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Author Topic: That One Dingus's Quest for Sexy Times [Both Freeform & System RP]  (Read 2165 times)

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That One Dingus's Quest for Sexy Times [Both Freeform & System RP]
« on: September 14, 2016, 04:44:37 PM »
Hello, everyone. I assure you that, despite the silly nature of my name, I do take RPing seriously and love being completely engrossed in a storyline.

My On and Offs are located in my signature, so take a look at that to see if there is anything that you might take objection to before you get in contact with me. Please, don't reply to the thread; just PM me.

For the purpose of clarification, I will always specify whether I prefer an RP/story/game to be Freeform or System based.

...And now I shut up and let you see my proposals.

  • High Fantasy
  • Dark Fantasy
  • Sci-Fi
  • Drow/Dark Elves
  • Anthro/"Furry"
  • Monster Girls
  • Canons
  • Mythology
  • Pathfinder
  • New Fandoms
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Re: That One Dingus's Quest for Sexy Times [Both Freeform & System RP]
« Reply #1 on: September 15, 2016, 05:05:02 PM »
High Fantasy section

"I'm going to making my own fantasy! With black dragon blackjack and halfling hookers!"

Lands of Luste [System]

Exactly what it says on the tin. I've been looking for an opportunity to try a game and see if I like it. Because of my personal tastes, it would probably be far easier to run it as a solo game and have some NPCs in the party that support/"support" the character that I drum up. This is the one exception to serious roleplay for me. It can be quick, fast, dirty, and silly. It would need some tweaking, however, because there are some kinks in the system that I am not a fan of.

My Fair Lady [Freeform] [Custom Fantasy Setting] [Human/Elf] [Forbidden Romance] [Stealth Sex] [Action/Adventure/Romance]

In this world, humans and elves are at war. The elves may be powerful with magic and bow, unparalleled masters of forest warfare, but the human war machine is not to be denied.

My character is a man who decides to become a wandering mercenary rather than continue in the war. Your character is an elf woman is rescued/captured by/stumbles across mine. So long as she acts as his indentured servant, my character agrees to protect her. They become attracted to each other, but being in a romantic relationship with an elf is obviously frowned upon. This means that when the two characters want to be intimate, they have to be creative with where they carry out their trysts.

Like Cats and Dogs [Freeform] [Skyrim] [Werewolf] [Thriller/Romance/Adventure] [Forbidden Romance]

The Khajiit come from a mostly matriarchal society and have caravans that travel the breadth of Skyrim for trade. Stereotypes about their people and the illegal distribution of the blessed moon sugar, however, ensure that these merchants never get past the front gate. This sometimes forces the catfolk into the open during dangerous times, particularly with civil war waging behind the scenes in the north. One night, under a full moon, a female Khajiit is ambushed by a furry assailant. Thankfully, her first encounter with Skyrim's werewolves will be more pleasurable than at first glance...

I'm looking for someone to play a female Khajiit that travels with a trade caravan. She can be a merchant, a guard, a spy, I don't really care. Go nuts. I will be playing the male werewolf, likely a member of the Companions mercenary group. Canon, OC, various races are all negotiable, although I envision that a Nord is the most likely. Reluctant at first to accept the were's advances, she soon starts to look forward to their night-time trysts. When they unknowingly meet in the werewolf's normal form, my character feels this strange attraction to her and then we can pick up on the social taboos of dating a Khajiit in Skyrim.

The New Dynasty [Freeform] [Skyrim] [Romance/Intrigue/Adventure] [Impregnation] [Harem?]

Word has spread throughout not just Skyrim, but all of Tamriel: the Dragonborn has come to Skyrim. The Dragonborn is capable of mastering the Voice, granting him untold power. The last great hero to master the voice, Tiber Septim, became a god and established the Imperial Dynasty. With a track record like that, any descendants (and relatives) of the Dragonborn are likely to be of high influence in the coming years. Various parties scheme and plot about how to entangle this Nord in their own spiderwebs of power...

This plot requires someone to play a female character(s) that either seek out the Dragonborn of their own volition or are pressured into it by their family or organization. Regardless of the exact motive, the objective is relatively simple: find the Dragonborn, seduce him, and bear his child. Of course, the Dragonborn attracts trouble like dung attracts flies and it will take great willpower to see the task through. I will be playing the Dragonborn, savior of Tamriel and adventurer extraordinaire... and secretly naive about the ways of love. When there are always dragons or bandits or vampires around the corner, the last thing on his mind is settling down. Since the whole idea behind the plot is bearing a child, Argonians, Khajiit, and vampires are not a good fit (you'd need to really sell me on the character). Your character could be the only woman in Tamriel brave (or foolish) enough to attempt such a thing, or there could be competition as others realize the amount of potential power at stake.

