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Author Topic: (CRAVED) 4 ideas - IMMERSIVE WRITER WANTED - || F for M (character/s)  (Read 843 times)

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Offline Alive Until DeadTopic starter


YES, this thread has ideas you will also find on my "Ideas" thread called "DETAIL - DEPTH - DEBAUCHERY" however, I wanted to highlight these specifically as the TOP DESIRED plots of mine, by giving them a thread of their own to punctuate how much I want to find a writer to pick up even ONE of these ideas.

  • IMMERSIVE - not just offering details about your character (so I can play off them) but also being attentive enough as a writer to pick up on the details I provide about my character. Writers who can do this, are also more likely to be able to lead and follow with a natural flow and chemistry of the play. This means being able to write a readable personality; expressions, gestures, mannerisms, emotional indicators and even writing out the lack there of, when appropriate.
  • CO-WRITER - I have no problem taking lead, but I also enjoy when I get to "tag along" and that could be for a scene or a chain of events, just so long as I don't always know what's going to happen. Basically, I want you to be half of whatever story we're playing, one way or another. I have no interest in writing by myself. xD
  • PLOT & SMUT - By smut, I mean sexiness, sexual tension, sexual interaction and even conflict. Regardless, those bits should be surrounded by the plot and driven by the emotions, quirks, principals and standards of our characters. The things we play for the plot, should help build the chemistry and tension between the characters, be it physical, psychological or both!
  • THIRD PERSON, PAST TENSE - sometimes the present tense finds its way in, but mostly I prefer we write third person and past tense, like we're telling different sides of the same story.
  • PICTURES -  you have to at least select/agree on the images, I will make the banners and provide the codes for you to use them. So yes, you need to be okay with, or enjoy the visual aids (my memory isn't as awesome as awesome due to an old accident, so it helps me remember who and what I'm playing before I even begin to read, that's the biggest reason I like using them.)
  • OOC CANDOR - if you love an idea, except one or two things, tell me, especially if you have ideas on how to tweak it to your liking. The point is for both of us to be thrilled about playing, so help me accomplish that by being candid about what you like and what ideas you may have!

Please also take some time to gander at my O/O, there's a compatibility check list and lots of details on the things I like. No need to memorize it, or soak it in all at once, it's not going anywhere. :-p Also not a bad idea to skim my Recent Posts before contacting me.

Without further delay, the top 4 ideas I'd like to play...

#7 - WITCH WHACK: spellbound (CRAVED) - ADDED 07-15-16 @ 11:50pm Eastern Standard Time

Two Notoriously Untouchable Outlaws.
One Wickedly Hellacious Witch.
Three Barbed Cages.
One Way Out.

  • SETTING will be either the "Wild West" post civil war, OR a bordertown, post-apocalypse of a technology nature.
  • THE MEN, or man if you'd rather play on on one, DO NOT know that supernatural creatures and magics are real, until they meet her.
  • THE MEN, or man, may have seen her face in a painting before, a hundred year old painting, prior to spotting her during a heist. 
  • Whether it was because they'd seen her face before, or because she was the only one not willing to let them take what she had, she is the reason the men get caught, and they are the reason she gets caught. (We can discuss the specifics of the heist and their capture!)
  • OPENING SCENE will be in the cages, each to their own. At some point during their initial engagement, she will try to strike a deal, knowing they have loyal and fast horses. She gets them out of the cages, they give her a horse (though one or both should counter offer to give her a ride with them on their horse, rather than giving up a horse.)
  • It is during the breakout they first see her use magic, and see her eyes change colors.
  • I leave it up to you, whether or not they've heard the campfire stories about her-- as per the rhyme on her banner.
  • Assuming you like the idea, I most certainly do want her to have heard of them and know who they are.
  • She is and will be their doorway into the Supernatural war, and by helping her escape fast enough not to be recaptured or shot, they unwittingly become her accomplices in the eyes of those that hunt her for her publicized transgressions.
  • Plot Drama will come from some powerful Witches who're hunting Poe, AND from various Lawmen, bounty hunters, and cross victims or rival outlaws who may be gunning for your character/s. (so we'll both be driving the story)
  • During their escape, Poe gets hit by a magic arrow which temporarily strips her of her ability to conjure and use magic, thus making her rely on the man/men longer than she would have liked, which may entail her making a deal with them to help him/them with an impossible heist later down the road, or some such.
  • Whether you are playing one of the two men, or both of them as partners/relatives/friends, I will take care of the Supernatural elements (unless you'd like to join in!)
  • 5'3'', 118lbs, black eyes (except when using magic, then gold) black/darkbrown hair, appears 16-20 but is actually closer to 325 years old.
  • She practices two kinds of magic, blood/sacrifice magic, and soul-magic (using the power of her own supernatural soul.)
  • Other than her magic, which has kept her alive this long, she is restricted to normal human limitations.
  • Using magic, any magic for more than a few seconds, allows the coven who want to execute her, to find her, this will play a continuous challenge and theme throughout the play as she works on a cloaking spell for her magic.
  • She has been all over the world, and stories of her are told all over the world-- some depicting her as an angel, and other as a devil.
  • Having been on her own most of her life, she's very independent, sometimes mouthy and reflexively prone to looking out for herself above all others; I do desire that her experience with your character/s will help her remember some people are likable and worth getting to know, even if she is likely to out live them. xD
  • I am rather partial to using the female picture base as seen. If she doesn't appeal to you, this plot isn't for you.
  • I would LOVE to find a quality, immersive RPer who can and wants to play both men as partners in crime, friends or relatives,-- one can be the main character and the other the supporting, but I like the idea of this plot enough to be perfectly happy with just one of them.
  • Obviously one is older than the other. The oldest man I imagine being very level headed, self-controlled, and blunt-- he's not unintelligent by any means, but may let people think he is. Anson Mount from "Hell on Wheels" is the PB shown above, but you're free to change him!
  • The Younger one I imagine being more impulsive, perhaps even hot-headed and subsequently savage/dangerous.. which is why he sticks to sleight of hand, despite being a very proficient gunslinger. He is pictured as Josh Heartnet from "Penny Dreadful" he is also not mandatory for this plot.
  • Aside from mentioned traits, it's up to you to decide their personalities, quirks, strengths and flaws and YES, I would like them to be contrasting yet complimentary if you're playing both men.
  • Up until they realize Magic is real, and there's a whole other world they haven't seen or been certain enough to notice, they've considered themselves as untouchable as their reputation suggests they are.
  • SUPER important, no matter if you're just playing one man or two, that you are a detailed and immersive player. You can write out your character's personality, mannerisms, observations, deductive reasoning, idle/subconscious thoughts, and even their style of dress, in some manner, in every post. I want to read your posts and feel like I could imagine myself there, looking at them or interacting with them.
  • While sexual tension should and probably will be high, there will and should also be a lot of conflicting tension from them clashing, or trying not to like one another which will certainly be her standpoint from the start, trying not to like him/them.
  • If you do play both men, I can and will bring in a second female character upon request and discussion.
  • YOU MUST be able and willing to pay attention to details and portray at least one of the men as perceptive if not intuitive.
  • Most important, if you have questions or ideas of your own, please ask and share!

