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Positions of Power
Stories involving formal dominant/subordinate relationships

Period Pieces
Stories involving historical setpieces and conventions

Stories involving monsters, aliens, animals, beasties, and other exotic things.

Stories involving significant difference between two or more characters.

Light and Sweet
Stories involving romance and soft things.

High Concept
Stories involving the exploration of particular themes or methods, a certain writing style or a genre, ect.

Dark and Twisted
Stories involving the exploration of darker relationships, non-consensual but also abusive or coercive.

Shorter stories that are expected to get to sex pretty early on, usually in pursuit of seeing one particular kink or theme realized.

Picture Prompts/Hentai Art Critique?
Random thoughts that have occurred to me as I browse mostly Hentai Foundry. I am deeply interested in what makes a particular piece so arousing and more importantly why. I consider myself an artist still and did go through art school, so this segment is more or less half idle musing and half serious art critique.

First things' first!

Don't reply to this thread, just PM me. :P

Things I will most likely ask you.

  • What do you find appealing about the idea?
  • What would you change about it, if anything? What would have to change for you to consider the idea?
  • What's your goal with the idea? IE: Getting to a particular scene, exploring a specific theme, describing a certain thing, ect.
  • Give me one of your ideas.
  • What are your first thoughts about the character you'd like to play?

My Groove, My Style, My Process

So the way I approach roleplay is, I guess you could say, very product based. I consider it a collaborative effort to make something that is it's own self-contained thing. What does this mean? Well... I have a bit of a high standard for myself and I don't necessarily write for you. Well, I do, but I mean I write for an audience that may or may not exist so as to maintain that high standard. In other words, the story as written in the forum must make sense internally. Our PMs and such don't count.

Sounds serious, huh? Well, don't worry. I am of the opinion that you can write high-quality smut with same level of expertise that any other genre deserves. I believe you and I can write a one-shot smut scene that has character growth, themes, subtext, symbolism, and all that nuanced stuff that a regular work of fiction would have.

That is not to say that all my stories absolutely revolve around smut. They most certainly do not. All it means is that I will put as much effort into creating a believable and intelligent story that has sex on the first scene as I will put effort into a story that builds up to the sex on page 10, if it ever gets there at all. I'll expect the same from you.

The way this thread works

So when I write, I always have a certain goal in mind. For me, achieving or making strides towards achieving this goal is absolutely mandatory if I am to pick up the game. Therefore, the most important bit of the concept is really the goal and not anything else. I'll be keeping it in mind.

Some other notes

I like clothes, I like costumes. I imagine these scenes in my head and... personally, two naked people is so boring to me! There is too much fun to be had undressing and leaving things halfway disrobed that I will almost always prefer to leave some things on than to have characters get fully naked. The exception being, of course, when one character's nudity serves to contrast them to the other character in some way.

I also like contrast. It's prevalent in almost all my ideas and I think it serves to do one very important thing- highlight and accentuate the traits of one character by providing its opposite within another. Nothing turns me on better than a good antonym!

Last thing... I'm kind of a glutton. A cum glutton. Maybe it's the... exclamation mark it adds to a scene- or the literal and physical manifestation and symbol of a character immured in absolute orgasmic bliss... but I just can't get enough of the stuff. I even like premature ejaculation, mostly for what it means in a scene and a story- that the character is so turned on and pleased that they literally can't take it.

So, if you want to write with me more than once, you should expect me to devote at least a paragraph to the gooey stuff, should it come up (pun intended) and I would absolutely adore the same out of you. For a male character... how does it come out, where does it go, is it thick and ropey or light and watery, how much, what's his body doing during this whole process? For a female character... where did it land, how does it feel or taste, does it stay in one place or does it slip and slide all over the place or stay within whatever orifice it was, uh, deposited into? Almost anything you have to say about it is welcome to me, so long as we're talking about it. Nothing disappoints me more than a post going, "And then he came, pulled up his underwear, and rolled over."

Inerrant Lust

Positions of Power

"O' Captain, my Captain."

Concept: There is a line Yara Greyjoy says in one of the Song of Ice and Fire books, ''Half my crew wanted to adopt me as their daughter, the other half wanted to spread my legs' that inspired me. Thus the idea of the female pirate captain was born. Normally this is a perilous situation... these men are pirates! Rapists by default, more or less... so what's to stop them from just taking their captain by force? Loyalty and Charisma... and maybe a little more.

There was nothing more important on an old-timey ship than to maintain the morale of the crew. You lived together for months at a time, and it was all too easy for your crew to mutiny and throw you overboard. Everyone is intimate with one another and I want to examine that relationship. The Captain must be able to appease her entire crew, she must know them and their whole lives... but is also their lover. All of them. How does she keep them from being jealous, how does she maintain her autonomy? She's their captain, not their salt wife. She's their leader, not some slave.

Themes/Tropes: Reverse Harem, 'Happy' Femdom, Costume play, Big/Small

Goal: In particular, I'd love to recreate the scene used for the image to the left. The full image can be found here. The idea that I came up to go with it was a kind of initiation ritual... The pirate crew pick up a pair of new sailors... or kidnap them from a merchant ship, and intend to recruit them. While the band has a reputation for terrible cruelty and all the sailors deliberately spread misinformation about their leader's horrible initiation rituals, the two young sailors are strapped down and stripped nude... only to both receive handjobs courtesy of their new captain. The loser has to go on duty in the eagle's nest for the first month.

Can't you just give me a warning, ma'am?

Concept: A female cop pulls over a man for speeding and is surprised to see he's quite handsome, taking efforts to show off a bit of his physique as she walks up to the side of his car. Then he offers her something... She's never done anything like this, but then again- she's never pulled over such a good looking guy. He's offering her something that only comes along once in a lifetime and she'd never be able to score such a stud off-duty...

Themes/Tropes: Costume play, role-reversal, interracial, worship

Goal: Explore the 'Woman seduces cop to get out of a ticket' cliche in detail by flipping the genders. So when you think about this situation, what usually comes to mind? Well, the woman is offering the cop something extraordinary, something he'd risk his career and possibly his marriage for. The offer of even fellatio, in this situation, is too often seen as an irresistible force. Imagine a female cop then pulling over a guy, who offers to do lewd things for her, and she thinks, 'He's so hot. I might never get a chance like this again.'

Wuxia Student/Master

Concept: The concepts of Qi, Jing, and Shen are real physical manifestations that exist within all living things. In some secret monastary, or perhaps in the court of a warlord, there is a female martial artist who is renowned for her ability to pass on her teachings. She has an encyclopedic knowledge of different fighting styles and in medicinal arts... So when a student comes to her, brimming with Yang (masculine) energy, full of an overabundance of Jing (physical energy, prominently in semen) ... well, she has to teach him how to control these imbalances.