A Lover in My Pocket [Freeform] [Custom Fantasy Setting] [Sizeplay] [Racial Tension] [Character Development]

A human soldier carries his own personal prostitute in a bag on his back. She might be a goblin, or a fairy, but whatever she is, she has a set of curves that puts even human women to shame. How they wound up together could be discussed. Does she owe him a debt? Or has she grown addicted to the pleasures that a larger lover can bring? Whatever the case, she becomes obsessed with servicing him with her body. He, meanwhile, grows infatuated with his little fucktoy and begins to see her as more than a compact hourglass figure.

Everyone knows about their sexual relationship, but most don't speak of it openly. It is frowned upon and would become even more scandalous if he began openly showing affection to her. I would be the human soldier looking for a fun-sized lover.
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Re: That One Dingus's Quest for Sexy Times [Both Freeform & System RP]
« Reply #2 on: September 23, 2016, 11:24:47 PM »
Dark Fantasy section

Sometimes, a fantastical world can be a bit darker than those swashbuckling tales in the tavern. Sometimes, the villains get their day in the sun.

Faustian Pact [Freeform/System] [Dungeons & Dragons] [Bondage] [Rough Sex] [Corruption] [Tragedy/Adventure]

Azur had the perfect life. He had a beautiful wife, his parents were healthy and living with him, his blacksmithing business was doing splendidly, and a baby was on the way. He prayed to the gods every day and thanked them for the life he had been given.

Then, one night, everything was taken from him.

A portal, opened by unknown means, opened outside of his village and spat forth a band of demons that rampaged through the settlement. Azur fought back, but a backhanded swipe from a demon's claw across his torso nearly ended his life. When he woke up after the attack was over, his smithy had been burned down, the mutilated and charred remains of his parents lay under the rubble, and his beloved wife was missing. Azur was taken to the infirmary and bedridden for weeks, fighting off the near-death inflicted on him by the demon's wound. He prayed to the gods for anything: the return of his wife, knowledge of her whereabouts or if she was even alive, or, failing all that, justice against the demons responsible for sending his world crashing down.

But no response ever came. The gods were silent.

Even though Azur recovered physically, his mind was shattered and his soul shattered by the events. After all his praying, after living a good and virtuous life as the gods demanded, he was to be left in the dust when it was time for the gods to return the favor? Azur was too bitter and lost in his grief to notice how all the other survivors had suffered similarly.

He wandered for months from town to town, taking up odd smithy jobs here and there. One night, as he lay asleep in bed, he was visited by a dark hooded figure in a hall of skin. It revealed itself to be an emissary of Bel, Archgeneral of Hell and Lord of the First. In exchange for swearing service to Bel and enlisting in the Blood War against demonkind for all of eternity, the emissary signed a pact that would grant Azur the power to take revenge and find his wife. He awoke from his slumber as a being draped in chains and covered in muscle: a kyton, a chain devil.

This will be a story about making bad decisions with noble (or, at least, understandable) reasons that slowly send the character into a downward spiral. There will be fighting against demons and their demonic followers along with elements of cosmic intrigue as Azur finds out just how far the Blood War spreads its tendrils. Azur is a complete Dom who always seeks control over his partners and is not afraid to use his chains for more... recreational purposes. Possible pairings include a female archon that seeks to take advantage of his state in waging her own war against demonkind (and might end up falling because of it), a succubus who becomes Azur's plaything (the final nail in his coffin of hypocrisy), a tiefling who sees her own darkness reflected in him, or perhaps something else if you wish to make a proposition. Even though Azur still views himself as being married and seeks out his wife, devils are by their nature lustful beings and he will probably find some way to excuse his dalliances. After all, nobody does exact wording better than devils...

Nemesis [Freeform] [Custom high fantasy setting] [Action/Intrigue] [Possible Non-con (not required)] [Violence]

This game is heavily inspired by the game Shadow of Mordor.

The forces of good, the free people of the world, have a champion in a woman that has a most remarkable ability: as long as she dies in battle, she can come back from the dead. How this is done, exactly, is something that can be hammered out pre-game. Whatever the case may be, she has become something of a boogey(wo)man to the forces of darkness. Everything changes for her, however, whenever she crosses paths with a random orc/hobgoblin. This seemingly insignificant mook, this servant of evil, shows up again and again as an obstacle to the heroine's objectives. What starts off as a chance meeting evolves into a rivalry, an obsession with the other, that is the stuff of legend.