#15 - POWER SOURCE: hunted (CRAVED) - ADDED 08-20-16 @ 04:30PM Eastern Standard Time

Twenty three years ago there was a world wide black out.
Eighteen years ago, the man who caused it, created a solution for it.
Two years ago, rumor broke out about the cause and power source.
Now, that power source is being hunted down by every nation,
all the while, Outlaws are waging war and trying to find it first.
CAYEDEN CASSIDY - the power source

BIRTH NAME:: Cayden Lee Cassidy
COMMON NAME:: Cayden or Cassidy
GIVEN NAMES:: Blue Eyes, Blondy, Cass, Cay, Cayd, (more may be added later)
AGE:: 18
BIRTH PLACE:: Southeast Commonwealth, March - 5 years after the black out
HEIGHT:: 5'6'' (160 cm)
WEIGHT:: 133 lbs (50 kg)
EYE COLOR:: blue
HAIR COLOR:: blonde/dirty blonde
ID MARKS::Few arrow scars (front right thigh, left ass cheek and right shoulder,) two bullet scars (right shoulder all the way through, right front abdomen,) small circular birthmark on her left breast (usually hidden by her clothes,) also identified by electrical objects still plugged in or connected to an otherwise functioning battery/power source, to turn on.
ABILITY/ies:: Unknown to her, there is a chip inside her body, near her heart, which makes all the power-sucking nanites go inert around her, allowing powered objects to kick on as they had been at the time before the black out. This chip also reprograms the nanites in her own body, to heal damages and preserve her well being in unbelievable time (though not without leaving a scar.)

PERSONALITY:: " grow up fast or you die young..." was her take on the world, even at a young age. She's fiercly independant but also compassionate and willful enough to fight for more than just her own life-- when she can. Her mother died giving birth to her, and her ability kicked in after she hit puberty, around 13/14, which soon followed her father getting ill and dying, leaving her on her own with only in journals to explain what she is, or rather, what's inside her, and her purpose for having it. These sequence of events has made her as curious as she is a bit quirky and quite capable. She's brilliant, and savy when it comes to staying alive. She can be as witty as she can be utterly stoic and hard to read, though her eyes are usually telling either way. (We can discuss if she's sexually experienced or not, I'm okay either way but wont deny the appeal of playing such discoveries such as pleasure during sex which, virgin or not, she may not have much experience with.)

ACCUMULATED SKILLS:: Linguistics, Research/Investigation, Observation, Cryptography, Basic Engineering, Hunting, Tracking, Trapping, Hiding, Running, Sabotage, Stealth, Archery, Cooking, Thieving, & Lying.

CURRENT LOCATION:: Westlands, where there is the least amount of old technology and a lot of space to run and hide as the threat of more hunters looms over her.

