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Author Topic: Cravings! Lusts! Desires! Oh, My! [F for M/F]  (Read 1021 times)

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Offline LunaTickTopic starter

Cravings! Lusts! Desires! Oh, My! [F for M/F]
« on: September 08, 2016, 07:19:26 PM »
Introduction Pairings/Genres Plots Active/Dead RPs

Status: Tentatively Seeking

Hey there! I'm LunaTick (Luna if you happen to be feeling friendly).

Please keep responses to PMs and don't post in this thread! Thanks!

I've been flitting around different roleplaying communities for awhile now, and have managed to land myself here! I'd consider myself moderately experienced, having been a part of different online communities such as this one, as well as being involved in D&D and other such tabletop games both online and off. That said, there are lots of things I can still improve on.

While I may not be new to roleplaying, I am currently admittedly a bit rusty having not really done it actively for some time now. So please bear with me while I find my footing again, and feel free to offer me any constructive criticism you feel necessary!

You can likely expect me on in the late hours. Think between 2300 and 0300 EST. I will do my best to provide replies to RPs at least twice a week, but if I cannot swing that then I will let you know. Like most people I do have responsibilities IRL, and sometimes things can get really chaotic without any warning.

I am a female, and I only play female characters. That said, your gender and the gender of your character do not need to match up for me. I will be entirely comfortable RPing with you regardless of your gender, your character's gender, your sexual preferences, etc. As long as my off list is respected, I'm sure we can have a good time!

What I Want

For a little bit of detail about my general kinks you can check out my O/O here. If what you're interested in isn't listed there, feel free to ask me about it.

I like longer posts, spanning several paragraphs, if possible. That said, I understand that this isn't always possible or necessary, and prefer quality over quantity. Always. I love detail (tell me about the little things!) and word-building. I love a plot-heavy, long-term RP. I also don't mind smutty little one-offs, although I still like some pretty meaty posts for those as well. Who doesn't like a bit of just the good stuff once in awhile?

Good grammar and spelling is very important to me in a partner. The occasional, understandable typo is fine (we all make them) but consistent mistakes will break my immersion and my desire to carry it on. However, if I do decide to stop an RP (regardless of the reason), I will inform you.

I ask that all writing be done in third person, past tense.

Communication is incredibly important to me in a partner. If you aren't enjoying something about our story, please tell me. I will offer you the same courtesy. I like discussion, and I like planning. This doesn't mean everything needs to be pre-planned in terms of the plot of the story (I do enjoy surprises!) but overall I like to have a general understanding on where we both see things going. In short, pre-planned destinations, but the journey to get to said destination does not need to be planned out on the whole.

I would prefer a partner that can manage 2 or 3 replies a week, but I'm entirely understanding if that is too much.
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Offline LunaTickTopic starter

Re: Cravings! Lusts! Desires! Oh, My! [F for M/F]
« Reply #1 on: September 23, 2016, 03:45:25 AM »
Introduction Pairings/Genres Plots Active/Dead RPs


*** = Craving!

Genres/Kinks/General Ideas

♥Modern Fantasy**
♥Historical Fiction
♥Slow-burn Romance***
♥Mind Control

Pairings (my character second)

♥Vampire x Human***
♥Dominant x Slave
♥Kidnapper x Victim
♥Boss x Intern/Secretary/Other employee
♥Supernatural Being x Hunter
♥Therapist x Patient **


♥The Witcher
♥Dragon Age
♥Mistborn Series
♥Psycho Pass
♥The Mortal Instruments
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Offline LunaTickTopic starter

Re: Cravings! Lusts! Desires! Oh, My! [F for M/F]
« Reply #2 on: November 06, 2016, 01:43:35 PM »
Introduction Pairings/Genres Plots Active/Dead RPs

Plot Ideas

These ideas will be only partially fleshed out. I like to leave them rather bare bones and open for ideas to be tossed around by both of us, so we can both create something that we can enjoy.

Your character is a young (or younger) man born of an incredibly well-off family. He's never wanted for much and likely isn't used to hearing the word "no". When his parents eventually pass, he will most certainly be set for the rest of his life.

Which they do, suddenly and tragically.

So now, everything is his. He inherits the fortune, the houses, the art collections. Everything. Including a home that he wasn't aware existed. It is here that he finds a secret that was kept from him. Slaves. Several of them, kept in relatively nice quarters, waiting to be sold to the highest bidder, along with an assistant who lives in the home already, who is more than prepared to assist him in learning the ins and outs of such a lucrative business. What he decides to do with this newfound business is up for debate.

It is here that he meets my character. A woman who had been there for only a couple of months, not yet sold because she is not yet broken and ready for sale. Something about her (up for debate what that "something" may be) intrigues him.

This story has a lot of potential paths and possibilities. It could be modern day, it could be Victorian or futuristic cyberpunk. Perhaps your character decides to keep the business, continue dealing in slaves, but chooses to keep my character for himself. Is your character already kinky? Or does seeing women bound and ready for sale awaken something in him? Perhaps he decides to abolish the business, free the women. It could be a romance, or something else entirely.

I'd love to hear ideas and have some assistance in fleshing this plot out.

YC is a highly respected professor. Perhaps married, but that is up for decision between us.

MC is one of his students. Perhaps she seduces YC, perhaps it's the other way around. This story could go a lot of ways.

YC is significantly more experienced in the ways of sexual encounters, with his tastes lying on the more darker side. MC has only ever engaged in "vanilla" sex, but has an interest in what he has to teach her. Although YC has plenty to lose through this questionable relationship, he finds himself seemingly incapable of staying away from her.

I'd be interested in exploring the balance of keeping his career in check, while keeping his torrid affair with MC a secret. Could easily spin into a slow-burn romance, or stay as strictly lust. I'd very much like to toss around ideas with this one!
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Offline LunaTickTopic starter

Re: Cravings! Lusts! Desires! Oh, My! [F for M/F] [Under Construction]
« Reply #3 on: November 08, 2016, 07:08:08 AM »
Introduction Pairings/Genres Plots Active/Dead RPs

Current Stories

His Personal Assistant [rhev]
The New Intern [ShimapanMan]
The Trainer [Lrrr]
Broad Daylight [Jack Stalker]

Previous Stories

Stories that have been completed or abandoned, or are tentatively on hold/hiatus.

Electrochemical Machines [SpilledInk]
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