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March 23, 2017, 03:19:56 PM

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Author Topic: Captain America: Civial War - Winter's Redemption (Winter Soldier/Oc) RP Craving  (Read 144 times)

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Seeking either M or F to play the role of Sgt. James Buchanan Barnes/Winter Soldier to my female OC

I just finished watching Captain America: Civil War and it has left me with an even more intense want to play in that setting. Particularly playing opposite (above or under works good for me too *smirks*) the Winter Soldier.

In the aftermath of the Civil War, the Avengers are divided. Tony was in charge of the Avengers that willing signed the Accord while Falcon, Wanda, Scott Lang a.k.a the new "Ant-Man" and Hawkeye have escaped Raft Prison with the help of Steve and Bucky (who had decided to forgo going back into cold sleep just yet) and have all disappeared thanks to the assistance of other heroes that disagreed with the Accord. There was a growing concerned that the Accord was just another one of Hydra's numerous smoke screens to divert everyone attention from their current agenda so they set out to see what they could dig up, Bucky's inside knowledge of Hydra proving invaluable in locating bases they had missed or securing resources they had left behind.

Idea #1: Somewhere Out There - Bucky/OFM
The good Captain wasn't the only one to have experienced a tragic love story. During a time when his life was one long horrific nightmare, Bucky, against all odds had found the love of his life during his forced servitude to Hydra. Seraphina had been another unfortunate soul that had been captured and experimented on because of her unique abilities. Eventually she was handed over to the Winter Soldier for traning. It was evident they had a rare synchroniticity from the start and once she was deemed proficient she was partnered with Bucky on his assignments. The attraction between the was strong but not one that happened suddenly. She was barely sixteen when she was brought in but  over the years it grew the stronger more she trained  and improved herself, enduring whatever they had to throw at her. She had the ability to see to te still good man buried down deep inside the Assassin,  They had to becareful that their relationship wasn't discovered and used aganst them. and had even dared to entertain the tought of leaving Hydra behind permenantly. Unfortunately it wasn't meant too be; one of Buck`s rival found out about their relationhp and used it to his advantage.
to pay him back for an earlier humiliation. and found the mean through Bucky's young Woman

On their last mission together they were  pinned down by unexpected ambushed. bucky was forced to watch as his lover took the brunt of the attack meant for him and fall of the ledge of a steep revine perched above a fast paced river.  Or at least that was he was thought had happend. Decades later he is standing in the at the entrance of a holding cell in one of the many old, abandoned Hydra facility. Her gaze was weak and half lidded and her voice whispery soft, but he still heard.

"Hello, love. I knew you would find me - eventually. "

Idea #2:
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