  • Growing up in the Southeatern Comonwealth, she was well educated and her intelligence fostered.
  • When she hit pueberty and things started turning on within twenty feet of her, the community banded together to build a bunker for her to live in while she and her father tried to determine if and how she could control it. This soon became the Comonwealths greatest secret.
  • For her 16th birthday, the same day her father died, he took her to the Confederation, to see slavery first hand and try to explain her purpose... things didn't go well and he died to protect her and give her a running start toward the Westlands.
  • For the last two years, she's been a nomad, wandering up and down, east and west, through the Westland trading posts and communities, never staying in one place longer than a week, and doing her best not to go to the same place twice-- though accidents and fatigue happen...
  • For this plot, I like the idea of her resisting/not liking the idea of help, even though she knows she needs it as the different factions close in on her with more and more floating tech on the bodies of scouts, hunters, and killers.
  • Her picture base IS negotiable-- ideally, she should rock your socks at first glance.
  • If you like the bullet points for this plot, and the female lead, then please come back to properly read through the "STORY GLOSSARY & INFO CENTER" spoiler below this list. It's important for the plot and all things are negotiable from the names to the factions.
  • Your Character (YC) crosses paths with Cayden, either because he's a hunter looking for her, a rebel trying to save her, or an Outlaw Killer from King's Malitia, who just happens to find her before the Hunters do-- no matter what you decide, the meat of the plot hinges on him having to spend time with her, and possibly debating what he wants to do with her, versus what he should do with her...
  • This IS a plot with room for NC-ish elements, I'm not actually into rape, but I LOVE sexual tension when it's not otherwise wanted by the character in play, and I also enjoy my characters being pushed into wanting sex with men they shouldn't want to have sex with.
  • Most of the antagonsitic elements of the plot will be through NPC's we'll play of other Hunters and such, trying to stake claim on the young woman who can turn the lights back on.
  • The internal meat of the plot will be in the conflict between our characters... YC with his duty and her with her need to survive, compounded by their undesired, but undeniable attraction.
  • Opening scene would idealy be me posting her running right into YC or a trap he set, or a fight he's in, etc. Please be sure to PM me your thoughts on how you'd like them to meet!

This section will be updated and edited as necessary, to keep certain details clear and easy to reference.
YES, this plot is inspired by the TV show "REVOLUTION" and shares some characteristics.

  • KING REPUBLIC // Northeast Territory // Borders the Westlands and the Seaboard Commonwealth. Most militaristic, brutal and strict with weapons control among their population-- Ruled by Commander KingNPC and enforced by Kings Militia, which has been known to kidnap young adults and teens for "conditioning" to be members of their Malitia. What the conditioning entails, is the King Republics best kept secret. Kings Republic receives various payments from most of the nations to hunt and kill the raiding Outlaws from the Skag Flats.
  • WESTLANDS // Far&Mid West territory // Borders ALL other territories. Largest expanse of land, filled with nomadic people, the traders with the best trading posts, and strict keepers of neutral peace-- their strength is in their numbers and communication network. Also ground zero for the tech-death-apocalypse (TDA, or "TuhDAh" as some people call it) and the land with the least amount of remaining technologies, most of it gathered and burned, buried or bashed to pieces.
  • SEABOARD COMMONWEALTH // Mid Eastern territory //  Borders the Westlands, King Republic, and the Southeast Confederation-- this nation has the reputation to have the brightest minds on the continent.  Its they who developed new "technologies" after the techno-apocalypse, bringing back steam powered machines and other devices working on alternative power sources.  They claim to have access to large quantities of knowledge found in ruins from the world before the blackout. Ruled by scholars. Secretly funding the rebels to bring back one country and the old ways by bartering the transit of goods from the Southeast Confederation to the other nations.
  • SOUTHEAST CONFEDERATION // South Eastern most territory //  Borders the Westlands, Skag Flats and the Seaboard Common Wealth. An alliance of small townships/cities under the influence of a powerful group of landowners. This oligarchy produces food and brought back slavery. Anyone who cannot pay their tribute to the leading family is turned into a slave and sent to the fields. In an alliance with King Republic, providing food in exchange of protection.
  • SKAG FLATS // Burning Wasteland(desert) south of the Westlands and West of the Southeast Confederation // A gang of misfits, loners, scavengers and brutes commonly called Outlaws.  Ruled by the strongest fighter they often raid their neighbors.  Rumored to resort to cannibalism when they cannot find food. Killed on sight by most people able and willing, otherwise reported to the King Republic for extermination.
  • REBELS // a movement within all nations // - made up of those who want one country/nation again, not the current divide they found themselves in.

