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January 19, 2017, 04:59:33 AM

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Author Topic: Soft's RP Wishlist [Under Construction]  (Read 316 times)

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Soft's RP Wishlist [Under Construction]
« on: September 22, 2016, 10:18:41 AM »
Accepting ALL roleplay requests (may become selective in the near future) Just shoot me a PM and I'll try to get to you as soon as possible.

HELLO THERE. My name is Soft! It's about time I flex my big bara writing muscles and present to you with a few of my wants, needs and desires in a roleplay.
This thread will receive little updates here and there as time flows on. I have a lot of Ocs. I apologize. Just remember to bear with me.

Here's a lil info about myself if you're interested:
At the moment I live in America, so I have a weird timezone compared to somebody thats across the globe.
 I also sleep a lot, attend school and my job, and have really bad depressive episodes.
Yeah, I'm not always on and my presence may be spotty. I'm sorry. I'll get done whatever I can while I am on!!

But heres where I lay down a few rules:

> My On/Off Thread is here. [soon to be updated with Link]

> I honestly don't care what gender you are.
 I roleplay with ALL the people. As much people as I can. I play both females and males, dont even stress mang.
I'm not bothered by anything, really. I am always opened to whatever ideas/prompts you may have.

> I overthink a lot. I'll try my best to attend to your needs. It'd be helpful to remind me now and again if the roleplays are doing okay.

> I like action/adventure RP with hints of fluff. I won't say no to romance.
But one thing that you need to keep in mind is that there needs to be some sort of chemistry between whatever characters are being played.
Nothing forced.

> Please PM me ideas instead of posting them here. Thank you.

to be added mang

Original Characters
Fandoms / Video Games / Comics

All right. Whatever. See ya.
Additional Note: I drew everything below.

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Re: Soft's RP Wishlist [Under Construction]
« Reply #1 on: September 22, 2016, 02:14:35 PM »

Original Ideas / Characters



Name: Rheshu.

Alias: Secret Weapon, Private Property, Wave Mother, Commander Rheshu.

Sexuality: Pansexual.

Age: Looks about 32.

Height: 6'5''

Noticeable Characteristics: Obviously not Human. Covered in heavy scarring from the nose all the way down to the toes. Her body was designed to withstand a lifetime of fighting. Therefore Rheshu is built like a tank, however she does have minor setbacks like back problems and sores. Eye patch on right eye, an androgynous face and white eye(s).

Biography: (to be added)
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Re: Soft's RP Wishlist [Under Construction]
« Reply #2 on: December 18, 2016, 12:49:20 PM »

Destiny the Game

Sol Byruke'on

Name: Sol Byruke'on.

Age: ~305 years old. (Looks 35 in Human years)

Sexuality: Homosexual.

Race: Awoken.

Height: 6'4''

Eye color: Emerald.

Hair color: White.

Noticeable Characteristic: Sol Byruke'on is a disturbed, depressed and suicidal Renegade Awoken Warlock. These flaws are securely hidden away within himself. These flaws are not something he is proud of and masquerades them with a sense of kindness. His fluffy pomp, the clack of his trademark heels and gaudy fashion sense easily sticks out like a sore thumb at the Tower Plaza. Sol is a Warlock determined to always succeed in style.

Personality: Sol is, by nature, always taking ear to people's woes and misfortunes. He is a softhearted man that wears his power and assertiveness with pride. From bronze, to platinum, to gold, Sol achieved confidence in the colors he bore. He has an elegant taste for fashion and wants to stand out from everyone else at the Tower. As a Warlock, his knowledge is boundless (Duh.) and doesn't mind giving advice now and then to KinderGuardians. Sol's confidence can be mistaken for ruthlessness as he has a serious case of resting bitch face and presents himself in a very intimidating manner. This is true, although, he secretly struggles with intense feelings of inadequacy. He never reveals his negative feelings, even if they threaten to overflow. Sol exhibits several common symptoms of daily-long term depression, post traumatic stress disorder and insomnia. He just hates asking for help.



He was wrong.

That was what they all said when Sol was finally assigned to the Royal Awoken Guard. He remembered the panic he felt in his heart, lashing out at the Guards and even at the Queen, too. He didn't share common characteristics other Awoken had, and - most damning of all - he was soft. The Reef never felt like home to him.

"Nonsense. This is your home," the Queen had said, and marked him down for supervision after he was caught talking to a Guardian (taboo at the time) on a hidden commline. Any Awoken that accepts the Light as a 'gift' will be faced with immediate banishment ordered on by the Queen and her Techeuns. That was what Uldren Sov stated before sending Sol off with his designated Paladin, Yasmin Eld. Sol never understood why the Queen gave him a second chance, but that twinkle in her eye unsettled him a bit.

Immediately, Sol was stubborn, disobedient and would do just about anything for the Queen to change her mind, even if it met sneaking away with various Awoken men from the Armada/Crow ranks. Sol whored himself around the Reef for that shining moment of validation. When they're huffing into his neck and praising his curves, it satisfied a primal craving within him which was nothing sexual. It was all for control. Then they're gone. And that's that. Then he'd hate himself all over again, so it was a vicious cycle of fucking around and self-hatred.

Not a glamorous past.

Eventually, Yasmin Eld smacked him upside the head and told him to stop, because in a way, she did care. After that, most of his days were occupied with grueling military training, espionage, diplomacy, and hand-to-hand combat. Sol's progress reports were favorable. Months later, he finally had the opportunity to squeeze out of the Reef's isolated bubble. Having access to unlimited coordinates to different planets and Corsair ships made this possible. Thats when he snapped. He said 'fuck it', up and left. Now that Guardians are normal things walking around the Vestian Outpost, the Reef only wants to find Sol to get some closure. He isn't going back anytime soon. . .

Upon touching ground on Old Russia, Earth, he met the Guardian he was always talking to. She took Sol as one of her sons, showing him the small Fireteam family she already had; Fireteam Scintillation. Sol was quiet and observant and tried his best to open up to his 'brothers.' Guess what. They all died.

Jump to RoI, Sol now resides in the Tower as an Awoken Warlock and is still trying to discover his own self-worth. He spends most of days doing patrols, Raids, designing clothes, getting drunk and high or sing to his hearts content.

Taken King Loadout:
Spektar Haliaetus Hood ( yellow chrome )
Iron Camelot Gloves
Heart of Praxic Fire/Alchemist Raiment/Voidfang Vestments
Iron Champion Legs ( heel edition )
Wolfswood Bond
Broken Crown
Million Million Shader

Rise of Iron Loadout:
Spektar Haliaetus Hood ( blue chrome )
Days of Iron Gloves
Days of Iron Raiment
Transversive Steps ( again, heels )
Skorri's Iron Bond
Memory of Skorri
Million Million Shader

Weapon Loadout:
Primary: The Distant Star
Secondary: Party Crasher +1
Heavy: Sound and Fury~

Hevven Toshiki

Name: Hevven Toshiki

Age: Around ~200 years old.

Sexuality: Bisexual.

Race: Awoken.

Height: 5'2''

Eye color: Blue.

Hair color: Black.

Noticeable Characteristics: (to be added)
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