Themes/Tropes: Magic, Elaborate Costume play, Student/Teacher, Young/Old, Virility

Goals: Foremost, I want the writing centered around the concept that those metaphysical attributes are real things, and that everything described in that wikipedia entry is actually going on in the story. The transference of essence, the dangers involved, and even some degree of superhuman stamina/strength. The male in this situation is likely to be of that certain 'young stud' archetype- he's got huge pools of... energy, a youthful and fit body, and great potential. The woman at once looks down on him for his inexperience and admires him for his potential... and of course, she has a lot to gain by sapping his Jing from him.

The Beautiful Machine

Concept: The human brain's ability to store memories is equivalent to about 2.5 petabytes of binary data. It consumes an amount of watts in the same magnitude as that of a light bulb, while replicating its abilities would require the power to light several cities. It is capable of preforming up to ten quadrillion operations in a single second... And it has become the core component of a new kind of android. Emulating the organs and other parts of a human had been easy- living skin and flesh propped up by machinery underneath. They could breathe, sweat, heal wounds. But the last step, the final threshold of perfect human emulation eluded them. For now, they would rely upon a human brain... These cyborgs are beautiful and strong, Niechtze's Übermensch realized.

Background: Interstellar resolutions have declared that all wars must be fought by androids, not people. Ever since these conventions, these war machines have proven crude and simple compared to human soldiers. Still, humans who fight are not given any rights as lawful combatants and those who command them are treated as war criminals of the highest degree. Thus the nation or the corporation with the most advanced fighting machines and the money to employ is generally the one that wins in their disputes.

The android with a human brain will revolutionize the way wars are conducted. These iron soldiers have always self-destructed upon termination or tampering to prevent their design from becoming copied. What better mechanism to mask the illicit biological component of such a beautiful killing machine?

If you've seen Macross Plus or are familiar with Advanced Tactical Fighter program of the US Air Force, I am imagining the background plot will involve a government hoping to field their next fighting android and our main character is one of the competing designs for the contract, with full intellectual property rights reserved of course. She will be competing against the most advanced robots in various trials. Her failures prompt them to tweak her in the middle of the project and of course she ends up in close contact with a lot of engineers and scientists and members of the government. Perhaps even a sympathetic 'love' interest. I don't have any ideas yet for the competing robot, but I imagine it ought to be a character in its own right.

Themes/Tropes: Contrast, Dissonance, Constructed Beauty, Character Development, Ship of Theseus

Goals: Some of the things I would like to explore is the idea of a gorgeous superhuman (think Blade Runner's Batty or GITS' Major) that is ultimately not human. She looks like a person, even has a person's brain... but is decidedly not a person and the consequences of expecting her to be one might be quite dire. Other things I would like to see is this superhuman being rendered completely obedient as a slave, being 'hacked' and rendered helpless and/or subservient. Another idea I'd like to toy with is the contrast between a character that is sexually available while also being emotionally distant. Her body is warm and inviting, but her personality cold and detached.

UPDATE!: This idea first came to my mind before the western adaptation of Ghost in the Shell and most certainly before Detroit: Become Human. In both those cases, I find myself rather unimpressed, to be honest, and I don't want to follow in their footsteps. The latter case seems almost like 'Baby's First Android' plot and is rife with cliches. To me, the interesting thing about this sort of thing isn't about the cyborg's past life stolen from them or a plot to break free from any sort of bondage but rather the greater philosophical or emotional implications. It just tickled me a bit to think that the android could learn that she was indeed 'stolen' and that her current situation is a violation of so many rights she should have as a human... but she doesn't care. She may even recognize these moral problems but doesn't herself cast any kind of moral judgement because she's that robotic.

Seduction of the Sith

Concept: The Dark Side in Star Wars are always portrayed as a great seduction. Either directly, with a hand-wringing Sith Lord molding a young protege into forsaking the Jedi Order and becoming a force of destruction. The other form is in the seduction of more esoteric concepts- from the power to liberate oneself from tyranny or simply the ability to enforce their will upon others. Very rarely have I seen anything deal with a more... conventional form of seduction, one that interests me especially in the context of the Star Wars universe and the Force itself. As they say, the Force binds us... it penetrates us.

Themes/Tropes: Seduction, Corruption, the Force and sex, black cloaks and such, Pschhow Vwoom zroom!

Goals: There's a certain allure to the concept, to me, of a completely nude woman beneath a pitch black robe. If you've played Crusader Kings and know of the devil worshippers' order, it's an almost comical secret society that thinks doing evil for the sake of evil is in service of some kind of higher power. Or lower power. It comes off as the members acting almost childish if they weren't actually sacrificing people. Part of it is also steeped in sex. The whole society seems like an excuse for some to get their rocks off. It makes me think of the Great Goat of Berserk, who was just a man that created a cult of hedonism. He wasn't anyone important and indeed judging from his disfigurement (six fingers on each hand) and slender stature, might have even been an outcast. Yet in the cult, he is almost like a god. This I think encapsulates the power fantasy that exists both in-universe and out-of-universe for dark side characters... who through the sheer will of their own sense of self and indignation can become beings of import. I am also reminded of the rituals of Bible Black, which is also almost comical in its lewdness. It's a lot like the song 'Baby, it's cold outside' which is less about a guy trying to badger a woman into sleeping with him as is commonly thought but more about a woman making up a series of (easily discarded) excuses so that she can claim she was forced to spend the night with her lover despite protests. I imagine some sort of obscene dark side ritual is much in the same vein, considering how repressed Jedi are. The idea of giving into sexual passions is SO heretical that you'd need to submit to actual heresy in order to justify it. You couldn't just enjoy sex for its own sake.

These kinds of themes are something I'd like to explore in the specific context of the Force and Star Wars and how it might be involved in intimacy. After all, Luke and Vader were reading eachother's thoughts and they had only met twice. Now what might lovers be able to do with so great a gift as the Force?

The Informants

Concept: It's the kind of place cops just don't go, much less plainclothes female detectives. A den for gangbangers and known criminals, an island of lawlessness. It's never been raided and so long as nobody innocent gets murdered, the police don't much care what goes on there. Not that they know that though... these gangbangers have attracted the attention of one particularly unscrupulous female detective. The residents of this den are her special informants. Under threat of bringing down the law, she coerces them to feed her information on their rivals and the other uncontrolled criminals in the city. The relationship also has a... carnal aspect to it. The detective is perfectly willing to offer her body to the gangbangers in return for their continued loyalty. Yet they would certainly be remiss in thinking that they have any control over this arrangement...

Themes/Tropes: Balance of power, blackmail, costume play (because of course), interracial, contrast, gangbang, femdom

Goals: By all rights, the woman walking into this scenario should be surrendering all her power and control in this situation... but she doesn't, through sheer will of personality or the power behind her threats of blackmail and the power behind her badge. They might even get control over her gun and handcuffs and play around with it and I'm sure she wouldn't bat an eye- so sure she is in the power she holds over them. I'd like to explore that kind of dissonant relationship... even if the plot is going to be rather smutty in the process.

