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Author Topic: Soft's RP Wishlist (MxM FxF MxF) [*HEAVILY* Under Construction]  (Read 1175 times)

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Soft's RP Wishlist (MxM FxF MxF) [*HEAVILY* Under Construction]
« on: September 22, 2016, 10:18:41 AM »

Accepting roleplay requests. Just shoot me a PM and I'll try to get to you as soon as possible.


HELLO THERE. My name is Soft! It's about time I flex my big bara writing muscles and present to you with a few of my wants, needs and desires in a roleplay.

Heres where I lay down a few rules:

My On/Off Thread is here.

▶ I honestly don't care what gender you are.
 I roleplay with ALL the people. As much people as I can. I play both females and males.
I'm not bothered by anything, really. I am always opened to whatever ideas/prompts you may have. ( One thing I will say: No incest. )

▶ I like action/adventure RP with hints of fluff. (not too much fluff) I won't say no to romance.
But one thing that you need to keep in mind is that there needs to be some sort of chemistry between whatever characters are being played.
Nothing forced please.

My characters are not me. Your characters are not you. Sure, yeah, I weigh them down with my own emotional baggage, but they have their own problems in their own world. I don't behave like my characters.

▶ Please PM me ideas instead of posting them here. Thank you.



The Last Train Out - Lustful Bride

Unsaved Info - AlexieD - offsite

The Reaper Wears White - Tenshimi


All right. Whatever. See ya.

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Re: Soft's RP Wishlist [*HEAVILY* Under Construction]
« Reply #1 on: May 15, 2017, 05:00:58 AM »

Characters I have been developing for years. Anything would work depending on what plot/world is built around them. I will gladly reshape them into AUs if need be.
Original Character Do not steal pls!!1!




Name: Rheshu. No last name.
Nicknames: Wave Mother, Property of *blank*, Secret Weapon.
Age: 32
Gender: Androgynous. Female build.
Race: Alien (Race: Illanians)
Height: 6'5''
General Appearances: Scarred/rough skin; grey eyes; blue hair, spiked like a pompadour; muscular build.
Armor: sneaking suits, leather jackets, spiked pauldrons.
Birthplace: Inside a laboratory.
Residence: Alora, an Alien city.

Biological Parents: N/A.
Siblings: N/A
Significant Other: N/A

Sexuality: Pansexual.

Occupation: Military // Espionage
Loadout: Guns, guns, guns, knife

Personality: Rheshu loves war. What she was made for. Some might call her heartless, cold and sadistic. Some might call her motherly, nice and just wanting to fit in. Rheshu is definitely in between spaces. She struggles with finding her own identity and her brooding demeanor might be a turn off to some. She is self-sufficient and confidant in her work, and her title as Commander indicate higher-ups both respect and fear her line of work. However Rheshu is also a sentimental and destroyed alien being. Some days she just wants to quit all together but knows all too well she cannot.

Biography: Prototypes for the city’s protection, brain and dreams had begun. Knitted into existence in cislunar space was a body - her body - forever deemed as private property. What was night, she’d sit in her claustrophobic quarantine, watching shadows frantically pass by the sliver of light underneath the door. What was morning, the door would slide open. They'd order her to “Stand up,” and she obeyed. They’d say “Arms up, open mouth, turn around, face me,” all while thoroughly inspecting every nook and cranny her body had to offer. “Training time,” They'd finish with.
She was a weapon. And treated as such. With no identity, she was left ambiguous. Having both female and male characteristics and drastically different from the aliens that made her. It’s ultimate purpose (if she were to be captured) is so the enemy does not trace her back to her Illanian roots.

She had instinctive knowledge of her own capabilities, as all the incredible math was “programmed” into her already. But in action she would rigorously break and rebuild her body through iron and cold water. Topping off a couple years of extensive combat training, weaponry, survival, espionage, destruction and foreign languages. She was a one woman army. She had been sent to several black op missions with enemy forces left in shambles.
Known as Project YIAN, she had the luxury to choose a name for herself.


I LAUGH at those who say they know me. You know a NAME, a face. That is all you KNOW. That is all you will EVER know.


Name: Sol King.
Birthname: Yesod Ill.
Nicknames: Pompadour, Blue Boy, Teeths.
Age: Old. Old as balls. Appears late-30s
Gender: Male.
Race: Awoken.
Height: 6'4''
General Appearances: Fair skin; emerald eyes; white hair, combed into a pompadour; fairly muscular - often mistaken for a Titan.
Armor: Spektar Haliaetus Hood ( yellow chrome ) Iron Camelot Gloves, Heart of Praxic Fire/Alchemist Raiment/Voidfang Vestments, Iron Champion Legs ( heel edition ), Wolfwoods Bond, Memory of Skorri, Million Million Shader.
Birthplace: Asteroid Belt, Reef.
Residence: The Last City, Earth
Languages Spoken: English, Chinese

Biological Parents: Deceased. Sol only knew their names; Lua (Mother) and Tirion Ill (Father)
Siblings: N/A
Significant Other: N/A

Sexuality: Pansexual

Class: Sunsinger Warlock. Praise the Sun.
Subclass: Voidwalker, struggles to master Stormcaller
Loadout: Particularly fond of shotguns and swords.

