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October 23, 2016, 09:32:40 AM

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Author Topic: Seeking DM to play hordes of monsters opposite my sissy boy sorceress.  (Read 83 times)

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Hey guys so I looking for one writer to fill out the rest of my role play schedule. I am currently engaged in two other games and I have found that three is the perfect number for me to keep interest and inspired, while still being able to write sizable posts. Ok well enough about my writing life and to the scene. Also I would really like to play a fen boy trap character, I have a few scenes where I am a female character and I need something different and fun for this game. So when you read my post and say she I am still referring to a femboy character.

So what I am looking for is a open world style fantasy game. I would like to play a young yet naive sorceress that has traveled out from her covenant of witches and wizards in order to make her mark on the world. With nothing but a spell book, a handful of potions and her trusty staff she aims to become a famous and powerful legend. The game would consist of various adventures and scenarios, each would be entirely different and unconnected. This would be in place of a higher arching storyline, I would prefer that each scenario was separate with new and different characters.

Minotaurs, Giants, and Demons (Non con to consensual sex)

In the caves and ancient ruins of Fiberone there are great evils and bruting monsters. These beasts are usually protectors of long forgotten artifacts. No one knows how or why these creatures came to be or why they are bound to powerful remnants of the old ones. All that is truly known is that adventurers seeking the power the artifacts either return badly wounded and screaming of monsters or are never seen again.

Minotaurs are usually found Forrest caves bound to some form of Elvish artifact, usually a stone slate bearing long dead wisdom. The Long extinct race where masters of alchemy and often carved their potion recipes in stone. Though the race had died out thousands of years ago their potions have survived, from simple healing potions and elixirs to revive your magical abilities to powerful elemental brews and tonics of power. It is said that some ancient ruins have yet to discovered and a few of the more powerful and exotic recipes have never been found.

Giants can be found in the various caves across Fiberone, while there Darillian counterparts have been hunted down and destroyed the Giants of "Deaths Land" are still alive and active. The massive (sometimes three times the size of a man" beasts are often the protectors of champions weapons. Throughout history champions have risen, in times of great evil there have been brave men and women that have stood to fight these evils. When someone no matter the race or sex chooses to battle the forces of evil they leave the gods in debt. A great weapon is forged by the light of the gods and bestowed upon the champion. After the champion dies the weapon is buried by a god in the darkness of a cave. It isn't known how Giants come to protect the cave, but they arrive non the less. After years their bodies grow deformed and their mind turns to mush, because they are easily tricked or seduced Giants usually strike first and leave no adventurer time to talk.

Demons are the twisted and gnarled remnants of the dark underworld, usually sent from their home of fire and blood to protect a powerful piece of black magic. Usually found in places where dark warlocks or necromancer one used dark magic to infuse talismans with the power of the underworld. Demons usually hate being on the surface, craving the sin and torture, and will usually brutally torture captives just to feel a little pice of their life before. But, they can be persuaded to relinquish their artifact with lust and booze, that is of course if you have the assets.

Bandits, Raiders, and Marauders

All across Fiberone are bands of the strong that feed on the week, praying on caravans and merchants. Most groups run highly independently each other, taking shelter in the scattered ruins around Fiberone. Often males and females alike are captured and sold off as slaves, but when I prize is captured it is not uncommon for the leader to claim her or for her to be used as a community trophy, serving many of the groups men at a time.

The Broken Tribes of Orcs (more extreme scenarios)

Long ago a war raged between the proud armies of man and the Orcen hordes. It was brutal, bloody, and cost both sides many lives. Orcs where savage warriors, though considered to be intellectually inferior to man. They cleaved with broad swords and battle axes seeking to claim the land of Darillia  as there own. As man kind hid behind his massive walls the Orc war bands pillaged the countryside. They burned mans crops, murdered his brothers and raped his women, leaving only a bloody stain on history. But man struck back with his superior firepower and last the army's of Orcs to waste with massive siege weapons, the horde was broken and those that didn't flee across the Bloody Sea where executed as the humans sot to drive the green menace to extinction. The few that survived landed in the shores of Fiberone where devoid of leadership and formed tribes in the countryside, far from mans cities in the south.

Some of these tribes settle deep in the mountain forests and built small pockets, often lead by a so called "King" while others became nomadic in nature. These tribes travel up and down the plains often following a heard or sticking close to the sea for food. The Orcen menace has  plagued Fiberone ever since the time of the Great War and their presence, though widely known, has become more of a legend over time. Men fear going deep into the woods and mothers often tell there daughters that if they aren't careful a Orc hunting party will carry them away. It is true that the Green skinned savages hate humans and if they come across a human man it is more likely that he would die before he was taken prisoner. But they do have a craving for human flesh, not as a food source but for another basic primal need. The flesh of humans is soft and sweet, a Orcen male is proud to bed a human female and they have zero problem taking it by force. Orc women are hardened and fierce, their skin is like a stone and sex is primarily for procreation. A captured human female is usually taken prisoner and is forced into slavery to help stave the males cardinal desires. She is often beaten, humiliated, and raped, until she can no longer serve her purpose.

I plan on adding much more to this game but I am a little burnt out haha, so check back in for updates.