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Author Topic: Seeking Active & Creative Writing Partners [Writer For Anyone] [F/F, M/M, Futa]  (Read 9875 times)

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Table of Contents

Introduction & Rules
On and Offs
Pairings & Fandom
Other Info

About Me

Hello and welcome to my search thread. I have been writing for the past dozen years and have been exclusively writing at adult forums for the past several years. Please do not feel intimidated by anything you see here. I love to write, but I also want to find the perfect writing partners. After all, isn't the most important thing that we enjoy ourselves?

I'm a twenty-nine year old aspiring writer who came to E to enjoy writing with other adults. I came here to have fun, and I hope to have fun writing with new and old partners here.

Still Open To New One x Ones!

Currently Craving

Older Women and Futas
Interracial F/F
Threesomes and Orgies (F/F or Futa)
Doctor Who
Marvel Cinematic Universe

What To Expect When Writing With Me

Partner Preferences:

If you care more about what's in my pants than my writing, then you can hit the back button. Writer gender is not important, and should not be the main reason why you write with someone. I do not care about your gender, you will not care about mine, period. Prodding me about my gender will be treated as harassment. I will happily write with lords, ladies, lieges, legates, and androids posing as humans. You must be 21 or older. As I'm in my late 20s, I feel uncomfortable writing with anyone younger than that.

As the thread title states, I prefer a partner who is active. I have no desire to wait a week or more for a reply. That kills my muse for the story. Ideally I would like a reply a day, but I understand that this isn't always possible. That is by no means a requirement, but at a minimum I would like a post every two or three days. Please have the courtesy to let me know if you're no longer interested (let's see if we can work something out) or if you're going to be unable to reply for more than a day or two. Please don't ditch or disappear on me without warning. Nobody likes being left hanging. I'm capable of giving at least a reply a day, if not more, depending on how busy I am.

Writing Preferences:

Quality over quantity, always. Do not expect to write a novel or walls of text with you, so if you're a novella writer, then I'm not the partner for you. One-liners are as much of a turn off as seeing a wall of text. Writing is supposed to be fun, not a chore or a competition. If you have a minimum "word count", I'm not interested. Please do not demand that I write X number of paragraphs. If I wanted to write a novel, I wouldn't be here.

Your spelling does not need to be perfect, but I expect that you'll at least read over your post for any glaring mistakes. I only do past tense, third person, and ask for the same. First person is a huge turn off.

I only do my writing on PMs as I'm uncomfortable with threads and offsite. Please do not ask me for IM, e-mail, offsite, or threads.

I like detail as much as the next person, but a recent trend I've noticed on E is too much detail. Leave some to the imagination! If you're going to spend a paragraph describing a rock, your character's socks, or give me a Tolkien level of detail about the scenery, then I'll likely end up losing interest.

Character Preferences:

Please have a real life faceclaim of your characters. No anime, please. You're welcome to describe or draw them, but that description must be accompanied by a picture. Real pictures yes, anime, no - it's a turn off, and I will refuse it. I'm more than happy to provide some suggestions. This is a hard rule I will not budge on.

You must be open to playing LGBT characters, primarily for characters involved in F/F and M/M relationships. Futas are a bonus and a craving of mine, but not a requirement. I do not play dominant men and the stereotypical "alpha male" types. I mostly write women and futas. If you're the type of person who gets all hung up about their partner's gender, then we're not the right partners. I will not play an older man for your younger woman or man, so please don't even ask. I almost exclusively write LGBT characters. If that bothers you, then I'm not the partner for you. I struggle to maintain interest in M/F. F/F, M/M, Transgender (I prefer playing against), Futas, threesomes (except for M/F/F), and orgies are all good with me.

Please do not godmode my characters. That includes controlling their actions, their smell, their history, etc.

Please do not use yourself as a character. That's creepy.

Kink Preferences:

Read and respect my O/Os. There is a TL;DR version in the next post on this thread, but the actual thread goes into more detail. Goading me to break my O/Os and/or site rules will result in me reporting you to the moderators. I will always respect your O/Os. I only ask for the favor to be returned. Just because I list something as a kink doesn't mean it has to be included, only that it will make me a happy writer, and that we avoid anything that's a limit.

I firmly believe that plot and smut do not need to conflict with each other. I firmly reject the notion of a "plot/smut ratio" and would prefer not to write with someone who forces one on me. You can have one with the other. What I'm looking for depends on my mood. I enjoy purely erotic stories. I enjoy more story driven stories. Even when I write purely erotic stories, they're filled to the brim with character and plot development. I do not fade to black, and I tend to reject stories without at least some erotic content. That doesn't mean it has to be the focus, it again depends on my current muse and what my partner is currently craving. There is also such a thing as too much slow burn that doesn't lead anywhere. There is such a thing as balance.

