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November 24, 2020, 08:56:14 AM

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Author Topic: The Perfect Doll (extreme transformation, BE, bimbo.. help make me perfect! :)  (Read 847 times)

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Offline magikalTopic starter

Hi! Thank you for stopping by and reading my idea. Hopefully one of the ideas intrigues you and you'll and you'll private message me.

Lynda had always known she was destined to be both great and different. She wasn't sure when it would happen, she just knew that it would happen. She had a normal childhood but found herself wondering about being not just beautiful, but radiant. When she was a teenager, she was stuffing her bras, and when she finally saw cartoon characters like Jessica Rabbit she simply fell in love.

She never grew up like she wanted, she wanted to be short and voluptuous, not tall and athletic. She didn't really have any choices though as she continued growing, taller and taller. Pretty soon most boys were intimidated by her, especially when she stopped growing an inch or two short of six feet. When she had heels on, she was simply an amazonian goddess. She tended to wear old converse shoes and faded jeans with various holes. Her physique was slim and no matter what she did, she couldn't ever develop the killer curves that she desired. For her top half she wore two or three layered tank tops. She barely had any breasts to speak of so didn't even bother with a bra, if she did it would be a sports bra. She had a cute face, although she thought she was much less attractive than she actually was, she had some self-esteem issues to be sure.

Her boyfriends indulged her for the most part, buying her clothing and telling them how much they loved her. In high school she dated a few different guys, her first lover was funny and never serious. Eventually that got on her nerves, not everything could be a joke. Her second lover was the varsity quarterback, she fell in lust with him hard, she found suspicious text messages and a few choice instagram pics let her know that he wasn't faithful. After that, she gave up on love and focused on the arts. She loved ceramics, painting, drawing, sketching, even writing. One of her favorite topics was fashion.

Lynda always liked sketching women, especially those girls wearing fashionable outfits. She would design new outfits for her characters, show what the same character looked like both with a slight build like her own, and an overdeveloped porn star build. Her technique was inspired and passionate, if her work was seen by the right person she could easily get a job in the industry.

To make ends meet, Lynda decided to start posing for the art class at college. The artists loved her long and athletic body. The extra money helped her save up for a rainy day, or until she could finally afford some sort of elective cosmetic surgery to bring her closer towards her goal.

As she was posing, she couldn't believe her luck. One of the artists sketching her was her best friend from high school, Maya. She had moved away in the middle of her senior year and stopped posting on social media. Lynda always wondered what happened to her, and now, almost 2 years later, she was hunched over a drawing board, sketching her.  She posed and held a pose. She thought about posing for a week or two so decided to get waxed first, she wanted to make sure that every inch of her looked good on paper or canvas. She was tight, toned, tall, and athletic. She looked just like a dancer or volleyball player.   She posed for 30 minutes, then a few minute break, then 20 minutes, then she did a rapid series of 1 minutes poses. She then had a five minute break before doing the entire thing over again. She put on a robe, grabbing her own sketchbook and was drawing. She thought about talking to Maya, but decided to wait until the entire 2 hour session was complete.

If Maya didn't approach her during the break, she would go about her second series of poses, and as she finished up and put on a robe, she headed to talk to Maya, "Maya, is that you? It's me.. Lynda." She blushed as she approached her and hugged her,  "Strange place to meet again after what has it been.. two years? Come into the changing area and talk for a minute, ok?"

Lynda walked over and changed into her normal outfit, a white tank top, black sports bra, and faded and ripped jeans, along with old converse. She pulled her hair back into a pony tail. "Wow.. so nice to see you. How has everything been?" She accepted the envelope with cash from the instructor, it was $30 bucks a hour and they paid on the spot. She put the money into her bag, then pulled out a sketch book, drawing something inside of it. She was drawing a beautiful fashion model, glancing up, although this fashion model was extremely buxom. She giggled when Maya looked at the picture, "Sorry.. I know it's crazy.. I'm like the flattest girl around and I always draw such curvy girls." She smiled, "If I can save up 5 grand.. I can do something about it, you know?" She smiled, "I attended a few of these classes last year.. and, know they are always looking for models.. and, there's something liberating about standing in front of 20 strangers naked, you know?" She laughed. "Plus, every time is getting me that much closer to my dream.. this money goes straight into the boob fund, you know." She smiled, "So, what have you been up to.. why didn't you call me when you came back to town?"

- end of first story

Please private message me and let me know what you plan on doing to Narra and why you'd be a good writing partner to explore this story with me.  Please look at my previous posts to see if we're a match

If you want to include other fetishes besides growth and sexuality, just write me and let's discuss it.