The heroine, unbeknownst to her supporters, makes heavy use of assassination, poisoning, deception, and dark sorcery to accomplish her goals. While she fights evil in the open, she also influences the hierarchy of evil's forces behind-the-scenes. This Nemesis of hers can either be a pawn that she is grooming for success or that one wrench in the works that keeps everything from going smoothly. One thing is for sure, however: if the Nemesis ever gets his hands on her, he will most certainly not be gentle.

I'm looking for someone to play the heroine in this story. Domination plays a heavy role in this story, but who has control will depend on who gets the drop on the other in a given situation. I will be playing the Nemesis.
Examples of a Nemesis with a Female Character

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Re: That One Dingus's Quest for Sexy Times [Both Freeform & System RP]
« Reply #3 on: September 29, 2016, 01:08:04 PM »
Sci-Fi section

"Set boobies to stun!"

Helldivers: A Nice Cup of Libertea [Freeform] [Generic Futuristic Sci-Fi] [Romance/Intrigue/Satire/Action] [War] [Human/Alien] [Forbidden Love]

What do you get when you mash together Starcraft, Starship Troopers, Terminator, and Warhammer 40,000? Helldivers, a setting where "Super Earth" has been unified by a system of "simplified democracy" where voting machines vote for the people based on a series of questions that they answer. It looks like the people get their say, but a combination of revolving door politicians, propaganda, and lack of real expression reveal it for the oligarchical wet dream that it is.

To feed the insatiable supply needs of Super Earth and maintain mankind's dominance of the stars, Helldivers are troops of elite men and women that deploy in small teams to secure strategic assets and wreak havoc behind enemy lines. Provided with comfortable housing and indoctrinated with the righteousness of their duty, Helldivers are suicidal in their devotion to protecting "democracy" and maintaining the proud image of their organization.

Only... what happens when a Helldiver starts to question the system that the regime has put in place? What happens when, deployed behind enemy lines, he meets an alien woman whose acts and evidence shakes him to his very core? 

Looking for someone to play the role of the female alien that my Helldiver eventually falls in love with. Her temperament is up to the RPer, but my first impression of this woman is someone who is sassy and not afraid to tell it like it is. Perhaps a bit jaded and cynical to counterbalance the Helldiver's wide-eyed enthusiasm and naivete. I want the alien to be humanoid, but I'm comfortable with whatever species you bring forward, established or original.

I Saw It First! [Freeform] [Futuristic Earth] [War] [Drama/Intrigue/Action] [Forbidden Romance]

The story is an archetype by now: aliens invade Earth and we, the plucky "primitives", try to fight them off.

Well, the universe is a big place and, while there is all that space for other species to occupy, space travel means that the probability of chance encounters approaches 1. It's difficult to tell who is most surprised when Earth is simultaneously invaded by not one, but two alien powers at the same time. Having never encountered each other before, the aliens don't like the prospect of the other force taking their resources. Earth soon becomes the neutral ground for a war of first contact between two alien superpowers. What will humanity do when that happens? Will they cut a deal with one of the aliens to switch things in their favor, or will humanity try to stand its ground and wage a desperate guerrilla war against two foes at the same time?

I'm looking for a co-writer (of any gender) that is willing to help me think of two alien races that are wildly different from each other to be the antagonists. Over time, some of these invaders may grow fond of humans and try to help them. By the same token, some humans on Earth identify with the ideologies of the invaders and offer their services of double agents. High-tech weaponry makes space light up, but secret data transmissions could be the secret weapon that determines everything.

A Study in Xenobiology [Freeform] [Custom Sci-Fi Setting] Human/Alien [Forbidden Love] [Exploration/Romance]

As part of a project to show that two competing species can work together, a human and an alien are assigned to assigned to an isolated research outpost on a far-off world. Their task is to study the local flora and fauna to gauge the world's suitability for a colony. What nobody expected, however, was that both species have a very similar response when it comes to stress and companionship...

For this story, I'd like at least one of the characters to be an alien race that is not considered traditionally attractive by mainstream society. If necessary, the human angle can be abandoned and it will just be two different species of alien. Obviously, this story would take a great deal of coordination to establish the planet's ecosystem and both race's cultures. I prefer a slow burn for this story where intimacy, when it happens, is sensual but explosive. They might also have to deal with the fallout of engaging in a taboo relationship.