  • April 1, 2017 CE - A Lab in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, unleashes nano-technology capable of self-replicating in the atmosphere. In less than a day, they sucked up all the power and made their way across the world, sending civilization spiraling into dark age chaos and suffering. The whole socioeconomic world came to a crashing halt, hundreds of thousands dying in the first week alone, and millions by months end. For eight torturous months the world fought for some kind of stability and hierarchy among the people, realizing the power wasn't coming back on, and no one was coming to save them. 
  • January 1, 0 ABO - Corporal Christian King had maintained a small band of military men who became known as Kings Militia which targeted brutal gangs preying on defenseless people and groups, with brutality of their own. As their fame grew, so did their ranks, and their appetites. King was named Commander of the entire Militia within three months, with a number of Generals relaying his orders, and with an army at his back, he set forth to take over and restore order to the Northeast. A feat which only took a month to do, an before summer hit, he named his territory, King Republic. 
  • June 1, 0 ABO - A different kind of take-over was occurring in the west, all the way to the coastline, people were destroying old forms of technology and setting up trade routes and communication outposts-- they remained well informed of Kings Malitia and the new King Republic, just as they knew Land Owners in Georgia and the Carolinas up through Virginia, were banding together with fragments of their governments, to unify their territories, though the civil wars were arguably more bloody than the wake of Kings Malitia, there weren't as many deaths and those who rebelled against the Land Owners and their affiliates, were enslaved by force and threat of starvation.
  • December - 0 ABO - The actual dates remain unclear but by this time the Landowners named their territory the Southeast Confederation and they horded their food stores during the winter, arguably the deadliest winter since the black out. It left a valley of death between the well prepared Southeast Confederation and the not so prepared but undeniably resistant King Republic. A void which was filled by those who sought to learn and create things, rather than claim territory and starve people. They helped the two nations on either side, to maintain the peace, and in sharing some of their refurbished and reinvented technologies, and thus became the Seaboard Commonwealth, highly respected, yet also seen as highly intelligent outcasts. 
  • March - 1 ABO - The trade routes and information centers of the west were commonly referred to and so named, Westlands. They became the place for the average survivors and National representatives to mingle, trade information, goods and rumors. In their unification and accepted by the other three factions, they subsequently created the Skag Flats where most of the scourge of the apocalypse was pushed out to by the people, and Kings Malitia, still sporting the good-brutal-men reverence. 
  • October 18, 3 ABO - The Southeast Confederation makes an alliance with King Republic to exchange regular food shipments for protection from Outlaws from the Skag Flats and Slave Uprisings. By the end of the year, King Republic has 4 outposts within the Southeast Confederation, which constitute KR territory.
  • April 25th, 5 ABO - Tensions rise between the King Republic and the Southeast Confederation over absent or slow food deliveries. As war threatens, the Westlands boom with tradegoods, including food. Supplying their own raw materials, specializing in metals.
  • August 24, 7 ABO - Southeast Confederation makes a long term trade deal with the Seaboard Commonwealth for steam trucks to transport crops and cattle to the Westlands, King Republic and the Commonwealth itself.   
  • Febuarary 5, 11 ABO - a Rebel uprising in King Republic pushes Commander King to instate a law against civilians carrying guns of any kind, raids take place and hundreds are slaughtered in the largest arms claim in history. In doing so, the Republic became the most well armed faction, with the best trained and equipped soldiers. Some in the Westlands confirm the raids reached well into the Seaboard Commonwealth, under an undisclosed treaty of protection, shared technology exclusivity, and gun ownership to King Republic in exchange for no deaths. Some believe the lack of deaths is the only reason it was allowed to happen.
  • July 13, 12 ABO - The people pushed to the Skag Flats start organizing under a single leader, and demand recognition as Outlaws of the other nations, plunderers and boogeymen. Their first targets were within King Republic, and the losses were heavy on both sides, with skirmish wars going on for months. By the end of it, King Republic demanded all nations accept a Kill On Sight law, for all Outlaws. The only nation to offer objection was the Seaboard Commonwealth, which negotiated an Extermination Alert Protocol to quickly inform Kings Militia of Outlaw sightings. By the end of the year, the EAP was adopted by all nations for civilians unable or unwilling to kill another person. 
  • November 30, 18 ABO - The longest peace since the black out, is broken by new skirmish raiding wars waged by Outlaw packs, all answering to a new leader. Every Nation feels the pain, though the King Republic lost the most men. It it believed this is when the kidnapping and coerced recruitment began to replenish the ranks, though the quickness with which the Republic recovered, suggested to both the Commonwealth and the Westlands to suspect it had begun long before the Raid Wars. The Confederation lost the most in goods, and the Westlands lost the most in structures, most of their trading posts burnt to the ground. Rumors begin to spread about a rebel faction which helped civilians in each nation, rebuild, rebels spreading word about a group that wanted to renuinte all the nations. When Kings Militia begins killing these ambassadors, the movement goes quiet, but doesn't lose speed in gaining members in the other nations. 
  • May 4, 21 ABO - Rumor breaks about a programmer from before the blackout, a man who some come to believe, didn't just cause it, he created technology so small he now controlled the world. Most dismissed it as whimsical stories, one of many attempted explanations for what had happened when civilization died and had to be reborn again. However, by the end of the year, there were a few reports that could draw a line through the Southeast Confederation and Seaboard Commonwealth, into the Westlands. A line of reports of various old technologies, suddenly turning on. Commander King was the first ruler to give the claims credit by sending scouts across all the continent, with various old-tech, waiting for it to work, and confirm the rumors.
  • Sepetember 22, 22 ABO - A mutiny brews inside the Republic as even the Generals begin to loose faith in Commander King, but on this day, word gets back to the Commander and the Republic as a whole, that the rumors of a power source, were true and the Westlands as a whole were accused of harboring said power source. An accusation with closed the Westlands borders to every nation for the rest of the year, a reaction which forced the Republic to give into the pressure from the other nations to that they be civil about investigating and finding the power source. Meanwhile, the Outlaws begin their own raiding searches in an effort to beat the Republic and gain conquering power. 
  • July 10, 23 ABO - The Westlands are so ravaged by the Outlaw Raids that they open their boarders to a complete search and seize of any power source, to the Republic, in exchange for fighting the Outlaws back to the Skag Flats. Two different factions of Kings Malitia are dispatched, a team of hunters trained to kill as skillfully as they retrieve, and a few small groups of executioners, specifically trained to track and kill Outlaws. Secretly, all the other Nations also send their own undercover hunters to find the power source, fearful of what Commander King might do if he gets it first. Some of them intentionally make false reports to slow the hunt for their opponents, muddling the information network and forcing all the hunters to rely on their own skills and intel...

