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Author Topic: What Hell Breaks, Love Rebuilds (sci-fi horror fantasy) M & F looking for F  (Read 1153 times)

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Offline ChreestaferTopic starter

So this is a story that Saiyuri and I have played in the past.  Its an idea we'd love to try and rebuild and thought of how awesome it would be to add a third, female character to the game.  We are looking for anyone interested in a romantic love triangle, set in a universe that spans both a fantasy setting and a sci-fi apocalypse feel.  Looking for that love competition to start between the two gals only to evolve into a mutual love for everyone.  I want drama, fighting, love, hate, I want every emotion in the book to be felt and as the story progresses I want the urges twanging at our hearts for our characters.

Here is the idea.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Since the beginning of time, man sought nothing more than to gain control over what they seemed to be "power".  Some do it in the name of peace, others for love, and some even for greed of wealth.  Yet even the best of intentions can go awry when most seek it for nothing other then vengeance.  Love is a tricky and cruel mistress, more so when it is ripped from the grasps of those who don't deserve to be pained like such.  A broken heart, and a devoured soul is what truthfully brought the darkness on.  Or was it those that caused the pain, the ones whom destroyed the love they saw unfit?

Rolland Armeth, a high sorcerer of the Elite Magi Towers, fell for a commoner of the villages bellow.  A simple woman, with simple plans in life.  Day in and day out Rolland learned his spells and perfected his technique, only to return nightly to the woman of his dreams.  He teased her and wooed her with small incantations.  Something the Towers of the Magi's seemed to care not for, however they never seemed to do anything about it.  Rolland was to good, to strong, and to much of an asset to the Magi order, the ignored the small childish actions.  As the years went on his love for the girl grew stronger and eventually said love formed life anew.  Rolland was a happy father to a happy woman and child, all seemed right in the world.  Until the pillages began, and the wars started.  Man against man, the swords clanked and the magic whizzed by as nations warred on over land and so called "peace".

The village was lost to the fires of war, and Rolland, well he was locked up in a cell for treason of fleeing during the battles.  He whimpered night and day over the lost of the ones he loved.  A dark pit in his stomach began to form, and vengeance for his loses began to brew.  The towers dismissed Rolland, and the man disappeared into the mountains never to be heard from again.

That was until years later.  The darkness burned away the mans essence, everything he held dearly was lost, and the world would pay for what they had taken from him.  In the mountains Rolland had searched for years to find the artifacts that he needed, and after 10 years, his plan would come to light.  As he arranged the small crystals and golden objects around on the floor of some ruins he had called home, he began to chant the words aloud.  His echoes filled what was once the anti chamber of a great hall that now lay in rubble.  As he lifted his hands, the sly smirk on his face widened as he saw the objects glow and the vortex opened.  The things that came through though sent shivers even down Rolland's spine.  As the Demon he sought after stepped through the gate into this world, Rolland fell to his knees asking the great lord for his services in claiming this land.  Yet what was once a great plan went south quickly.  The demon prince laughed at the humans foolishness, and within moments Rolland's life faded from his eyes as his skull laid cracked in the Princes hands.

The lands and realms of man and beast had been at peace for many years now.  Not having seen true war since the last of the Dragonian king who sought to slaughter all creatures a like. It had been a millennia since the evil was eradicated and life had gone back to what it always had been.  That was until the rift was opened and the darkness spilled out into our world.  Kingdoms were destroyed and millions of people were laid to waste at the hordes of the demonic army that rose out of nowhere.  Simple armies couldn't handle the strength and abilities of these creatures, so a pact was made between races that were once enemies.  Soon Dragons and humanoids alike were fighting together and using magic unseen to beat back the brink of darkness.  Special soldiers were trained to fight along side dragons, and soon became known as dragon riders.  A Unique bond between the two would allow them to fight and win against this evil.