Making Love After War [Freeform] [Custom Sci-Fi Setting] [Alien/Human or Alien/Alien] [War] [Hurt/Comfort/Romance]

This branch of the galaxy has been rocked by war and the dust has finally settled as the powers that be collect their spoils. Their peoples, however, are left to pick up the pieces and get back to their lives after decades of warfare. There are plenty of hurt feelings and instances of prejudice as everyone blames each other for their own individual misfortunes.

Your character and my character would be of two different races. Their races could either have been reluctant allies, neutral to each other (and resentful of it), or even belonging to bitter enemies. They would struggle to accomplish a task or mission together as ugly feelings are brought forth. Only through finding common ground and mending each other's wounds can peace finally be found, and with it love...

Another one of those stories where we would need to coordinate on what kinds of aliens would be included.

A New Breed of Alien [Freeform] [Aliens Universe (AU)] [Human/Alien] [Transformation] [Breeding/Impregnation] [Gangbang/Orgy] [Thriller]

Weyland-Yutani has a track record of screwing people over in the Alien franchise. In this case, it's a bit more literal. In an attempt to better control both the aggression and reproduction of the Xenomorph species, WY tries to engineer a special hybrid of human-Alien that is more rational and does not produce facehuggers. Not only does the Queen escape, however, but the substance she lactates is a special royal jelly that induces transformation in humans. The rogue Queen soon gets to work, mixing pleasure with business as she sexually engages isolated humans. These males turn into large, hulking brutes that serve to impregnate their Queen so that she can produce offspring. In time, she acquires a harem of human-Alien studs and begins to enjoy the benefits of having multiple male suitors...

This idea is admittedly pretty smutty, but it would be fun to try as at least a one-shot. I would be playing several male characters that the Queen transforms, which then become her new bulls. These hybrids could retain their personalities, but I would be a fan of rough, animalistic rutting.
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Re: That One Dingus's Quest for Sexy Times [Both Freeform & System RP]
« Reply #4 on: October 03, 2016, 01:16:44 AM »
Drow/Dark Elves section

"Fetish"? What are you talking about? I just feel like we don't see enough of those ebony beauties.  ;D

I Am Justice! [Freeform] [Faerun/Custom High Fantasy Setting] [Adventure/Romance/Intrigue]

A low-born drow, a mere servant, is sentenced to death for her crimes. Of course, while she is not exactly innocent of anything, she most certainly didn't actually commit the crimes in question. Instead, she has been arranged to take the fall for a noble's, or even an entire House's, machinations. Everyone on the jury secretly knows of her innocence, but whoever framed her did an excellent job of covering their tracks. In drow society, you can only be punished for crimes that you were caught doing, but someone must always pay for them regardless. Invoking the named of their demon spider goddess, the court sentences her to one of the most gruesome forms of execution available to drow: the Creeping Death, where thousands of tiny spiders pour forth from the floor and envelope the victim en masse while injecting venom with their fangs. As the drow woman cowers before the onslaught of legs, the high priestess that acts as judge makes the mistake of calling it "justice".

In an instant, the balance of the cosmos seeks to right itself. A wave of... holy light? Hellfire? Something washes away the tide of vermin and before the woman stands an outsider, gazing out at the court with judgment and outraged anger in its eyes.

I'm looking for someone to play the female drow. I would be playing either an angel, an archon, or a devil that has taken umbrage to the mockery of a trial and is able to use that sense of outrage to be summoned to the Material Plane. What happens after that is open for discussion. One key aspect that I foresee for the RP, however, is that there will be tension between the drow woman's quest for freedom and the outsider's insistence on the order of things.

Things That Go Bump in the Underdark [Freeform] [Faerun/Custom High Fantasy Setting] [Adventure/Romance] [Senses Play]

A knight goes questing in the Underdark, seeking glory and monsters to slay. While he is down there, however, the unthinkable happens: he loses his light. With no way to see in the darkness, the knight is reduced to feeling his way around and growing increasingly paranoid in the complete darkness.

His movements do not go unnoticed. A drow woman watches his stumbling with interest. Perhaps she is a drow ranger who prefers the quiet of the wild tunnels and the honest brutality of monsters to the bragging and machinations of her own kind? Or does she have another reason to be alone in the wild parts below? Whatever the case, she sees the opportunity for some fun...

In this RP, I would be playing the role of a knight lost in the darkness. His role would be Submissive as the drow woman utilizes her ability to see in the dark to toy with him. Will she exploit his handicap to full advantage? Or will she blindfold herself and make their little tryst in the dark equal through taste, touch, smell, and sound? If the RP continues past the first encounter, I could see the two of them becoming obsessed with each other and suffering the disapproval of their kind as they become suspicious of their frequent visits.