Ghost: Onett. Defective. She has brought Sol back from the dead multiple times with some minor . . .errors. Misplaced bones, a backwards head, uncontrollable spinning - list goes on. Can only be fixed by killing himself. Sol’s too nice to bring her back to the Speaker.

Personality: Sol is a soft-hearted man that wears his power and assertiveness with pride. From procliean, to steel, to gold, Sol achieved confidence in the colors he bore. He’s into fashion and wants to stand out from everyone else at the Tower. Some Guardians say he was the one that ended the long-winded Fashion War between Hunter and Warlocks. Sol is a highly charismatic individual, kind and compassionate without end. Although Sol’s confidence can be mistaken for ruthlessness. He has a serious case of resting bitch face and presents himself in an intimidating manner. While he appears happy, he secretly struggles with intense feelings of inadequacy. He never reveals his negative feelings to anyone, even if they threaten to overflow. He is too busy helping other people, he never stops to really help himself. He thinks he is in far too deep with his depression and is unreachable for help.

Past Life: Little is known of the Reef and its accurate history, culture and society. Sol's past life is headcanon heavy to say the least. Sol's Awoken name was Yesod Ill. The Ill family was a small branch that had little to no siblings or cousins. So growing up he had no role-models or aspirations. The Awoken were a smutty and shameless race. Like headstrong warriors with high libidos. Sol did not want to have his brains fucked out in front of thirty Guards. (Awoken are a rather social caste) No. And he was wrong for that. Awoken would poke fun at him, degrade him, push him around and ask why? Why aren't you like us? Why are you so. . . different? Sol didn't have an answer. And how he ended up in the Royal Awoken Guard was because of a mistake. He was caught talking to a Guardian on a hidden commline and was put under supervision. For years, he was trained in espionage, hand to hand combat and diplomacy. Under Reef holylaw it was forbidden to accept the Light as a gift and would result in immediate banishment. The Queen and her Techeun would decide the fate of ANY Awoken who dared disobey her. But Sol was different. Hated that he was.

Until. . . he theft an Awoken Corsair and fled to Earth. He was wanted for a long time. Now it's completely okay for Guardians to step foot in the Reef. Uldren Sov still wants him but only for some closure.

Guardian Life: Whats there to say that you don't already know about a Guardian? Sol lives a fairly happy life now that he broke the shackles that were bounding him to Reef. I mean, thats a lie he tells himself. Sol ran into a few obstacles; abusive partners, loss of loved ones, suicidal thoughts, depression and much more. It still fucks with his head as of today but he uses missions and Raids to distract himself. One day he'll get better, he just doesn't know when.

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Re: Soft's RP Wishlist [*HEAVILY* Under Construction]
« Reply #2 on: May 17, 2017, 06:40:10 AM »

Below you'll find plots/characters that are from various fandoms.




Make fun of me all you want, I love Destiny. I love most of the characters and have read every Grimoire Card there is on the website. My main is a Warlock and his name is Sol.

Like the name suggests, he is a Sunsinger. While he appears nice, he's kinda, sorta - like a lot of my other original characters - fucked up. He uses a lot of his emotional trauma and deep-seeded anger as a means to protect himself on the battlefield. Angry? Yeah. Blinded? No. He also wears heels. Gotta look pretty while fighting off the Darkness, no?

Please check Sol in the Original Characters section, it's more in-depth if you want to learn more about him.

Yeah, for this kinda scenario, there could be, like, ten thousand things we could talk about as Destiny has many, MANY story arcs to build-off of. So go wild. I love this game TO DEATH.

「WHAT TO EXPECT:」 Gore, blood, torture, PTSD. . . Probably a lot more.




Jin, a 13-year-old boy was a former passenger of the Zariman 10-0, and one of only a handful of other children aboard the Zariman. And we ALL KNOW what happened to that ship. For years, Jin was lost in the Void. With the Void constantly gnawing at his brain, Jin began to lose himself. He was prone to hurting himself (clawing at his face until his skin was charred black) outbursts of rage, violent tendencies and much more. It was a total paradox to his once always-smirking-optimistic-self. All the Zarmian children suffered all the same.

He doesn't talk much about his experiences within the Void. But tucked away on some random a codex, it was revealed that one of his best friends was lost midst the conflict of the Zariman, admitting "I was being a fucking idiot." And it's the only thing Jin had to offer upon awakening.

Like a shadow just playing along, Jin does what everyone wants him to do. He'd rather be alone, or invisible.

That's when Ash took form.

(Jin will not be played under the age limit. He will be played at the ages of 18 - 19)

Note: I am avoiding spoilers for those that haven't finished THOSE MISSIONS. YKNOW. THOSE. Anything goes with this kinda RP, whether early plot points in the game, Jin stuck in quarantine after the Zariman accident, during some random mission, or maybe years later. Lets talk about it. I am still trying to flesh out this character as well, and given how Warframe kinda has that same thing going on like Destiny, there is a lot of headcanons here and there.