One such paring stood out among the rest though.  Alshedro Velryn, A young poor miner and Aurora, a dragon princess seemed to work their abilities like fluid motions.  There bond was so unique, one would be able to execute an attack only to have the other finish it knowing where to be and how to do it, all without even looking at one another.  Little did the rest know, the human and dragon had grown found of one another, and when she would take human form they would often lay together.  Years of these battles brought hope to a once dark and dreary time among the folk of the realm.  Yet as the cold winter months set in, the real hope came to light.   The dragoness and warrior, with the aid of a few other elite dragon riders, forced themselves to the epicenter of the demonic darkness.  No one really knew what battles were waged in the dark tower, yet Alshedro was the only survivor.  After the whole darkness seemed to fade in the blink of an eye, units were sent in to asses the situation.  Alshedro was found, stabile, but beaten badly pilled under a few book cases.  Demons and warriors were strewn about in decimated fashions of war.  The most unique thing, however, was the crystalline structure that encased the Dragoness Aurora, and the Dark prince for all eternity. 

The two figures were carefully separated, one sent to the mountains, to be buried by the dwarves of old to be forgotten in time.  The dragoness was set in a tomb of the kings, t be honored for her sacrifice in repelling the darkness from the world.  As for Alshedro, after he recovered he disappeared south, never to be heard form again.


The year is 2020, and once more all hell has broken loose on the planet.  A few years ago, in 2015, the thrive for better, renewable, more substantial energy sources lead to an expedition into the earth as scientist had found an odd energy blip.  After months of digging and research, The group had found what appeared to a unique gate like structure.  More time passed as scientist studied the door trying to unlock its secrets.  As winter set in, the energy readings seemed to spike, ever curious and ambitious, a small group of scientist cracked opened the door by force to find the tall structure of crystalline, encasing what seemed to be statue of a monstrosity in it.  Thinking the statue was the source of the power, the group began to chip away and dig deeper through the crystal.  Yet that is where they went wrong.  After another month of breaking the crystal, they cracked the shell that imprisoned the Dark prince.

Rewarding them, he enslaved them as his minions, turning some into grotesque monsters, to never leave the dig site again.  Years passed as the darkness spilled back into the world.  However as it did, magic began to resurface as well.  Certain humans began to gain abilities, yet the process was slow.  Within months the remaining humans were driven underground, in special fallout shelters built for those with abilities.  The world is now a wasteland, the Demons roam freely on the surface, and what is left of human race, hides underground waiting for something better emerge.  Those with abilities train to fight and combat against the evils.  Yet there numbers are small.

Who will save them?

So the story will revolve around us 3

Myself playing Alshedro, and his reincarnated form who is one of the super soldiers underground now
Saiyuri will be playing Aurora, who will be making a triumphant return

What we are looking for is a 3rd girl, to join us as one of the other super soldiers

What her abilities are and how her connection is with me can be discussed together, but were hoping for an eccentric player who has ideas to bring to the table as well!


Cant wait to have fun!

Here are some inspirational Pics!

Demon prince

Setting / Scenario


Alshedro / Kyler

Aurora Dragon Princess

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Offline Saiyuri

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Re: What Hell Breaks, Love Rebuilds (sci-fi horror fantasy) M & F looking for F
« Reply #1 on: September 13, 2016, 05:03:49 pm »
Yes yes!
Please come by and join the fun!

Offline Saleen Shadows

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Re: What Hell Breaks, Love Rebuilds (sci-fi horror fantasy) M & F looking for F
« Reply #2 on: September 13, 2016, 07:23:57 pm »
This is rather interesting and quite entertaining. I would like to join in if you don't mind. I'm not quite sure as to the limits of these super soldiers and would like to discuss more.

Offline ChreestaferTopic starter

Re: What Hell Breaks, Love Rebuilds (sci-fi horror fantasy) M & F looking for F
« Reply #3 on: September 13, 2016, 08:16:05 pm »
Hey there!

Thanks for showing interest!

Limit wise, it just depends on what kind of power you'd like her to have.  When I first envisioned these soldiers, I kind of feed off the idea of the soldiers from the older ps3 video game "Jericho" If you've ever played it before or heard of it.  They weren't super humans, like superman, but some had enhanced strength or speed, one girl used blood magic to create spells even.  The one I based the third character off of, and you don't have to play this at all, was a tech punk like girl who was great with computers.  One of her abilities in the game was she could time jump a few minuets forward or back, I always found her cool so I kind of modeled the 3rd around her.  Yet again, if you had other ideas feel free to run with what you had.

What all were you thinking?

