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April 24, 2018, 04:04:40 AM

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Author Topic: Two Stories About Joining a Cult! (looking for F or M)  (Read 337 times)

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Two Stories About Joining a Cult! (looking for F or M)
« on: September 06, 2016, 06:10:32 PM »
Hi there again!  :-)

Currently, I'd be interested in doing an RP exploring the subject of living in a religious cult. It'd be an RP about joining a group with an unusual worldview, being subjected to strict regulations (up to and including brainwashing and psychological manipulation), but also, possibly, about finding love in such an enviroment. It's all a bit experimental, admittedly...

The cult in question would be a secluded group living in its own settlement somewhere in modern America. It would be a very conservative, strictly patriarchal group with restrictive mores, people sticking to almost 19th-century-like standards of modesty etc. They would also be very controlling (even using psychological manipulation techniques, as mentioned before) and not above using some... underhanded methods of recruitment.

I have two specific story ideas regarding this cult:


In this story, I'd be playing a male character who joins this cult willingly. His reason for joining is that, some time before, his sister has vanished - and her trail leads to the cult. My character pretends to join the cult because of liking their beliefs - but, in truth, he just wants to find his sister.

Unfortunately, after spending a few months in the cult's settlement, he is unable to find out his sister's fate. He's determined to stay there until he learns the truth, but there's a problem: the cult's leadership actually finds him a trustworthy follower, so... they set him up to get married with a female cult member.

Will my character go through with it? If so, what will happen next? Will he find his sister - or, maybe, will his new wife bring him over to the cult's way of thinking?

For this story, I'm looking for someone to play the fiancee / wife: a thoroughly brainwashed, very meek and devout young woman.

The New Recruit

My character in this story is a young woman with a... rather complicated biography. She's a bit messed up, a drifter - and an occassional prostutite. One day, she gets arrested by a sheriff in one small town - but, instead of being sent to the court, the sheriff brings her over to the cult's settlement. Turns out, he's a sympathizer to the cult - and he thinks that my character would be best served by being "straightened out" by the cult and becoming a member.

And so, my character finds herself forcibly recruited into the cult and subjected to all kinds of conversion attempts. The cult leadership will go to great lengths to subvert her own beliefs and turn her into a loyal cult member... Will my character withstand their attempts successfully - or will she lose her freedom, becoming another of the cult's meek and obedient women?

For this story, I'm looking for someone to play various cult characters, especially the ones trying to convert my character.

And so, these are the stories! Any takers? If so, please PM me :)