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Author Topic: Sansa's Search for Long Term Partners  (Read 311 times)

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Sansa's Search for Long Term Partners
« on: September 21, 2016, 05:52:27 PM »
Hello friends of E. Let me start by saying I have not been active in a very long time due to personal reasons. To stay brief, I started a new job & was dating someone seriously. Things have changed and I need patient, literate partners to distract me and fuel the passion writing on here once gave me. I do not own a computer/laptop at this given time but I do have a smart phone that I use religiously & used in my previous writings. Having said that, there will be the topic of post length... Well given that my phone screen is a my smaller then a computer screen, posts often seem a lot lengthier then they truly are; but at the end of the day that doesn't matter to me. I want to read something that gets my head spinning & my blood boiling... In return I want to give you the same. So how much or little you post doesn't matter, it's the quality of the post. On the flip side of that, that doesn't mean I will be giving three decent sentences as a response... I like to match my partners in post length and if you feel in not giving you the kind of passion in a post that you need in order to want to continue, please tell me so that I can readjust.

I haven't been through my O/O in some time but my desires haven't really changed since my last update on that thread. I write female characters that are sexually submissive. Key word... That being said, I like my characters to have layers and unique personality traits. She may be smart mouth, clumsy, stand offing, etc.
Romance, BDSM, Fantasy, Modern, are just few of the things I enjoy.

So with that laid out, below I will be posting some ideas or characters I'm interested in playing. If you have any thoughts to share or ideas you think I may enjoy then please PM me so we can discuss it. Thank you.

Consensual (love making & just sex is good)
Fantasy (vampires, elves, etc.)
BDSM & light bondage
Oral Sex (giving and receiving)
Orgasm Control
Restraints (cuffs, rope, chains, cages, etc.)
Age Play

Water sports
God modding
Submissive Men
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Re: Sansa's Search for Long Term Partners
« Reply #1 on: September 21, 2016, 06:27:25 PM »
Fandom Requests
So this little block is obviously reserved for fandoms.
I don't have a huge taste for fandoms however there is a few!
bold is my character

Game of Thrones
Sansa X Joffrey
Sansa X The Hound
Sansa X OC
Sansa X Tyrion
Sansa X Jaime
OC X Joffrey

Once Upon a Time
Emma X Hook
OC X Hook
OC X Mr. Gold

Twilight (dark version)
(I love the evil characters of twilight. We can
make our own tweaks so it's not like Twilight totally)
Bella X James
Alice X James
OC X James
OC X Cauis
Bella X Cauis
OC X Jasper
OC X Aro
OC X Alec
*I can be convinced to do other characters*

Doctor Who
Pretty simple...
OC X Any or OC Doctor

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Buffy X Spike
Buffy X Angelus
Buffy X OC
Drusilla X Angelus
Drusilla X Spike
Drusilla X OC
OC X Angelus
OC X Spike

Sydney X Billy
Sydney X Stu
Stdney X OC

Korean Dramas & Animes
I love dramas but I know not many people are familiar with them so I will be putting a list here of dramas & some animes that I know/enjoy & if anyone is familiar then please reach out!

Star Wars
Rey X Kylo Ren
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Re: Sansa's Search for Long Term Partners
« Reply #2 on: September 21, 2016, 06:51:33 PM »
Story Driven Characters
Alanna's Story
Name: Alanna
Age: 19 years old
Personality: Independent | Caring | Stubborn | Genuine
Theme: Fantasy | Medieval | S/M | Kidnap
Looking For: a partner to play the leader of the kingdom she has been kidnapped to. Open to the leader being female. Interested to explore options be it either marriage, slavery, or whatever else you may want to discuss & plan for. Or you can surprise me and my character! That'd be fun. Please read, enjoy, and PM me if interested.
Diary Entry...(story would kick off after this..)
It is cold here.. So unlike the world I'm used to where the sun was all the warmth I needed from and brush of wind.. There is peculiar white cotton on the ground as cold as the dead. I've never seen such strange beauty. Oh, allow me to introduce myself; my name is Alanna and I am from the fallen nation of Klimaja. We were a peaceful nation known for our wealth, beauty, and kindness. Why they announced war on us, I still do not know but that does not matter. I am the sole survivor of the Royal Kilmaja bloodline. My father and brothers stood tall with honor until their very last breath. My sister was very ill through out the war and died in her sleep before the capture.. Perhaps she was lucky? I know not yet... My mother, the Queen, was captured along with me but we were separated and I later found out she died during the travel... It is said the traveling made her ill and I also heard she had gone mad, but no one will speak to me with a definite answer.