Inerrant Lust

Period Pieces

European Squire in the Mideast

Concept: In the late 11th century, the first of Europe's many crusades were called upon to liberate the Holy Land from the so-called infidels. To the third son of a noble house, far from inheritance and really nothing more than burden upon his dynasty, it was the perfect opportunity... for his father. He sent the boy off to squire for some crusading knight he had never met. The journey had been hard and full of vice. So many of these so-called crusaders were brigands and murderers looking for cheap way into Heaven...

In his first battle, they were completely routed. The boy was nearly killed a dozen times until finally, he was captured and brought before the Emir which had defeated the crusaders in battle. The much older man found the boy fair to look upon, and guiltless for the crimes of his companions. He was taken to live among the Emir's court, perhaps as a hostage or a curiosity... In truth, the Emir thought to make the young squire his lover.

Themes/Tropes: Culture clash, Coming out, big/small, old/young, interracial

Goals: I had an idea of a particular scene, involving the squire praying to a rosary... while getting plowed pretty hard. Perhaps he finds his enjoyment of the act sinful, or is praying for salvation? Perhaps he is praying for forgiveness because maybe he feels more at home in this foreign court than he ever did back in France, England or wherever it was he came from.

A Countess Most Modest

Concept: A young woman comes into great wealth through some unlikely inheritances. She is no great beauty, nor a woman of renown or familial prestige prior to coming into her lands. Now she is the center of everyone's attention. Clever bards, handsome nobles and stalwart knights all kneel before her, kissing her hand. Some exchange furtive glances, knowing smiles... even women are now suddenly so fond of her company.

She is young yet, but eager to prove herself worthy of this sudden responsibility and weight thrust upon her... yet being in such a privileged position with so many perks, she may also feel a desire to have another weight thrust upon her...

Themes/Tropes: Costume play, character growth, femdom, reverse harem

Goals: I want the noblewoman to be... not unattractive, but I want to see a situation were an average or modest woman in terms of physical appearance is fawned over by a horde of attractive suitors. Something she never would have expected to experience from her humble origins. She may be slightly overweight or just plain... plain. But I imagine she eventually comes to grow comfortable in this position, becoming beautiful and becoming the master of her court and all its intrigue.

Peace Marriage

Concept: Starting in the 2nd century BC, Imperial China had a policy of appeasing the neighboring barbarian tribes by offering them their princesses. Many of them went to the proto-Mongolian Xiongnu peoples. China has long considered itself the superior technological and civilized nation despite this relationship. They are assuredly a cruel and simple people, far beneath the majesty and beauty of such a fair maiden.... and yet they are the masters here, the suzerain of this whole policy. Here she enters into a dangerous environment, her life and her dignity at constant peril... but she cannot disappoint her masters, lest it conjure up their ire for her beloved home country.

Themes/Tropes: Costume play (of course), beauty/beast, contrast, civilized/barbarianism, noncon

Goals: This could go several ways. Either a demure princess is forced to quietly and nobly acquiesce to her new horrible environs or she could use her education and wit to make the most of her situation, perhaps even becoming a powerful ruler in her own right... Perhaps she falls for another man while she is there, at the risk of angering her new husband.

Inerrant Lust



Concept: A mad scientist or a gothic alchemist has a pair of assistants to help them with their research, one male and one female. The male worships the scientist... and the female worships the male. The male assistant volunteers to be a test subject for an exotic new compound, one that have dramatic transformative effects, though they could have never anticipate to what extent it would mutilate his body. As he progresses through the stages of mutation, he begins to appear less and less human until eventually becoming nothing more than a mass of flesh. But surely... it's still him underneath all of that mass of flesh? And surely... he is still capable of love?

Notes The role of the female assistant could be replaced by the scientist/alchemist if she was female.

Themes/Tropes: Body Horror, Transformation, Beauty/Beast, Tentacles, Twisted Love

Goals: The central point of this story is the assistant's change over time, both physically and mentally. He's probably even a pretty handsome man, and I intend that his change is slow and gradual... but eventually complete. Take, for example, William Birkin's transformations in Resident Evil 2. He's mostly human in the first stage, starts to lose it a bit in the second, and really begins to depart by the third... yet even in the third stage, you can still see his original face in a sort of vestigial state. Consider that kind of thing a primer for the path this story will take- but also the assistant's mental faculties will degrade as well. The story will likely have a 'bad end', when the assistant can no longer distinguish between the object of his desire and... perhaps, food.

Other Images (NSFW): (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9)

Eroquis Images (NSFW): (1) (2) (3) (4)


Concept: Past the Five Gates of the Great Mountain Wall, the Wildlands expand for a thousand leagues and beyond. There dwell the goblins, the hobgoblins, the gnolls, the orcs, the giants, the trolls, the bugbears, the worgs, and a myriad other intelligent beings that the humans and the 'goodly races' dare call monstrous. Life there is hard and cruel, especially for a woman. Goblins are patriarchal and short-lived, squabbling pettily over who can amass the most females... yet one has been born, blessed with beauty enviable even by humans, with a special destiny. She is their God's representative on this earth, she is their prophet... she has seen what lays in the future for her kind if they do not unify and if they do not civilize. Yet how will she rise above her position as a lowly chieftain's concubine to become an Empress of a hundred different races? She has a divine mandate, the word of their God, and she will bless those who serve her...

Themes: Interspecies sex, Ritual, Religion, Tribalism

Goal: This story is one of conquest, and it will, in a strange way, mirror a bit of Genghis Khan's life. The prophetess has a divine mandate and a body of impeccable beauty... She must wrest control from the chieftain of her tribe, then unite all of goblinkin under her banner... then unite all of orcs, hobgoblins, trolls, and so on and so forth. Once all the monstrous peoples of the Wildlands have rallied under her new Theocracy, they will conquer the lands beyond the Five Gates and establish themselves as a sedentary people worthy of respect.

Mass Effect

Concept: It is the year 2183, nearly thirty years since humanity first revealed itself to the Milky Way as a space faring peoples. Since then, the Systems Alliance has been steadily growing in prestige and standing among the Citadel races. There are rumors even that they are considering a human to be the Council's newest SPECTRE agent. To promote inter-species harmony, the Council has endeavored to start a number of joint exercises and projects. Among them, a fully integrated spaceship, made up of all the Citadel races, a few non-Citadel races and... most astonishingly, one human.

She was chosen for a number of reasons. Symbolically, she was born after the First Contact War, is a decorated officer with a degree in xenocultural studies, has an impeccable record working with others. Off the record, she's also quite... curious, sexually. Working together on a ship, living together with all these different species certainly is an opportunity to broaden her horizons...