... more may be added later ...
THE MAN, Your Character
  • If you don't have a picture options to suggest for him, or one in mind for his likeness when you message me with who you'd like to play, I will help you find one based on how you describe your character.
  • As a reminder, he can be from any faction/nation, he can be a Hunter, Executioner, Scout, Rebel, Lone-Wolf, even an Outlaw with the right ideas to support it without it being too NC.
  • I do want to play into age, so he should be 30-45.
  • Playing into size differences is optional.
  • He can be clean cut and militaristic, or gruff and rogueish, whatever inspires you the most!
  • In depth character only, with an immersive writer to portray him please!!!

#16 - BLACKTOWN: nomad nation?  (CRAVED) - ADDED 08-21-16 @ 02:53AM Eastern Standard Time

(Yes, the above banner is who I would like YOU to play, with whatever personality the general banner/picturebase inspires.
I can and will change the Jason Momoa images if you prefer a different look, but he is best suited for this plot concept-- to me.)

  • "Blacktown" is named for the fact it's rumored to be the go-to place for black market and black magic goods.
  • As the plot name suggests, it's a nomadic nation of people, perhaps this is one town of many, could be any setting, though modern(w/scifi elements)/post-apoc would be my preference.
  • If, in reading through their blurbs and the rest of this info, you have your own ideas how open a scene, PLEASE SHARE, I'm totally open on collaborating on something I didn't consider. xD
  • For the right partner, I will introduce all three female character choices, with your favorite as the "main squeeze/heart throb", and yes the plot opening/starting direction will differ depending on which female you prefer.
    • Deevs (1st option) would open with her blazing into their current set up of town, trailers, tents and the like, details to be discussed.
    • Franky (2nd Option) would open with some locals harassing her about who she is after closing the bar, like they're trying to pick a fight or run her out of Blacktown.
    • Isis (3rd Option) would open with her getting too close to Blacktown and being dragged in by low-level border patrolmen looking to interrogate her.
  • The Head Enforcer, Your Character (YC) knows everything that goes on in Blacktown, he also helps to organize their moves from one place to another. As the title suggests, he's the guy who handles security, which includes unwanted/unexpected drifters, investigators, local authorities and looky-loo's some of which he delegates, some he handles himself. All of these elements will likely pop up in the plot as we deem fit!
  • Black magic, supernatural humans/beings, questionable dealings, psychics, seers, the whole lot, as much as you can stomach!
  • Yes, this plot will revolve around YC, if that wasn't obvious, which makes it important you have an idea of his personality and leadership tactics, before you contact me, even if its a few ideas.
  • Each female has a subplot/background tied to them, so being honest about your preferences, in order, will be important, regardless of who I'm playing as a main and who I might bring in as a supporting or NPC character.
  • While sex shouldn't be the main drive of the plot and subplots, I do very much want and expect sexual elements to make it into the other goings on within the town. We can discuss kinks and plot twists there in!


DELTA VON SECK - aka - DVS/Devious, Deevs
The kind of witch you want on your good side. She's a petite and curvy five foot power-house
of natural magical ability built on a few centuries of practice and magic accumulation which is
why other witches don't even like to be around her. She's trouble with tits and a fiery attitude
to take-no-shits from anyone. Deevs isn't really part of the Blacktown community, however,
she's handy to have around when you need someone of her abilities, and she isn't someone
you decline to sell goods to, especially with the price of a favor. No one really knows how she
spends her time, but rumor has it, when she isn't indulging in physical and psychological
pleasures, she's terrorizing who ever she deems needs punishing. This time she's in town with
an obscure shopping list and a few peace offerings for being a general pain in the ass.

FRANKY HART - aka - Franky The Bartender (badass)
Blacktown Bartender. She was a drifter a long time ago, but managed to seed herself as part
of the community before YC became head enforcer. As far as anyone knew, she was just a
hot, evasive but charming bartender who maybe had a psychic ability of some kind, on
account for her knack for knowing what drink people wanted before they asked. Some thought
her submissive, other just figured she didn't like conflict. The only thing besides her bar-tending
skills, anyone really knew for sure, was that she didn't like to be touched (except when she
not that anyone was aware.) Six months ago, everyone, including YC, found out why--
a barfight got out of hand and the compact thirty-something, five-four-nobody put seven men
on the floor, and sent three of them to the local healer. No one has looked at her the same since,
and the fact she's a mystery is beginning to mount tension in the community against her, rumors
of her being a spy and the like. She's not a spy, but she has been running from her past which
she refuses to talk about.

ISIS ANKH - aka - Carla Cash, Nadia Loken, and many others...
She's been a brilliant outsider her whole life, seeming to bring out the best, or worst in people with no idea why.
Her tattoos are representations of emotional pain given physical presence as a reminder of her survival.
The leggy blonde also feels like she being followed by darkness in that, weird things always happen around her.
Computers, gadgets and other technology became her refuge. Her therapy. It was also the epicenter for the
majority of the arrests under her belt, from hacking to unauthorized drone flight and theft of government
property. Most of the arrests were thrown out on a wide variety of technicalities, the only conviction on her
record is public indecency when she was 18, about four years ago. Several agencies try to keep an eye on
her but she's a master at digital drag nets and ghosting; which is also how she found out about Blacktown
and decided to check it out in the hopes someone could confirm if she's cursed. (She's not, she's a conduit
and amplifier for all kinds of energy, particularly moods and magic, though she possess no magic of her
own otherwise. and has no idea what she is.) Without an invite, she had no idea what she's getting into.

