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December 13, 2018, 12:18:56 PM

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Author Topic: The Enchanted Elven Pleasure Slave (warrioress transformation)  (Read 663 times)

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The Enchanted Elven Pleasure Slave (warrioress transformation)
« on: September 10, 2016, 03:24:51 PM »
Hi! Thank you for stopping by and reading my idea. Hopefully one of the ideas intrigues you and you'll and you'll private message me.

My idea is an elite elvish warrioress undergoes a mission for her beloved king, and it ends up costing her everything that she holds dear to herself.

She would volunteer to go on a mission for her King that would have her sold to an enchanter, who would change her from a warrior to the perfect elvish pleasure slave, to be the perfect mate for him, but, he may also share her bounties with anyone that he wishes to impress. Her hard, skilled body, would be transformed into an extremely voluptuous, always wet and horny elvish pleasure slave.

She would always not only want sex, but need sex, feeling ill without experiencing at least 3 or 4 orgasms a day.

Here is my first post, but, this could be modified and changed based on what we both come up with.


Narra Faenane was bread to be a warrior for the King's Guard, for as long as she could remember that was the only goal and focus she had. She dedicated her life to her liege and would lay down her life without a moment's notice for her king. She is tall, slim, and athletic with a dancer's build. Her body was stronger than it looked, she earned everything that she had through blood, sweat, and tears. She outworked and outfought everyone, she had joined the Guard a little longer than three centuries ago, which was scant by elven times. Narra didn't understand exactly what she was agreeing to when her liege asked for volunteers to live among the humans. She stood forward without hesitation and the King agreed she would be a good choice. She had a month to prepare leaving her homeland and everything she had ever known. She did not make the decision lightly as she waited in her home, second guessing her decision for a few moments. She stood up and slowly removed her armor, pulling the straps off, removing the mithril chain mail. She removed her armor slowly piece by piece, revealing a muscular and toned body that bore the scars of fighting for generations. She had scars on her arm, broken bones, discoloration from injuries. She slept fitfully that night, and was summoned with a knock on the door the following morning.

She put on the ceremonial armor, that was more for show and offered very little in the way of protection. She brushed her hair back and was ready for the two week journey to visit the humans as part of the cultural exchange.  She arrived in the city of Inveree two weeks later and the trip was uneventful.

Narra's arrival in the city was not to the parades and celebrations that she expected. Instead she arrived in the middle of the night, and was ushered down a maze of corridors, heading through multiple buildings, and she ended in a large room, 30 feet by 30 feet that was furnished like a home, some sort of human home by the looks of it.

Two human girls came inside her room, they didn't speak any elvish, but they did draw a bath and bring her new clothes, her clothing was taken away and she had a simple cotton robe given to her to wear. They spent time cleaning her in the bath with soap and warm water, then finished up doing her hair. They helped her get dressed, applying perfume to her athletic body. The girls then left and a human man came into her room with 2 human soldiers, dressed in full battle gear.

"Follow" the man said in elvish. Narra looked around the room, quite nervous and not sure what was happening. This was not at all what she expected, not even close. She followed the man, one of the soldiers walked in front of them and another behind their group. They were lead to a horse drawn carriage, which she entered. She sat in the back row, looking out the window. A few minutes later they were led up a winding cliff to a manor carved in the hillside. As they approached the manor, the only route was blocked by a gate. The gates slowly opened, revealing a small courtyard. As the carriage stopped in the courtyard the others disembarked, leaving Narra in the carriage. She looked around nervously. Lord Bargistan was giddy and couldn't wait to see the Enchanter talk about his newest find. It had taken a lot of string pulling and gold to grease the transaction, but he had managed to get an Elvish King's Guard and he couldn't want to see what would be possible with the enchanter's help. Bargistan was very happy, Narra had amazing potential he felt and he couldn't wait to taste her elvish delights. Bargistan wanted an impossibly buxom, sexy slave, that couldn't be found, but had to be molded, shaped, and created.

Narra stood 5' 10 inches tall, 125 pounds, with a lithe dancer's body. Narra had pale skin and light brown hair. She was not beautiful in the classic sense, but she had fine features, a small nose, small chin, and expressive eyes. Her short hair was worn for function, not beauty. She moved with a dancer's grace, even though she was worried about being a stranger in a strange land. She waited her hands folded in her lap, humming an elvish song as she waited for what to happen next. The two soldiers kept an eye on her in the carriage, even as Bargistan would surely meet the master of the house.
-------------- end of first story

Please private message me and let me know what you plan on doing to Narra and why you'd be a good writing partner to explore this story with me.  Please look at my previous posts to see if we're a match

If you want to include other fetishes besides growth and sexuality, just write me and let's discuss it.