Themes: Interspecies sex, group sex, the sexiest armor in Science-fiction.

Goal: My aspiration as a writer is likely the same as the character's... to see her have sex with as many new and unusual aliens as possible.  I'd like to see unusual anatomy and bizarre... methodology come into play here. We all know how Asari work, but what kind of junk are Turians and Drell sporting? Salarians... Hanar? Surely they must do something different other than insert plug A into slot B...

Pokémon ♂ and ♀

Concept: Isabelline J. Gettum, or Izzy for short, is an absolutely terrible Pokémon trainer. She has the biggest heart in the world and can't bring herself to punish any of her Pokémon or even to hurt other Pokémon if it means winning a battle or capturing a new one. Few of her Pokémon respect her, and human and animal alike take advantage of her... yet still she pushes on, the ultimate optimist. Whereas other trainers might stop and level up their Pokémon, Izzy pushes onward to the next gym, the next area! She remains fundamentally underleveled throughout her entire adventure... oh, and sex. Lots of sex.

Themes: Interspecies, Innocence, Contrast, Deconstructing the Games, The Pokémon aesthetic (Ken Sugimori's style)

Goal: The primary inspiration behind this idea comes from the Faithful Tepig doujins, in particular the second one. I'd like to examine the repeated tropes of the Pokémon games by following a protagonist who is terribly under-leveled each step in the way but still manages to advance the plot and the story. Part of the appeal is also the character herself, who is incessantly optimistic and cheerful (befitting the setting) but is constantly being forced into sexual situations- outright raped by Pokémon, blackmailed/extorted by 'NPCs' or being forced to offer up her body when she doesn't have any money to give someone who beats her.

The other goal is, as you can see from my drawing, exploring the unique aesthetic of Pokémon. The character designs are both very innocent and very sexual. I want to play around with such a colorful world full of cheerfulness and vibrancy... with sex thrown in!

The idea could be that Izzy's region, professor, and the overarching theme of her game is indeed sex, sexual relations of Pokémon or humans. Or both.

Buried with the Pharoah

Concept: In Ancient Egypt, it was not uncommon for a Pharoah to be buried with their retainers and servants. One such servant, a beautiful concubine, awakens from the tomb finding that she had in fact not been killed along with the rest. Perhaps her executioner did not have the heart to destroy something so beautiful like Phryne of the Hellas. In any case, she finds herself surrounded in a great monument by the undead. The mausoleum was sealed with ancient and powerful magic, cursing the living within them and rousing the dead to defend their master's treasure.

Themes/Tropes: Necrophilia, Monsters, Costume Play, Ancient Egyptian aesthetic

Goals: Eventually, the concubine ought to escape from this tomb, no? Or if she doesn't, will she tap into some of that magic for her own gain? Perhaps the vengeful concubine emerges from the mausoleum with an army of undead lovers at her back. Perhaps Anubis will take pity upon her, regretting that a mistake rose the dead from their slumber. Perhaps monsters are also guiding the tomb... Either way, the experience will be harrowing but ultimately empowering.

Deepest Dungeon

Concept: "Huddled together in the darkness, sinful men and women clutching at their sanity engage in carnal embrace. Monstrous horrors and aberrations claw at the edge of their madness, tempting the weak and corrupting the lascivious. These are the dregs of a broken hope- doomed to follow the fate of all those before them who litter these tenebrous halls... and those who still walk its cursed corridors."

Themes/Tropes: Darkness and Depravity, Descent into Madness, Non-consensual/seduction, Monsters, Undead, Costume Play (Of course)

Goals: The idea is to take everything that already exists and makes Darkest Dungeon good- the atmosphere, the narration, the aesthetic, and put an adult spin on it. I mean, all the grim gloom is already there. Not all the descendants need to die when they suffer a bad end- some must assuredly go mad, joining the forces of darkness in depravity. On the way there, perhaps the descendants find comfort in eachother... I imagine sexual camp skills being not too out of place. An abusive party member might rape or coerce another one, recovering his own sanity at the expense of another's.

Best friends make for good boyfriends too

Concept: About four years ago, a tragic accident took a young man from this world. He was survived by a loving and devoted girlfriend who just couldn't imagine life without him. She was devastated. Some time later, she was given a puppy to help her cope. This puppy was endowed with the spirit of her departed boyfriend, unbeknownst to anyone. Whether through some sort of unseen magic, divine intervention, or perhaps just the hopes and prayers of a distraught young woman, no one could know for certain. It wasn't a perfect reincarnation, however. He still was very much a dog in many respects. Still, over the years she began to suspect there was more to him until she knew in her heart of hearts that he was the love of her life. They were meant to be together, in one form or another.

Themes/Tropes: Bestiality, Romance, Nonverbal communication, Forbidden love

Goals: Despite the concept involving around smutty smut dirty dog sex, I actually want to write this as a very sweet and cute romance. They were madly devoted to each other even as humans and I imagine the loyalty and unconditional love the boyfriend had for her might have been what caused him to be reincarnated as the most loyal and adoring animal known to man. They might have been just on the cusp of consummating their relationship before the tragic accident. Their renewed romance as dog and woman is just picking up where they left off.

Resident Evil (I know it's a little late for Halloween but...)

Concept: With the Resident Evil 2 remake coming out soon, lately I've been thinking about that intersection of horror and action, eroticism and disgust. It's got all the makings of the contrast that I love to explore. The plot could involve canonical characters or someone new, but the basic premise I have is that in the middle of an outbreak, whether its Raccoon City or any of the later incidents, Umbrella (or some other nefarious group) deploys an airborne 'pacification' agent as a test or for some other purposes. It has... unexpected consequences- supplanting the zombies' insatiable urge to consume flesh with a rapacious sexual appetite. In living humans and mutated B.O.W.s, the agent likewise acts as a potent aphrodisiac. It is a wicked paradox- the survivors are no longer in any real immediate physical danger... yet the consequences could be just as dire.

Themes/Tropes: Corruption, Horror, Contrast, Monsters, Necrophilia, Bestiality

Goals: (Links very NSFW) There are a few inspirations to this- a lot of Butcha-U's artwork shows the female protagonists of Resident Evil engaged in all kinds of debauchery with monsters, yet they are usually in a state of orgiastic bliss. Yet even so, there is an implied threat of corruption or even an untimely demise. In one series, Jill Valentine is dragged halfway through a window in the RPD by zombies and then turned. As a sex-crazed zombie, she then forces herself on one Brad Vickers. An SFM webm depicts her so thoroughly pleasured that she doesn't seem to register the fact that there's a nuclear bomb about to go off. I would like to play around with this element of horror- the idea that the stakes haven't much changed.

