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Author Topic: Sub/maso F seeks M or F nemesis for dark & violent RP  (Read 897 times)

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Offline EuphoricDysphoriaTopic starter

Sub/maso F seeks M or F nemesis for dark & violent RP
« on: July 31, 2016, 08:01:22 AM »
As an overview, I'm more maso than sub as a writer, because I love non-consent, at least at the beginning of a RP.  You'll find my ideas pretty well fleshed but please don't let that put you off, that's just how my muse runs. Everything can be discussed and negotiated. I also tend to write from a hetero perspective out of habit but most roles could be played my female characters or vice versa. I have no interest in your RL gender or whether it's binary, that's your personal business. Im happy to write with people playing a different gender to the one they've registered as. All I ask is that you be convincing and avoid cliches. I do have a particular weakness for masculine genderqueer ladies.

Please follow the link in my sig to view my O/Os.

My posts are very much on the wordy side, please see this thread for an example of my writing style before you decide how suited we are.

Please message me with interest.
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Offline EuphoricDysphoriaTopic starter

Re: Sub/maso F seeks M or F nemesis for dark & violent RP
« Reply #1 on: August 11, 2016, 05:47:52 PM »
Walk Like a Man ~ FtM genderqueer character wanted.

Your FtM genderqueer character has been making some pretty epic life choices. You’re not gay, you’re a straight man in a female body. You tell your family and friends (how they react is up to you) and then your doctor. Following counselling, you start taking testosterone supplements and living as man. You put up with some shit from your employer and coworkers and it takes a while for the people in your life to accept your decision. You decide to move out of your comfort zone socially. Up till now you’ve favoured GLBT friendly bars and clubs but you start braving cis/het venues, to see how people react to you; how convincing you are as a man.

You get talking to a girl who just treats you like any other guy. She’s exactly your type too and you find her so easy to talk to that you get a little carried away. You walk her home and she kisses you. Half drunk and intoxicated even more by the thrill of simply kissing a girl as a man, you start touching her and one thing leads to another. When she discovers you’re not yet the gender it says on the can, my character reacts badly. You get angry and force yourself on her, a violent girl on girl rape that has her cumming harder than she ever has before. You leave before she gets up, worried she will go to the police with the DNA evidence all over her body and bedroom.

Nothing happens, in fact the next time she sees you you can tell she's fantasising about it. You take her out to apologise and she doesn't initiate anything sexual. You verbally humiliate her about the way she responded to you and it's like a light has been turned on. You use a feel doe to demonstrate how capable you are of fucking her like a man. You damn near kill her by forcing it down her throat and she just creams herself.

After that, she becomes your girlfriend and despite being a liberated feminist, this girl just brings out the predatory, violent asshole in you. When you start smacking her around and verbally abusing her she takes it all and gushes everywhere. The girl is turning you into a chauvinist abuser but you're too intoxicated by it all to care. You take more and more control over her life. You move into her place and start grooming her into your plaything. She becomes the outlet for all your frustrations and your sex drive just escalates with the hormone treatment.
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Vampire vs witch ~ Buffy inspired.
« Reply #2 on: September 06, 2016, 04:32:27 AM »
Seeking suitably sardonic version of Spike, canon or non-canon. Could be contemporary or fantasy/historical setting.

Your vampire character stumbles on a very novice young witch trying desperately to deal with and develop her emerging powers without the guidance of her mother, from whom she inherited them. Her attempts to use these powers effectively when you get the urge to rape and drain her are just pitiful. Having never drunk from a wiccan before, you discover that her blood is the most incredible you have ever tasted. Initially you keep her as a blood slave and plaything but it becomes apparent that after you've drunk from her, you're physically stronger and faster. You drain her power and it adds to yours, for a short period of time. [yet to be determined]

After that comes the delicate balancing act of forcing/helping your delicious Wiccan develop her powers further, so you can feed on them. Let her get too strong or fail to drink from her frequently enough and she'll be able to defeat you and flee. Drink from her too often however, or gorge too deeply on her exquisite blood and she'll be of no use to you until she recovers - if she recovers. You're also not accustomed to having a cryptguest with human needs like warmth and food, so your care of her can be neglectful.

On the back of this new strength, your character sets about unseating the most powerful vampires in the land and assuming his place as their ruler and greatest threat. My character is dragged along as your sidekick but nobody can know your strength is stolen from the tiny little witch and therefore how precarious your position is if anything should happen to her or she gets the rise on you and escapes.