I know this will be a turn off to many people here, but I refuse to do non-consensual scenes. I err on the side of vanilla. These scenes have their place in fiction, but they are not scenes I feel comfortable writing out. Although I may do a blackmail scene if it's tastefully done.


Finally, please don't be a jerk. I enjoy having friendly conversations with my writing partners and having an OOC to bounce around ideas for the story. If you're going to act bigoted and racist out of character, then we won't get along. I also don't appreciate any kind of elitism when people think they're better than others because they only do "story-driven" stories or write five plus paragraphs, or whatever other reason. We all have different tastes, and just because I dislike certain things, I won't rag on you if you like them. I ask for the same favor in return. Everyone is different.

Please don't be creepy. Creepy personal questions, constant prying into my personal life, flirting, and other unwanted behavior will be treated as harassment and reported to the moderators.

My current schedule allows for me to mostly be online during the evenings and weekends, although I do work from home some days during the week. I'm on Eastern Time Zone.

Please do not post in this thread. PM me if anything interests you.
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Offline WindFishTopic starter

Re: Seeking Active & Creating Writing Partners [F/F, M/M, Futa] {All Genders}
« Reply #1 on: September 06, 2016, 02:39:33 PM »
Ons & Offs

Please see my O/O thread for more information.

Hell Yes!
  • F/F
  • Futa
  • M/M
  • Modern/Slice of Life
  • Science-Fiction
  • Romance
  • Flawed, Three-Dimensional Characters
  • Interracial
  • Non-White Characters (preference, but not mandatory)
  • Redheads (preference, but not mandatory)
  • Age Differences
  • Older/Younger
  • Threesomes
  • MILFs/Cougars
  • BBWs
  • Nudity and Nudist Characters
  • Real Celebrities
  • Fandoms
  • Time Travel
  • Spanking
  • Pierced Nipples (Preferably on other characters)
  • Vanilla
  • Foreplay
  • Cute, Tender Moments
  • Third Person Perspective
  • Past Tense
  • Real Life Faceclaims
  • PMs
  • Friendly OOC Discussion
Can Do
  • Transgender (Preferably Playing Opposite)
  • Post-Apocalypse
  • Alternate History
  • Paddling/Whipping
  • Consensual Gangbang (F/F, Futa)
  • Fantasy
  • Historical
  • Taboo Relationships (Not Illegal)
  • Star Trek Style Aliens
  • Incest, in certain scenarios
  • Adultery/Cheating
Convince Me
  • M/F
  • Pregnant Characters
  • Bondage Beyond Spanking
  • Blackmail
  • Supernatural (primarily angels and demons)
  • Doubling
Hell No!
  • Judgmental and Rude People, Elitist Attitudes
  • Partners Under 21
  • Novel-Length Posts
  • "Word Counts", Partners Who Demand 4+ paragraphs
  • One-Liners
  • First and Second Person Perspective
  • Present Tense
  • Threads, Offsite
  • Groups
  • Anime
  • Rape/Non-Consensual
  • Bestiality/Animals
  • Furries/Anthros
  • Monsters
  • Micro/Macro
  • Transformation
  • Underage/Pedophilia
  • Characters Under 20
  • High School
  • Drugs
  • Drug Addict and Alcoholic Characters
  • Hickies and Neck Sucking
  • Strap-ons and other Toys in F/F Pairings
  • Mutilation/Gore/Dismemberment/Torture/Extreme Pain
  • Biting and Drawing Blood
  • Watersports/Feces/Anything Belonging In A Toilet
  • Character Death Without Prior Discussion
  • Kidnapping/Enslavement
  • Becoming Pregnant/Risk of Pregnancy
  • Older Man x Younger Woman
  • Facial/Body Hair on Men
  • Playing An Older or Dominant Male
  • Playing A Canon Character
  • Doubling In A Sex Scene
  • Using Yourself As A Character

Feel free to ask me for anything that might not be on there or for clarification.
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Re: Seeking Active & Creating Writing Partners [F/F, M/M, Futa] {All Genders}
« Reply #2 on: September 06, 2016, 02:40:32 PM »
Plot Bunnies

Plot Bunnies are ideas that are less developed, and could be either more erotic or more story-driven, depending on the direction we want to take.


F: Female
M: Male
FT: Futa

Just because a plot is taken, it doesn't mean I won't be open to it again. All roles are negotiable unless otherwise stated.

Blind Date With A Twist
F/F, F/FT, M/M, M/FT, Transgender/Any

On her twenty-first birthday, a shy young woman grudgingly agrees to go out on a blind date set up by her best friend. She's in for quite a surprise when the date turns out to be an older woman... and a nudist.

