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Author Topic: Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire request & idea thread.  (Read 440 times)

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Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire request & idea thread.
« on: September 18, 2016, 12:30:05 PM »
A Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire.

Current Objective:
I'll get this out there. I love Game of Thrones. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT. And I mean love it. As a fan of both the books and the show, I've dedicated hours upon hours of my life to George RR Martin's epic saga, and will continue to do so for years to come. That being said, I've never been able to find a true and authentic RPing experience based around the show/books. It's infuriating. I want nothing more than a parter who understands the world, really and truly. The politics, the violence, the family drama, the sex.. of course, the sex.

Character development and motivation:
I want character development and authenticity. Real people in a very real and harsh world. three dimensional characters who fight with honour, or without. Who strive to put their family at the top of the chain, or just themselves even. Men who know that it takes brutal and merciless leadership to survive the Game of Thrones, and women who do more than play the damsel in distress.

Final Details:
I never play as canon character, though I'm fine with their inclusion overall. I prefer original creations, as it allows more fluidity and greater control over character interaction and fate.
I'm also okay with taking inspiration and motivation from the show's many plots and ideas, though prefer we keep it 'our world', based heavily on the TV shows version of Westeros/Essos.

Note: Although I have specific ideas, I'm always willing to discuss things with my partner and allow them creative freedom.

1. The Wolves of Winter.
"When Winter Comes, Not even the dragons breath will warm you in your halls. Only wolves howl in the night... House Stark will rise again".

Inspiration: Jon & Sansa's storyline from S6.
Tone: Dark & Gritty.
Expectations: An alliance, war and a developing sexual attraction based around mutual interest.
Setting: The North.
Notes: An alternative telling of the Stark story. Though, on this rare occasion, I may be convinced to play as Jon and Sansa.

The Stark's had ruled over the North for thousands of years. Hardy, honourable and stern, they were loved by their liege Lords and the common folk alike. Barely adept at playing the Game of Thrones, they left the court and its political dramas to those in the South. Seeing their feasts and fine wines as little more than distractions against the real harshness of the world.

But when the head of House Stark is murdered, the North is stirred into War.

Calling all banners, the Lord's eldest son rallied his family and the houses loyal to him and marched south, twenty-five thousand North-men at his back...

Months would pass, and the body count would rack up into the tens of thousands. Blood would flow like a river through the Riverlands and the North. And at the end of it all, as the smoke cleared and the winners we're announced, House Stark stood near completely decimated.. A knifes edge away from the the point of total extinction.

Save for one. A daughter, barely out of her teen years. Bartered around like a bargaining chip by the enemies of House Stark & forced to live and survive around the most barbaric minds that Westeros had to offer, she had matured into a competent woman and knowledgable leader in her own right.  Determined to take back her families birthright and instil herself back at the top of the food chain in the North.

But how could she do it? Where would she raise the army to accomplish such a feat? She had no men, no money and no military experience.

In her moment of desperation she turned to the one man she could: Her cousin. A survivor of the War who had a fearsome reputation across the North as a great fighter and leader.
Together the cousins and reluctant allies would form a partnership, rallying forces behind them and taking on their families betrayers, all the while fighting the growing sexual and romantic attraction between them....

Forget House Stark as you know it. No Ned, no Robb or Arya. This would be our own incarnation of House Stark, set in our own alternative Westeros.
- Jon and Sansa being the clear influence with some subtle differences. My character being elder than yours, but the son of your fathers younger brother.
- As an alternative, my character can be changed to half-brother. Echoing the supposed relationship between Jon & Sansa in the show. Though, that would depend on my partners feelings on a more hardcore form of incest, with Cousins being somewhat watered down.

2. Beyond the Wall & Beyond Hope.
Samwell Tarly: "The White Walkers sleep beneath the ice for thousands of years. And when they wake up..."
Pypar: "And when they wake up... what?"
Samwell Tarly: "I hope the Wall is high enough."

Inspiration: Sam & Gilly's storyline from S3 & Jon & Ygritte's from S2, though barely.
Tone: Bleak & minimalistic.
Expectations: A foreboding story, with horror and thriller elements.
Setting: The North & Beyond the Wall.
Notes: A survival horror story, based around two characters forced to work together to survive.

