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Author Topic: Project X Over [Recruitment Thread]  (Read 894 times)

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Project X Over [Recruitment Thread]
« on: September 13, 2016, 12:49:55 PM »
Banner created by Timeless. She's awesome!

GM(s): TheBlackThrone, EdwardShane, seeking more GMs/Co-GMs - I'm only taking enthusiastic writers for such positions

Platform City


latform City is the majestic capital of the video game universe known as Arcade. It is here where the prestigious leaders of the seven major kingdoms gather and discuss matters of The Balance. The Balance is what keeps the realms from crossing over, but it has been disturbed come late. A virus has breached The System. It is an agent so contagious; so corrupting that The Seven have come to address it as the Mugen Virus; the M-Virus; the Infinite Virus. While heroes cringe at the prospect of the virus warping the entire system, the villains grasp it like the breast of a wanton lover. They see it as a higher evolutionary. Finally, vengeance. Taking the kingdoms of Arcade is only a matter of keeping the heroes oblivious to how the virus works and how it can be stopped. The Seven realize that they would need to summon Arcade's mightiest heroes -- old and new. If nothing is done to quarantine and delete the virus, then the realms would converge; realities would warp; and stories would be undone. The story begins here and the game has just begun.

The Seven Kingdoms
Note: These are not the only kingdoms in which players can choose characters to play from. This is just a small list of the top gaming companies, and those selected to represent the seven major kingdoms in this game.

GM note: Players have dibs on characters regardless if they are being used as NPCs. If you see a NPC being used by the GMs that you want to make your playable character, simply PM any of us and let us know. We will make the necessary changes.




The Prince



Vault Boy
Square Enix

Headmaster Cid

Platform City is a crossover dimension and the capital of the video game universe. In Tetris Castle, the rulers of the seven largest kingdoms: Nintendo, Konami, Capcom, Bethesda, Ubisoft, Square Enix, and Blizzard; come together in a summit once a year to discuss the stability of the video game world. Unfortunately, due to an emergency, a meeting was called sooner than intended. An unknown video game virus has infiltrated the universe and has led to the corruption of several worlds. The seven rulers of the seven major kingdoms have summoned the greatest of warriors to venture out to these corrupted kingdoms and purge them of the enemy virus dubbed the Mugen Virus.

Players will choose one hero from any video game franchise with the exception of certain Japanese video games. If the anime, film, literature did not originate as a video game, then players are not allowed to choose characters from such games. Other prohibited franchises are Marvel, DC, and Disney (to include Star Wars and Kingdom Hearts).

After players have managed to complete an entire mission with their one character, those players who have remained dedicated and who are still a part of the game will be allowed to unlock a second character option. For now, I am only permitting one character to be selected to control the character traffic and to permit players to have a better chance of acquiring their first choice.

Players are not permitted to play villains (reformed villains and anti-heroes are allowed though). Villains already have a place in this game. If a player goes inactive, then his or her character will be relieved and tossed back into the dibs pool. The story that that character left behind will no longer be significant for the new player that adopts that character will have free reign to play that character as though the character were anew.

Players are not permitted to bend the gender of the hero character UNLESS the gender was interchangeable in the game. For example, a player can play Link and another can play Linkle. Although they are similar in appearance, they are different characters. A second example is Commander Shepard. In Mass Effect, the player could make Commander Shepard either a male or a female, but there will be only one Commander Shepard. By now, I am sure that you understand.

Barney-StyleGame Statistics Guide

Physical Damage

Physical Damage: This attribute determines physical damage.
(P)Defense: This attribute determines physical resistance to physical damage and critical damage as well as tenacity to certain physical afflictions such as: poison, disease, and drugs that affect the character’s mental (drug afflictions on the brain) or physical state.
(M)(E)Defense: This attribute determines magical/energy resistance to magic/energy damage and critical damage as well as tenacity to certain magical/supernatural afflictions such as: curses, illusions, psychokinetic attacks, and any magical/supernatural effect that can alter the character’s psychology or spiritual status.
Magic/Energy: This attribute determines magical/energy damage.
Dexterity: This attribute determines speed, accuracy, and evasion.
Critical Damage: For every point placed into Physical/Magic/Energy Damage and Dexterity, the percent of critical damage rises. Every 5 points in Dexterity and PM/E-Damage will grant a 5% chance increase. Remember, five points in both categories not just one or the other. The max critical damage a character can achieve is 20%. In order for a character to increase his or her crit beyond that percentage is for her/him to acquire gear, accessories, special socketed equipment (depending on the game), passive abilities or buffs by mages.

