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Author Topic: Desperate Times, Desperate Measures! [Light or BDSM] (M or F roles)  (Read 1393 times)

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Offline Achmed the MadTopic starter

A bit of a strange one this. I'm not really into watersports, but I do find female desperation - twisting, squirming, etc - a turn on. This is close to what the Rabbit Hole calls 'Bathroom Use Control', though I'm not interested in a direct Master/Slave game.

I'm happy to play either the tormentor or the victim (I have no problem with cross-gender play).

All names are for illustration, and can be changed.


1. At the club

The club's "80s theme night" had been great. Ashley had picked up a pair of non-stretch 80s jeans at a thrift shop; squeezing herself into them had been quite a struggle, but teamed with her highest heels it had been worth it for the way guys' eyes had followed her around all evening. She smiled at the memory of dancing with several guys, who couldn't keep their hands off the drumskin-tight denim. She'd taken even greater pleasure in embarrassing one guy in front of his friends, rejecting his offer of a dance and drawing attention to the obvious 'tentpole' in his pants.

The only fly in the ointment was that she really, really, needed the bathroom. Thanks to the difficulty she'd had getting into her jeans, she'd been holding on all evening, hoping to wait until she got home, but the signals coming from her bladder warned her that waiting much longer would be a bad idea.

Inside the restroom, Ashley tugged on the zipper, but her sweaty fingers couldn't get enough of a grip. She suddenly remembered those tales of girls in the 80s carrying pliers, and realized why. Drying her hands and trying again, she gripped the zipper tab firmly, and tugged, but it wouldn't budge. Studying herself in the mirror, her heart sank: the teeth of the zipper were all crooked. She hopped up and down, yanking on the zipper, but it was no good. She tried pulling her jeans down without undoing the zipper, but they wouldn't budge: even with the button undone, they were still narrower than her hips.  She was trapped in her jeans.

OK, now she had no choice, she had to hurry home. Trying to look casual, she left the restroom, biting her lip nervously as she felt another spasm from her over-filled bladder. And, as she did so, she watched the last cab leave the stand.

"No!" she wailed.

Maybe there was someone who could help her. She looked around, and her heart sank when she saw that the only guy still hanging around was the one she'd humiliated earlier. But... he had his own car. Trying even harder not to let on the distress she was in, she approached him.

"Wait! Please!"


The story can proceed several ways: the guy taking his revenge for the earlier insults, using her predicament to take control and make her squirm, or showing that he's a better person than she is by helping her. He may be able to free her from her denim prison, likely resolving her current predicament but ruining her jeans and giving her a new problem -  which he may again help her with, or use to exert control (either not finding her anything to cover up with, or lending her something of his sister's that's just as bad). Or he may simply take her home. Either way, Ashley will be grateful.

1a. Variation on the above - stuck in a costume

Rather than jeans, perhaps she's dressed for a costume party. Her costume could be pretty much anything, as long as it was something she could end up stuck inside - as Catwoman, in a full bodysuit, for example. Or perhaps, rather than her getting stuck in her clothes, she simply finds that the restrooms are out-of-order and locked up by the time she gets to them. This adds a largely impractical outfit to her problems.

Or maybe the hero helps her with her costume problem, but doesn't have a car, and walks her home.

2. Superheroine in Distress

Power Girl's flight across the night sky was more erratic than usual.

Dammit. What possessed me to get into a drinking contest with Wildcat?

She smiled grimly.

OK, so it was his, 'Women can't hold their liquor' spiel. At least I left him under the table. Human physiology is no match for Kryptonian  physiology.

But it had left her with a problem, which was steadily growing more pressing. Kryptonian physiology didn't help with a full bladder. Kara was having trouble concentrating, which made it hard to use her powers.

I can't just wander into a bar and use the restroom! I'd never hear the end of it!

Then, a solution came to her. She was flying over a local high school; it was bound to be deserted at this hour. There was even an inner courtyard, when she could land without being seen.

As Power Girl touched down, she clenched her thighs together, and baby-stepped her way to the door. Luck was with her; the door wasn't locked. She gratefully limped inside... unaware that the janitor was still doing his rounds, and was watching her.

This could get interesting, he mused, planning to follow her, I've already locked up the restrooms.

2a. Variation on the above - Sidekick's Revenge

She went by the name Verdant Victory. Her long-suffering sidekick, Viridian, called her Verdant Vixen under her breath.