The Surprise

Two best friends have long had a crush on the other, but never said anything due to a fear of ruining their friendship. When one of them finally confesses how they feel, they also have a surprise for their friend. They happen to be a futa. How does the other friend respond?

Paint Me Like One Of Your French Girls
F/F, M/M, F/FT, M/FT, Transgender/Any

A successful and talented artist meets up with their muse, a shy man or woman working at a Bread and Breakfast. When the muse cleans the room, the artist offers to paint them, to which they agree. The two of them begin to learn more about the other and realize just how much they have in common despite their different backgrounds.

The Celebrity's Secret NEW and CRAVING
F/F, F/Futa
Probably more of a smutty one shot, but could be worked into a more story-driven plot.

A celebrity (either a fictional one, or a fictional version of a real life one) has always played herself off as the goody-goody girl next door type. What the world doesn't know, however, is that she's a secret lesbian with a secret desire for constant sex. The problem is that she hasn't found anyone who can keep up with her. One say, she enters into a discreet sex club, run by an older, experienced dominatrix. The celebrity wants to know if this woman can be the one who can keep up with her, and so begins a series of encounters between the two, with each determined to one up the other every time.

F/F, F/Futa

Blackmail is something I've wanted to try, and right now I have a couple of ideas in mind.

Celebrity Blackmail: A hacker uncovers a celebrity's personal files, which include several nude photos as well as a sex tape. If released, the images would surely ruin her career and her reputation. The hacker offers to delete the images, but only if the celebrity agrees to her requests, many of which are sexual in nature. At first the celebrity is hesitant, but what if she discovers she likes the sex, humiliation, and being in someone else's control?
Feel free to look at my requested celebrity list a few posts below.

Younger Sister Blackmail: A young woman is eager to go to college, and is even working two jobs to help pay for it. Her older sibling has recently come into some money, more than enough to cover the cost of her tuition. The older sibling offers to pay for her sister's tuition, but only if she agrees to whatever her "payment" might happen to be.

2018 Winter Olympics
F/F, F/Futa

I'm interested in doing something based off the current Winter Olympics. Ideally, I'm looking for someone to play some of the athletes there. I'm looking for someone to play any of the following: Canadian figure skater Tessa Virtue, South Korean figure skater Yuna Kim, American skier Lindsey Vonn, Canadian bobsledders Kaillie Humphries and Phylicia George, American bobsledder Aja Evans, Norwegian snowboarder Silje Norendal, Russian snowboarder Alena Zavarzina.

I don't have any specific ideas for this, but I'd love to brainstorm something with you. Knowledge of the athletes isn't required as long as you have their name and picture.


Below are more developed plots, with more involved story.

Modern Plots

The Charm Offensive

Olympic figure skating is known to be a highly competitive sport. So the last thing Western figure skater CHARACTER A, the reigning gold medalist, expects is to find love on the ice. After a training session, she goes to the locker room and notices one of her competitors CHARACTER B, sobbing. CHARACTER B is the only North Korean skater in the competition and is a promising up and comer. CHARACTER B reveals that her family was recently killed by the regime due to her failure at a previous event. She wants to defect, and she finds herself smitten with the other skater. CHARACTER A promises to help her and begins falling for this charming young woman after seeing how much potential she has. Can their forbidden love survive the competition and the diplomatic affair that it will likely cause?

I'd prefer to play CHARACTER A. CHARACTER A could also be a coach instead of another skater.

Stepford Seduction
F/F, Harem, M/M

Oldtown is in every sense a typical suburb. At least to the untrained observer. On a closer look, however, it is revealed that it is a highly gated community and is typically reserved for the upper class. What's strange is that it seems to have adopted a 1950's sort of mentality where the women are happy housewives and the men are the workers (although LGBT and interracial couples are welcomed). When a newly married couple move into the community, the modern day wife (CHARACTER A) is none too pleased. However, she receives a warm welcome from the women who quickly invite her to a friendly "initiation" ceremony at the library. When she arrives, what she sees is that these women are more modern than anyone. Underneath the library is a hidden sex club for the wives to play with each other without a man in sight. This is how they let off the steam and they quickly offer CHARACTER A to join their ranks, and she quickly agrees even though she doesn't quite know what to expect.

What the ladies don't know is that the men have similar games underneath the Town Hall where they all have fun with each other, intriguing the husband.

I will be playing CHARACTER A if we want this as F/F and I can play the husband if we want this as M/M or M/Futa. You will likely need to double as many characters as you'd like.