「WHAT TO EXPECT:」 A lot of things depending on what we go for.



Name: Illidari Reija.
Nicknames: Priestess of Elune, Outcast, Rage.
Age: Appears late-30s
Gender: Female.
Race: Night Elf. But not really.
Height: 7'2''
General Appearances: Scarred skin; emerald eyes; black hair; muscular - a body fit for a demon.
Birthplace: Unknown.
Residence: Whatever is available.
Languages Spoken: Demonic, Darnassian.

Biological Parents: Deceased.
Siblings: N/A
Significant Other: N/A

Sexuality: A big question mark.

Class: Demon Hunter.

Bio: Former Priestess of Elune turned Demon Hunter.


Name:Yuleiha Dawnstalker.
Nicknames: Yulie, Huntmaster.
Age: Appears mid-30s
Gender: Female.
Race: Blood Elf.
Height: 6'2''
General Appearances: Fair skin; emerald eyes; smooth black hair; lithe and nimble body.
Birthplace: Eversong.
Residence: Whatever is available.
Languages Spoken: Thalassian, Orcish.

Biological Parents: Unknown.
Siblings: N/A
Significant Other: N/A

Sexuality: Lesbian.

Class: Hunter. Beast Mastery.

Bio: [tba]

placeholder, come back later!!!

placeholder, come back later!!!

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Re: Soft's RP Wishlist [*HEAVILY* Under Construction]
« Reply #3 on: May 28, 2017, 08:27:39 AM »



Clay is a Bounty Hunter who pursues the rottenest and deadliest of Zombies across the fucked up world we knew as Earth. While some people cower in their basements; Clay is one of many handful of Bounty Hunter's that take action and actually seek out the problem for some extra cache. When he's ordered for a job, he damn well finishes it. And his employers know he will. Being broke as hell during a zombie apocalypse is, like, the second worst thing ever.

He knows his way around the battlefield. While he doesn't use guns (too noisy - draws infected), he uses a variety of daggers, swords and machetes. Maybe a few tricks up his sleeve here and there. Anything infested is on his shit-list. He is usually thanked by small pockets of survivors who were terrorized by undead abominations and spores, but like all stoic and hard-working loners, he brushes it off.

A Bounty Hunter's life-span ranges from 3-5 years. Clay has been doing it for 7, so yeah. He should be dead, but his reputation in the business is still breathing and beating. That's probably why Clay is the most sought-after. Can you believe he use to be a gardener? He wishes he could breath in that fresh pine smell or the fragrance of a hollylock. Sighs.

Now everything smells like shit. . .

( I like smarter Zombies. Ones that can run faster than you and have the complexity of a wolf pack. A little bit of The Last of Us is thrown into the mix.

Also to note:
Clay's gender can change if you want a preference. Anything goes. Plot is opened for discussion. )

「WHAT TO EXPECT:」 Gore, blood, military, death, violence, Zombies and more.



Inspirations: Life is Strange and various indie bands.

Void/Blue's real story begins in 3617. In an era long after our bones; werewolves, Minotaur's, faeries, demons, angels, shapeshifters and vampires roam freely, and their developing lifestyles eclipse past human civilizations. Void/Blue had watched the world transform into a city of sleek black skyscrapers that touch the stars, brightly colored neon lights, and endless basslines. Think of the city like a safe haven for the supernatural.

Void/Blue are a rag-tag team of mayhem and teenage angst. In the past - when Void was human - Blue and Void were best friends. Both alive, too. Now Void is reanimating Blue's body with past memories and its own hellish powers. Although Blue is reanimated, he still acts the same according to Void. Stubborn and quiet with a fucked up sense of humor. If Blue were to wander off too far or get separated, Blue would collapse dead-weight to the ground. They need each other to survive. Literally for Blue, and figuratively for Void. They are inseparable.

Other supernatural beings can tell Blue isn't an ordinary human as they sense a demonic essence lingering over him. So he's safe. For now. The two even go as far as to attend a supernatural school. That sense of normalcy is keeping them alive, basically. Even though they are old as balls in this RP. To simply put this world is a fusion of cyberpunk, fashion, slice of life with a twist and all things supernatural. The teacher is a naga with six arms, demons dance alongside angels in clubs, vampires seduce and prey on the weak, werewolves work as debt collectors - anything goes.

Maybe Void/Blue are trying to adjust? Maybe there is some sort of looming doom? Maybe there is a mystery to be solved somewhere? It's opened for discussion and we can always smooth out the rough edges together.

Note: You may pick either Void or Blue to play as. Or you can make up a new supernatural being entirely and I'll play Void/Blue both. Whatever you wanna do. They are in a school after all.

Another note: Even tho their age is more than a thousand, they are basically 18 - 19 of age.

「WHAT TO EXPECT:」 Shit, I really don't know for this one.
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Re: Soft's RP Wishlist (MxM FxF MxF) [*HEAVILY* Under Construction]
« Reply #4 on: June 25, 2017, 09:49:25 PM »
▶ SCI-FI ◀