Every character who joins this game will be given 5 stat points to distribute throughout the 5 attribute categories. All characters start at Level One, and as they earn experience, they have the ability to level up. Each time a character levels, the player will earn 5 stat. points to arrange how they like. This game is your oyster.

The character code that I give you to help you fill out your CS is a guide. Just follow what it says. I promise you that it is easy. Be also sure to refer to the profile sample if you need a visual.


Experience is awarded two ways: 1) In game when bosses—main or minor—are defeated along with minions (so on missions only not during sandbox), and 2) by player word count. I reward literacy. The player and the GMs will keep track of the experience points achieved. Every experience bar starts at 10 experience for level 1. As players level up, the experience bar will increase by 10. So for example, the experience bar of a level 2 character is 20. This means that a character must earn 20 points worth of experience in order to advance to level 3. The GMs have the right to deny a character experience points. If a writer posts a post with no purpose and is believed to have contributed nothing, then a GM will deny that writer experience. This system is supposed to be rewarding. If you try to abuse it or manipulate it, you will be denied experience and then you will be asked to leave the game.

Experience by word count will only be awarded during missions and not during side scenes or sandbox. This is so that players with busy schedules can have a chance to keep up with the leveling in the game.

300 words = 1 experience point
500 words = 2 experience points
1,000 words = 3 experience points

The experience reward may increase as characters grow in level.

If you felt really inspired and the muse juice was just flowing that day that you wrote a post that was 1,750 words (for example). The way you determine how much XP your character acquired (again during a mission) is: 3 (1,000 words) + 2 (500 words) + 0 (the words left over that are below 300 words) = 5 pt.

You can keep track of your acquired experience by posting the points at the end of your post, or by writing it to your character’s character profile (which the GMs encourage you to do both).

Code: [Select]
[B]Character Name:[/b] (The name of your video game character.)

[B]Title:[/b] (If you are playing a classic and highly renowned character, then the title of “Legend” will be bestowed upon them. The Legend title only means that your character to NPCs and other characters is highly reputable like a hero of legend. These characters are usually as old as the 80s to mid-90s.)

[B]Kingdom:[/b] (If your character does not hail from the seven major kingdoms, then state the game company they come from.)

[B]Visual Description:[/b] (Image)

[B]Written Description:[/b] (Your character does not have to look like their video game depiction. You could make them taller, shorter, have different clothes, scars, tattoos, hair dye, etc. However, if your character does not normally wear armor, then you cannot have them wear it. Armor or special armors can be earned in game.)

[B]Personality:[/b] (Just a basic run-down. You don't have to write a psych analysis.)

[B]Game:[/b] (Just by stating what game (or series)/your character comes from, you have summed up that character’s background.)

[B]Current Story:[/b] (All right; so I understand that some characters may have died in their stories. In this section, you can write how they managed to live again, survive, or if they never died, what have they been doing all this time.)

[B]Weapon(s):[/b] (What you will put here is the weapon or weapons your character has initially. Like, level 1, start of the game they come from initially. Any other weapons will be acquired in game or as a level up.)