Please, Save Our Marriage!
F/F/F, M/M/M, F/F/FT, F/M/FT, M/M/FT, FT/FT/F, FT/FT/M, FT/FT/FT, Transgender/Any

Character A and Character B are a married couple and while they are still very much in love, they know their sex life is dead. They've tried everything from therapy, to exploring new kinks, to porn, but nothing seems to be doing it for them. The only thing they haven't tried is a threesome, but who could they ask to join in on their fun? Both of them know Character C, and notice that C is very lonely and still a virgin. They realize that C is perfect to join their sexual escapades. They each take turns seducing C on their own before they invite C over to their home where C is presented with a rather tantalizing proposal.

*Will require you to double as A and B

Kiss The First Stranger You See

During a game of truth and dare, a woman is dared by her best friend to kiss the first stranger she sees. When that stranger happens to be another woman, who happens to be an undercover agent, the sparks fly as they begin a whirlwind romance and a high stakes adventure around the world.

The Promise
F/F, F/FT, Transgender/F

When they were younger, two best friends promised each other that if they were both single by the time they were 40, then they would get married. They even recorded the promise on tape and buried it by their favorite hang out spot near the forest. The two became separated by high school when one of them was forced to move to the other side of the country. The two of them have lived very different lives. CHARACTER A is a high-strung, career woman who rose through the corporate ladder and is now a high ranking executive for an oil company. She is tasked with ensuring that the new pipeline project remains on schedule. It just so happens that the pipeline runs through her old hometown and she decides to stop to pay a visit.

CHARACTER B, on the other hand, chose the life of a homemaker and was trapped in a marriage she despised and stuck with two bratty kids who never showed her any respect. Now that her kids are both over eighteen, she's just got a divorce. Now that she's gotten some money from her ex, she has become a political activist and she's one of the leading organizers of the pipeline. She wants to protect the forest where she spent much of her childhood with her old friend. She fondly remembers the time they spent together and she digs up the hold tape of the promise she and her friend made.

When she sees that CHARACTER A is back in town, and that both of them are about to turn 40, she decides to reconnect with her friend. The two of them enjoy an intense night of passion, but when they discover that they are on opposing sides of the pipeline issue the next morning, things begin to turn sour...

There's many different directions we can take this one in and we could even have CHARACTER B's daughter hook up with CHARACTER A just to spite her if they don't work things out. Lots of drama to expect here.

What I Do For You CRAVING
F/F, F/Futa

Character A and B have a pre-existing relationship. Perhaps they're siblings or lovers, but they're very close with each other. CHARACTER B is sick and spends most of her time in the hospital, leaving CHARACTER A paying the bills. CHARACTER A works for character C, a wealthy woman. She is C's maid. While she isn't exactly treated well, she does get paid generously. One day CHARACTER A decides to steal an expensive necklace from C in order to pay for a surgery B desperately needs. She is caught, so she is left at C's mercy.

Ironically, what A doesn't know is that CHARACTER B is being wooed by CHARACTER D, a wealthy benefactor.

The Dictator's Plaything

A corrupt dictator personally picks a new woman to be her new mistress and she begins grooming her to be her perfect lover. Through her time with this woman, she learns that the dictator plans on unleashing a nuclear weapon to provoke a new global war so that she and a select chosen few can begin a new life in a self-sustaining underground city.

Romance Is Dead
F/F, F/T, M/M, M/FT, FT/FT, Transgender/Any

A cynical older woman has been hurt too many times to open her hear again and firmly believes that romance is dead. A friend convinces her to open up an online dating profile to prove her wrong. She is surprised when someone responds and asks her to meet and they end up having a passionate one night stand. That is, until the date calls her again the next day to invite her out to a romantic dinner. Perhaps romance isn't dead after all.

Gamer Girls
F/F, F/FT, Transgender/Any, Futa

Two women bond over their love for video games, books, and all things geeky. Both of them are completely inexperienced when it comes to love. When the two are offered the chance to compete as a team in a video game competition in Paris, will they let their shyness get in the way of fully experiencing love?

Field of Schemes
F/M/M, F/F/F, F/FT/FT, F/FT/M, F/F/FT, Transgender/Any

When a star college football player is found dead, the police rule it a suicide. The young man's best friends - a fellow football player (CHARACTER A) and a geeky Private Investigator (CHARACTER B) know that their friend would never kill himself. Together with the friend's mother, CHARACTER C, the three find themselves caught in a web of cover ups and scandal. The three of them also discover something else while in the process of solving the crime.

This is written as a F/M/M, but can be F/F/F or any variation with Futas.

Will require you to double as A and B.

