Criminal Minds (Seeking Dom/Top for MxM)

Started by DahliaBlossom, September 22, 2016, 04:04:48 AM

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I doubt many people ask for this particular fan service. But I absolutely love this show and have started watching it again from the beginning until the new season is completely out as I love to binge watch.

Anyways, my request is hopefully for the long-term! But, I would really like an rp between Derek Morgan and Spencer Reid. You would be playing Derek Morgan and I would be playing Spencer Reid. You would be the top or dom and I would be the bottom or sub. Mainly I want this to fit close to the cuff of what the actual show is, meaning this would have both plot and sex. They would be going on cases and such. The only difference is Derek Morgan would be pursuing Spencer Reid romantically. I love how he always calls him "kid" or "pretty boy" and refers to him in such young or even suggestive terms, it's almost flirtatious. I'd like Derek to be a bit more forward though, getting close to Spencer, standing near him, finding little ways to make him uncomfortable and twitchy. Playing fun pranks on him, catching him alone and getting really close, maybe toying with Spencer's hair as he leans in murmuring something sensual to throw off Spencer, making him fidgety and blushing. It'd start out building this tension, with Derek getting more and more forward with what he wants. And what he wants is Spencer, is every way, from friendship to a passionate lover. It's just that Derek has to get passed all of Spencer's quirks and lack of obvious knowledge in sexuality and relationships. All Spencer really knows is Unsub's. He's not used to love, affection, or being pursued, especially by a man or a man of Derek's caliber.

I don't care when gender you are in RL, as long as you can pull this off. I want it intense, I want Derek to start out gentle and easing Spencer into the knowledge that he wants him. I'd like Derek to be assertive and slowly become more frustrated with Spencer, pressing him to walls and man-handling him a bit. Derek will have to increase his pursuit to get it through Spencer's surprisingly thick skull.

Hopefully this appeals to someone out there. I'm literally overflowing with need for this one. If you've seen the show and don't really want to play these exact characters but like my idea, I am totally cool with creating our own original men for this sort of idea. I just really want it and it'd be awesome if it was Derek and Spencer.