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June 21, 2018, 07:51:51 AM

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Author Topic: Marie-Julie Deveraux  (Read 717 times)

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Marie-Julie Deveraux
« on: September 07, 2016, 11:11:51 AM »
FAQ:"What are you (generally) looking for?"

First off: Story driven. Imagine it this way: story is the flour, ilk and eggs, erotic innuendo the glazing, sprinkles, etc., and the act itself is like raisins. Nice to have, but not worth cherry-picking.  Or wait, let's say it more directly: if you are here for the sex... better stop wasting your time reading this.

Away from that there are some more base requirements: long-term, development centered plays with human or very humanoid characters, sex (in very small quantities) can be part of the equation but doesn't have to be, romance and/or an erotic, humorous "background radiation" is much more enticing to me than "the act."

And what about you? What do I expect from you? Fantasy, humor, wits ... max your mental stats and you will probably make me a very happy player, willing to go long ways. If you, on the other hand, think about the quick way to another mark in the bedpost, or how to use raw force or magic instead of brains, love and patience to "make her yours", well.. cya. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

So, if you managed to read till this point "blows a kiss* go on, contact me.

Maraj sighed. This was more difficult than she thought, (here you might swap thought for would have guessed) thought it wasn't the symbols in front of her that she found frustrating. They were rather simple. Physics homework, a few differential equations, which she could have solved in a matter of minutes, if that.

No, the difficult part was herself. Or rather her feelings, her drives? Well, whatever.

Had she been a normal girl she'd have been all doe-eyed over some guy in her class, or rather the class she should have been in, but wasn't.

Instead she was in a class with people two years her senior, and still couldn't communicate with them in an adequate, mature manner. Heck, they were so childish. For some time she had done her best to get by and pretended to be like them. It hadn't been easy. When they all started with that stupid 'falling in love,' thing, well, she was thankful she'd been spared this hormonal imbalance. At least until now.

A few weeks ago she had started to, well, have certain dreams. And had taken an interest in certain websites. No, not - ewww - that sort of website, those pages were so graphic she could have used them to learn about human anatomy - which she didn't need, having aced that tests on that subject easily.

No, her tastes had gone in a very weird, and awkward direction. (if you want to emphasise awkward/taste instead of ellipses here make them italic) She didn't care that she was obviously not into typical "masculine beauty," (I'm guessing you meant not, but change it if I'm wrong) heck, in some way that came as a relief.

No, it was how fascinating some of the less mainstream things had become to her. And, yes, she was - on an intellectual level - willing to admit that she was obviously developing a rather refined tastes. As if it wasn't difficult enough to be sapiophil. She had to become interested in this as well?

Maraj sighed and tried to put her mind to simpler things - like advanced math.
What am I specifically looking for? Well, as said, story. But this time I'm uh ... *blush* am also looking for a more adult aspect. What I'm looking for is a mentor for Marie-Julie. Someone who can take her on her journey to explore her desires. Mind you, this is ONE aspect of it. The player of this mentor needs to be able and willing to place story above any quick gratification.  I'm looking for a story that revolves around her becoming aware of her being a woman, with certain slightly not so mainstream desires.

What are those desires? Marie-Julie is a rather head-strong very intelligent young woman. So what she is looking for (or will need to be lead to) is someone that she can look up to. Intellectual, cultural and maybe even literal.

If you take a look at my preferences you'll see mostly very vanilla things. But a few  want to try/maybes are... well I'd love to explore them with her. Slowly, patiently... Do you want to lead her on that way?
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Re: Marie-Julie Deveraux
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