Who's the Bitch Now? [Freeform] [Faerun/High Fantasy Setting] [Futa/Female] [Pseudo-Con] [Romance]

An half-orc woman is kidnapped and enslaved by the drow. Unknown to them, she is actually a futa and has had to deal with the unique position of being considered both a man and a woman in orc society. This half-orc is sold to a noble drow lady, perhaps a priestess-in-training or a merchant's spoiled daughter. The drow humiliates the half-orc and taunts her until she finally snaps. Getting bent over and rammed by the vengeful half-orc, the drow is surprised to learn that she enjoys this rough sex and feeling of being dominated.

The two begin a secret affair. Acting her usual arrogant self in public, the drow melts into putty whenever the half-orc gets her hands on her when they are alone. Of course, they have to keep their play sessions a secret or the drow will lose all respect from her peers... which, in dark elf society, could end up getting her killed.

I would be playing the half-orc and am looking for someone to play the drow. The half-orc is a sexual Dom and the drow would be a Dom in public but a Sub in private.
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Re: That One Dingus's Quest for Sexy Times [Both Freeform & System RP]
« Reply #5 on: October 06, 2016, 10:46:46 AM »
Anthro/"Furry" section

Sometimes, elves, dwarves, and Green Alien Chicks just don't cut it.

The Queen of Armello [Freeform] [Anthro] [Adventure/Intrigue/Romance]

The Kingdom of Armello faces the darkest days of its history. The King, once a proud and noble Lion, has been infected and eventually corrupted by the Rot, the antithesis of life. The balance of the Wyld, the natural order of things, is threatened by this growing darkness. Ghastly birds formed of shadow and Rot, known as Banes, spread their shadows over the kingdom. As if that was not enough, the King issues increasingly mad decrees with each passing day. These orders are carried out by the King's Guard, a group of hounds that are blindly loyal to their monarch. Across the land, things stir within old ruins and bandits accost innocent travelers on the roads.

One thing is becoming clear: someone must overthrow the King and become the new monarch of Armello. The Four Clans of Wolf, Rat, Rabbit, and Bear,along with the unofficially recognized Bandit Clan, send forth their champions to ensure their position is secured on the throne of power. But how will these heroes accomplish this? Will they storm the palace and defeat the mighty King in single combat, seizing the Crown of Armello from his dead claws? Will they seek out the Spirit Stones, powerful and ancient artifacts of the Wyld, to purify the King of his corruption? Will they simply wait for the Rot to finally overwhelm the King and maneuver their allies and servants into seizing power in the wake of his death? Or will someone become even corrupted than the King and feed on his essence in a battle of Evil against Evil?

Think of Armello of being something of a hybrid between Game of Thrones and the Redwall book series. In the wake of this drama, I had an idea for some potential lore development in this setting. I figure that interspecies romances are not common, so I wanted to experiment with something like that. The version that I have in mind is of having a male Wolf capture a female Rabbit. Perhaps the Rabbit is a spy or a saboteur, but as she spends time alongside her captor, a plan hatches in her mind. This Wolf seems likely to become King, and every King needs a Queen...

The Rabbit Clan

Rabbit society is among the most prosperous of all the great clans due to a combination of its citizen's natural mental aptitude and treasure-seeking spirit. After generations of living purely underground, its members once again emerged onto the surface with a hoard of priceless artifacts and precious gems, which allowed them to establish a culture marked by great wealth and fine craftsmanship. An air of refinement and learning seems to permeate every facet of their way of life. Many Rabbits still frequent the old tunnels seeking materials for their artisans to craft into exquisite items.

The Rabbit capital is located in the windswept Great Southern Plains, an area they claimed shortly after their kind returned from below. It is a far-reaching city consisting of great marble towers above, and a network of unseen, elaborate tunnels beneath.
A species of builders, inventors, engineers, and treasure hunters, Rabbits are clever and relatively tough. However, most do not have a strong connection to the Wyld and aren't very good fighters.

Here are some canon Rabbit Clan characters.

“Call it as you wish. As long as she keeps raiding those dungeons and bringing back her trinkets, she's richer than any of us - and more important, too, for that matter.”

Boundless in curiosity and adventurous spirit, she frequently explores ancient dungeons and ruins for treasure to the point of obsession.

