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May 17, 2022, 11:11:53 pm

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Author Topic: My things that bounce around like pictures in your head,  (Read 1028 times)

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My things that bounce around like pictures in your head,
« on: September 07, 2016, 01:26:05 pm »
... In the right god damn section this time..

Ideas! Thats the word..

So getting my ideas list together, and its going to be a little slim to start. I have Tons of ideas, but very few that are coherent or really lead anywhere at the moment. So for now, I guess this is more of a reference for people interested in seeing what I'm interested in!

Wild West:
A favorite of mine, especially if familear with the setting of Deadlands, if you know it without looking it up, i have many, Many, MANY, MANY cookies for you! Plain old fashioned historical, magic mixed in, steam punk, or flavors of shadow over brimstone, all of them are awesome.
New farm hand has arrived looking for work, outlaw/bounty hunter has wandered into town, brothel worker finds hope in a new comer thats always anxious to see them.

Generic D&D, custom settings, norse based, Hindu, or others, i like alot of them especially ones that incorporate a smooth mix of them. One of my fave blended Mediterranean, vietnamese, korean, chinese, creole, and other river cultures wonderfully for an excellent setting (tobad the players sucked:(
Standard adventurers out exploring, Direct vassals of the nobility and rulers out exploring the lands and establishing trade routes. possibilities are endless!

Bit of a mixed bag. Plain modern not to interisted in. Near future can be interisting, while modern fantasy can be grand. Things like the Dresden Files, or the myriad of duplicates that came out following it.

Another much loved setting. I love the idea of Transhumanism, exploring space and the boundaries of science, what is a human, and so forth.
Cute Cyborg, alien, and astronaut girls...? Oh yeahz. also,
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Could be little mature... BUT SO FREAKING CUTE!!!

Other things:
Games like Unhallowed metropolis (which is described as a post- zombie apocolypse, neo-victorian gasmask-chic setting), Exalted (one of my favorites for random balls out insane fun), Warhammer (more 40k then fantasy), Shadowrun, Blue Rose, star wars, Elder Scrolls, Fallout. Love all these settings and always happy to work out something interesting and fun out with people!

Im down for all sorts, Frenemy, (think comic books, where the hero has a villian they team up with, their fights seem more like people just playing around, so forth), Rivals, friends, lovers, whatever. I love playing out interactions, its fun as hell and helps to get into the characters head. Its relaxing, even with intense scenes of all sort, and is the big drive of a story for me:3

Another fun thing, ranging from simple chases, to fight scenes, or what ever not have you! I love writing out a detailed running gun battle, sword fight, fisticuffs, wrestling, whatever. But they are like.. .. uumm..  toppings on ice cream? Seasoning to a steak or roast? They shouldn't overwhelm the main story, but help accent and define it.

.. More to come as brain starts working again.. Hlpe this helps some!!
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