[center][b]Level One[/b]
You have 5 stat points to distribute how you like.
(P)Damage 1 (This attribute governs how much damage your character outputs. When you have 5 pts in this attribute as well as in Dexterity, then your character will earn 5% critical damage for every five points placed in those attributes. This does not stack with magic/energy damage. You will know when your character crits an enemy because the GM will let you know during the GM response.)
(P)Defense 1 (This attribute determines physical resistance to physical damage and critical damage as well as tenacity to certain physical afflictions such as: poison, disease, and drugs that affect the character’s mental (as far as drug afflictions on the brain) or physical state.)
(M)(E)Damage 1 (This attribute governs the amount of magic or energy your character outputs. Energy is defined as chi, ki, or energy produced by advanced technology or a pseudoscience-explained mutation. When you have 5 pts in this attribute and dexterity, you will earn 5% critical damage for every 5 pts in those attributes. This does not stack with physical damage.)
(M)(E)Defense 1 (This attribute determines magical/energy resistance to magic/energy damage and critical damage as well as tenacity to certain magical/supernatural afflictions such as: curses, illusions, psychokinetic attacks, and any magical/supernatural effect that can alter the character’s mental or spiritual state.)
Dexterity 1 (This attribute determines speed/reaction time, accuracy, and evasion. If another character or an enemy’s dexterity is higher, then you will find it difficult to evade their strikes. They will also be faster than you. So basically, the more points you have in dexterity, the better chance you’ll have to survive.)
0% (This is critical damage. Everyone starts at 0.)
XP ////////// (0/10) (This is your starting experience bar. It will increase by 10 pts every time you level. For example, lv 2 it is 20. Lv 3 it is 30, etc.)

[B]General Abilities[/b]

Slot One. (Every character starts at level one and so will have one ability slot until they ascend to level two and so on. Abilities are powers your character displays that they do not innately have. These would be powers that they would get later in their game or would have to buy from their in-game merchant. All general abilities are abilities from that character's specific game. They should have one purpose. A healing ability should heal. If you have a fireball that is meant to be lobbed at a foe, then that is all it should do. You cannot have three different abilities in one ability.

When your character levels up, you have the option to acquire a weapon rather than an ability. Or acquire an ability and not a weapon. Every character is different and comes from different worlds so tailor him or her how you see fit.)

[B]Special Abilities[/b]

Slot One. (Special abilities are abilities your character can acquire from completing missions in other worlds outside their own. These abilities are awarded after certain boss battles. These abilities are powers that your character normally wouldn't have. They can also be weapons that are foreign to your character’s game verse. These are GM awarded so do not fill this out.)

(There will be three open slots in every character’s item bag. These slots are for items that characters can acquire in game. For now, the slots are empty. I want there to be a logical explanation for where and how a character acquired a Hi-Potion or an Extra Man.)
Slot One.
Slot Two.
Slot Three.


(These are natural abilities innate to your character. A character might have inhuman strength making him or her stronger than an average human. A character might be a beast and have heightened senses. They may be a dragon and can fly. Write out 4 strengths. If you need more, then PM the GM to discuss it.

Strength is a subjective category. Therefore, strength is not measured in the attributes. Instead, damage output is for that is all that really matters. If you have a character with demigod strength, but you don't invest points in (p)damage, then regardless what you have written here, they will do pitiful damage. I don't care if your character lobbed the titanic at another character, that ocean liner is going to hit that character like a rubber ducky. Please be logical. If you got a character that is a physical powerhouse, then invest in it. Also be mindful that although you may be playing a character who was stronger and faster than God in his or her universe, in the "crossover universe" you will be interacting with characters who were bad asses in their universe too. In the crossover-verse, all characters are on equal ground until you manage to level them through your hard, creative, fun work.)


(No video game character is perfect. They may have shown weaknesses in games such as pitfalls, slippery slopes, can’t swim, can’t fly, etc. You should list those weaknesses here.)


(Throughout your Project X Over experience, your character or the group can be awarded “Achievements.” They don’t do anything special but act as a trophy and give you a memory to look back on. You never know when you’ll do something achievement-worthy but when you are awarded one, collect it and place it here.)

Sample Profile
Note: Yes, this is a legit character in the game.

Mama Mia!
Title: Legend

Kingdom: Nintendo

Written Description: Mario is a 5’9” 175 lbs Italian-inspired man with dark brown hair and blue eyes. One of his eye-catching allures is his masculinity. He’s muscular and hairy in all the right places. Interesting enough is his prized moustache that he refuses to ever shave. He wears dark-blue suspenders that are smudged in grease and sometimes mold from working the pipes or the plumbing when he’s making “house calls.” He has been known to wear other casual clothes besides his trademark uniform with a fondness for the colors red and blue. Mario's demeanor radiates security for he can be quite threatening to those who would dare bring harm to anyone he cares about or himself.