Thornhill University CRAVING
F/F/F, F/F, F/F/F/F

Thornhill University is a highly prestigious all-girls university, accepting only the smartest and the wealthiest women from around the world. However, transgender and futa students and staff have been recently permitted to join. Poorer students and those who have received scholarships are free to apply and even become a part of the university, but they must appear before "The Council", a shadowy group of esteemed faculty and students, to prove their worthiness. There are five Councillors and a majority vote of three is needed for acceptance. The prospect must appear before each Councillor individually and as a whole and consent to perform their tests and trials.

When a poor, but gifted twenty-one year old woman (A) applies to the prestigious university she appears before "The Council" to prove her case for her acceptance. She winds up sleeping with one of the councilors (B), which is discovered by another councilor (C). A learns that she missed the application by one vote. C, however, blackmails A into sleeping with her as well as D.

Will require you to double as CHARACTER B, C, and D.

We can also explore CHARACTER A's further life at the university, which means we can both double as more characters and even include a possible harem.

The Dictator's Daughter

An established an highly regarded university is where the smartest and the wealthy go for their post-secondary education. One such woman is the daughter of a notorious dictator, known for multiple human rights violations and threatening war at the drop of a hat. The daughter wants to get away from all of that and when she falls in love with another woman, she finds the perfect excuse to claim asylum, but her forbidden love just might have unintended consequences.

New Beginnings
F/F, F/FT, M/M, M/FT, FT/FT, Transgender/Any

A woman notices a drifter traveling along the side of the road. Although hesitant at first, she decides to pick her up. The drifter tells the woman her story and realizes how much they have in common as both want a new life for themselves. They decide to embark on this new journey together.


A cop arrives in a remote cabin to assist a lonely and frightened woman who claims she has seen bright lights and shrilling noises in the sky. The cop is ready to dismiss her claims, until she hears the same noises. Suddenly the power is cut to the cabin and all technology stops working. There are noises outside and the two of them are forced to spend the night together. Everything is seemingly fine the next morning, but what if something is still out there?


A wealthy businesswoman becomes aware of an upcoming nuclear attack. Having already been paranoid about that sort of thing, she has constructed a bunker underground - enough for her and one other person to live a comfortable life down there. She had invited a scorned ex-lover to the bunker, just mere hours before the attack is about to happen. She offers her ex the chance to live in safety with her, but at a price. The ex must apologize for leaving her and agree to do whatever it is her ex wants. Is that too high a price for her survival?

The Rival
F/F, F/FT, FT/FT, Transgender/Any

CHARACTER A and B have never gotten along. They've always been rivals, to the point where A bullied B throughout high school and college. When Character B falls on hard times, CHARACTER C (A's mother), offers to let her in, as B is a client of hers. A is not happy about this, especially when she notices the sparks flying between her rival and her mother. Just how is she going to respond?

Will require you to double as A and C. There are many directions this can be taken, including a love triangle.


This is a simple premise of following the life story of two women in love. We first see them at 19/20 (one of the rare times I'll bend the character age rule) when they first meet. We see them meet again at 25. We see them again at 30, 35, and so on. We can keep going until they're well into their sixties. I want this to be an exploration of the friendship, relationship, and marriage of these two women. The story would start in present times and we can get into some speculative future if you so desire. I want this relationship to be explored with drama and erotica.

F/F, F/Futa

A woman is feeling that her marriage is going nowhere. Her spouse is constantly travelling for business, leaving her along with the kids. The spouse is constantly blowing her off, which is a far cry from the spouse's previous romantic gestures. When both miss her daughter's graduation ceremony, they have an argument, which is overheard by her younger coworker. The coworker has been sitting next to the couple for years, and has developed a crush on her. So when she sees the married woman start to cry, she comforts her. So when the spouse blows her off again for another business trip, she invites her coworker over.

The Fuck It List CRAVING
F/F, F/Futa, F/M

Shortly after her 50th birthday, Diane was diagnosed with cancer. She lived a simple life as an accountant and never really had the chance to explore her sexuality and her sexual interests. Knowing her time is limited, she creates her "Fuck It List", a sexual take on the bucket list. She writes down all the sexual things she wants to do before she dies. Maybe she wants to fuck a celebrity, star in a porno, join the mile high club, fuck her boss' daughter before telling him off, do a mother and daughter at the same time, give her son a lesson in sex, and bang that younger neighbor who's always had the hots for her. The possibilities are endless.

While this is a mostly smutty story, there is potential for Diane to fall in love with one of the people she sleeps with, and the heartbreak that comes with it.

I will play Diane. This story will require you to double as Diane's various lovers.

