Black Widow (F/F intrigue, possible N/C BDSM)

Started by Chrystal, September 10, 2016, 06:30:17 PM

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The Black Widow


A(nnette) is a Black Widow. And a successful one. So far she has married two wealthy men who have both died in mysterious circumstances, after naming her the sole beneficiary of their wills. And of course, while obviously she has been a suspect, there has been no evidence to prove that she murdered her husbands. Now, she is married to N(igel) P(arker)-C(hase), an incredibly wealthy man in his early 40s. His first wife died of cancer, and they had no legitimate heirs, so it looks like the poor unfortunate man is about to increase A(nnette)'s fortune by a ridiculously large amount.

His demise is sudden and quite unexpected - by everyone except A(nnette). But it is at the funeral where things start to go wrong...

A young woman, barely more than a teenager, dressed all in black, shows up with the mourners. No-one knows who she is, except apparently the priest who is performing the burial, who greets her quietly and sympathetically. She is introduced to A(nnette) as Z(oe). A(nnette) is polite but nonchalant towards this young woman. She returns home to do her mandatory period of "mourning" before she can liquidate her late and unlamented husband's assets and move on.

Except, suddenly, the same young woman arrives at her door, demanding admittance. You guessed it, she is the illegitimate daughter of N(igel) P(arker)-C(hase). And she can prove it. She has all the legal documents from when she first showed up at her father's door some four to six years ago, proved conclusively she was his daughter by some hussy he was bedding way back when, and was sent away with load of legal documents, a restraining order and a trust fund...

Something N(igel) P(arker)-C(hase) had completely neglected to tell his new wife, having conveniently forgotten about her!

A(nnette) doesn't really have much choice. Z(oe)'s claim to her father's fortune is legitimate and predates A(nnette)'s. And unfortunately for A(nnette), her late husband's will still has a clause in it, left there deliberately by his lawyer, which gives Z(oe) a much greater claim on the fortune than A(nnette). Worse, there is a stipulation in Z(oe)'s legal documents - drawn up by the same lawyers - that in the event of her untimely death, her portion of the estate will be realised and donated to various charities.

A(nnette) has to find some way to get her hands on the money.....

Names are arbitrary, A, Z and NPC.

I would like a FEMALE player only please (lady or liege who identifies as female), to play either the Black Widow or the Bastard Daughter. I have no real preference which character I play. It would be equally fun to play either. Please be willing to move the story forward, keep things moving and don't let me do all the work. Be prepared to discuss the story via PM and change your posts if necessary; I will do you the same courtesy if there is something in my post that you don't like.

Please know how to use a spell-checker, be reasonably good at English grammar (especially know the difference between Then and Than, a pet peeve of mine), and be able to post at least 300 words at a time. I only RP in the open forums.

If you want to play the Black Widow, you will be opening the thread.

Okay there are several ways this could play out. My favourite is that Z is as much a con-woman as A, and the two of them end up working together after a long and somewhat tense relationship development phase...

This could have a BDSM element where A dominates Z and tries to torture her into signing over her half of the estate, but doesn't reckon with Z being a total subbie and actually enjoying it (Plus of course there is the obvious "Once I sign it over you'll kill me like you killed my dad!" response from the girl).

It could go entirely the other way: The girl could end up being the dominatrix to the woman, blackmailing her into being submissive because she has figured out exactly how the woman killed the NPC.

It could have no BDSM element at all, just be entirely vanilla with an increasing sexual tension between the two, ending ultimately in them becoming lovers and partners.

If interested please send me a PM. with the word "Widow" somewhere in it, preferably in the header. PMs saying "I love your idea" will be replied to with "Which one?". PMs from Lords and male lieges will be replied to with a polite "No thank you, please read my O/Os".

Thanks for reading

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