Personality: Mario is rather optimistic. He has to be when working such a shitty job. He is a master plumber and Mr. Fix-It. He is also a veteran of the tunnels around the Mushroom Kingdom having killed many creatures and undead clogging up the pipes. Mario will try to be a gentleman, but if anyone throws that back in his face, then he can just as easily be an a-hole. He doesn’t mind helping someone in need, in his numerous cases, housewives when the man is gone or damsels in distress.

In the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario is very reputable despite his secret stash of red mushrooms, fire flowers, et al, and his womanizing. He is the go-to-guy for everyone’s problems, and therefore, is a busy man who is rarely found in his office. If he’s not in his office, then he can be found working somewhere about the kingdom.

The plumber is a fearless and tough man. You do not want to pick a fight with this guy. He has come a long way with his physique. Years of being criticised for being plump in the past have drove him to take his health and image more seriously. He still has a big appetite when it comes to good food, but maintaining his heroic figure for the ladies has become his sole motivation to stay in shape.

When it comes to women, well, hot women; they are his weakness whether they be heroines or villains. He loves his women, and so, he may need to be kept on a choker chain.

Game: Donkey Kong (1981 - as Jumpman), Mario Franchise and Smash Bros.

Current Story: Mario has been elusive recently. He has been missing from the Mushroom Kingdom for some time and with the news of the Mugen virus springing up, his friends have become worried. The hero has never overlooked a crisis, and so with the summoning of heroes, his people are hoping that the legend will emerge.

Weapon(s): Power Hammer - not to be confused with the Super Hammer that grants him invincibility for a brief amount of time, the hammer is Mario’s basic weapon. Whatever he can't destroy with his fists and jumps, he’ll resort to Old Faithful. The hammer is almost as big as he is and just as heavy. Mario wields it with ease and anyone with above human strength could do the same. With the basic hammer, Mario can destroy brittle and natural obstacles.

Level One

(P)Damage 4
(P)Defense 2
(M)(E)Damage 1
(M)(E)Defense 1
Dexterity 2
XP ////////// (0/10)

General Abilities

Lv 1 Power Jump - One iconic ability that Mario is mostly known for is his jumping skill. With Power Jump, he can leap great heights and perform aerial acrobatics to reach places most humans can’t. He can launch himself into the air with enough force to smash through bricks and to stomp down on the heads of susceptible enemies.

Special Abilities

Slot One.


Slot One.
Slot Two.
Slot Three.

Superhuman Strength - Mario is stronger than the average human. He can wield his Power Hammer with ease and he has shown numerous feats of strength such as restraining a Chain Chomp, tossing the evil Bowser, lifting King Bob-omb, uprooting a fortress and kicking it away, and stunning a Mega Goomba. He has kicked down great walls and knocked opponents into oblivion in Smash Bros.

Melee - Not exactly known for his combat skills, but Mario has shown that he can do more than lob fireballs and stomp enemies in the arena. He is a fearsome fighter that can hold his own.

Athlete - Mario has participated in several sport competitions: golf, tennis, racing, baseball, and more. He is quite the all-around athlete.

Extremely Versatile - From the Mushroom Kingdom to space, Mario has cameoed in several games and seems to fit in without difficulty. He can adapt to any situation and any setting, making him a “jack-of-all-trades.” There isn't a role too big for him to fill. He has even been a doctor for crying out loud!


Naturally, Mario is incapable of flight. He is susceptible to pitfalls, but interesting enough not free falls depending on the game. He has difficulty traversing lava and slippery/icy terrain without help. When using his fabled mushrooms, flowers, leaves, feather, etc. The effect of his powers immediately fade when he sustains damage. He’s not the brightest bulb in the box, but he isn't a dummy either. He is the type to just charge in and improvise along the way. As previously mentioned, damsels in distress are a weakness, especially if they’re hot.



Battle System Explained

The way combat will work in this game is the villains will be run by the GMs. A GM will not be in a mission that he or she runs (except for now there is only one at this time until I get some PM responses lol). Instead, if GM-A has a character in Mission 1, then Mission 1 will be run by GM-B. This is to make sure that the missions are run fairly and that the plot is unexpected and surprising for the whole party.

