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June 27, 2017, 03:58:49 PM

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Author Topic: khayos' one on one search - mxm  (Read 185 times)

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Offline khayosTopic starter

khayos' one on one search - mxm
« on: September 16, 2016, 02:57:38 PM »
Currently Searching For Partners


This page is a WIP. Nothing is complete.
I'm khayos, a 23 year old female. I've just recently gotten back into role playing, after a 6+ year break. I enjoy MxM.
If anything interests you, feel free to check out my O/O's. If you think something would interest me, send me a PM.
My interests go from vanilla to extreme, so please state your comfort level when contacting me. I will be looking at your O/O's as well.

Currently craving Alastair x Dean, Supernatural.


Smoke and Mirrors; a song by Puscifer
"You confessed one day to have been a snake and deceiver
But when your moment came, to shed that skin
You just slithered away"


--Marvel Universe--

Tony Stark x Loki Laufyson
   Loki has snaked his way into Tony’s life by impersonating someone. This could have been accomplished in a number of ways: by impersonating Pepper Pots, either after her and Tony’s break-up; had been impersonating Pepper all along; or presented himself as an OC (Loki could have been hiding from Thor after it was discovered he was impersonating Odin, or something else entirely). Tony discovers it’s Loki, drama ensues.

Thor Odinson x Loki Laufyson
   Loki is discovered to be impersonating Odin and is locked back in his cell. Odin has fallen back into Odinsleep while being imprisoned by Loki, so the throne is Thor’s. Thor is left to decide what becomes of his brother and his realm.


Lucifer x Gabriel
   They both have their own style of mischief and manipulation. Gabriel is disillusioned to Lucifer’s scheming and want’s to bring him back to the ‘good’ side; Lucifer wants a faithful following and sees a worthy partnership in Gabriel.

Lucifer x any
   Lucifer being Lucifer, getting his way however he pleases.
   Set in any time.

--Doctor Who--

Doctor x Master
   An old favorite OTP. The Master sets up some ruse for the Doctor to untangle. The Doctor doesn’t like the Master’s idea of a game, but goes along with it anyway.

Angel x Demon

Father x Son

Veteran x Civilian

Breathe; a song by Puscifer
"Don't be afraid
Don't be ashamed
The body has a need"



--Alastair x Dean--
   Back to the 'good old days' of when Dean was in Hell. Discover what happened to Dean, and what it took to break the first seal. Can evolve into Castiel x Dean afterwards.



Supernatural: I stopped watching after season 6. I might have watched some of season 7.
Doctor Who: I haven't watched much of the original series. I need to catch up on the latest season.
Marvel Universe: I've only read a handful of comics, so I consider the movies to be my canon.

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