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Author Topic: Seeking Games for my 5E Female Characters  (Read 746 times)

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Offline DarilTopic starter

Seeking Games for my 5E Female Characters
« on: September 18, 2016, 12:58:12 PM »
I recently got involved in my first game using the D&D 5E system.  As usual I came up with more character concepts than I could actually use.  :D  I'm kind of hoping there might be other games I can use some of these characters in.  In general these characters should be well suited to games that follow a band of female adventurers who are (at least somewhat) prone to getting into erotic trouble though some of them may be suitable for other types of games/parties as well.

Hope you don't mind anime style art work, because all these pictures are anime style (actually most of them are Game CGs, but still).


Gina is a warlock with a fiend patron, though she's more of a "looking out for #1" type than a "for the evilz" type.  Cocky and not overly respectful, I see her as the type who could end up either dominating or butting heads with other members of her party.



Nyla is a half elf wizard with an emphasis on evocation and illusion magic (I've also considered sorcerer, but I think she could use a wizard's spell variety).  Her background is as an entertainer (and before that a slave).  While she also wants to get rich, she is a much nicer person than Gina.



Stella is a light cleric serving a love goddess.  She's so kind and forgiving and selfless its kind of sickening.  :P  I'm not sure I'm quite as into this character concept as the others, but I figured I'd put her out there.



This is actually the character I'm playing in the current RPG I'm part of, but I'd like to play her as a sort of mage knight rather than just a standard fighter.  So maybe an Eldritch Knight or a Warlock with a homebrew heroic/chivalrous patron.  The latter option would probably require the assistance of someone who has better knowledge of 5E than I do.  (Even if you aren't into GMing, if you could help me come up with a suitable patron for this character I would love to hear from you.)


I'm generally looking for NC games for these girls, though my preferences vary a bit from character to character.  For instance I'd like Maria to be subjected to rough and humiliating treatment when captured.  She might also be a good choice if the game includes things like horny minotaurs.  Meanwhile Nyla might be more suited to succubi and naughty tentacles (though I could go for her being forced to ride a wooden horse at some point).

I'm good for some f/f with other party members in virtually all cases.  ;)
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Offline DarilTopic starter

Seeking Games for my 5E Female Characters
« Reply #1 on: September 24, 2016, 12:27:16 AM »
If any of you think you'd be interested in playing adventuring companions for any of these girls, I'm interested in hearing from you as well.  Perhaps if there are more of us we'll also get more interest from potential GMs.

I should also note that I'd like to start at perhaps level three to five or so.  Perhaps I should do up some character sheets.

(Yeah, I realize this is not the best organized thread ever.)
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Re: Seeking Games for my 5E Female Characters
« Reply #2 on: March 22, 2017, 12:32:26 PM »
I'd be happy to jump into a 5E game if one happens along.