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October 24, 2016, 03:56:09 AM

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Author Topic: Craving Some Extreme Play! (Objectifcation/PetPlay/MindWarping/Bondage/Etc)  (Read 190 times)

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Offline LilJinxxieMewTopic starter


Here is the intro to my request thread. I will slowly be added plots/pairings/worlds/etc to this lovely thing. For now here is a run down of who I am and what I'm looking for in a partner!

What am I looking for?

Someone who loves to write in detail! Also someone who has a good basic understanding of the english language. Just write in a way that makes sense. Let your words flow, don't let them get choppy. I don't expect perfect punctuation or perfect grammar, but do try. I know that I do! It is only fair that my partner(s) make an attempt to write in a good flow as that is what I do.

I also love it when my partner(s) give their character backstory and good personality traits! A character that is given a backstory has much potential! The potential is even more aspiring when it is accentuated by amazing traits that make the character live and thrive! (over use of exclamation points, my bad! oops >_> ) ..

Some more things I'm looking for are good activity on the site, post as much as you can please and thank you! I hate hate haattteee when my partners only come on once a week. I like to post every day if possible more than once. I like to get a good flow going and go for a few hours a day, if at all possible. I know we all have lives and can't do that but when it can happen it is amazing. Now I'll keep my activity and availibility up to date for my partners in my signature if I can remember. If there are some questions that need to be answered I'll provide my kik via pm if ya'll have kik. That way we can communicate a bit better. Plus I like making friends!

Some Idea About My Kinks/Fets

Here's just a little rundown of what they are. I plan on linking my most current kink list into my signature soon! So look for that.

Kinks: Spanking, Slapping, Bondage, Pet play, Master/slave, master/pet, mxmxf, collar/lead, caging, light humiliation, wetting, objectification, forniphilia, face-fucking, degradation, etc.

Nos: Scat, gore, vore, gaping, fisting, extreme name calling (whore, skank, bitch, etc. Slut is okay), blood play, mutilation, infantism, beastiality, etc.

I will be posting my other things in lower postings so be on the lookout for that!

Offline LilJinxxieMewTopic starter

Re: Craving Some Extreme Play! (Objectifcation/PetPlay/MindWarping/Bondage/Etc)
« Reply #1 on: September 21, 2016, 12:58:01 PM »
World 1: Red Light Earth

In world where the economy shifted and everything crumbled, a new age arises where the world is run by the wealthiest members of the red light district. It's a world controlled purely but lustful thinking. Everything is centered around an erotic nature. Once a person turns 18 they are sent to a facility where they are tested on what particular area they fit best in. Once the results are given there is no going back. The only way to change the course of ones life is to work up the food chain and become an elite member of society. Then if they have the wealth, determination, and power they can live their life without any rules being applied to them. In the world anything is possible. There are females and males alike who are trained to be pets (sexual or non-sexual), house slaves, sexual entertainment, used for art, and even furniture.

There are some exemptions to the mandatory test, though. Those exempt are the children of the elite, powerful and wealthy, of course. Then there is a lottery drawn every year of the graduating class(es) that count a good 27% of the students. Those with their names drawn are awarded with their freedom and gifted a free ticket to a trade school where they learn a skill along with business managing skills. They are the middle man between the slaves and the wealthy. They’re considered the lucky class.

World 2: Social What? Barbaric Earth

Where had it all gone wrong? Was it when the fight for social justice and equality had won? You would think that would be a good thing. Everyone had thought it would be, but boy were they wrong. The social justice battle was won. Everyone was considered equal, until the balance became so equal that everyone was on the same level. No one would work for anyone. They all demanded to be paid the same, to be treated the same and that anything that required laborous work was too demeaning for them.

So what happened after that? I’ll tell you. Factions starting growing, fights-no-WARS blew out across the globe. Nations fell apart. Territories were drawn, the most powerful gaining whatever territory they wanted. People of all types were enslaved once again. It was the weakest who became prey to the strong willed. Money and power took over again. It was like a disgusting cycle. It would always be money and power that won. Humanities greed would never be snuffed out.