Offline ChreestaferTopic starter

Re: What Hell Breaks, Love Rebuilds (sci-fi horror fantasy) M & F looking for F
« Reply #4 on: September 16, 2016, 08:13:54 am »
Concept still open to others, no name has been selected.  We won't be able to start this until later next week as both Saiyuri and I will be busy.

Offline ChreestaferTopic starter

Re: What Hell Breaks, Love Rebuilds (sci-fi horror fantasy) M & F looking for F
« Reply #5 on: September 19, 2016, 03:02:21 pm »
Still searching for a 3rd :)

Offline ChreestaferTopic starter


Offline Rosaline

I certainly have a bit of interest. Though I am not entirely certain what angle of abilities would work best. Considering demons are rampant, having her abilities being angelic in nature is pretty tempting. Such as, summoning feathered wings and perhaps having levels of light-oriented magic. Although as opposed to being a flat out offensive character her forte would lie in healing abilities and medical knowledge. Not to say she wouldn't be able to hold her own in a fight merely that her specialties would lie elsewhere. Though if this isn't exactly the angle you both are seeking, making a character with an ability to use blood magic may be quite as alluring as well. I am a little curious of the directions of the love triangle as well. As in, are you both seeking something along the lines of my character initially falling for Aurora and being envious of Aleshandro having Aurora's heart whilst maybe Aleshandro is with Aurora or seeking after my character's attention? Or some other way around? Also, are there any other limitations or preferences you both may have?

Offline ChreestaferTopic starter

I don't hate the angelic aspect. Just imagine these soldiers as fighters who have minor abilities for now.  Magic has been out of the world for so long.  Now that the gates have opened its initially opening the world back up to magic. Since it's just happened everyone who has some magic abilities, have scarce power. So she may be a healer, bringing people back from the dead is next to Impossible, for now, the wings are OK. Maybe they're just for look now but soon you can fly.  Think of these abilities in their infant stage.  My character has minor telekinetic abilities that will grow stronger.

As for the love aspect. We're looking for it ultimately end up in a 3way love triangle where we all love each other.  I'd like to start it out as a sort of competition though. In our barracks love and relationships are frowned upon. So I see our characters starting out in a secret romance, something that happened after he saved her or vice versa.  He was a normal soldier until the magic came back. Now he has dreams and visions of a past he never knew about. Starting out Aurora comes to him in his dreams or vision to save her. At first he doesn't know who or what she is, but soon it all comes back to him.

Offline Rosaline

Having character with abilities like healing can always be tricky. I wasn't thinking of the extent of ressurection. I do really like the idea of gradually growing into their powers. My character could be something along the lines of a field medic on the team. The realization of her coming powers could be minor enough to slightly alleviate pain as opposed to actually flat out healing the injury. Usually when I play my angels the wings are something that can be summoned, so to say. In the place of the wings I would have tribal markings from the backs of her shoulders to the hips. So, as a prelim to actual wings I could have the markings begin to show and have the wings unable to be summoned until the markings are complete. Even after they are first summoned it could be a more defensive reaction than intentional, and a total learning curve of how to even use them for flight. Say, she just uses them for speed or defense on the ground as opposed to jumping into the air and flying.

Any other abilities involving the light-based magic I was considering would be akin to using a flashbang. Just further on though, not right off the bat.

I definitely like the characters having ending up in a threeway love triangle. The secrecy and competition leading up to it is definitely enticing. Would the story be starting with the search for Aurora? Or finding her? I was also curious where my character would be starting off. Be it as on his team already, or coming across the team on the search for Aurora.

Offline ChreestaferTopic starter

I'm liking your character more and more :)

I'm thinking of starting us off when the dreams start to get heavy for MC.  The dreams are really visions of Aurora calling out to MC to come find her and release her from her entrapment.  However, MC doesn't know his past life, so it's all new to him. I see them starting out after a unique energy signal is found and the team is sent on a mission to figure out what it is.

You character could possibly have been a Nurse or a military Nurse the I could've saved before the whole demon outbreak.  Maybe they were friends who had feelings but never acted upon them until the "end of the world"

So I see them being in the same unit already.

Want to create somewhat a character conceot sheet and pm it to me and we can discuss more their?

Offline Rosaline

Why thank you kindly. :)

I can certainly say I like the direction this is going. I shall certainly get a character concept sheet typed up sent your way.