  • The lead female, should be the one you/your character are most attracted to all the way around.
  • The condition for me bringing in the other women, is entirely upon your ability to inspire with just the one to start.
  • Each woman has her own sexuality. Franky is likely going to be the toughest/most intense challenge, but also perhaps worth it. Deevs is a wildcard with a lot of buttons and no shame, so she is arguably the "easiest" so to speak. Isis is kind of in the middle, socially/sexually/romantically deprived but no less wanting and sometimes impulsive enough to take it.
  • Deevs is best paired with a man who won't get jealous about her having multiple partners, isn't afraid of sensually passionate sex, and a wide variety of foreplay...
  • Franky is best paired with a perspective button pusher who actually cares about her and her trust in him; a man not afraid to get close or touch her.
  • Isis is best paired with a cunningly blunt flirt, a man to remind her there's more to life than tech, and that she's as stunning as her mind.
  • It's perfectly AWESOME if YC is a chameleon sort who can fit all three types of man! Or also quite hot if he's better suited for one more than the others.
  • Regardless of who may be your favorite, please consider making YC supernatural, whether he has magic, or an ability, or is a shifter or whatever.

  • PLEASE take some time to read a few of my RECENT POSTS, that are replies for a story... this will let you know the level of detail and immersive style I'm looking for.
  • Give your PM a subject like, like "BLACKTOWN prospect!" or something...
  • If you want to change the Momoa pictures for YC's banner, please send me examples!
  • If Jason Momoa isn't the kind of likeness for you, it doesn't excite you to play him, etc, this isn't the plot for you.
  • If at least one of the three women presented don't make your loins twitch, than this isn't the plot for you.
  • If you're not into gritty, suspenseful, sexually tense drama type plots, than this probably isn't one for you.
  • If you don't enjoy a little world-building with both leading and following along/rolling with the punches, this probably isn't a plot for you.
  • If you're not sure about your writing prowess, so to speak, than this isn't the plot to start with.
  • If size difference play, instant attractions, intelligent partners, deep penetration, excessive cum, multiple orgasms, squirting, sexual tug-a-war, some bondage, and possible borderline NC elements don't trip your trigger, then, yeah, you guessed it, this may not be the plot for you. No hard feelings though!

#17 - UNDERCOVER: discover or die (CRAVED) - ADDED 08-30-16 @ 9:47pm Eastern Standard Time

Detachment and mission focus always seemed easy...
Then she got a new case, and a new handler...
Things got real complicated, real quick...

THE PLOTs and the MEN (handler or target)
Because I like, both the idea of her with her handler, and her with a man in the organization/network for the case she's working on, I wanted to write plot profiles for both.

  • I imagine a modern-realistic type world with supernatural/paranormal elements not public knowledge.
  • I also see this world having a few agencies and private organizations who's job it is to keep such things from public knowledge.
  • I'm perfectly fine with us taking creative liberties on historic events, as they "really happened" versus recorded history.
  • Whether or not you want to play a supernatural/paranormal man, is totally up to you; but I do love it.
  • Maddox is her current alias, a carry over from a related case TBD.
  • She has a handler for every case, though not always the same handler as there are times she's asked to work cases with a specific handler.
  • There is a small group of five, who know who she really is, and they are called Asset Control, they decide who handles what case with what handler.
  • The agency with which she's employed, I imagine as a black-op type organization few even know the name of, other than those within it. Name TBD.
  • Maddox is telepathic, but only Asset Control knows this, because she's very good at hiding it (most of the time to the mass majority of even the most perceptive people-- totally cool if your character is an exception, so long as you can play such perceptiveness well.)
  • This plot should be both plot heavy and sex/sexual tension heavy, to whatever ratio comes natural as we play.
  • That said, I wand to discuss the actual case she's working, based on the idea/tid-bits/suggestions for the two main male characters I'd like to put her in a plot with.
  • Ultimately, it should be a case with very high stakes, globally, or to the human population in mass numbers.

