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Author Topic: Will you take me down a dark and twisted path? [M/F|F/F]  (Read 1256 times)

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Will you take me down a dark and twisted path? [M/F|F/F]
« on: September 21, 2016, 12:26:58 PM »

Here is the intro to my request thread. I will slowly be added plots/pairings/worlds/etc to this lovely thing. For now here is a run down of who I am and what I'm looking for in a partner!

What am I looking for?

Someone who loves to write in detail! Also someone who has a good basic understanding of the english language. Just write in a way that makes sense. Let your words flow, don't let them get choppy. I don't expect perfect punctuation or perfect grammar, but do try. I know that I do! It is only fair that my partner(s) make an attempt to write in a good flow as that is what I do.

I also love it when my partner(s) give their character backstory and good personality traits! A character that is given a backstory has much potential! The potential is even more aspiring when it is accentuated by amazing traits that make the character live and thrive! (over use of exclamation points, my bad! oops >_> ) ..

If there are some questions that need to be answered I'll provide my kik via pm if ya'll have kik. That way we can communicate a bit better. Plus I like making friends!
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Re: Craving Some Extreme Play! (Objectifcation/PetPlay/MindWarping/Bondage/Etc)
« Reply #1 on: September 21, 2016, 12:58:01 PM »

  • MasterxSlave
  • MasterxPet
  • CouplexHousetoy/pet
  • Twins (brotherxsister)
  • LordxPrincess
  • PiratexOracle
  • etc

  • DemonxHuman
  • DemonxElf
  • GodxDemi-god
  • VampirexHuman
  • etc

*Note: If you have a particular idea just message me! I'm wanting to do something especially with demons and darker storylines.
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Re: Craving Some Extreme Play! (Objectifcation/PetPlay/MindWarping/Bondage/Etc)
« Reply #2 on: September 21, 2016, 01:04:17 PM »

    • {His Everything}
      She always dreamed of being the prettiest doll, the prettiest decoration, even the prettiest object. It was a strange dream to have but she craved to become something that people could look at and use for their amusement, for their every day activities, for their pleasure. Growing up in a home with traditional conservative values it was considered sinful to have sexual thoughts, but hers were more than sexual. They were ones of desire to be something she wasn’t. She inquired to her mother when she was a young teen-when she started having these desires-if they were normal. Her mother instantly had her enrolled in a strict catholic school where she was made to read the bible everyday. It didn’t do anything for her though. She still had the desires and grew resentful towards religious factors.

      Why was it considered wrong to have desires? It wasn’t a common thing she knew but she discovered soon that there was a community across the world that had similar desires. Through this online community she learned more about what her interests were. Objectification or more specifically forniphilia and dollification. Also a sexual object. While it wasn’t getting off that she craved exactly it was more of being made use of, she knew she had to experience it. Something about it called out to her and she just needed it. So she reached out to a community member who told her once she turned 18 she could be brought into the world of bdsm. She would get basic training for a year then from then she’d get paired with a dom that was deemed the right fit.

    • {Lucifer's Pet}
      It was a long time since she last saw him-the fallen angel-that is. His wicked grin revealing sharpened canines so bright and pristine, perfect for piercing into the skin of her delicate neck to mark her as his. It was what would happen soon enough. He was reminding her that she was his to claim on her 21st. She had a year to go before the contract was up. When she was a freshly turned teen she made a pact with the devil, literally. She wanted to get away from the small town life she was forced to live. With strict conservative bible thumping parents she needed escape. Well good ol' Lucifer showed up one day after sunday school, ironically. He offered her a deal like no other. A chance to go to the school of her dreams, get a career of any she chose in exchange for becoming his whatever when her 21st came along. She took the deal not realizing the implication(s) of what he requested of her.

      Now it was one minute to midnight and she was waiting, strangely not nervous at all. She'd come to accept her fate-whatever it might be. Whether it be he enslave her to do his bidding or give her to his demon children to molest. She made her bed and now she had to lie in it.
    • {Disowned}

      An idea I was thinking of was perhaps about a girl who is the recently disowned daughter of one of the top billionaires in the city. There are many rumors as to why she was disowned but the real reasoning to her being disowned is that she refused to marry someone for tying two business empires together. So I could see her being cut off from her bank account and rent is due the following week. So she has less than a week to figure her stuff out. She'd be in a desperate position.

      I could see her going to a night club getting shit faced and end up getting roofied or the like. She ends up passing out and essentially wakes up in a place she has no recollection of and is wearing nothing. Perhaps her ass hurts too hinting at some new exploration from the night before. Something she'd never done. I could see her freaking out from that. I'm thinking that the person who brought her there is part of a gang or something of the like. Perhaps some kind of organization. He comes back into the room to try and take advantage of her again and she flips out. There's obviously a commotion and the place they're in is actually a large house or maybe even a manner of sorts that the members of the group reside in. One of the head men could walk in to see what the commotion is about and it so happens to be her ex boyfriend.

