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April 27, 2017, 09:43:19 PM

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Author Topic: Soft's RP Wishlist [Under Construction]  (Read 556 times)

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Soft's RP Wishlist [Under Construction]
« on: September 22, 2016, 10:18:41 AM »
Accepting ALL roleplay requests (may become selective in the near future) Just shoot me a PM and I'll try to get to you as soon as possible.

HELLO THERE. My name is Soft! It's about time I flex my big bara writing muscles and present to you with a few of my wants, needs and desires in a roleplay.
This thread will receive little updates here and there as time flows on. I have a lot of Ocs. I apologize. Just remember to bear with me.

Here's a lil info about myself if you're interested:
At the moment I live in America, so I have a weird timezone compared to somebody thats across the globe.
 I also sleep a lot, attend school and my job, and have really bad depressive episodes.
Yeah, I'm not always on and my presence may be spotty. I'm sorry. I'll get done whatever I can while I am on!!

But heres where I lay down a few rules:

> My On/Off Thread is here. [soon to be updated with Link]

> I honestly don't care what gender you are.
 I roleplay with ALL the people. As much people as I can. I play both females and males, dont even stress mang.
I'm not bothered by anything, really. I am always opened to whatever ideas/prompts you may have.

> I overthink a lot. I'll try my best to attend to your needs. It'd be helpful to remind me now and again if the roleplays are doing okay.

> I like action/adventure RP with hints of fluff. I won't say no to romance.
But one thing that you need to keep in mind is that there needs to be some sort of chemistry between whatever characters are being played.
Nothing forced.

> Please PM me ideas instead of posting them here. Thank you.

The Last Train Out - Lustful Bride
Unsaved Info - AlexieD - offsite

All right. Whatever. See ya.

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Re: Soft's RP Wishlist [Under Construction]
« Reply #1 on: January 27, 2017, 04:25:37 AM »


Sol Byruke'on


Gender: Male
Age: 35 ( ~300 years old )
Status: Alive
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Emerald
Occupation: Guardian of the Tower
Appearances: Destiny (AU if needed)
Voiceclaim: Ian Sinclair

Personality: SOL BYRUKE’ON is a disturbed, depressed, traumatized and suicidal Awoken Warlock. These flaws are securely hidden away within himself. These flaws are something he is not proud of and masquerades them with a sense of calmness and kindness. He is, by nature, always aiding to those riddled in sadness, taking ear to people’s woes and misfortunes and helps them seek out their own happiness. He is a soft-hearted man that wears his power and assertiveness with pride. From porcelain, to steel, to gold, Sol achieved confidence in the colors he bore. He has an elegant taste for fashion and wants to stand out from everyone else at the Tower.

Sol is a highly charismatic individual, kind and compassionate without end. Although, Sol’s confidence can be mistaken for ruthlessness, he has a serious case of resting bitch face and presents himself in an intimidating manner. While he appears happy and untouchable, he secretly struggles with intense feelings of inadequacy. He never reveals his negative feelings to anyone, even if they threaten to overflow. He is too busy helping other people, he never stops to really help himself. He thinks he is in far too deep with his depression and is unreachable for help. His head tilts at the words "love yourself", basically.

Bio: Like any Reef-born Awoken, he was standoffish. Sol admired how ruthless and headstrong Awoken women were and took up joining their Ranks as a Royal Guard. Unable to pinpoint his gender (Massive hips, barrel chested - androgynous in his youth) Yasmin Eld accepted him. Spoiler Alert: he hated the Reef. Little did Queen Mara Sov know that Sol was sneaking off and contacting a Guardian from within the Tower. He knew there was a place beyond her secluded bubble and his intent was to flee from the very start. He did just that.

Sol now resides in the Tower. A Sunsinger Warlock escaping his past and the likes.

May Contain: Torture, angst, war, blood, gore. . . the list goes on. We'd just have to plot something together with a game like Destiny.



Gender: Female
Age: 40 years old (~400 years old)
Height: 6’5’’
Status: Alive
Hair Color: Blue
Eye Color: Grey
Occupation: Guardian of the Tower
Appearances: Destiny (AU if needed)
Voiceclaim: N/A

Personality: RHESHU [REDACTED] is a lazy, indifferent, brooding character. As her bulky gear suggests, she is a Titan of the Tower and finds joy only in battle. Her line of work is extremely dangerous, constantly left alone on grueling missions the Vangaurd specifically assign her. These missions require a skillset Rheshu posses, such as Close quarters combat, martial arts, negotiating/bargaining and having a manipulation streak a mile wide. Orders to 'extract' defective Guardians that decided to turn against all they were resurrected for puts her Light at risk, but had stated before that she is no longer afraid of death as she already died once and described it as “boring.”