  • Most of the plot/play would revolve around her meeting with her handler to debrief, in various states, in different locations, after different spans of time.
  • Playing the handler gives us a lot of creative freedom to play with the scenarios and circumstances of their covert meetings.
  • I would like there to be immediate attraction, be it physically, mentally, or both.
  • However, I would prefer they both try to keep things professional despite how hard we make it for them.
  • The handler is the longer game, high in sexual tension, slow-cooking to the actual sex.
  • I imagine most of their meetings being a few hours, or maybe a night/day at a time, so despite the simmering tug-of-war between them, the plot will be quicker moving in "shorter" scenes (in terms of IC time spans)
  • The Handler provides a taboo love of forbidden fraternizing, which neither of them have had a problem with until now.
  • Yes, this would be the first time they meet, though he may have heard of her unofficially in chats he's not supposed to have with other handlers.
  • The Handler should be of a strong military background, though not necessarily with a good/clean record.
  • Ideally we start with them meeting so he can brief her on the case-- both getting a location independently, obscure, remote, and impossible to get to on accident.
  • This opening scene is where the first impressions and initial impact of attraction should happen. When they realize there's a mutual desire to break the rules, if only there wasn't a pressing need to prepare her for what she's going in for.
  • It can be any time of the day or night, and may or may not include one of them bringing food/drink.
  • If you want to make this meeting more interesting/kinky we can bring her in directly from another case, with whatever attire we agree on, and him bringing her new wardrobe and the freedom/need to take a shower.
  • If you enjoy playing doctor-like scenes, she can have a cut/injury that needs stitching and requires her to be half naked and him very close to her while he patches her up and briefs her.
  • To really spice up their first meeting, they could arrive around the same time to the point whoever's ahead of the other, feels like they're being followed and engages before they get to the actual location-- putting them in a physical conflict before they figure out who eachother is and why they're the were going the same way; obviously when he gets a good look at her.
  • Regardless of his age he should be experienced enough to have a sense of wisdom and calm about him.
  • He should be physically capable and skilled enough to give her a run for her money, if not beat her.
  • He should also be psychologically perceptive, as a handler, to read into things she doesn't say or want to say, I'll help you with that in my posts.
  • I don't necessarily really want them sleeping together in the first night/meeting/interaction, but I admit, with the right plot and partner playing the right kind of character chemistry, I'm not striking it completely off the table, though they should try to regret it/not talk about it for a few scenes/meetings after it happens-- until one of them breaks for some reason and pushes the other one into caving with them.
  • Bonus points if he's paranormal/supernatural in some way; particularly for the perk of him admiring that she's tough as hell for a human.
  • Bonus points if he's been married, widowed or divorced, but otherwise jaded to the idea of getting involved with someone again, yet couldn't help but have wayward thoughts and feelings when reading through her NTK (need to know) profile and alias dossier, making his surprised to recognize her own attraction and intrigue in him when they meet-- setting off a chain reaction of moments within the bigger plot.
  • More special points if you're open to the idea of this being a very delicate case in which the handler has to go under with her because reporting back otherwise might be too difficult and hard to plan. In this optional scenario, I like the idea he's supposed to be her brother undercover, adding to the reasons of why they shouldn't give in, even if they do, and even if they get caught by those they're infiltrating. If they're caught, I imagine the targets actually being aroused by the idea he might be banging his younger sister, that they might even encourage them to be publicly passionate during "off hours"...
  • You don't have to know the kind of case you'd like her to work, but please have an idea of the kind of handler/man you want to play!
  • He may not actually be her target, unless you're playing him and want him to be!
  • This man shouldn't be the boss, but part of his elusive inner circle, in some way, and perhaps the one with all the information she needs.
  • Without question, he should be a little older than her, and skeptically intrigued by her.
  • I prefer he be perceived by most as cold and calculating, even if he's a lot more passionate than anyone knows.
  • Because of the plot idea I have to open with this guy, I know playing him has the advantage of them being physical/intimate and somewhat indebted to each other in the opening scene.
  • It's important to this plot, that he be openly interested in women, but never actually been known to take one to bed, or stick around for any orgy parties that may go on for whatever reason.
  • Why he's never been known to actually sexually engage a woman, is up to you, but know, he breaks the streak with her. xD
  • So, the reason he can't be the Boss is because the opening introduction I have in mind, hinges on them trying not to get caught in the same area, for different reasons, less she be discovered, and he be suspected of treason or some such.
  • This opening scene would take place after a summarized narrative I'd post about her being tortured/vetted/interrogated into the circle, which your character was witness to, if not having carried out himself (to be discussed, not played out.)
  • After she's been "vetted" she's given free roam of whatever location their in, we can decide, it's hours, maybe a day later, when she finds your character walking in the doorway of a secret room (either he shouldn't have himself, or shouldn't be in), OR if you enjoy the kink, the Boss' office in that location; where neither of them should be.
  • She of course follows out of curiosity and hope for information/leverage she can use, but he can see her approach on hidden camera feeds on monitors inside the room, and the closing approach of the Boss around the corner of the connecting hall, or those who'd report suspicious behavior to him, so he has to act and think fast.
  • Ideally, he's already a little smitten with her, for her mental and physical fortitude, he may even already suspect she's playing some other angle, even if he can't yet prove it.
  • To promote the ongoing conflict and sexual interactions between them, I imagined he would snatch her and drag her out as the door closes, before she gets a proper look, and forces a kiss (whether or not explains the danger they're in) to try to will her into a reaction distracting enough for those who'd find them.
  • Considering I like the idea of her being instantly attracted to him when they first meet, I expect she will impulsively kiss back and imagine that scene/moment which sparks the initial fire between them, giving credibility to their surprise when they're caught, and the shock of how much they enjoyed the decoy kiss that could have been more.
  • Yes, the kiss should be hesitant/cautious to begin with, and progress into the second round of posts when they actually get caught, meaning I want to play the spark of passion as they feel the bridled need in eachother and the sudden desire to do something about it-- though they can't right away.
  • How things go from there, how they actually end up having sex, is entirely up to what we decide she's there for, case wise, and what reactions/expectations come from the men who find them making out.
  • The forward plot would be played both just between them, and them with other members she may be trying to get or piece information from, or simply have to deal with to maintain her cover.
  • I am TOTALLY open to him finding out she's undercover, but only if you enjoy the idea of him NOT wanting to rat her out, when he otherwise normally would have in a heartbeat, if not kill her himself.