Players will write their characters making what is called an attempt. You will attempt to strike the enemy, but you will not confirm it happening. You can say what could possibly be the result if your character was to succeed with the attack, but you cannot say that the attack succeeded. The GMs will determine what amount of damage your character outputs based on his or her stats, technique, and how much is received based on the secret stats and level of the enemy. Yes, if a character had an ability like "Scan" from Final Fantasy, the stats and level of the enemy would be revealed. But back to the explanation.

Here is an example of a correct combat post:

Joyce curled her fingers into a large fist and swung at Billie's jaw.

It is very important to always specify where exactly your attack is intended. The GMs reward description. If you write vague, then the GM will finish your response for you and cause the attack to hit where you probably didn't intend. So it is very important to pay attention. This battle strategy makes combat challenging, fun, and rewarding. When you get good at it, you'll probably be able to gloat about your skills to pay close attention to detail.

Here is an example of a vague combat post:

Joyce curled her fingers into a large fist and swung at Billie.

Notice how Joyce didn't state where she was swinging. Billie at this point can easily dodge her attempt because loophole-granted, he can say Joyce swung wherever.

Here is an example of a bad combat post where the writer completed the action without GM judgment:

Joyce curled her fingers into a large fist, swung at Billie's jaw and broke it. While he fell over clutching his face, she stood over him with a cocky smirk and said, "Suck it up!"

I hope you understand what is the right thing to do in a combat scenario and what is the wrong thing to do. If you ever decide to have your character spar another player's character, then by writing only attempts, you show each other courtesy. If players want to challenge a move, then they can call the GMs forth to judge the disputed action. Understand that whatever the GMs decide is final. Do your best to try and discuss it in PM and let the GMs be the last option.

When the heroes arrive at Tetris Castle for their initiation, they will enjoy a banquet to allow them to get to know each other.

Squads were added to make the game fun and competitive in good sport as well as to provide a way for the game to constantly take in new players. Alpha Squad is the initial entry squad for all new players. Alpha Squad will go on missions more suited for their level and after those missions, depending on how the heroes perform, they can be assigned to the veteran squads.

Delta Squad

Delta is where the elite heroes go. “Elite” is not determined by whether a character is a legendary or not or by how bad-ass they were in their game. It is determined by the hero’s performance. The assignment is not permanent. Heroes can always be dropped to the next lowest squad if they become complacent or if other heroes surpass them. The Delta team go on missions at the highest difficulty. While being a part of this honored team is gloat-worthy, the mortality rate is higher. As GM(s), our role is not to kill-off heroes but to make the mission as fiction-realistically difficult to match the level and squad your character is assigned. The rewards from completed missions are worth it, including the reward of your character having survived. Delta members will be placed into mentoring positions to help train the other squad members into potentially succeeding them. You never know what will happen in combat, and there must always be a hero ready to replace a fallen champion.

That’s the idea of Delta Squad any way. It sounds intense because that is the feeling that you're supposed to get. It is Delta!

Now if writers who manage to have their heroes make it to Delta want to make an initiation rite of passage for any new heroes who join in the future, by all means. Play around with the story to your heart’s content. As I said before, your oyster. This goes for all of the squads.

Charlie Squad

This is probably one of the most competitive squads. Members of Charlie are right beneath Delta and have the potential to ascend any moment. By no means does being a member of Charlie, Bravo, or Alpha mean that the hero is inferior to Delta. While some immature Delta members may make them feel that way, everyone can be replaced. Charlie has the pleasure of being able to study the Delta members and tailor their leadership style as they deem appropriate so that when they become Delta, they won't make the same mistakes they have witnessed.

Charlie will at times be tasked alongside Delta as a support unit. When this opportunity arises, members of Charlie have the option of impressing and getting to know their future teammates. Charlie’s performance during a Delta-level operation may have some heroes qualify for Delta Squad.

Bravo Squad

Bravo Squad is for characters who aren’t interested in direct combat, although, some characters may be assigned as support personnel to other squads. This is the support squad whether it be medical or cybernetic. Bravo supports all the other squads up-close and at a distance. If heroes need to be extracted from a perilous situation, dropped off for silent infiltration, or if heroes need a system hack that is the duty of Bravo!