What happened to the ones who fought the good cause for social justice and equality? Were they killed? Enslaved? What? No one really knows. What does matter is that the world is a brutal place. Much like one you might see in an apocalyptic video game minus the zombies and mutants.

Offline LilJinxxieMewTopic starter

Re: Craving Some Extreme Play! (Objectifcation/PetPlay/MindWarping/Bondage/Etc)
« Reply #2 on: September 21, 2016, 01:04:17 PM »

  • {His Pretty Little Bitch}
    For two years she’d been working undercover to try and get herself into the inner circle of the worlds most wanted sex trafficking ring. It was a long time passion of hers to get vengeance for her best friend who had been taken when they went on their senior grad trip to Dubai. Her best friend went missing one night and a year later she was found dead. She found out it was the infamous sex trafficking ring lead by a revered man that went by the alias Adonis. It wasn’t likely he was the one who had a hand in her best friend’s death but he was responsible for the ring existing in the first place, at least that was how she saw it. He inherited it from his father, but that didn’t matter to her. He could snuff it out at any time as he had the power to do so but he didn’t do it.

    So a year after discovering her friends fate she went undercover. She mingled and sexed her way into the inner workings of a local ring that was affiliated with Adonis. What she didn’t realize what she was doing was wiggling her way into a one way street of ruining her chances at a good life. She ended up getting caught from asking to many questions which captured Adonis’s curiosity. He had her brought to him and from there he decided to make her his play thing. Whether he’d break her to the point she wanted to die or live to exist just for him it didn’t quite matter, it was all part of the fun for someone in his position.
  • {Enslaving An Activist}
    It’s a world where everything is based on whether you’re wealthy, lucky or just out of luck. In this world there’s a girl who isn’t the biggest fan of how things are run. She dreams of a world like the old days before the economy got turned over and things were focused in on sex and enslaving the majority of humanity. This girl is the daughter of one of the most highest ranking officers in the government. Such a joy for the parents of this girl to have her ideals constantly threatening their position, their power and their wealth.

    Since their daughter is always causing a bit of trouble the powerful set of parents decide to teach her a lesson by placing her into what is called ‘slave training’. It’s where troublesome youths are placed when they misbehave usually. The wealthy use it as a scare tactic to get their children in line. Well that doesn’t quite have the effect they want on their daughter. Instead of being scared into line she becomes even more infuriated and creates a riot among slaves at an actual slave auction. She breaks as many free as she can before she’s arrested.

    In order to keep their position(s) the parents do what most would say is the unthinkable. They place her into slavery, giving her as a gift to the owner of the slaves she’d set free. It so happens that the couple who own the company have a son just a few years older who always had a bit of a two sided attraction to the troublesome girl. He was attracted to her and wanted to do things to her like no one ever dared to mention, even in a world focused on the sex trade. There was also the fact he wanted to shut that mouth of hers going on about injustice and all that. So it worked out perfectly. For everyone but the girl that is.
  • {Lucifer's Pet}
    It was a long time since she last saw him-the fallen angel-that is. His wicked grin revealing sharpened canines so bright and pristine, perfect for piercing into the skin of her delicate neck to mark her as his. It was what would happen soon enough. He was reminding her that she was his to claim on her 21st. She had a year to go before the contract was up. When she was a freshly turned teen she made a pact with the devil, literally. She wanted to get away from the small town life she was forced to live. With strict conservative bible thumping parents she needed escape. Well good ol' Lucifer showed up one day after sunday school, ironically. He offered her a deal like no other. A chance to go to the school of her dreams, get a career of any she chose in exchange for becoming his whatever when her 21st came along. She took the deal not realizing the implication(s) of what he requested of her.

    Now it was one minute to midnight and she was waiting, strangely not nervous at all. She'd come to accept her fate-whatever it might be. Whether it be he enslave her to do his bidding or give her to his demon children to molest. She made her bed and now she had to lie in it.
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