How their relationship develops and how consensual it gets in the longer term are something we can decide together.
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Offline EuphoricDysphoriaTopic starter

River Vs Operative ~ Firefly/Serenity
« Reply #3 on: September 08, 2016, 03:35:15 AM »

Ok I'm a Whedon-o-phile. Deal with it.  :P

In this story instead of Mal and his crew reaching Miranda and successfully exposing its secret, we're going to veer off topic a little. At some point in the original narrative, the Operative manages to snatch River and here's why.

Once he sees River in action he begins to question whether executing her is the right decision. Yes, she's undoubtedly suffering from minor brain damage and trauma but despite all that she remains a formidable force, a one woman army. She's a genius, she just needs to be handled a little more carefully.

He finds the strength of her bond with her brother interesting and potentially useful. The Operative puts it to his superiors that with a little more tinkering by the 'hands of blue' River can be made more stable. At the same time, he wants total seclusion with her. River is psychic and he is a terrible man who has done terrible things and regrets none of them. She'll see the attack on Haven that obliterated the place and she'll see how satisfied with it he was. All she'll get out of his head are reasons to fear him, because he is the man who doesn't ask why; he just follows orders in the most ruthlessly efficient way possible.

Once she fully comprehends what and who she's dealing with, he can really go to work on her. He can test every trigger she has and even give her new ones. Psychologically he will get into her head and kick things around until she comprehends the kind of malice she's dealing with. He wants her demoralised and doubting herself, as well as her sainted big brother. The real thrust of his new mission though will be to get her unquestioning obedience by any means necessary because the Operative intends to become her full time handler. If River can be kept on a short enough leash to become more asset than threat, she could wind up being the greatest Operative of all time.

The Operative is a pragmatic man who knows that despite the fact he's a vital, if unpalatable, part of the Alliance's bold vision for the future, no Operative has lived to old age or been pensioned off onto a nice core world to live out their remaining days in peace. He also knows he's not getting any younger and that the day he fails in a mission it will be his death sentence. Black Ops are a young man's game and keen new faces are always rising through the ranks, hungry for glory that they'll never publicly receive. He's counting numbered days.

Naturally, once River is mission ready the first thing she's going to destroy is her brother, swiftly followed by the rest of Serenity's crew. The self loathing that will inevitably cause in the calm after the storm will be something he can work with. She has to lose faith in herself before she'll put it in him.

The Operative's superiors agree to the plan but they think it's a reckless gamble with little chance of long term success. Early indicators of River's potential were off every chart however and they will take a chance on the Operative in order not to lose that. They want all this carried out on the most isolated rock they can still communicate with regularly, so after the scientists are done with her, River and the Operative get a moon with a view. It's been terra formed with the absolute basics and that's it. The only tech will be on the Operative's lab ship. There is nowhere for her to run unless she steals it and leaves him there. The lab ship has been modified to contain her but River can think her way out of anything.

Naturally she spends much of her time there trying to kill him and escape. They wind up playing cat and mouse across a fairly temperate rural landscape. He's forced to outthink a mad genius and she's forced to butt heads with a kind of absolute sociopathic determination she's not really equipped to deal with.

When he's forced to physically restrain her, a teenage girl (18+ obvs) his little psychic gets more insights she's not prepared for, namely what the Operative finds himself wanting to do to this pretty little weapon of mass destruction. It's been a long while since the Operative was troubled by such appetites. He knew he couldn't forge a specialist career in such a trusted position as lone operative, without turning his back firmly on his misspent youth. River's highly fluctuating vulnerability and her slight build just bring the predator roaring out of him, however. He's secluded with the power of life or death over her. If she can't be worked with, he'll kill her and leave her to rot on that moon. He's not going to admit failure unless he absolutely has to, of course.

The Operative tries to limit himself to psychological sadism, mockery and corrosion of River's self worth/confidence. The Operative is one of the few people single minded and skilled enough at compartmentalisation to be able to lie to River. When he's forced to chase her down through dense woodland however, River falls victim to a savage, truly primal rape. After that he decides that the simplest way to get her obedience may be as primal and unevolved as good, old fashioned subjugation. What he's not prepared for is how suffering at the hands of blue has unwittingly rewired River into the kind of creature that can 'enjoy' sexual, physical and psychological masochism.
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