Alpha Squad

This is the squad for characters who have a lot to learn or who are joining the game for the first time. This is the initial entry squad. Heroes a part of this squad will have a chance to advance to other squads after completing an Alpha-level mission. Missions in Alpha tend to have a low to medium difficulty. This squad is to get those players adjusted to the game or to act as a plot point for those writers who want to develop their characters at a pace under their control.


1. Do not come to this game to argue. If you read over this recruitment thread, and saw something that you didn't like, then move on.
2. Do not abuse the system. This game is meant to be fun and to allow players freedom to play their favorite characters to their interpretation. We're all adults here so please be mature and act like one. Do not try to cut the corners on the system laid out here.
3. Whatever the GM says goes. I try to be fair to the best of my ability. However, I do not try to please the world nor do I care to. If we discuss an issue and we can't seem to come to an agreement, then it is best that the issue is dropped.
4. If someone chose the character you wanted, then compromise. If the player does not want to give him or her up, I'm sorry. Be creative and find someone else or move on.
5. If you need help with the stat system, the GMs will help you. Do not overthink it. I promise you that it isn't that difficult and once you get the hang of it, you'll think, "No sweat!"
6. Images. Be mindful of the size of your images. If it is too big for the screen, then put a spoiler around it or use the "img height=" “image width=” code.
7. OOC. Try to keep OOC strictly to the OOC thread.
8. GM questions. Send them to the GMs so that they do not get lost in the OOC chatter. If you send it as a group message, then you’ll get a quicker response.
9. Be open and friendly. I am very big on character interaction. It is often overlooked in games. Please collaborate with other writers in this game. This game will become way more interesting if you do.
10. Have fun. There is only so much I can do as a GM. I cannot make you have fun. I cannot make you enjoy the character that you created. I cannot make you seek out writers to collaborate with. All I do is guide the game and make sure everything goes forward and not backwards. You have to do the rest. So please make the most of this game.


Mario - TheBlackThrone
Samus Aran - EdwardShane


Platform City [IC]
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Re: Project X Over [Recruitment Thread]
« Reply #1 on: September 13, 2016, 12:50:37 PM »
Update: I added the IC to the Links section.

So, for those who remember when I originally put this up, there have been some changes:

1. Characters will not go through Boot Camp. Instead, there will be a banquet to welcome heroes catered by Cooking Mama (Be warned! Soul Food and Itis is afoot!). At this banquet characters will be briefed about the current drama ie. why they were called to attend. The DJ is going to be DJ Sona, so don't expect it to be too formal.  ;)

2. Because some writers may have busy schedules, I have made it so that XP can only be acquired in missions. There are other events that will take place where characters can earn XP such as the Kill Simulator and the monthly Smash Arena, but there will be more information about those events so stay tuned! But yes, this is to help regulate XP and to give everyone a chance to level without fear of being left behind.

3. Lastly, all characters during this recruitment phase of the game will start in Alpha Squad until they complete their first mission.

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Re: Project X Over [Recruitment Thread]
« Reply #2 on: September 13, 2016, 04:56:17 PM »
  Hm!  Actually kind of interesting.

  I might see how Dynasty does, and port over Maria if all parties are willing.


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Re: Project X Over [Recruitment Thread]
« Reply #3 on: September 13, 2016, 07:24:44 PM »
  Hm!  Actually kind of interesting.

  I might see how Dynasty does, and port over Maria if all parties are willing.


It would be awesome to have you Presta.  :-)

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Re: Project X Over [Recruitment Thread]
« Reply #4 on: September 14, 2016, 02:41:37 PM »
Count me in as soon as I figure out exactly who I am playing.  >_<

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Re: Project X Over [Recruitment Thread]
« Reply #5 on: September 14, 2016, 04:36:03 PM »
Count me in as soon as I figure out exactly who I am playing.  >_<

Heya buddy!

I'll add you as a GM (got your PM).  :-)

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Re: Project X Over [Recruitment Thread]
« Reply #6 on: September 15, 2016, 01:42:35 PM »
I'll consider hopping into this one as well.

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Re: Project X Over [Recruitment Thread]
« Reply #7 on: September 15, 2016, 06:30:00 PM »
I'll consider hopping into this one as well.

