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Author Topic: Unusual Ideas (M seeking F characters)  (Read 408 times)

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Unusual Ideas (M seeking F characters)
« on: September 13, 2016, 08:19:34 AM »
Good evening, and welcome to my den of the odd and unusual. Or at least that is what I hope to craft it into, the IKEA furniture does ruin the mystique just a little bit.

These are some ideas that I've worked with in the past on other sites, but for one reason or another the game fell through, a writing partner vanished, or we just didn't quite reach what I was looking for. Most are marked by some sort of subversion of expected roles or behaviors, or are simply more ambition in scope than many are willing to attempt, others are simply ideas that seem ridiculous until you think about what it would take to make such a situation actually occur. Of course, that was in the past on sites with a less vibrant community than I've discovered here on E. So who knows, perhaps we will succeed here where others have failed.

Anyone interested should contact me by PM. I prefer M/F, but am willing to write and play F/F if that's your predilection. If you have any other unusual or subversive ideas, please let me know!

The Typical - A celebrity or otherwise famous individual ends up in a brothel, and is sought after by rescuers. Celebrities fight to see their copyrighted characters don't appear in anything pornographic.

The Atypical - Celebrities don't need to be kidnapped and copyrights can't be protected when the actual characters appear in the flesh.

An idea born from games like Sim Brothel and its various derivatives and remakes. Through science, magic, or something else entirely an organization has discovered how to bring our most beloved characters from books, movies, games and television into the modern world. As the law struggles to deal with these new individuals and debate rages as to whether they can even be considered 'people,' the organization seizes advantage of the legal blind spot to make money the old-fashioned way. After all, what boy who grew up with Disney wouldn't pay through the nose for a night with Jasmine or Ariel? Hermione and Katniss for the younger crowd, even Tracer and Lara Croft for the gamer crowd.

Would pretty much require someone willing to play multiple roles, just as I would be. This may seem like an elaborate excuse just to put a bunch of fandom ladies under the same roof (and it kind of is) but there are other, interesting angles that can be played out. What happens if they are legally declared not-people? What happens to the world if individuals with hereditary magic or other powers have children in modern times? What other uses might the world have for this new, incredible source of manpower? And who might be looking for their missing women?

The Typical - Guy and girl meet in a bar, they go home, they screw. Guy turns out to be a dom and takes control of the resulting relationship.

The Atypical - The dom wants nothing to do with a full relationship, and the sub very much does.

This could turn into something like a "top from the bottom" scenario, or a star-crossed romance. A dominant guy and a submissive girl encounter each other one way or another, and they end up going home to satisfy their respective urges. The next day the dom makes it clear that this was a one night stand and nothing more; she's great, but he has his own reasons for not wanting to start any kind of relationship. It surprises him then to find her back the next night, and the next, doing everything she can think of to try and draw him in to a full master-slave relationship. Is this love at first sight? A crazed stalker? And why is he so adamantly against giving it a try?

New Idea!
The Typical - The world is overtaken by some child's game for inexplicable reasons and people use it to try and rule the world? Somehow?

The Atypical - Of course the game is popular, though definitely not for children. Who wouldn't want to see holographic sex shows combined with dramatic competition?

Mostly just having ridiculous and sexy fun in a world where Card Games are Serious Business. Like if every episode of Yu-Gi-Oh ended with the Dark Magician Girl literally sucking out the last of the opponent's life points. Don't know how to play? That's fine, we'll probably be making all the rules and cards up on the spot.

Open to anyone who thinks it would be fun to play out a single duel, or anyone who wants to actually explore a setting where the characters recognize how silly it is to take over the world using card games.

The Typical - Women are slaves, and all the men are being real sadistic pricks about it.

The Atypical - Women are slaves, and men and women alike are completely on board.

Basically looking for anything in the sort of world I describe here, in the Worldbuilding forum. The short version is that feminism and the women's suffrage movement simply never got off the ground, and the subservient position of women in society continued until female slavery is not only the norm, but has been taught as the correct way of thinking for decades. There are lots of ways this can go, and lots of stories to be told; both of the fluffy, romantic sort, as well as the darker, more evil routes. This sort of thing is best suited for multiple tiny scenes and vignettes, and that's the kind of thing I would love to do to further explore this world, its implications and its logical conclusions.

- A high school's virginity auction goes awry when someone from out of town flouts local traditions and bids on a girl that's already spoken for.
- A typical day in the life of a public-use female, who thoroughly enjoys her work.
- An office building where the boss doesn't need to pretend he isn't screwing his secretary.
- A man is too rough and accidentally kills a borrowed or rented slave.
- A bank forecloses on a man, seizing his female property in his 'wife' and daughters as well as his home.

The Typical - A woman's secret is discovered and a man uses that to force her to become his slave, using her mercilessly.

The Atypical - The woman and her new master never once meet.

Whether it's humiliating or career-destroying photos from her past, clandestine posts on a BDSM message board or a few camshows she did with an exhibitionist thrill, our lovely lady makes a horrible discovery. In an age when everything that's ever been put on the internet still exists somewhere, she receives an email forcing her to confront the mistakes of  her past. The blackmailer is quite polite however, and assures her that everything will remain hidden if she's willing to listen to his requests.

Webcams, toys and costumes mysteriously show up at her door, with instructions for their use. She's sent to meet people also under the blackmailer's thumb who guide her into increasingly wild and sexual events. The unknown master proves time and again that he has the resources and ability to manipulate virtually everything about her life. Yet still she knows nothing about him. Every time she believes she's being taken to him or has the chance to learn more about him, she finds nothing but more tasks and more questions. Will she ever learn who this man is or what his ultimate plans for her are? Or will she find herself slipping ever deeper into the web of lies, manipulation and debauchery he's surrounded himself with?
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Re: Unusual Ideas (M seeking F characters)
« Reply #1 on: September 22, 2016, 01:48:00 PM »
Updated with a new idea.