover, intellectual, Entrepreneur. Divorced.
Special Info: (Abilities/Weaknesses/Etc.)
Weakness – Expensive Irish whiskey and intellectual dominant women
Abilities – Controlling of emotions.
1 ex-wife. No children.
Has a not so private harem of sex slaves.
Has an obsession with collecting swords, knives, and blades.
Fancies himself a swordsman of a higher class. 

Dr. Angelina Ana Bombieri`s Bio
Character Name: Dr. Angelina Ana Bombieri
Alias/Nicknames: Angel or Angie

Personality Type: She is a powerful personality with intense seduction within every inch of her, is intelligent, interesting, thoughtful and is all business. A dominant submissive woman who thinks that she is dominant.

Physical Description-
Height: 5 foot 10 inches
Weight: 138 lbs
Eyes: Dark blue eyes
Hair: Long shimmering dark brunette
Ethnicity: Italian North American (Raised in Italy)
Build Type: Casual Athletic
Age: 36 years old
Sexuality: Bisexual
Zodiac: Cancerian

Interests/Hobbies: Travel, Interesting people, Sexual-lifestyle, Art, her career, and the finer things of living.
Personal Skills/Career: Doctor of Theology - University Professor
Martial Status: Divorced

Past information: Raised by her uncle Enrico Bombieri who an Italian mathematician. Her parents died in a car accident when she was a teenager and she was sent to her uncle in Milan to live with family. Angelina has been born North America but considers home Milan. She has grown up around wealth and intellectuals.

Her life before this day:

-Cancerian, an only child.
-Raised by her uncle Enrico Bombieri who an Italian mathematician.
-Her parents died in a car accident when she was thirteen.
-She was sent to her uncle Enrico’s in Milan to live with his family.
-Born North America – suburbia New York - but considers home Milan.
-She has grown up around minor league wealth and intellectuals.
-Her youth schooling was public schools in New York suburbia. (Grade school and Middle school)
- High school in Milan, private schooling, and tutoring.
-Universities: University of Milano - MDiv.  And Harvard Divinity School – B.A in -Humanities.
-Married at 29yrs, divorced 34 Yrs old
-Ex-husband - Jake Wayne - Architect for an international design firm.
-No children and hasn’t planned but adores children.
-Lived in a renovated heritage home with hubby until divorce – suburbia New York.
- Moved after divorce moved to current job location
- Lives in suburbia, single dwelling, 3 bedrooms, large open kitchen, master bedroom on the main floor and her study/library is upstairs in a renovated house with grand patio deck.
- She took as much as possible from Jake in the divorce – a divorce where her husband was unfaithful with one of her best female friends.
- Travels to Italy once a year and stays in daily connection to cousins and her uncle.
- Dislikes swimming due to early childhood trauma. But loves the beach.
- Has a weakness for anything tasting like pure honey.
- Visits her parents` graves in Italy – does it once a year.(It is known as the journey of her soul). She was happy with her uncle but she still mourns her parents.
- She had her elder cousins to be around during her life in Milan . These are her family, whom she considers siblings.
Fave Cousins:
Gregario Bombieri – Computer wiz owning a few computer stores.
Jenessa Bombieri  - Grade school teacher and human rights activist.
Cecilia Torres  - Viticulturist, with owning a very well-known, up/coming vineyard. It is a prize-winning vineyard in Tuscany.
- Parents (Deceased) violent car accident with a semi-truck carrying toxic products.
Father - Joseph Philippi Bombieri, an Italian Engineer for an international firm that had offices in New York City. 
Ana Conway -  Mother was a beautiful American woman who was a minor league musician and linguistic teacher and was an only child .

Sexual History:
- She experimented with girls at Milano University and fell in love with a woman named Eva Romano. Eva was an artsy woman who belonged to a large family and who was lesbian with kinky sexual tastes. Has been with a few other women, but it`s not a well-known fact. Most people think of her as heterosexual, but she isn’t. She is bisexual and opening adores women but isn’t a predator of them, thus a Femme woman and a true bisexual. Dated 5 men serious and most were short-term of under a year, only 2 met her sexual demands and truly pleased her. (Vincentio Torres and Jake Wayne.) Sex is high on her scale of attraction and needs but she chains in since divorce. There were other men who last a week to several weeks but she lost interest or her career took over. She has some adventure in her, flirts with many concepts of the play with BDSM but it's hidden. At times she will push the sexual play if she knows her partner is comfy, but it doesn’t go too far into anything.  Multiple orgasms and likes the tickling of various parts of her body and adores being nude or semi nude at home.
She has been to a few BDSM Clubs in Europe and the middle east with doing research work, but she did participate with it being a playmate of a few interesting wealthy members. This was so that she could understand the lifestyle to some degree. Yes, she liked it but figured she wouldn’t ever for divorce was happening and she has a career with no feeling of wanting more at this point.

1. Voyeurism
2. Pictophilia – likes being on private cam with her lover but it`s for private viewing only.
3. Sensation Play /Temperature-Environment Control
4. Food Play – art of sensual seduction.
5. Blindfolds  - the darkness is divine and she likes the thrill of what comes with the unknown. This is adventures for her. She would explore it more, but no ever wishes to.
6. Spanking with kisses
7. Nipple Play
8. Masturbation
9. Oral Pleasure: Fellatio / Cunnilingus / Anilingus
10. Hair Play
11. Sexual Penetration:  Throat Penetration, Anal Penetration, and Vaginal Penetration.
12. Likes the feel of silk and leather on her skin.
13. Spends occasional evening nude in her home study/ library doing work.
14. Secretly does research on the dark side of sexual pleasures – subscribes to online kink websites.


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