Looking forward to having you for the ride. Yeah, this is going to go differently than last time lol. We'll get straight to the point and immediately open the sandbox.  ::)

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Re: Project X Over [Recruitment Thread]
« Reply #8 on: September 20, 2016, 11:07:39 PM »
Samus Aran 

Title: Legend

Kingdom: Nintendo

Written Description: Samus, when out of her suit, has a body build that could easily be described as 'amazonian,' being tall (measuring up to 6' 3"), quite fit, and certainly not lacking in the feminine gift department.  Her hair is long and blonde, and she has striking blue eyes.  In more everyday situations, she prefers to wear practical and comfortable clothes more than worry about what's in style and what is fashionable.  When geared up for more combat oriented situations, she dons a rather form fitting suit known as the Zero Suit.  Over the Zero Suit, she normally wears her iconic Chozo created powered armor.

Personality: "Gentle and kind, yet with the fury of a warrior" was how one of the Chozo who had helped raise Samus described her, and they were not wrong.  Samus can certainly be courageous and fierce both in battle and in defending others, but she also has a softer, more compassionate side to her.  Not that it is always easy to see said side given that she attempts to keep people at arm's length for personal reasons, opting to not get too close to anyone if she can help it.  This creates an initial illusion of being a bit cold and distant, despite the fact that she does at least care about the well being of those around her.  She can get a bit snarky and sarcastic at times, as well, and is usually more amicable to those who have managed to get past the initial hurdle and have gotten to know her better.

Game: Metroid Series, Smash Bros

Current Story: After the events in which she directed a BSL (Biologic Space Laboratories) Space Station on a destructive collision course with planet SR-388, Samus fell off the radar.  For a time, at least.  However, as the news about the Mugen Virus came out and spread, she didn't waste too much time in making an appearance.  This wasn't the first shitstorm she had encountered and felt a need to address, and she'd be damned if it was the last one.

Power Suit
Power Suit details
Samus' power suit is a marvel of Chozo technology.  Though in its most basic form it might seem a little underwhelming, the Chozo designed it to be capable of being upgraded without too much difficulty at all.  The suit is actually able to assimilate a great many technology based upgrades.  It comes equipped with an arm cannon that can rapidly fire blasts of energy.  This beam weapon is known as the Power Beam.  It also comes equipped with Oxygen Supply Equipment that allows her to breathe almost indefinitely in the vacuum of space, underwater, and other areas where breathable air is scarce or nonexistent, and even helps her to resist airborne toxins.  It comes with a pair of visor functions, the Combat Visor and the Scan Visor.  The former provides Samus with a HUD layout containing a radar, a mini-map, lock-on reticules to assist with aiming, an energy and ammo counter, and a danger assessment meter to warn her of nearby environmental threats.  The latter allows Samus to scan creatures and objects, learning more data about them and, depending on the nature of the object, interacting with them to an extent (IE turning an elevator on, unlocking a mechanical door, activating other various devices).  Samus is incapable of using any of her weaponry while scanning, though she can remain mobile while scanning.  There is a range limit that she has to remain aware of, however.  Scanning takes time, with more complex and/or powerful things requiring more time.  Scanning creatures can provide Samus with information on them that could prove useful in defeating them, such as revealing their attacks and mannerisms.  The suit itself bonds biologically with Samus while it is active, and cannot be removed without her cooperation.  It can be removed and equipped through a matter-to-energy method at will, and requires superhuman willpower and mental control to keep equipped.  Samus has been trained by the Chozo to be able to keep this concentration going for extended periods of time, even through multiple battles in a row.
-Power Beam
-Combat Visor
-Scan Visor
-Oxygen Supply Equipment

Zero Suit
Zero Suit details
While wearing the Power Suit, should her concentration be actively and completely disrupted or the suit's energy deplete due to large enough amounts of received damage, Samus' armor will demanifest and leave Samus in her Zero Suit.  It is a skintight, full-body jumpsuit that allows Samus to move more quickly at the cost of defense and access to the upgrades tied to her armor.  Said upgrades are not permanently lost, just inaccessible until a time she can re-equip the Power Suit.  At any point where she is wearing the Zero Suit, all she will have to defend herself with are her martial training and a Paralyzer.  This stun pistol, as its name suggests, can only cause temporary paralysis, and even then it requires a short time to charge energy between each stunning shot.  It automatically charges when not being fired.