She is a hardened cigar smoker, despite rain or the Tower's no-smoking signs. Never really caring about anything, Rheshu still does her job. On the outset, other Guardians can tell something is troubling her and keep their distance. They are right to assume. Bits and pieces of her past still haunt the corners of her mind. Afraid this might compromise her status as a Titan, she pushes it off and metaphorically - or quite literally - runs away from it. Rheshu offers a sense of mystery and dread but upon closer inspection, has a jovial charm and cocky attitude if the situation gives her an opportunity to jest.

Bio: Nothing is known of Rheshu’s past, only that she was part of a small colony on Earth. She also served in the Battle of Twilight Gap.



Age: 18
Trainer Type: Team Skull Grunt


Orientation: Asexual
Bio: Numb - also known as just Grunt - is a shy, antisocial member of Team Skull. And like all of the Grunts, Numb failed their island challenge. They're constantly stuck in a silent brain-battle with themselves, thinking if they'll ever be good enough for anybody while also maintaining a ruffian, bully-like exterior. Usually they hang out with the other Grunts and always seems to be in the background of everything. . .

May Contain: angst, cursing. . . like it's Pokemon?


Aleksandra "Zarya" Zaryanova


Gender: Female
Age: 28
Status: Alive
Hair Color: Pink
Eye Color: Green
Occupation: Solider

Bio: Born and raised in a remote Siberian Village, Zarya spent most of her life surround by what was the aftermath of an Omnic Crisis. Seeing her loved ones in such devastation took a toll on her, vowing to one day grow strong and help her people recover from such a wicked mess. And that she did. She trained, and trained, until her knuckles bleed and muscles consumed in painful sores. Sweat, tears and grit is what rose her to the top as a potential weightlifting-bodybuilding star. It was all in the name of her country. Zarya never saw a reason to give up, and her ultimate determination was expected to shatter long-lasting records. Until. . .

A long forgotten about threat reactivated - the Siberian omnuim. This was finally Zarya's chance. She harshly pushed fame and fortune out of her way and rushed home to join the local defense forces and was soon thrown in the thick of war, even as far as ripping a whole canon off a tank once she found herself without weapon. Whatever it took, she'd give them all she got.

May Contain: gore, blood, angst, PTSD flashbacks, racism. . .Zarya may be towards Omnics. Maybe she'll have a change of heart. Who knows.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

Jotaro Kujo


Gender: Male
Age: 17 (It depends what Jotaro is being used)
Status: Depends. . .
Hair Color: Blue/Black
Eye Color: Green

[Headcanon heavy]

Bio: Faced with the possibility of his own mother dying, Jotaro Kujo sets out to Egypt to kill DIO within 50 days, accompanied by Joseph Joestar, Muhammad Abdul, Noriaki Kakoyin, Jean Pierre Polnareff and a little Boston Terrier, Iggy. Jotaro exhibits a rough delinquent demeanor with an always-annoyed-24/7 attitude, but deep down he cares for close loved ones and best friends. He's intelligent, wrathful yet has a soft side when it comes to certain Stand battles, shown as he spared Kakoyin's life, to burying N'doul. After defeating DIO, he returns home, annoyed and unable to find his breath amidst his mother's constant bickering, but silently, he's grateful for it. Jotaro found himself spiraling deeper and deeper into depression, having Star Platinum clean up his room, drag him to the shower or roll him onto his futon occasionally. His mother could tell Jotaro brought something back from Egypt that was beyond her fixing.

Time flowed on, and his depressive episodes had passed. He found himself looking at various college brochures, eventually enrolling into Marine Biology, thus leaving home to study. He's traveled to many places across the globe for research, including Morioh. Now a father, Jotaro suddenly becomes distant with his own Daughter - maybe because he never grew up with a father. He just doesn't know nor wants to excuse his own shitty behavior. He tried to spend time with her, but most of it was left with him saying nothing over the phone, or even bothering to show up in her times of need. He wish he could've.

May Contain: angst, self-hatred, blood, gore, oras. Tbh, we'd have to discuss something since Zarya and Jotaro may be the only canon characters I play. It all depends on which Jotaro is present, as well.

Ein Sof


A Stand/Stand User I've had in the works. There may be more.

Gender: Female
Age: 26
Status: Alive
Hair Color: Black and Gold
Eye Color: Gold
Stand: 「ARITUS」

Bio: Ein Sof is either perceived as kind or wicked, approachable or aloof, happy, sad, or mad. Her presence is judged entirely by the eye of the beholder. If someone thinks she is intimidating and powerful, she'll become just that. Or maybe they'll think shes weak and puny? Again, she'll become that. This Stand plays a lot of psychological mind tricks on both herself and opponent. Not much is known about Ein Sof other than she hides her face, enjoys metallic colors and naked Roman statues. Her strong enjoyment kinda creeps everyone out.

May Contain: mind tricks, manipulation. . .
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