This evening's duty wasn't anything too serious, a reception by the mayor to honor her for her services to the city. There was a lot of mingling with guests, before the mayor gave his speech; Verdant Victory smiled to herself at the attention she drew from all the male guests, as she 'accidentally' adopted poses that showed off her magnificent figure. Of course, the costume she'd chosen wasn't at all comfortable; even she had to admit it was too small, and she felt crushed inside it, with every seam cutting painfully into her. But it was worth it to have every male eye, and more than a few female eyes, feasting themselves upon her.

And her sidekick was always at her side, smiling and laughing, and keeping her glass topped up: cola, for VV never drank while on duty, even at a reception. She gradually became aware that she really ought to visit the Little Heroine's room sometime.

Unknown to VV, this was the first step of Viridian's revenge. She'd subtly kept VV's glass filled while she was mingling with the guests, and the senior superheroine had unwittingly drunk almost two litres of coke. Viridian grinned as VV shifted to stand wuith her long legs crossed. It was starting to work!

Unfortunately, it seemed like her plan was about to come to naught. There was a problem with the PA system, and the presentation was to be delayed a quarter-hour. A superheroine always knew to take advantage of any opportunity to empty her bladder, so VV immediately headed for the restroom. There was a queue, but she barged straight to the front.

"Out of the way, VIP coming through."

Ignoring the sour looks cast in her direction, she took the next cubicle to become free, and allowed herself a satisfied smile at how well she'd hidden her little problem. She reached for the zipper...

And couldn't reach it! Her voluptuous chest put so much strain on tight fabric, there wasn't enough give left in it for her to reach behind her.  She wiggled and struggled, but it was no use - her fingers couldn't get within four inches of the tab. She needed help.

VV thought of asking the angry women outside for help, and quailed: it would be just too embarrassing. She had to find her assistant. VV strode haughtily from the restrooms.

But Viridian was nowhere in sight.

3. At the tavern

Flame-haired Mazurka, the proud warrior woman, had been enjoying an evening's carousing at the local tavern, besting all-comers in various tavern games and boasting of her prowess. Now, her bladder aching, she slipped out to the latrines... only to find that the laces of her skintight breeches of soft leather had become knotted. With a curse, she reached for her jeweled belt-knife to cut them... and found a pickpocket had taken it.

4. The Ski Trip

She should never have had that second coffee before setting out on a cross-country ski trip with her boyfriend. Now there were miles from the lodge, and she wasn't sure how much longer she could conceal her discomfort... or remain skiing. Maybe she should just admit her problem to him, but the available cover wasn't that great - scattered isolated trees that would conceal nothing, or a dense tree-line she'd struggle to get through. What to do...

5. The Picnic

Danni'd thought wearing the jumpsuit was her idea. After watching "Girl on a Motorcycle" with her boyfriend, Andre, followed by the suggestion of a picnic in the country with some friends, she'd felt daring enough to wear her leather jumpsuit - the skintight one she'd intended only for private play with Andre - in public. And, judging by the admiring looks she received when she pulled up on her bike, it had been a hit - especially with Andre. Little did she realise it was all a ploy: Andre and his friends had guessed her reaction perfectly.

Now, it didn't seem such a hit. She'd stuck with cola at the picnic, having no desire to emulate the ending of "Girl on a Motorcycle", but in her happiness at being with Andre she'd failed to notice how much she'd been drinking, how he'd surruptitiously kept her glass filled. The best part of a 2-litre bottle of cola was working its way through her system, and she'd now become all too aware of it.

The trouble was, they were picnicking in long grass. Danni now realised that the other girls had sneaked away some distance to relieve themselves, but the grass only just hid them. If Danni tried it, with her jumpsuit, she'd be obviously topless. In front of Andre alone, that wouldn't be so bad, but in front of all their friends too? She'd just have to hold on...
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Re: Desperate Times, Desperate Measures! [Light or BDSM] (M or F roles)
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Tweaked slightly.

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Re: Desperate Times, Desperate Measures! [Light or BDSM] (M or F roles)
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Added a few more scenarios.

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Re: Desperate Times, Desperate Measures! [Light or BDSM] (M or F roles)
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I'd be willing to try #1 if you don't mind being the woman who has to go.
Will PM.