Inerrant Lust


Onna Gaijin Bukakke

Concept: Over 50,000 U.S. service members are permanently stationed in Japan, with them some 40,000 civilian dependents. Among them include the daughter of a Navy officer who is a bit of a Japanophile. She's learned the language, made plenty of friends outside the base, and frequents the shopping centers and attractions around town. She even takes the train to and from base. She's also quite sexually libertine... One afternoon, she gets on a crowded train among all the older Japanese salarymen on their way back home.

It's so crowded that she ends up in the middle of the group, such that no one can see her head among all the commuters... they don't even know she's there. At first it's only a little groping, but then the girl seems to reciprocate their advances! Then things escalate.

Themes/Tropes: Interracial, Young/Old, Big/Small, Anonymous Sex, Gangbang, Bukakke

Goals: One thing I'd be interested in depicting is the dissonance between the girl and the men in demeanor. She understands and speaks Japanese, but pretends to be a naive and ignorant foreigner. I'd like to set up a 'reveal' in which she suddenly shows them that she has understood every lewd and degrading thing they've been remarking about her and... doesn't care.

Also, as the title might imply, this story must include a scene in which the titular protagonist finds herself on her knees accepting... well, the fruit of all her labors. That's it. This could be a one-shot or a recurring plot where she continues to return to the train or meets the men later on somewhere else, but ultimately, that's it.

A real pervert

Concept: When they younger, a pair of siblings were often left home alone by their parents. Obnoxiously, the brother had something of a habit. He was always masturbating- and he often made no secret of it. She caught him countless times, even outside of his room. It was ruining her life. The one time she brought friends over, she later learned he was jerking off watching them. They never found out, but she never invited them back either...

They couldn't be more different. She was always a bit of a tomboy, while he was more the shameless overweight nerdy type. She was so concerned about what people thought of her, but he didn't give a damn. It was infuriating. When she turned 18, she joined the Marines and became a fitness freak. She'd do PT, go to work, and then go to the gym for at least an hour every day. Sometimes two. A year and a half later and she was sculpted into 96 pounds of lean muscle, packed into her petite frame.

Now she's back, taking a month of leave to spend it at her brother's apartment. She has only one intention- to make his life a hell in the same way she had. She was going to pick up random guys and make sure he could hear them fucking her brains out... and that was just the beginning. Things could only escalate from there.

Themes/Tropes: Big/Small, Incest, Femdom, Teasing, Voyeurism

Goals: I think the end result of the story has to be the two siblings getting together after she realizes that she always had a bit of a fascination and attraction to her older and overweight brother's brazen sexuality. The big emphasis of this story is also how the brother might have changed since he's been living on his own... how he might even regret doing what he did before, but she won't let him forget. Lastly, I really want to explore the physical differences between the two- he is fat and she is petite and muscular. Despite this, perhaps as a result of her bizarre past experiences, she finds him more attractive than any of the marines she's undoubtedly slept with in her time.

So rare there's not even a picture prompt for it!

Concept: There's a lot of interracial pairings out there, in media and real life both. They come with a lot of stereotypes. The latest meme to hit the presses touches on the classic 'black male on white female' tropes that we're all familiar with. The whole interracial cuckold genre plays on the themes of the virile and masculine man pleasuring a taken woman not by sheer virtue of just his endowment but also his assertiveness that is a part of that. Since I adore subverting tropes and I like to pick them apart as a frog to be dissected- there's one type of character I want to examine.

An assertive and desirable Asian male opposite a woman in an interracial relationship where he is the sexually dominant, even aggressive, figure. When I went searching for appropriate images- I found a lot of hunky Asian actors and models who were all super buff and, well, that's somewhat off the mark. I suppose I'm looking for just a regular guy (or guys!) who isn't daunted by the lame stereotype that he has to be overly polite and even effeminate. He doesn't need to get super buff to show himself capable of filling that same sort of fantasy usually reserved for other guys.

So as for actual scenarios... The idea above plays off an existing trope of the 'perverted Japanese man' who is still sexually aggressive, sure, but not quite in the same way that I'm looking for. I was tempted to do something like an English teacher in Japan or China who is seduced by one or more of her students. The idea has merit so long as the male character is imposing and sexually domineering by virtue of his own force of personality and not say, the circumstances of her being 'on his turf', so to speak. A similar situation, of an older female teacher and a younger male in a western school, allows him to stand out quite a bit among his peers. Or perhaps its something more equal between them- a woman at a club is approached by an Asian guy, who she may have initially completely shrugged him off as being not her type.. but he surprises her. This one might involve with her being outright disrespectful and even a bit racist ("Oh, I don't date Asian guys." with implications about their size) but she's proven quite wrong and soon made to eat her words. (Link super NSFW :P)

ALL THAT BEING SAID: I do like playing to the trope of the dominating female as well and so a twist on this idea is certainly acceptable, albeit it goes in a different direction- something about the male character is just inherently desirable and attractive to the female that she must have it. It could just be he's really hung and doesn't act cocky (excuse the pun) about it, he's attractive to her or just has some endearing personality traits.

Themes/Tropes: Interracial (duh but perhaps Asian male x black/hispanic female. Writing this the possibility of an Indian female, ie; from the subcontinent, struck me) Dominance, dirty talk, position reversal, subverting expectations

Goals: Oh, I guess I kind of already covered this in the above text.

Inerrant Lust

Light and Sweet

One of the guys

Concept: Two high school friends have been together since their youth. You could call them best friends but it's not like they're inseparable. She's more just... 'one of the guys', and that extends even to the way they talk. She calls him 'bro' and they've habitually gotten into trouble together. She's never gotten in the way of any of his relationships and he hasn't gotten in the way of any of her own. Whenever he did or said something that there was even the remotest possibility that could be construed as resembling a relationship between a man and woman, she'd just say, "Don't make it gay." She just wanted to see him as another one of the guys.

They do have one peculiar habit, though...

At some point in time, he discovered the wonderful world of the internet and online pornography. As any mischievous youth does when they've found something they're not allowed to have, he wanted to brag about it... so he showed it to his best friend. At first they just watched, and then started masturbating, side by side. They did have one rule, however. "Don't make it gay."

But in any story, rules are meant to be broken.

Themes/Tropes: Romance, Enforced Chastity, Temptation

Goals: Primarily, if I'm going to be writing for the role of my female... I'm keeping one thing in mind; I will write her dialogue as if she was a straight male who is really defensive about being perceived as gay while actually being really gay. The truth is, she's a straight woman who is really afraid of ruining their friendship and desperately tries to maintain this 'one of the guys' persona. I also intend to keep up this dialogue after they've crossed the threshold from friendship to relationship. Alternatively, I could play the male so long as you are willing to maintain this character trait.