The days beyond the wall were cold and unforgiving, though they were nothing compared to the nights. The screams would echo around the forests, and the rivers surface would tremble from the giants footsteps. An all together terrifying place, desolate and bereft of life.

On a routine scouting mission, one brother of the nights watch would become stranded hundreds of miles from the Wall. Presumed dead, the chances of rescue were zero. He was on his own. Armed only with a sword and clothes on his back....

Scattered and aware of the coming threat, the Wildlings had answered Mance Rayders call to arms, declaring him King Beyond the Wall and uniting under one single banner, determined to overthrow their hated enemies, the Nights Watch, once and for all.

She had travelled half way across the land with her father and brothers, a shield-maiden and proud Wildling woman. She'd seen the White Walkers herself, and knew there was no stopping them. The wall was their only hope. It's ancient mystical powers had kept the knee-benders protected for years. Feasting in their warm halls whilst her people scraped a living off rocks and watched the growing threat helplessly.

Hundreds of miles into their journey across the barren wasteland, a vicious snowstorm would strike, wiping out her entire tribe, family an all...

Fate would have it, their paths would cross. Both alone and stranded, they would be forced to put their hatred and prejudice aside to stand a hope of getting back to their respective people. The wolves hunted them in the wood and the giants in the mountains. The weather was harsh and unforgiving and the food was scarce. Bleak were there chances..

Heading south seemed their only option, though more than monsters and ghouls stalked them in the White woods...

I presumed this would be more than a simple story. I wish to bring the true aspects of survival into this, with food and warmth truly hard to come by. In time, they would clearly fall for one another, though I'd hope to do it as far away from the cliche route as possible.
- I'd love to really focus on the horror aspect, with creatures and wights being truly terrifying.

3. Awaken the Kraken
"The islands are stern and stony places, scant of comfort and bleak of prospect. Death is never far here, and life is mean and meagre".

Inspiration: Shakespeare's 'Macbeth', though somewhat original.
Tone: Tense, gritty and blood soaked.
Expectations: An unholy alliance focused on claiming power through scheming and murder.
Setting: The Iron Islands. (Other parts of Westeros later).
Notes:  A story centred on Regicide.. taking down the King and his family to reach the top of the chain.

House Greyjoy had ruled over the Iron Island from Pyke for several generations, though their claim could and always would be easily disputed. Declaring their King via the age old 'Kingmoot' meant nothing was guaranteed on the Iron Islands, and just as quick as power was given, it could be stripped away...

House Morrow had once been a great house. Rivalling the Greyjoys, Greyirons and Hoares military might and prestige easily. Producing some of the greatest pirates and raiders the Islands had ever known. Though that was a long time ago... These days, their name had fallen well down the pecking order into total disrepute. Shacked up in their dilapidated castle on Old Wyk, they fell into near obscurity.

Until now...

The eldest son of the current Lord grew tired of their lot in life. Since when did true Ironborn obey the pecking order? At what point did they stop paying the Iron price? Yet, his father and uncles seemed more than happy to accept the Greyjoy rule. To bend their knee in complete submission to their overlords and 'masters'.
Not any longer...

Taking his father's seat would be relatively easy, though ruthless. From then on, the path to the top was less clear and certainly more dangerous. The Greyjoy's had amassed great wealth and influence. Their personal fleet alone struck fear into their liege Lords, and their web of control was entrenched deeply into the Islands way of life and culture.

One thing was for certain, the young Lord Morrow would need allies.....

And that's where she came in... A daughter of a smaller House herself, she too grew tired of her family abandoning the 'Iron price' for servitude. Betrothed to a weak man, she knew she'd be consigned to a life of obscurity, simply birthing children in a rotted old fortress as her husband fought and likely died at sea.

Together, they could form a deadly partnership. Each as ruthless and cunning as the other. Scheming and plotting their way to the top, they could unite their once great houses and assault the Iron crown, through insidious and military means alike....

A fairly direct 'Macbeth' variant, with more political intrigue included. I imagine there would be plenty of NPC's and supporting characters, with allies and enemies being needed to flesh out the story.
- Your characters house and name are open for you to play around with.

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Re: Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire request & idea thread.
« Reply #1 on: December 29, 2016, 09:11:24 AM »
Plots still available.