      Perhaps he's still bitter from the breakup as I could see her having had to end the relationship due to pressure from her father and what not. They could have been high school sweet hearts or something of the like. I could see him taking advantage of the situation by 'saving' her from his subordinate and acting kind to her. Of course he would of heard about her being disowned and essentially thrown out because the city loves to gossip after all. She ends up breaking down and he offers her protection in the world by taking her in. What that entails can be a variety of things.

      I'd love to see Total Power Exchange evolving in the relationship between them. I feel it'd fit. Also mind breaking to the point she feels she is just a tool to be used however he sees fit. That brings in my love of objectification and forniphilia (human furniture/decor). I could see him teaching her to kneel in front of him with her ass raised up and her face pushed into the floor so he can use her rear as a foot stool. Something I absolutely love. I also love collaring with a lovely lead. Pet play is a fun thing too. Caging is one of my favorite things as well. Really I love a lot of things haha. Spanking and what not is always fun too. Some things I have been interested in messing about with is water sports (pissing into the mouth anyways), light blood play and electroplay.
    • {Abomination}

      *Fantasy World
      *Names of Characters can be changed (just using them to signify who is who)
      *Races can be changed

      An act of the most unthinkable and blasphemous in nature happened nineteen years prior to the present time of which a young faeling came of age, Antia Voranna; the daughter of Forra Voranna whom passed away in childbirth leaving newborn Antia to be raised by her Mother’s brother. There was no knowledge of who Antia’s father was but it was assumed he was part of the light faeling clans in the Light Grasslands territory. If the truth were to be uncovered of who Antia’s father was she would be named an abomination.

      When Antia turns of age she receives a letter that tells her if she’d like to discover the truth of her sire line she must travel, on her lonesome, to the Free City. It was a place that the many races throughout the lands could live in peace and harmony. Of course she was taught it was a place of sin and darkness, but she was rather curious about it. Also the fact she could learn the truth of her sire line. Something about what she’d been brought up to believe just didn’t sit well with her. That and she’d been having strange dreams since she received her first blood five years ago.

      Antia goes out on her own much to her guardian’s displeasure but there was nothing he could do due to her being of age. Her travels through the Light Grasslands were uneventful but once she entered the neighboring territory belonging to the darker cousins of the light fae things started to get a bit more.. interesting.


      With this I was thinking that once Antia enters the nameless territory she’ll end up getting ambushed by a group of thugs or something of the like. She ends up getting saved by your character who happens to be a race of the darker nature. Afterword they exchange words and discover they’re going to the same place. So they traverse together. From there we can decide what happens.
    • {Memory}

      Whether she be a runaway princess or a fugitive wanted for petty theft she had no idea. All form of memory was lost to the confused female. There was no inkling or hint as to who she was or had been, who may love her or who she might love. What she did know was five different languages, how to wield a variety of weapons, the answers to some of the most sought out mysteries and that she was being kept as someones captive.

      It was a bit problematic that she didn’t know her name either but she had a pretty good inkling it was the name labeled on the name tag hanging from the collar around her neck. It read “Sequoia.” A bit of familiarity struck in her mind at the word. Perhaps it was indeed her name.

      Besides the collar around her neck she looked around to try and find some clue as to what kind of situation she was in. It was obvious she was in a cage. While it wasn’t small it also wasn’t large enough for her to stand in. She was forced to stay on her rear end or on her knees. There was a blanket in the cage with her but nothing else.

      So this can go any which way. The scenario is pretty open as to who she was before hand and why she was placed in a cage. What is in store for her is up whomever decides to write with me (with some sway from myself, of course). I am open to a variety of ideas though, no matter how extreme. (I prefer extreme over light, fyi.). So if you are interested please do let me know!
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    Offline LilJinxxieMewTopic starter

    Added new play! Training the Bitch!

    Offline LilJinxxieMewTopic starter

    Added His Everything! Really want to do this one!

    Offline LilJinxxieMewTopic starter

    Currently looking to do a ddlg themed play! There can be a variety of things in it for sure! I'm must craving to let my little side out in another play hehe!

    Offline LilJinxxieMewTopic starter

    Re: Seeking Extreme Play!
    « Reply #7 on: March 28, 2017, 09:30:57 PM »

    Lets do something different! Something where the limits are pushed! I'm in a rather dark and creative mind set as of late. Perhaps we throw something together with magic and demons and fantasy and what not.. Some things that I'm interested in exploring involve mutilation (mixed with regeneration), mind breaking, degradation, and forniphilia (human furniture).

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    Re: Will you take me down a dark and twisted path?
    « Reply #8 on: April 07, 2017, 06:16:16 PM »
    Added new plot, abomination

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    Re: Will you take me down a dark and twisted path? [M/F|F/F]
    « Reply #9 on: April 08, 2017, 07:14:45 PM »
    Added Pairings

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    Re: Will you take me down a dark and twisted path? [M/F|F/F]
    « Reply #10 on: April 21, 2017, 06:33:43 PM »
    Added new plot: Memory

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    Re: Will you take me down a dark and twisted path? [M/F|F/F]
    « Reply #11 on: June 06, 2017, 05:22:23 PM »
    Looking for a fun adventure with dark twists and turns! Would you like to use my character as your personal little toy to manipulate in any way you see fit? Let me know!