Maddox "Mads/Maddy" LaMarr
28 years old
5-foot 7-inches
one hundred and thirty-eight pounds

Eyes ::» Right eye brown, Left eye green
Hair ::» Dark Mahogany Brown
Piercings/Tattoos ::» Ears pierced, winged scarab in a simple line design tattoo halfway down her back and across her shoulder blades, it descends into another tattoo, of an equally simple sword which extends all the way to the crease of her rear at its point.
Scars/I.D. Marks ::» Scar over her right eyebrow; scar at the bottom of her left eye which is slightly notched with missing scar tissue (the green eye a transplant); surgical scar from her navel to the peak of her ribcage, straight up her center; more jagged scar across her lower abdomen from her upper right hip to her lower left hip; smoother scar across the right side of her lower back just above the curve of her rear.

Notable Family ::» None.
General Demeanor/Personality ::» Self-reliant; Untrusting; Manipulative & Using of others on an as-needed basis; Deceptive; Extremely resourceful; Provocative; Unsuspectingly violent;  Willful/Stubborn; Protective of those loyal to her; Selectively Reclusive; Graceful; Passionate; Seductive; Territorial; Intuitively impulsive; Perceptive of base instincts; Witty with a questionable humor;
Quirks/Weaknesses ::» Pot Smoker; Sapiosexual; Takes a daily dose of poison cocktails to continue building on her immunity; Can't usually truly sleep without being strapped down or given a paralytic; Doesn't like to handle or use guns;

Best Skills ::» Manipulation (including Seduction;) Deception & Deception Detection; Behavioral Analysis; Stealth; Evasion; Chemistry (specialty in poisons); Engineering (specialty in explosives/demolition); Extreme Torture Endurance and Counter Interrogation; Hand to hand combat (armed and unarmed);

General Skills ::» Cooking; Massage; Meditation; Mixing massage & bath oils; Judo; Dance (wide variety); Running; Swimming; Deep Sea Diving; Precision Driving; Sky-diving; Hang gliding; Base Jumping; Languages (English, Spanish, Farsi, Arabic, French and Russian, all in various dialects, some German and Congolese Dialects)

Reputation ::» Some say she's bat-shit crazy. Other will attest to how brilliantly calculating she can be without anyone even realizing it. Either way she's renowned for being sly and easy on the eyes, even when she's about to slit someone's throat for betraying her or otherwise pushing a button they shouldn't have pushed, few as they are.  She has an uncanny knack for being around when least expected, and rumored to have some special kind of "juju" when it comes to avoiding guns.

Brief Known History ::» She's never been arrested, though made it on various persons of interest list when it comes to explosives and mass poisoning cocktails. As far as where she was born or if she has an actual home somewhere, no one knows, though speculation remains she may have come from Iran, or Pakistan. Though with as many languages as she speaks, and the lack of documentation and record of her, allows her to remain as much a ghost as a mystery. Recent years there have been incidents with Maddox and a few gun runners and drug dealers and the sort who crossed her path at the wrong time, with the wrong attitude. Sixteen dead in total, 137 shots fired, not one of them hit her.

Kneed To Know on The Asset

  • Very proficient with guns of every variety.
  • Averages 98% mission success rate.
  • Has no allergies and many toxic/poison tolerances, including paralytics, hallucinogenics, and psychedelics.
  • Prefers the quiet but enjoys most music.
  • Perceptive enough to lean more favorably to blunt honesty than covert sugar coating.
  • Knows her limits and company expectations; has top clearance for improvised decision making in the field.

//// additional notes \\\\
  • Don't let my ideas for this one, be the limit. If Mads, or the undercover operative herself sparks an idea, share it with me!
  • Yes, for the record, many of Maddox's traits are her own, though not all of them and I think it best to discover which in the RP. xD
  • If you think of a different kind of man with a different plot, for her, let me know!
  • The key desires here, plot wise, are playing into the undercover facets, be it from the handler side of things, or the undercover environment she's trying to blend into and make her way through.
  • Come to me with ideas and input of your own! Also, please take a moment to check out one of my RECENT POSTS to know the kind of writing I'm looking for.
  • Lastly, if you haven't already, also a good idea to at least skim over my O/O.

*** If ANY of these ideas, give you ideas, and you know we'll probably write well together, please share those ideas! ***



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Re: (CRAVED) 4 ideas - IMMERSIVE WRITER WANTED - || F for M (character/s)
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* these are suggestions, examples if you will, and by no means my only interests.
* all images are linked to google searches for player convenience
* in no particular order

37 yrs

33 yrs

38 yrs

34 yrs

5'9'' (pls play him 6')
47 yrs

5'10'' (pls play him 6')
37 yrs

5'9'' (pls play him 6')
48 yrs

49 yrs

42 yrs

36 yrs

40 yrs
**double points for using him from "Tarzan"

Again, these aren't the limit of who/what male picture bases I'd like to play with, but they are ones I'd especially like to see characters for, that I can play with.  :-*

So if you'd prefer one of these men to any I might have suggested in the plot ideas above, let me know please.

~ Remmy

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