I am a prisoner now and that is how I've been treated. My hands have been bound to my side as a rope knotted around my waist to hold me still. I look like a proper mess with my hair tousled around my pale face and my dress ripping about the seams. I often wondered if they cared whether I died on the travel as my mother did as the days went by, but when we entered the white lands and the temperature dropped, I was given a thick blanket to stay warm.

With that small act of kindness, I suspected I was wanted alive and this frightened me more then I can say...  I had heard stories of this land and its ruler but to come face to face with these stories forced me to find my courage. I am a princess, fallen or not. I must remember that.

Lost in my thoughts and becoming accustomed to silence, I hadn't noticed that the wagon I was stationed on had came to a halt. "Out you get princess" the guard who had been assigned to watch me had ordered. I had a special hatred for him... His name was Tir and he was the one that struck down my guards, killed my slave, and captured me. He knew I hated him and he seemed to take pride in that. Tir smiled as I gave him an iced stare filled with defiance. "I see you're growing accustomed to the cold. Best mind those looks in front of our ruler though."he warned me as he easily lifted me out of the wagon and onto the cold ground. Though i had slippers on, I couldn't help but jump at the cold wet ground. This seemed to amuse the guards. "Alanna, "The Fair", the sole princess of Klimaja and she is startled by snow." Someone mocked as they all joined in laughter.

With what little pride I had left, I straightened my stance and ignored their mockery... Following the guards lead, I was taken to the bath halls much to my surprise. I am to be washed? My surprise must have shown on my face as Tir chuckled "We can not present the prize looking like that." Prize? That made me cringe. Perhaps he had a point since we'd been traveling for so long but still! Though I was grateful to be washed, he didn't need to insult me.

A Broken Romance
Name: Alanna
Race: Vampire
Personality: Broken | Submissive
Looking for: after your read her story, I'm interested to start a game where a dominate vampire lord breaks in to the Front Line with an army and rescues the captive vampires. Specifically your character is the leader & had claimed Alanna as his mate but is trying to heal her also- knowing he may never get through to her but still tries. The world is modern now & unusual to her... Let's see if she can adjust. (Open to other ideas)

Alanna's Story
Anna? No, Alanna... It had been 200 years since anyone cared to call her by name. It was 200 years ago when they captured the spirited vampire & enslaved her. They starved her at first, just as they do with all new vampire slaves. It was maddening at first, she was crazed with hunger, but the madness stopped when she grew too weak... She felt as though she were dying but sadly, death never came. Years passed as they starved her but still she lived, had they forgotten about her completely? Her cheeks were shallow and sunken in, her skin clung to her bones, and her nails were sharp yet short from the scratching at her burning throat; & her once stunning hazel eyes were pitch black due to her starvation. There was no sound, there was no light, only darkness. It threw off her sleep pattern, she never knew just when it was day light or when it was darkness... 40 years had gone when when the door of her cage flung open & she was presented with a 20 ounces of watered down animal blood... The first thing she had to eat in a month. "Make it last, slave...." The man chuckled knowing she would not be able to make it last. Alanna chugged the 20 ounces of watered animal blood as fast as she could manage. The man laughed at that, snatched the empty cup from the girl, & locked the cage again. "No.. Please!" She cried at him, throwing herself towards the cell as he left her hungry & alone again.

Alanna was left alone again but this time for six months. Six months, she was alone & starved until she was randomly visited with another 20 ounces of watered down animal blood....

For ten years the madness continued. Isolation, & 20 ounces of watered down animal blood every 4-6 months. After ten years, Alanna was granted music... The music only played once in a while but it was a strange comfort for her.