-Decreased defense and firepower
-Increased speed

Level One
(P)Damage 2
(P)Defense 1
(M)(E)Damage 2
(M)(E)Defense 2
Dexterity 3
0% Crit Rate
XP ////////// (0/10)
General Abilities 

LVL 1 Charge Beam - While the power beam that comes with her armor can be fired rapidly, the charge beam allows her to instead build up energy within her arm cannon to fire a single, more powerful blast.  The tradeoff for this extra bit of oomph is that it requires a short time to charge, preventing her from firing rapidly.  It is quite useful against enemies that are tougher and/or have better defenses that require more potent attacks to penetrate.  Many of Samus' other beam weapons can be charged as well, provided she has acquired them.

Special Abilities

Slot One

Slot One.
Slot Two.
Slot Three.


Physically Powerful - Due to her Chozo enhanced DNA and the large amounts of training she has received, Samus is well above normal human standards in terms strength, speed, and athletic capability.  Wearing her armor really doesn't hinder her at all, either, and she has a surprising amount of mobility in it.

Veteran Warrior - Samus has seen and been through a lot of dangerous situations, some of which could be described as impossible.  She's fairly tough willed, and it's difficult to unnerve her after all of the shit she's done and fought.

Varied Arsenal - Samus' Power Suit is very easy to upgrade, and has a plethora of weapons and abilities it can obtain.  Samus not only has a nice variety of miscellaneous upgrades, but can switch between her available arm cannon options on the fly, allowing her to easily adapt her offense according to the situation.

Metroid DNA - Due to the vaccine made from Metroid cells she received, Samus' genetic makeup was slightly altered.  This has allowed her to absorb the deadly X-parasites and draw strength from their energy, likely due to the energy absorbing qualities of Metroids themselves.  Larval Metroids that she encountered after the vaccine also seemed to not attack her, very possibly recognizing her as one of their own.  Perhaps this trait could be useful against other enemies that like to latch onto their victims, as well...


Low Temperatures - One of Samus' most glaring and obvious weaknesses comes from a side effect of the Metroid vaccine that saved her life, leaving her vulnerable to cold.  She gets uncomfortable in chillier temperatures, and even starts taking constant damage if the temperatures are too low.  Ice based attacks can easily freeze her solid should they connect, leaving her exceedingly vulnerable to followup attacks, especially those of a concussive nature.  While she can get around this weakness with a Varia Suit upgrade or better, should she be caught out of said suit (in Zero Suit form or otherwise) this weakness returns in full force.  This also normally prevents her from using her Ice Beam upgrade, though she has managed to work around that inability before.

Equipment Reliant - While Samus does have training that allows her to put up a fight while wearing only the Zero Suit, the vast majority of her capabilities are tied to her Power Suit and its upgrades. Without wearing it, she's not only much more limited in what she is capable of doing, but is also more vulnerable where defensive capabilities are concerned.

Insubordinate - In her latest escapade, Samus not only willfully and knowingly disobeyed a direct order from the Galactic Federation (the governing force of her game series), she destroyed the objects of research that they were wanting to investigate.  Never mind the fact that her act of disobedience likely saved the universe, such willful insubordination towards that level of authority certainly is not without consequences.

Loner - Samus, traditionally, works alone.  While teamwork is not a new concept for her, thanks to her time in the Smash Bros. games, it is not something she is entirely comfortable with.  While she can be social, it is usually more stiff and professional in nature than cordial.  As such, she also can have a difficult time making friends, mostly due to her uneasiness towards getting close to anyone.  It takes the other person being patient and persistent to get through to her.



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Re: Project X Over [Recruitment Thread]
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Where does EA fall in the video game universe?  Tentatively interested in playing Dante from Dante's Inferno.

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Re: Project X Over [Recruitment Thread]
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Where does EA fall in the video game universe?  Tentatively interested in playing Dante from Dante's Inferno.

It falls into its own universe that is linked to Platform City. Go ahead and send both GMs me and EdwardShane, a sheet.