Your Daughter For Your Debt NEW and CRAVING
F/F, F/Futa

A middle-aged woman has become indebted to a powerful woman (perhaps a casino owner, a shady private investigator, a corrupt government official, a scheming ex, endless possibilities), and she fears that she'll lose her home knowing that the can't pay. The woman she's in debt with sympathizes with her as she was once in her position many years ago. So she offers her a way out. She'll cover her debts and then some under one condition - she gets to spend one night with the woman's daughter. Otherwise, she'll make sure that both of them are homeless within the week. The woman reluctantly agrees.

The woman then explains the situation to her daughter (who would be 20-21, and a struggling waitress to save up for college) and she agrees to 'take one for the team".

But what if the daughter isn't as sweet and innocent as her mother thinks she is? What if she secretly enjoys being ravished and dominated by this powerful and sexy older woman? What if the two of them begin a secret relationship, as the daughter explores both the lifestyle of the rich and explores the world of BDSM with her?

I would preferably play the role of the daughter, with you as the one dominating her, who can either be female or futa. You could potentially double as the mother if you'd want to which could lead into some incest. There's potential for threesomes, orgies, and potentially exhibitionism. I want to explore more of bondage with this story and see where that goes, but all encounters will be consensual.

Secret Life NEW

She's a congresswoman in a deep red district that swung to Trump by over 20 points. She's a rising star in the conservative movement, but the thing is, it's all a lie. She presents herself as a happily married woman, but only a few people know her secret. She's actually a sex-obsessed bisexual woman who enjoys lesbian sex and the occasional orgy. What happens when her young assistant discovers her secret? Will she too be seduced by her boss' secret lifestyle?

Fall From Grace - NEW

A woman of high status (perhaps a celebrity or a politician) becomes embroiled in a scandal (or associated with people involved in a scandal) and nobody wants anything to do with her. She's become a social pariah. After months of harassment, she's become a shut in. That is until she receives a mysterious message telling her to come to an address. With nothing left to lose, she goes to the address, where she meets a mysterious benefactor who promises her she can have her old life back again, but does this person really have her best interests at heart?

Back In The Game NEW and CRAVING

A retired porn star has been out of the industry for a few years now. She was extremely popular and even before her retirement got many offers for roles as a MILF or mother figure. Yet nobody knows why she decided to retire. An investigative journalist decides to track her down and ask her why she left. The interview doesn't exactly go quite as expected as both of them get roped back into porn.

Science Fiction Plots

The Mother of Peace

A lonely, depressed, and stressed out college student is at her wits end. She doesn't know how much more she can take. However, that all changes when she meets her mysterious new roommate or professor who seems to admire her and know everything about her. Just what secrets is her new friend hiding from her?

Strange New World

After losing her ship, a captain wakes up on a strange planet unlike any she has ever seen. She soon learns that her entire crew is dead, save for one young terrified Ensign who she takes on as her protector. Little do they know they are being hunted.

F/F, Futa

A war has devastated the world, leaving hardly any survivors. When two women meet each other, five years after the war, they are at first excited to finally have another person to talk to. That is until they discover that they are from opposing sides of the war that destroyed the world.

The Ritual

A hundred years after a virus devastated much of the world, leaving rural areas almost unlivable, a small and isolated farming community has managed to not only survive, but thrive despite banning most technology. Every year two people are chosen to be ritually sacrificed to "The Others". When a strange woman falls from the sky, she is instantly taken prisoner, but the daughter of the mayor takes a liking to her. The two are then chosen to be sacrificed, but rather than die, they decide to escape to a place only known as The Forbidden Zone.


After driving late at night, a woman find herself lost. When she finally finds her way back home she finds that subtle things have changed. A wall is a different color, a table has been moved. Then when she enters her bedroom she is shocked when there's a beautiful naked woman there to greet her. The woman tells her that she's her wife. That's when she realizes she has somehow transported into another world.

An alternative to this plot is that a down on her luck woman enters another parallel world, the difference is that in this one she was never born. Realizing that she has been given a second chance, she decides to make something out of herself in this life.

New Surroundings

A newlywed couple are driving home after their wedding night. They see a sudden light and pass out. They then wake up in an unfamiliar house. Upon exploring, they see that the house is empty. It is a modest house, perfectly for a couple to begin a family. The house is stocked with food, games, and entertainment. When the two of them leave the house, they find themselves in a neighborhood with identical houses. The town they find themselves in is empty, yet has self-sustaining power. Just what exactly is going on and how did they get there?

I'll Be Your 1-Up Girl

During a freak accident, a video game character suddenly comes to life. She comes face to face with the gamer. Making matters more awkward is that the character is wearing a wedding dress.

The video game character can be a fictional one, but I'm leaning towards her being a character from an existing game.