Starvation, isolation, irregular sleep patterns... The torment went on for years.
After another 50 years of the same torment, Alanna's cage opened up & they escorted the weak & frail vampire out of her cage & into a room where she saw a familiar face.. It took a while for her eyes to adjust to the strangely lit room. A familiar face though? After all this time? Surely any human she recognized was dead? Oh.. No! That was not a human. Alanna screamed like a mad woman trying to lunge herself to the male vampire. "Allen!" She yelled at the mad male vampire. The vampire looked at Alanna with black soul-less eyes. Allen was her vampire brother... They were changed by the same sire & looked out for each other. The day she was taken, so was he. But unlike Alanna, they never once fed him in his years of captivity. Why was that? The male vampires weren't needed...

"Please he's hurting! Help him!" Alanna begged but instead, they forced Alanna to a chair in front of the table, chaining her hands to the arm rest & feet to the chair.

"Allen? That's his name? Hm... Well, Allen- we will help you just fine." A human laughed as the other men shackled Allen across the table to another chair facing Alanna. They couldn't touch each other even if they tried.

They tortured Allen every day for 10 years in front of Alanna. They continued to starve him, they fed her in front of him, & they tortured him senseless before her. She tried to connect with him but when they were left alone, they gagged the two of them & at times, they blinded the two.

It was an odd day when they unshackled Alanna... They took her away and for the first time, they bathed the broken spirit and changed her into clean undergarments. Alanna hated the attire but it was clean and she was grateful for it. They turned her into a dark room with a window to face that showed Allen in the dark. Alanna said nothing... She knew Allen was crazy now & they wouldn't help him, but what were they going to do? Slowly... A light from the ceiling spread on Allen- sunlight. "No don't!" Alanna cried & tried to throw herself to the window but they pulled her back into the darkness and forced her to watch her brother burn alive. Despite the separate room, she could hear his screams scorching in pain.

"Alanna!!!!" Allen begged for her help- saying her name for the first time in years....
If she wasn't broken before, she was now... She has nothing & no one. Any human she knew was dead & whatever world was outside these walls were now foreign. It was the First Line that fed her, that bathed her, & let her sleep. She was eventually given a regular eating schedule of the same poisoned blood but with an amount to maintain beautiful and strong enough to fulfill her role. Alanna stayed in a large harem with other vampire girls who were as broken as she was but they slept together, fed together, & bathed together so they stayed close. Different girls came & went as they were sent to different men of the Front Line to pleasure. Alanna was sent to different men as well but... She didn't enjoy it. To pleasure the men that tortured her. If she did something they didn't like they would beat her... If she did something they did like, she got nothing. Her life was for them now, not for her. 

The Hunter is Hunted
Name: Alice
Age: 18 years old
Personality: Rebelious | Angry | Lonely

Set in 1887, Alice lived a peaceful life with her pregnant mother and hard working father. They were a wealthy family living in England and had no enemies. There were few vampire hunters in England but her father called it all rubbish. That is until his pregnant wife became a victim of a hungry vampire; killing his wife and unborn child, leaving Alice both motherless and practically fatherless.. Her father became consumed with vampires and avenging his wife's death. Alice understood her fathers desire for revenge and decided it was her mission too... Now the 18 year old girl who was once in beautiful dresses fluttering around a dance floor, traded in her dresses and opportunity to marry for tight pants, boots, and swords. Alice grew stronger both mentally and physically.. She sacrificed most all of her friendships and lived mostly in isolation.. Despite her strength and will power, neither her father or the men of hunters took her seriously. A petite young girl carrying around a sword? Most of their plans consisted of using her as bate! It was rubbish... Alice was determined to prove them all wrong. One night, she set off on her own ready to prove to herself, her father, and the hunters that she was just as qualified as they were to bring down a vampire... But her plan goes sideways when she actually encounters a fearsome vampire. However, Alice did not back down. Instead, the young beauty fought. And she fought hard. When her weapons failed her, she used her own human strength in attempt to fight the vampire off until she was forced to fall to her knees in defeat. Alice expected death to come shortly after her failure but she had amused the vampire... Instead of slaying her, the vampire swooped the stubborn huntress into his arms to carry her away to her new home.
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