Personal Assistant((Looking for businessman.))

Started by DinaFlower, September 13, 2016, 12:44:16 AM

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Hello and thank you for reading! I am wanting to play a woman in her early 20's who recently got a job as a personal assistant. What I need is the other half of this RP. I am wanting someone to be a rich and powerful man in the business of your choice. The personality I am looking for here is strict, controlling, and possessive. Though I do not want him to be mean/rude. I am thinking more along the lines of "Do what you are told as you are told and there is no problem." But the man is someone who is all about control. Because that is what he is used to. And so he takes it to the point of telling the assistant what she needs to eat, how she needs to dress, even who she needs to speak to and who she doesn't.  The Businessman wants to keep her near by at all times because work never ends.

The goal for this RP is for the assistant to end up falling for the businessman in an awkward/confused way. And the businessman to end up falling for the assistant in a very sure way. And the relationship become sexual and even more controlling as he becomes incredibly protective.

I am assuming that most of the RP wold take place in the workplace and his home. But I am open for it to move in other directions as well! If you are interested please let me know and we can talk about it!