Amber is white rabbit draped in appropriately amber and black Elizabethan-style dress, and carries an Asian-inspired silk umbrella and sword for fending off not-quite-dead denizen of the dusty depths. As a former heiress of a very well-to-do family among the Rabbit Clan, she exemplifies all the traits of the high class while simultaneously living a life of adventure and intrigue as a relic hunter.

In addition to sating her hunger for excitement, her excursions also grant her valuable trinkets that add to her already impressive wealth.
Amber may not be as clever as other Rabbits, but she is more attuned to the Wyld. I could very easily see her being the first Armellian to try and engage in an interspecies relationship. Perhaps this Tomb Raider is looking for a Womb Raider? Here is a more NSFW image of her:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide


Not much is known about Elyssia. What is known, however, is that she is a master of fortification. Her primary activity is building walls to protect the peoples of Armello, but there is also the more subtle side effect of increasing Rabbit Clan influence across the kingdom. She is methodical, graceful, and precise in both her movement and speech. Even her weapons of choice, a mallet and a measuring staff, reflect her careful and cold nature.

Perhaps someone needs to tear down this little bunny's walls. Perhaps someone needs to pierce her defenses and ravage the woman within... all while she takes his "measurements", of course.

If neither character sounds appealing, we can discuss creating an original character. I'm a fan of Big Bunny Boobies and Booty, but I understand that isn't always to someone's taste. I'm willing to be flexible.

The Wolf Clan

“Pack Strong”
—Wolf Clan motto

The Wolf Clan is a warrior culture organized into a pack structure that emphasizes the importance of pride, loyalty, and honour. They are led by a single chieftain, typically a strong fighter of great renown. Unlike some of the more affluent clans, Wolf society is less concerned with concepts such as trade or the acquisition of material wealth, and tend to live off the land whenever possible, actively shunning concepts such as politics and magic. They sometimes entertain themselves with duels, tournaments, and other assorted challenges of their fighting prowess.

The capital of the Wolf Clan is located in the snowy peaks of the Northern Needles, an area of towering craggy cliffs and hilly slopes overlooking vast pine forests. Their buildings are large stone structures sometimes built into the sides of the mountains themselves, connected by rocky bridges spanning wide chasms.
The best fighters in Armello come from the Wolf Clan and only a fool would dare face them openly. With Armello in growing discontent, the Wolf Clan sees an opportunity for one of their number to take the throne.


“There in the cold, a blade of finest steel. And at its hilt a wolf of silver and grey whose eyes raged with golden fire.”

Thane is a name that many who border the clan’s mountainous region know well. From a young pup, tournaments, duels and challenges have fallen in his favour and gained him fame and celebrity status within the clan. This wolf’s skills with a longsword fast became legend, but alas, Thane’s carefree antics drew ire from his father; a weathered, iron wolf of wars passed and adventures trodden, who saw only his son’s inability to lead the clan.

Now with his father slain and his brother in exile, that day has come and this renowned sword is still a pup, not yet a wolf.
Thane is young and impetuous, but caring and loyal to those close to him. He is a terrifyingly skilled fighter, but does not dwell overmuch on strategy or the Wyld. If it was ever revealed that Prince of Wolves had taken a Rabbit woman as his mate, there would be an explosion of controversy among his pack... particularly among the female Wolves that desire royal pups. Thane is very fit and has quite the "sword" to match the blade that rests on his hip.

Again, if this character does not interest you, we can work out something else.

While my original idea for the pairing involves a female Rabbit and male Wolf, this idea is not set in stone. Send me a PM if you are curious and I will answer any questions you might have about the other Clans or the world itself.

Ideally, the male character (mine) would be taking the Dominant role in any sexual encounters. I am willing to serve as a Storyteller in this, adapting the world to the choices that the characters make. Every so often, I will throw in a "Choose Your Own Adventure" style prompt where the player of the female character will make a choice about how to resolve a particular situation. This will help the story to grow and show character development. This story would continue all the way to the coronation of someone as Armello's new ruler.

Tokyo Smasher [Freeform] [Anthro/Human] [Sizeplay] [Roleplaying] [College] [Slice of Life/Romance]

Your character is a college girl studying architecture or engineering. Her hobbies include cosplay, anime, and building miniature cities. She has the hots for my character, a big, scaly, hulking non-human. Despite his fearsome appearance, he's sweet and a complete dork. He's studying game design and likes to watch old monster movies. Your character tries to drop hints that you might be interested, but he's too naive and bashful to pick up on them.