Playing The Game
F/F, F/Futa

Alice (mid-20s to mid 30s, name negotiable) is a highly regarded video game programmer and concept designer. She's written for many popular games, and has been venturing out into Virtual Reality. Her latest game is more of a personal hobby than something she intends to sell to the mass market. The game stars a young woman who is forced to make a choice. Does she become the hero and save the world with her sidekick/lover, or does she become the villain bent on conquering the world, with her concubine at her side?

With the game now complete, she decides to test it. However, a freak accident caused her to be thrown into the game world, and she's forced to play it out in order to survive. All the rules she coded into the game apply.

I Dated A Celebrity...Kind OfCRAVING
F/F, F/Futa

In the near future (or an alternate reality), robotics have advanced to the point that androids can be produced en masse. A controversial new service allows people to download a celebrity's likeness onto a blank android, giving the android the celebrity's appearance, history, and personality (although some adjustments are made to make the android more cooperative to its owner). When a lonely woman downloads her favorite celebrity on to her android, she begins to fall in love. Can this taboo relationship truly last?

Shamelessly stolen from a Futurama episode.

F/F, F/Futa, M/M

Two people are marooned on a isolated and hostile planet. They're trapped in their ship, waiting for a rescue that may never come. A hostile environment and dangerous enemies await them if they go outside, but the bigger danger may be lurking inside when one of them becomes obsessed with the other.

Me Squared - NEW and CRAVING

A petty criminal steals a time machine to prevent the action that causes her to turn to a life of crime. What she didn't count on was her younger self falling in love with her and the impact on the future her decision has.

Whole New World NEW

My character volunteers to partake in an experiment with new cyronics which allow a person to be placed in suspended animation for a prolonged period of time. The test was supposed to have her sleep for a month before waking up. However, when she wakes up she finds that more than a month has passed. She has been asleep for hundreds, if not thousands of years. What new wonders, or horrors, await her outside of the facility?

Fantasy Plots

To Kill An Empress

An evil Empress is coming close to world domination, as she sacks and pillages city after city. However, a rebellion has begun under the command of a mysterious and unseen leader. As more and more cities become liberated, the Empress plans a final strike that would make the world hers. Desperate to stop the war, the leader of the rebellion poses as a prostitute and is selected as the woman's mistress, where she plots to earn her trust and kill her before her plan is implemented.

Not Your Average Disney Fairy-Tale Romance

A sheltered princess is the sole heir to her kingdom and throughout her life she had dealt with her fair share of unwanted suitors. Eventually, her father the King grew tired of her disobedience and decided to arrange a marriage between her and the prince of another land. When the day of her wedding finally came, the prince revealed himself to be a shallow jerk who was only interested in her beauty and wealth. Needless to say, she calls off the wedding. In a furious state, she runs off to the nearby forest, where she is attacked by bandits and thieves who strip her of her clothes and valuables. Just as she is about to be attacked again, she is rescued by a hooded warrior who kills most of the attackers. The warrior turns out to be a woman who makes her living as a trader, but secretly fights crime and corruption under the persona of Cloaked Justice. The woman offers to train the princess to become a warrior and throughout the training they fall in love. This woman was the first person to love her for more than her looks or status.

Just as they are ready to return to the castle, they are attacked again. There is now a bounty on both their heads.

I don't have a preference for either role, although the princess would be in her early to mid twenties. The warrior can be the same age or older.

The prince doesn't have to be male. He can be futa or female as well, but I do like him being the villain for this story.

There will likely be doubling as the prince(ss) and his/her lover/hench(wo)man.

You're Everything I've Dreamed Of! CRAVING

When a lonely and nerdy woman inherits her grandmother's estate, she discovers many strange artifacts. One of these objects is a magic lamp. Unknowingly, she summons a genie who grants her three wishes. When the woman wishes for a girlfriend, a woman matching her deepest fantasies appears, but is this woman everything that she appears to be?

As an added twist, the girlfriend could be a double of a celebrity or a fictional character who comes to life.

The Other Side
F/F, F/Futa

CHARACTER A is a hardened police officer. The day starts off as any typical day. She's chasing a criminal along the Florida coastline. The criminal manages to evade her and escape in a plane, but she decides to pursue against the wishes of her superiors. A turbulent storm hits and she's forced to set down. The only thing is that she finds herself in a very strange place. She finds herself at an abandoned dock with many planes and boats - vehicles she recognizes as having been marked as disappeared. She notices the criminal's plane, and some tracks in the ground, so she follows them.

Eventually she winds up at some strange circus, and some of the people there are clearly not human. She begins to wonder if she died, but then realizes she has crossed over into another world. Now all she wants is to go home, but when she sees that CHARACTER B is forced to perform against her will, she springs into action and rescues the woman. When the woman reveals that she is a princess from another land, the cop feels compelled to help her, especially when the princess tells her she can have "whatever she desires" upon returning her to her home.

