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Author Topic: TARZAN: Beaten and Tortured by Sadistic Villains (M|M)  (Read 3254 times)

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TARZAN: Beaten and Tortured by Sadistic Villains (M|M)
« on: September 12, 2016, 11:41:51 PM »

SEND ME A PM if you like the scenario described here and love roleplays involving the legendary jungle hunk fighting much larger, bulky and stronger sadistic opponents. I described below some of Tarzan's characteristics as well as that of his enemies for this roleplay. I am flexible. I can play either Tarzan or The Brutes.

THE FIGHT (THE ROLEPLAY)|  Following the screeching sound of a wounded animal crying for help, Tarzan reached a man-made clear in the middle of the jungle. The hunk hero found a gazelle futilely struggling to break free from a leg-trap. Tarzan slowly approached the animal, kneeled and, before trying to release it, he tried to calm the poor thing down. "Don't worry," he calmly whispered. "I'll take you out." He grabbed the steel jaws and forced they open, causing his muscles to bulge big. The scared animal jumped out of it and, limping a bit, run away into the dense vegetation until it disappeared. Intrigued, the hero examined the metal jaws and quickly searched the clear for other devilish leg-traps that might have been concealed in the surroundings. But this was precisely expected by the evil people who had used the gazelle as a bait. Took no time for Tarzan to find himself in trouble ... [this is where our roleplay might start]

TARZAN | Height: 6'5". Weight: 240 lbs. A fit muscular hunk at the peak of his early twenties. Chiseled body. Broad chests. Big biceps. Perfect abs. All his muscles are very veiny. His hands and feet are large and strong. His physical attributes are impressive and makes Tarzan a perfect male specimen. But beyond his physique, Tarzan is fearless. He has a noble heart that never bends before injustice. He fights to protect the animals of his jungle and the villagers of friendly tribes against poachers, mercenaries and hunters. He loves one girl whose name is Jane. He does not even blink before throwing himself between danger and his girl. A girl that many of his enemies seek to abduct and use as a bait to lure Tarzan into a trap or as a leverage to subjugate the jungle hero without a fight. When captured by his enemies, Tarzan is often tortured, but endure the pain as a real man. He struggles to deny screams of agony to his torturers. He suffers in silence. He flexes his muscles, greets his teeth, opens his mouth wide to gasp for air. Few moans and groans might escape his throat from time to time, but Tarzan resists with stoic seriousness imprinted on his face. He does not break.

THE BRUTES | Three monstrous men.

Goliath: 6'10" with 330 lbs. Carries heavy chains that he uses as a whip. Very skillful, Goliath is able to lace his opponents with the chains and strangle them as if the chains were deadly constrictor snakes. Also, he coils the chain around his opponent's ankles and wrists to drag them down into the ground or hang them tall. His signature attack is to hang his opponents and choke them to death.

Attila: 7' with 390 lbs. Carries no weapon. He is the tallest among the three of them. He is fast. He plays dirty. His signature move is the bearhug. His arms are strong. He wraps them around his opponents and lift them up from the ground. Loosing the ground under their feet, his opponents lacks the support to fight against the hug making it impossible to break free. Being a sadistic evil bastard, Attila loves to hear his victims screaming in pain as he slowly crushes their ribs and bones ...

Troglodyte: 5'10" with 420 lbs. Carries an oversized mace craved with rusted nails that he uses to gash the muscles of his opponents. He has large hands with dirty long nails that are curvy and sharp. His signature attack is the pec claw. He enjoys to crush the pectoral muscles of his opponents. And once his prey is weakened and powerless, the Troglodyte removes few nails from his mace and push them into the solid muscles of his defeated opponent to torture, make him scream and bleed. The monster knows where to stab the nails. After having tortured so many muscular heroes before, Troglodyte knows where are the soft spots ... very vascularized and densely irrigated by nerves.

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Re: TARZAN: Beaten and Tortured by Sadistic Villains (M|M)
« Reply #1 on: October 16, 2016, 10:15:57 PM »

See some of my other Tarzan stories that could serve as "inspirations" for future RP's on:

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