The girl decides to take matters into her own hands by inviting him over to "help her with her homework". In reality, he arrives to find that a miniature city has been placed in the middle of her room. She comes out dressed as a sexy magical girl, pointing her wand at the boy and declaring how she will defeat the "wicked monster". During their fake fight, her costume takes damage and she is "defeated". She offers her body up as a prize to the conquering monster... and loses her temper when he stands there like an idiot. Only then can they finally act on their desires.

Nothing too in-depth with this one. One of those rare instances where I'm more concerned with the scenario itself than a story.
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Re: That One Dingus's Quest for Sexy Times [Both Freeform & System RP]
« Reply #6 on: October 11, 2016, 11:55:22 PM »
Monster Girls
For those moments when your partner can eat you and that turns you on.

Nothing at the moment! However, if you have an idea and want to pitch it to me, feel free to send me a PM with your idea. I guarantee at least a response.
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Re: That One Dingus's Quest for Sexy Times [Both Freeform & System RP]
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They say that the best "ships" have Canons.  ;)

This list will continually update as I find new characters and franchises.

Characters that I am willing to play:
Jorge, Halo Reach

Siegfried Schtauffen/Nightmare, Soul Calibur

Kal'Reegar, Mass Effect
[img hieght=500][/img]

Boromir, Faramir, and Gimli, Lord of the Rings

Dwalin and Bofur, The Hobbit

"Scorch", Star Wars

Ultron, Marvel Movieverse

RAFAAM, THE SUPREME ARCHEOLOGIST!!! and Garrosh Hellscream, Hearthstone/World of Warcraft

Samurai Jack

Andy DeMayo, Steven Universe

Characters that I am looking for someone else to play (from the same universes, since it's only fair):
Cassandra, Taki, Ivy Valentine, and Hilde, Soul Calibur

Kasumi Goto, Mass Effect

Ysera, Alexstrasza, Lady Nas'jar, and Yrel, World of Warcraft

Lapis Lazuli, Peridot, J10, and Blue Diamond, Steven Universe

Specific pairings that I want to try (my character will be listed first):
  • Jarl Balgruuf and Irileth, Skyrim
  • Sly Cooper and Carmelita Fox, Sly Cooper
  • Goliath and Detective Maza, Gargoyles
  • James and Jessie, Pokemon
  • Thrall and Jaina Proudmoore, Warcraft (pre-Cataclysm)
  • Po and Tigress, Kung Fu Panda
  • Dwarf OC and Elf OC, Lord of the Rings/Hobbit (actually do it right for once)
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Re: That One Dingus's Quest for Sexy Times [Both Freeform & System RP]
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They don't call them "goddesses" for nothing.

Grabbing the Bull by the Horns [Freeform] [Fantasy and/or Historical Setting] [Greek Pantheon] [Thriller] [Dub-con] [Sizeplay]

The story is very familiar: a bull-headed man, born from the Queen of Crete being forced to mate with a white bull, is trapped in a labyrinth to keep the island safe. Of course, sacrifices need to be sent down now and again in order to sate the beast's bloodlust. What they fail to realize, however, is that this creature is still part-man as he is part-animal. And that male part of him has... needs, as one female sacrifice quickly finds out.

I would like someone to play a female sacrifice to the Minotaur. Not a dainty flower, but a strong, muscular woman like an Amazon or along those lines. Someone who's willing to fight at first but gives in to the bull's advances. Is it merely a ploy for time, or does she take secret pleasure in being dominated by a lover that pleases her in a way no mortal man can?

Deus... Vult? [Freeform] [Fantasy Middle Ages] [Arabian Nights] [Crusades] [Genie] [Romance/Adventure/Comedy] [Religion]

She was a beautiful genie awaiting her next master in her lamp. She longed to be free of the confines of her prison and stretch out in the world once more.

When was finally freed, however, neither sultan nor street urchin greeted her. Instead, it was some strange man with metal armor and a cross looking terrified at her.

Determined not to let such powerful magic fall into the enemies of the Crusaders, the man journeys through the desert to hand her over. Ancient menaces rear their heads, however, and he grows attached to the fetching genie. Their fates may be intertwined, but that doesn't mean that they can't butt heads! I'm looking for someone to play the genie.

Already Rock Hard [Freeform] [Greek and Middle Age Mythology] [Romance/Intrigue] [Medusa] [Gargoyle] [Religion]

What the old Greek myths never take into account was that Medusa was not the only Gorgon. By Hades, she wasn't even the only one to bear the curse. The Greek gods are a petty bunch and other women throughout time suffered the same tragic story.