The Children of Lot

Concept: It's an old tale, wherein a man and woman are stranded on a deserted island and lewd ensues... enlewds? But they aren't just man and woman but mother and son or father and daughter or a brother and sister. Though exploring their relationship and how it evolves from familial love to romantic love or even just lust IS important... the story will eventually become focused on their offspring and how this sensual arrangement becomes generational. Through many cultures, the origin myth involves brother and sister marriages that create the entire human race. The broad theme is that these two create their own little civilization on this deserted island and that this story will see not only their relationship played out but their descendants... perhaps one generation down or two or even three.

Themes/Tropes: Incest, Romance, Robinson Crusoe, Mother/Son, Father/Daughter, Brother/Sister, Nu Wa/Fu Xi, ect.

Goals: As mentioned above, the primary emphasis of this story will be the generational story of the family. We may do timeskips of months or even years, capturing the gradual transformation of the characters' relationship and the creation of their new society on the island.

Possible Ideas:

Mother/Son- the son is more outdoorsy and quickly becomes the man of the house, so to speak. The tipping point in the relationship is the realization that no one will probably find them and that they could die there. An element of danger needs to be there, I think, for this to work. One of them gets very sick and this presents the possibility that this island is their whole life now... so the mother wants to show her son what making love is. This same dynamic could be used for a brother and sister.

Father/Daughter- though of course nothing explicit will happen until both characters are 16+, an idea is that they've already been on the island for several years at the point that any intimate relationship begins between them. Part of the idea is that the father has raised his daughter in this isolated and lonely setting. I don't think he raised her to love him or desire him sexually but... well, things just happen that way. Admittedly this idea isn't very strongly conceived since I find father/daughter pairings inherently a bit disconcerting but if it interests you more, that can be arranged.

The next generation- I don't have a tremendous plethora of ideas for the offspring except that they are uniquely suited to the environment of the island. They were born and raised there, becoming the new rulers of this strange civilization that their parents have created. I am fond of the idea that they almost supplant the originators as the rulers of the island but perhaps keep a deferential (and sexually active) relationship to them. An idea was that the offspring would end up just by chance one gender- male or female, which forces the offspring to look backwards to one of their parents to sustain the population... this makes more sense with all girls as the female 'matriarch' would be at a minimum 32 years old by the time that generation becomes old enough... and could be approaching menopause if it was a mother/son relationship. Some 'Daughters of Lot' vibes there.

A Prince in Exile

I just suddenly had the idea of a prince exiled from his kingdom- perhaps the castle was sacked by invaders or his sinister uncle/vizier/castellan has usurped power and so he's been forced to flee the country. He is now alone out in the world, travelling to other kingdoms to sponsor his readeption or gathering mercenaries or errant knights to back his cause. Well, maybe not totally alone. The original idea that came to mind was a young male of high status with an older female of lower status... yet she was clearly the one in charge. I went a bit further imagined she was a fighter, a female knight or man-at-arms... the one responsible for training him how to fight. Though nominally he is her future king and current lord, she is the one who decides their plans and how they'll go about executing them. Eventually, some romance develops. Or maybe it's more... carnal than that.

Themes/Tropes: Age difference, potential incest (Aunt/Nephew), medieval fantasy, political/adventure drama

Goals: I'm not entirely sure. For the female, I get some Impa vibes right off the bat- she's physically larger and tougher than the prince on top of being older. There is a sort of swirling game of who is really in charge, I imagine. Now that I think about it, I kind of imagine that she takes on the traditional male role and he the female. She wants to train him to be a fighter but he's more inclined to diplomacy and passivity, even using his charm or offering his hand in marriage to princess in exchange for supporting his claim. The goal should be, I think, developing this relationship from initially rocky to them eventually becoming complimentary.

Inerrant Lust

High Concept

God In The Machine

Concept: Aaru is a primitive world. It is too close to its sun, the poles are tropical rainforests and the equator is a scalding desert that suffers no life. The people on the poles live in a tribal society, associating themselves by clan over nation or creed. War is the way of life, given how little room there is for living. The weapons of these constant battles? Machines, sacred machines. They are shaped like men, but several times taller. These machines lay inert until a seer enters within their holy body and communes with the spirit inside. It talks to them, expressing its divine will. These seers are worshiped within their clans, for they are their conduit to the Gods.

They are exceptional things, these metal Gods. They heal their wounds, if permitted to absorb the divine energies stored within the relics that have been plundered from ruins all over the planet. Brave explorers venture into the desert to find more machines, more relics.

One day, a young woman finds herself communing with a machine called 'Thoth', a truly exemplary God. It has capabilities far surpassing that of any other God found to date and the voice within it is clear and concise... it speaks about bizarre things like all of the rest of them, but what's more- it responds to the woman... actually answers her questions.

Other Notes: As you might have guessed, the voice within the mecha are in fact onboard AI systems. The relics are their power source and the ruins are from some long-lost space-faring civilization. A lot of the AI are simple-minded or damaged, which results in the esoteric speech that the tribal society misconstrues as being a message from the gods.

Thoth is probably an advanced model, or its' AI is more intact for one reason or another. Unlike many of the others, it has a personality and doesn't just drone off status reports and combat information.

Also, it's entirely optional, but the entire process of pilot a God might be intimate and even sexual in some way. It's seen as a religious experience, and can involve some brain-linking or plugging 'into' the machine in some way.

Themes/Tropes: Arthur C. Clarke's third law, Religion and Faith, Iron Age people with Giant Mecha, Everyone's brown?

Goals: I kind of want to explore this setting a bit with your help, see what you make of it. The plot can revolve around the seer's relationship with Thoth (and the AI inside), her relationship with other members of the tribe or with a warring tribe... or some combination of both. It may be the case that she was never meant to be a seer to begin with- she wasn't 'trained' or whatnot. It's quite an enviable position... but plenty of people would also want to take Thoth away from her. There's the question about the ruins and where the Aaruans came from... and also who or what lays on the other side of the impassable equator. The predominant quality of these people, I think, is ignorance. They don't know that these machines are just giant robots and not their Gods, they don't know what all these relics and ruins are doing here, they don't know jack squat. Thoth, being the Egyptian God that taught mankind writing... might just have some insight.

Inerrant Lust

Dark and Twisted

Last Man on Earth

Concept: This is it. Nuclear holocaust. It all happened so quickly... He had a bomb shelter that would last him and his family a decade, but the ones who made it was him and his daughter. They never really got along... Hell, things weren't just imperfect, they were downright awful at times. But now, all they have is each other... that and twenty year's supply of vodka, canned food, and backup electricity.

Maybe, in a world at peace, the father and daughter would never have gotten along. After all, she sympathized too much with the capitalists. Wanted to wear American jeans and listen to their music... But now perhaps, when everthing's gone, they can get along.

