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September 26, 2021, 04:22:40 pm

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Author Topic: Looking for a few rps  (Read 711 times)

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Looking for a few rps
« on: September 12, 2016, 05:46:03 pm »
Hello everyone, its been a while since i had any threads going. If interested feel free to either reply to the thread or pm me. Anyway the plots i have are the following:

Plot 1:
There are two kingdoms separated by a magic barrier. The barrier was suddenly there and completely bridged the gap between two kingdoms that were far apart. The barrier unlike most is able to be passed through to enter one kingdom or the other. The kings, to prevent war have a monthly peace meeting and usually get drunk talking politics with one another. They get the bright idea to bring their child to the meeting and introduce them so they aren't bored. They meet and talk having fun with one another (not nsfw wise.... yet). They show each other around their kingdoms and get the other a gift for friendship.....

Plot 2
A local blacksmith is working on a project that he was given. He wasn't expecting to have another customer that day but was to his surprised had another client (could be royal or an assassin either or). The customer asks the blacksmith for a more specialty items which were potions that he makes secretly for special requests. The blacksmith is also a mage, wizard, warlock, which. The blacksmith takes their 'guest' to the storage where the potions are. The guest bumps a shelf and knocks down one of the potions that either wipes the memory of a target, makes the target fall in love with the person at first sight, makes the target fall asleep. The blacksmith pushes the guest out of the way to prevent the potion from hitting them, luckily no one is hit with the potion but gave the blacksmith's guest a great scare.

Plot 3
Crash landing on earth a alien is badly wounded from the crash and a local finds this being. They unconsciously help the alien and treats its wounds. The alien passed out from the blood lose and stays unconscious for several days. When they awake they first think they were in their ship and asks the computer on the ship for a status report only to figure out that they were not on their ship at all. The (for lack of better words) earthling walks over to the alien with food and attempts to talk to the alien. When the earthling extends their hands to the alien to shake hands with them, the alien goes and nips the earthling's hand drawing a little blood. The alien learns how to speak English and apologies for drawing blood. They can now communicate.

The next one actually has two version of it one i won't post because it is considered taboo. If you want to know about it pm me.
Plot 4
A rather young boy just starting college always seem to be distant and lonely through out the school year. One day someone that was in a few of his classes finally found him during lunch and asked him what was wrong. The answer to the question was going to come as a surprise to the one that asked. The boy reveals that his parents recently died and left their businesses to him since the rest of his family disowned him when his parents had him. His father left him his sport shop that is very popular in the town. The mother left him her store that is also very popular in town. (if you want to find out what the mothers businesses is you'll have to find out in the RP >:3)

Plot 5

A new exchange student has arrived at a small college and they are forced into staying on campus dorm. They go through the school year without saying anything they entire year. Their roommate finally has had enough of being 'ignored' by the new student and pins them down forcing them to talk. The new student having no other choice speaks revealing they had an accent (of the role players choice) and their roommate finds it rather attractive. The new student also now since they were forced to talk are also forced to speak the rest of the time only when the roommate is around however.

Plot 6

An old abandoned house has a reputation of being haunted by a ghost a former owner/owner's children. The spirit does not want anyone inside the house to find their demons that keep the ghost trapped in their own personal hell. One day a local who doesn't believe in ghosts loses a bet and is forced to stay a night at the haunted house. They of course aren't welcomed and the ghost immediately tries to scare them off, however, they are unable to succeed in spooking their living guest off. The mortal for whatever reason stays the night trying to piece the clues together on why the ghost is there and eventually offers to try to cheer the ghost up and becomes friends with them.