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May 26, 2018, 01:03:40 PM

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Author Topic: Let's Focus on the Writing - M for F  (Read 230 times)

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Let's Focus on the Writing - M for F
« on: September 18, 2016, 05:22:12 PM »
This Story Has Been Taken

If you're looking for anything besides a fairly true-to-life romantic role play,
you can safely leave this thread now and you won't miss a thing.
I promise.
Thanks for your time anyway!

Hello there!  Thanks for stopping in.  I hope what you find here rings your bell, and if it does, please send me a PM and tell me about it.  There is a fair amount of black text below, but I assure you it's very simple stuff.  So don't be intimidated because it's a fast read.  I'll start this off with the most important thing for this RP as far as I'm concerned.
An occasional image helps, but the words and how we craft them are the key because we won't be using exotic settings, situations, or characters to make the story interesting and emotionally moving.  The success of this collaboration will depend on our writing ability alone to conjure up mental images that produce those feelings.
A M/F pairing is required for this particular role play and I will take the male role.  I have no issue with males playing females, however, it just doesn't work well for me.  I'll have to ask that only females respond to this request thread.  Sorry guys.

I've done quite a few different role plays in different genres, settings, and character types both here on E and elsewhere.  Lately I'm finding that my interest in the more exotic type of role play story, situation, and characters has waned, and I'm craving something more realistic - something that might actually happen to you if the situation presented itself.

I'd like to explore how a real relationship is built by real people.  Imagine writing the story of how one of your real life relationships developed and grew.  I don't care if the characters are two college students, two working people, a pair of young people from self-destructive families, rich kids, poor kids, athletes, astronauts, or whatever other real backgrounds you can think of.  Any combination of those backgrounds works too!  I've known 25 year old virgins, both make and female.  I've also known 13 year olds who've had sex, both male and female.  The key is that you could find any of these characters in the real world without too much searching.

The relationship between the characters has to be realistic as well.  Neighborhood pals, schoolmates, co-workers, college dorm or class mates, friends of brothers/sisters, friends of friends, you get the idea.  Workable combinations of these relationships are all OK as well.

The situation each character is in has to be realistic.  Just lost a job, just promoted, moved to new location, still in the house they grew up in with mom and dad, dropped out of school, whatever.  Again, combinations of these situations are fine too.

Finally, the characters themselves have to be realistic.  No superpowers, no ESP, no magic.  There are a few restrictions I'd like to put here right up front.
  • My character is a Caucasian male, and your character should be a Caucasian female
  • To facilitate the intimate parts of the story, both our characters should be physically unimpaired
  • Both our characters are quite attractive, but they are not Hollywood models
  • Size and age differences can be negotiated within reason, but ALL CHARACTERS WILL BE AT LEAST 18 YEAR'S OLD!
From reading the above comments, you might get the impression that I expect you to put together the plot, characters, and everything else by yourself.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  I'm looking for a writer capable of executing this TYPE of role play.  I am quite good at constructing story lines, plots, plot twists, and characters.  Of course, you are welcome to join in that fun, and I would certainly expect you to at least review anything I've come up with and make sure it fits how you see the role play.  If we're both not enjoying an RP, then neither of us is enjoying it.

I admit to being a grammar Nazi, but I also claim that I have it under control.  Mostly.  You should, however, be able to write with a minimum of typos, grammar errors, and spelling errors.  That said, I occasionally make mistakes and I expect you will too.  My key to writing well-crafted posts is re-reading and editing.  I know, just like you I want to dash off the first draft and be done with it.  But that probably won't fly here.  You should expect to do three to five (or more!) rounds of previews and editing before having a suitable low-error post to put up.  And I realize all that reviewing and editing takes time, so I won't expect you to be spitting out reply posts five minutes after each of my posts.

Finally, I'm really easygoing and I am not difficult to get along with.  Should I make an error in a post, I expect you to say something like:  "Hey you turkey!  My character's name is Jean, not Jan.  Fix it!"  That would not offend me in any way and, in fact, I'd probably get a chuckle out of it, fix the error, then write something like this back at you:  "The turkey apologizes and has fixed the error.  He only hopes you won't remember this tragic failing on his part when Thanksgiving comes around."

Hope to hear back from you soon!   :-)
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