Themes/Tropes: Twisted love, Incest, Coercion, Stockholm syndrome, contrast

Goals: I really want to explore stockholm syndrome and real depravity at work here. Both characters, as I imagine it, are really unstable and unhinged individuals. The nuclear winter only makes them worse. I imagined the father was an alchoholic and quite belligerent, while the daughter does not receive the end of the world well. Their first sexual encounter may not even be consensual but over time her fear of him or just general hopelessness will cause her to develop a bit of a stockholm syndrome, acquiescing to his every demands. I imagined they were both so petty and hopeless that they don't care about rebuilding humanity or finding out if anything's left... they don't have a plan for when the radiation levels die down outside, and just devolve into a pair of alcoholic sex addicts. I also imagined they would be quite physically different, with the father being much larger and/or overweight... able to intimidate the daughter quite easily. In fact, she's probably been scared of him all her life.


Concept: If you've played or are familiar with the Silent Hill series, I would like to bring to your attention the difference between SH1 and SH2. To keep it brief, the first game was about how some strange cult ended up creating hell on earth and summoning an evil god in a small sleepy town in the Midwest. The second game was about a normal guy, completely unrelated to the cult or even the town, getting caught up in all the madness. His story began and ended using the setup of the first game as a backdrop for its own plot. That's what I want to do with a Bloodborne plot. Most Yharnamites have no clue about the Cosmic Horrors unveiled by Byrgenwerth- hell, most Yharnamites don't even know that all these beasts are their own fellow citizens... much less what the root cause of lycanthropy is. It seems like the perfect place to tell an intimate story.

Possible Plots:
-The night of the hunt is rapidly approaching, and someone is desperate to find a safe place. It could be a homeless beggar, a member of the church that suspects they're marked for death, or a prostitute that is suffering withdrawal from blood. In any event, safe shelter rarely comes without a price and rarely is it all that safe.
-A pair of hunters are in love... but one is rapidly succumbing to the plague of lycanthropy. Are they doomed to end this in death or is there perhaps some cure to be found? The beasts remain unmolested in Old Yharnam by the Powderkegs... perhaps there is hope yet.
-It is known that the Great Ones yearn to bear a child. To evolve mankind, the Choir has sought to sate this yearning and the orphanage is littered with the 'celestial child' enemies... what unspeakable horrors have they birthed in attempting to form a union between mankind and the Cosmos?

Themes/Tropes: Costume play, of course! Madness, mania. Possibly bloodplay. Possibly Bestiality/Alien-y stuff. Possibly impregnation.

Goals: I really want to avoid stepping on the game's toes and attempting to make any new and startling revelations about the lore. I want to focus on the average ordinary lives of people just caught up in all the madness. The developments and revelations will be about our characters, not the backdrop. Since I interpret the events of Bloodborne to be 'the last hunt', given that nobody seems to be alive after the Bloodmoon occurs, this plot could occur simultaneously or in a previous hunt. I'm not usually into bloodplay but, well, it just seems so apt. The only time I've found that sort of thing at all even potentially sexy is from (Warning: URL contains gore. :P) Skarlet and I think that it comes from the lore of her character feeding off of blood and to be quite honest, the sexual imagery she has when reveling in it. :P None of this is required but the setting also provides an interesting opportunity to explore intimacy between humans and not just beasts but also Kin. The whole recurring theme of pregnancy and imposter Iosefka's mad scientific experiments can certainly imply a sexual union. Just listen to her shudder at the 'rapturous' writhing in her head when she's evidently pregnant.

Inerrant Lust


Dynasty Warriors!
"KO Count: 100! 200! 300! ...1000!"

Concept: There are other ways to win a battle than by defeating officers or hordes of enemy soldiers. Despite the presence of incredible warriors, each a match for 1000 men... sometimes, the next phase of the mission just won't trigger. Sometimes an arbitrary objective must be met to open up the enemy base or allow your allies to move into position. Well, there's one way to hold off an infinitely respawning enemy army.

Themes/Tropes: Light, comedic, nonstop-sex, gangbang, bukakke

Goals: Simply enough, translate the over-the-top violence and ridiculousness of Dynasty Warriors combat into over-the-top Dynasty Warriors sex. I also kind of would like to play with the tropes of dynasty warriors games. Arbitrary mission goals, tough enemy officers, building up your musou meter for a BIG FINISH. Perhaps the game would fast-forward at certain points in the 'battle', from 100 KOs to 300 KOs to 700 KOs, ect. as the scene exacerbate and escalate until the battlefield is littered with piles of exhausted men and puddles of spunk arrayed before a single female warrior who outlasted them all.

Taking off the armor, piece by piece

Concept: It originated as an idea for a Dark Souls one-shot, but could be expanded. Essentially, two lonely undead find themselves through summoning or by chance on the same plane of time and space. They come to each other completely clad in armor, unable to see the other's face. Perhaps they can not even communicate, given the transient nature of their existence... but they both have needs, undead as they are, and both are capable of fulfilling eachother's desires. These two undead, cast through time and space, have united for a brief and flickering moment. A precious moment.

The armor comes off, piece by piece, each one exposing a little bit more skin and vulnerability. Until all that's left are two people, naked and very human.

Themes/Tropes: Anticipation, Costume Play, Mystery, Non-verbal communication

Goals: It's not quite smutty, but it's still a one-shot. I want to draw the 'stripping', the disrobing, the slow removal of clothing and the anticipation that builds. I'm not adverse to leaving some clothes on as well, as I think clothes always add to a scene's sexiness. Take the reverse of the image posted here, a man and woman who have stripped below the waist but still have on their helmets and armor up above. It gives an air of desperate 'need' to the whole scene.

The other idea might be that we as players don't know what the other character looks like underneath their armor, to emulate our characters' state of mind.

Incognito (Totally not Ghost Recon)

Concept: A small team of American special forces operators have been operating in Latin America for the past few months fighting the drug cartels. They are elite warfighters, far from home, but also officially disavowed. If killed, their very existence is denied by their government. If captured, an even worse fate may await them. They live out of hotels during the day and conduct daring raids by night. On their time off, it may as well be a vacation... The team is tight-knit, playing by its own rules, ready to fight and die together. They drink, they party, and they fuck.

Themes/Tropes: Costume play, gangbang, military

Goals: I want to explore the complex relationship that might exist between a team that fights together so far from home and whose potential demise wouldn't even be officially recognized. Is their first sexual rendezvous the result of weeks or months of sexual tension and stress from the mission? Is it just a result of a night of relaxation after a tough mission? Is it just casual fuck buddy-ing between two (or more) battle buddies?

Overwatch Shorts

Concept: There are a numerous interesting and potentially sexy interactions the characters of Overwatch can have with one another. I don't want to do something simple like 'Reaper beats DVA and takes advantage of her out of her mech' but rather something that makes sense in context and uses the characters' personalities and strengths to their fullest.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Blackwatch Genji x Combat Medic Ziegler
- Shimada Genji awakens in a hospital full of cybernetics, only half the man he once was. Greeting him are the words, "Heroes never die."