One of them has survived into the Middle Ages of Europe, having used the cover of the Dark Ages to hide herself away. She has given up on ever finding love, leaving her simultaneously depressed and cornered. Everything changes, however, when a winged intruder shows up on her doorstep and proves immune to her gaze. He alone is able to see past what others fear and the two are soon swept up in a romance that will echo throughout the ages. I would be playing a Gothic gargoyle opposite of a Medusa player.
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Re: That One Dingus's Quest for Sexy Times [Both Freeform & System RP]
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Looking to get back into this style of gaming!
Serpent's Skull [System]

Lucius Hellguard's story is the familiar tragic one of what happens to a human female that falls into orcish hands. His mother was rescued by a knight and they fell in love, taking her home to his estate in Magnimar. Lucius was born shortly thereafter. Rather than shun him, his mother did the best she could to raise him. After giving birth to a pair of twins from the knight, his mother caught ill and she died. The man grew to resent Lucius's presence, blaming him for his mother's death. It certainly didn't help that Lucius's heritage wasn't exactly subtle, with his large teeth and grey-colored skin, or that the boy wasn't the sharpest sword in the armory. While the knight was a doting father to his own children, a boy and a girl, he treated Lucius with disdain when he wasn't outright ignoring him or scolding him for no good reason.

Without any friends, Lucius ended up spending a lot of time in the stables, where he became friends with the horses there. They, alone, would not judge him for his blood. Years passed and Lucius grew quickly into a bulky, strong klutz. He received weapons training from his adopted father, who was none too gentle. Finally, the knight came to him one day and threw down his decision: Lucius was to leave and make his own living in the world.

So the half-orc made his own way, gaining a reputation for toughness and an ease with animals. He took on becoming a bodyguard and living was... tolerable. There was plenty of food and drink, but any pretty eyes that batted his way vanished as soon as gold met their palms. Of course, even that came to an end when he was escorting a Cheliaxian nobleman through the highlands. They were ambushed by orcs and his client, in a display of incredible ignorance, told him to fend off his "filthy mongrel brethren". All these years, Lucius had been in denial about his orc blood, claiming that he was just a funny-looking human. Now, this human was comparing him to a bunch of orcish raiders. With a vengeful huff, Lucius rode off, letting the orcs drag the man off screaming.

Word quickly spread of his misdeed and Lucius became a laughingstock. No one would hire a bodyguard who would quit the fight before it even started. The gold quickly dried up and Lucius became desperate, selling off even his own horse. Eating and drinking became his sole comforts as the half-orc sank ever deeper into despair.

Then, one day, a light in the darkness: rumors circulated of an expedition launching off from Magnimar to the Mowangi Expanses. His family would be hauling a great deal of cargo along for the journey. Lucius had never gotten to know his siblings before being kicked out, so he was suddenly fascinated by the idea of meeting them. Using every bit of gold, begging, and trickery that he could, Lucius made his way back to Magnimar. Of course, with no money, he couldn't buy passage onto the ship. In one last fit of desperation, Lucius sneaked himself on board before the ship launched. It was not long before he was discovered and thrown into the brig, where he could spend the rest of the voyage in misery.

For this RP, along with the main plot, I'd like for Lucius to get to know his two siblings better. One is a monk woman who has a solid head for business and accompanies the expedition to make sure that everything goes smoothly. The other is a male druid who is fascinated with stories of these far-off places, particularly the plant life. As a not-so-attractive man, it would be very hard for Lucius to find a woman, but his sweetness and protectiveness might go a long way toward that. Most importantly, however, is that at some point... I want Lucius to ride a dinosaur.  ;D
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Re: That One Dingus's Quest for Sexy Times [Both Freeform & System RP]
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New Fandoms

Turns out that there are settings and universes where I would like to try an RP, but I know very little. If anyone wanted to teach me, we could embark on a journey of discovery together! If you want to go a crossover to learn about something that I know, even better!

  • Game of Thrones
  • Gundam
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Re: That One Dingus's Quest for Sexy Times [Both Freeform & System RP]
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Updated by removing a plot and adding four new ones: Tokyo Smasher, My Fair Lady, A Study in Xenobiology, and Making Love After War.

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Re: That One Dingus's Quest for Sexy Times [Both Freeform & System RP]
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Updated with changing some of my preferences, adding a new plot for Sci-Fi (A New Breed of Alien), and adding the new Pathfinder section

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Re: That One Dingus's Quest for Sexy Times [Both Freeform & System RP]
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Whew! New update after a long time!

New changes include spelling check, reformatting, addition of the New Fandoms section, and put in three more plots: A Lover in My Pocket, Deus... Vult?, and Already Rock Hard.