Genji x Tracer
Genji and Zenyatta have arrived in King's Row to pay their respects to the place of Mondatta's demise. Rumors of Overwatch being recalled and their recent activities have not eluded them, and so Lena Oxton comes out of hiding to make herself known to Genji after all these years.

Strike Commander Morrison x Captain Amari
- After barely making it out of a tough battle during the Omnic Crisis, soldiers find small comforts in between brushes with death.

Talon Widowmaker x Gérard
- After her rescue from a Talon facility, Overwatch Agent Gérard takes his wife Amélie Lacroix out on a vacation to help her recover from the ordeal. Little does he know...

D.Va x Sombra
- A starlet's public image is important, so when a mysterious hacker appears to have compromising video of Hana Song... well, maybe Sombra can make a new friend in Korea as well? Alternatively, Sombra begins to interfere with D.Va's undefeated Starcraft II win streak with her hacking abilities...

Hana Song x Thespion 4.0
- Costars on the set of 'Hero of my Storm' find themselves dodging quite a few tabloid rumors about the Omnic actor's mentorship of the up and coming pro-gamer turned soldier turned actress D.Va. If people are gonna spread sultry tales about them anyway...

Doomfist x Widowmaker or Sombra
- Having just broken out of prison and met with fellow Talon council-member Maximilien in Monaco, Akande Ogundimu settles in for the night at his hotel suite with the Talon members Widowmaker and Sombra. He is impressed with the former's performance in London and the latter's ambition in her... dealings with Katya Volskaya. He will have words with them both, no doubt. Besides that, he was put away for a long time...

Doomfist x Blackwatch Spy
- With the sudden death of Akinjide Adeyemi and the disappearance of his gauntlet, Overwatch is deployed to Numbani to help settle down the situation. Assisting them is a cybernetics tycoon by the name of Akande Ogundimu. Morrison thinks he's suspicious, so Gabriel Reyes deploys one of his more covert female operatives to gather some intelligence on him.

McCree x Tracer ...or Blackwatch McCree x Cadet Oxton
- Winston might have recalled Overwatch, but McCree hasn't come back. Tracer volunteers to seek him out and see what he's been up to after all these years... or back during the Null Sector crisis, two young members of Overwatch find themselves crossing paths.

Tracer x Emily
- The world's a scary place, full of strife... but Christmas is a time to spend with family and loved ones. In the arms of a lover, everything else seems to melt away.

Reinhardt Wilhelm x Brigitte
- Out of fuel, Reinhardt and Brigitte wait on the side of the road for a stranger's kindness. The old knight always thought himself too old for such a pretty girl like his companion, never once imagining she'd actually be interested in him like that. Maybe he'll finally take the hint...

Security Chief Pharah x Egyptian Army
- Fareeha Amari is celebrating her retirement from the Egyptian Army with her old unit. After plenty of glasses were emptied and revelries had, it came to their attention that she was no longer going to be their XO... there would be nothing untoward about some fraternization between the soldiers and a civilian.

Pharah x Mercy
- Angela Ziegler has been hard at work assisting Oasis' ministry of biology. With the recent spate of Talon and Overwatch activity, Helix International assigns Fareeha Amari to her protection detail. The younger girl is in awe, thrilled of the prospect of Overwatch actually returning.

Symmetra x Sombra
- Also in Oasis, Satya Vaswani is representing Vishkar's interests in the metropolis when Talon operative Sombra appears before her, offering her help to carve for themselves a little slice of the pie... and maybe to make a new friend in the process.

Vishkar Symmetra x Manservants
- Vishkar Corporation gave Satya Vaswani her own pristine office and a squad of loyal assistants. They were all young and immaculate, seemingly worshipful of her brilliance. They too were fascinating to her... They offered themselves up to her curiosities, their minds and bodies puzzles to be solved.

Azúcar Sombra x Los Muertos
- The gang had a rule about their teenage hacker prodigy; don't even fuck with her. Her skills were much too valuable to risk losing for some gangbanger trying to get his dick wet. She was off-limits... and it was boring her to death.

Themes/Tropes: Costume play, Romance, Gangbang, Murrrder, Almost anything really

Goals: Short and sweet but not shallow, I want these stories to show off these character's canonical traits and charm.

Inerrant Lust

Picture Prompts ...or Inerrant's Hentai Art Critique
(All pictures NSFW!)

As an artist myself, I tend to look at hentai a little more critically than most, as I firmly believe that smut can be art. If a piece of art can be considered great because it invokes in its viewer sadness or excitement, why is one that excites a peculiar kind of arousal not considered just as worthy?

If an idea appeals to you, please PM me with the URL or quote the line in particular so I know which one you're referring to. Let me know what it is if anything that drawn you to it, what ideas it inspires, or something you'd change about it. A lot of these aren't things I absolutely want to replicate in writing but do tend to have one element that I would want to play around with and the rest I can do without. These little snippets are just my thoughts on the image or the scene- some more insight in how I think about the more erotic things that we could be writing about.  ::)

Characters I'd like to play with or against!

Scenes I'd like to write!

Hentai Critique: Favorite!

  • This may be one of my favorite images. There is contrast everywhere- in skin and size, in position and even in Rebecca's clothed upper body and nude lower body. Her legs are long and smooth whereas his are bulky. Everything about this I love. It's smut AND art. Messy version.
  • I'm not sure what could be said of this one except that I would describe Claire as... languid. She's tense, restrained, yet not flailing. She's partially clothed but wearing what looks like a thong. That's not even getting into the use of tone and color! It is such a mix of conflicting elements and I can't stop looking at it.
  • There is something about this one I like but I'm not sure what. Perhaps it is because it has such a sense of gravity to it- her hair is hanging loose, the cum on her skin sliding towards the ground, and her breasts rest naturally upon her ribcage. Little details like gravity can be overlooked but writing about them can really enhance a scene, I think.
  • This scene has a strange sense of grace and worshipful to it, I find. Lymsleia is slightly grimacing, it appears, perhaps from the guy penetrating her... but the two flanking her are cumming simultaneously and crisscrossing almost like some kind of ceremony or ritual- like a fountain. Only one of them is using their hands, and the whole scene has a sort of artistic air to it, I find.... like the males are some kind of Jackson Pollocks of semen. That's probably looking way too into it, though.  ::)
  • I like this one a lot for a number of reasons. The artist Jace could have cut it off sooner but extended the image to show both males' penises in a state of erection. They're being clutched to her breasts roughly and are pleasuring her with their hands, leaving themselves unstimulated... and yet are rock hard. Look closely and you can even see a bit of pre-cum. That means that they are wholly devoted to her pleasure. I think she knows it too.
  • There is something enthralling about this one. She is both overt and shy, nude yet gloved, open and unavailable at the same time, her face turned just slightly from the viewer, but not entirely.

Hentai Critique: Great!

Hentai Critique: Good!