Supernatural Plots


The stories about the devil are true. Well, most of them. The devil is an all powerful immortal being, but one thing scripture always got wrong was that the devil's name. It's not Lucifer - it's Lucy. As she sees that humanity is on the brink of destroying itself, she decides to pay humanity a visit to decide if she wants to help save, or destroy, all humankind.

Again And Again NEW and CRAVING

After intervening to rescue a woman from being mugged, a young woman is stabbed and dies. Holding her savior in her arms, the woman is shocked when her rescuer comes back to life. The mysterious woman cannot die, but her immorality a gift or a curse?

The two can meet in various different ways, this is just one example.

Horror Plots

The Mandela Effect

Chances are you've heard of The Mandela Effect. It's the theory that states that false memories are a result of parallel universes. What if this plot were true? This plot would involve a character who unknowingly crosses over into another universe. The differences between universes could be subtle, or they could be bigger, so naturally she thinks that she's lost her memory. Now what makes this a horror story is that travel between dimensions isn't something that's looked highly upon by The Watchers, a group of entities that watch over the multiverse. Their job is to protect the multiverse, as jumps between universes risks long-term damage to the multiverse. Things turn for the strange when the woman meets her exact double, and the two of them are then chased by the entities. One of them must die to restore balance to the multiverse, so it's up to them to help her find her way back.

This can be F/F, Futa/Futa, or M/M.

Historical Plots

Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Hot

During the height of the American Civil War, a cruel plantation owner is merciless to his slaves. However, his slaves aren't the only one subject to his cruelty. His 21 year old daughter faces the same cruelty for her rebellious nature and her refusal to marry. One night, she meets with one of the slaves, a beautiful woman who had just been punished by her father earlier in the day. The two of them bond over their mutual hatred of him. The two conspire a plan of revenge, to burn him and his men alive at the upcoming cotillion. Can the two women keep their forbidden love a secret until then?

House of Smut

Below are ideas for purely smutty stories. These can be one shots or we can expand on them to make them a more detailed story.

When Alison hits her midlife crisis, she no longer feels beautiful. That is until she notices that her son (or daughter) has his eyes on her. [M/F, F/F, F/Futa]
An aging actress feels that she is past her prime, until she finds out her sexy younger understudy has the hots for her [F/F, F/Futa]
The daughter of a prominent conservative politician rebels and starts exploring herself sexually, finding herself in a lesbian sex club. [F/F]
A conservative politician finds herself seduced by her sexy younger intern. [F/F]
A woman crash lands on an uncharted island. She soon finds out that she's not alone. [F/F]
A young woman is rejected by her family when she comes out. She finds comfort in her best friend's hot and horny mom. [F/F]
A young man spies on the hot older couple next door and gets caught by them. [M/M/F or M/M/M]
A nerd offers his study sessions for the fraternity, but the guys all have something else in mind. [M/M Harem]
A woman offers her landlady an "alternative" payment when she's behind on rent. [F/F]
A swim coach offers a new way to motivate her team. [F/F Harem]
A guy gets more than he bargained for when his blind date turns out to be a futa, but he's not backing away. [M/Futa]
A tourist takes up a local's offer for a "massage", unaware of her "secret". [F/Futa, M/Futa]
A woman finds out her best friend's mom is a porn star. [F/F]
A man transitioning to woman's only comfort is her sexy next door neighbor. [Transgender/F]
A mom who is also a professional poker player joins her son's friends for a game of strip poker. She raises the stakes - they can have her for the night if she loses, and of course, she does lose. [F/Many M or Futa]
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Re: Seeking Active & Creating Writing Partners [F/F, M/M, Futa] {All Genders}
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This is an incomplete list of the different pairings I'm interested in. Most of them can be incorporated into different gender pairings. I don't have a plot for most of these, but I'm happy to work one out with you.

In order of preference, I enjoy F/F, Futa/Any, M/M, Transgender/Any.

Pairings listed in purple are my current cravings. Roles in italics are the ones I prefer to play.

Slice of Life

Around Town

Younger Woman / Older Woman

Younger Man / Older Woman
Neighbor / Neighbor
Male / Futa
Male / Transgender
Older Woman / Futa
Older Woman / Transgender
Best Friend / Best Friend's Mother
Mother / Daughter
Mother / Son
Father / Futa Daughter
Father / Son
Sister / Sister
Brother / Futa Sister
Older Woman / Troubled Young Woman

Conventionally Attractive Woman / BBW
Best Friend / Best Friend

Married Life

Married Woman / Other Married Woman
Married Woman / Younger Mistress
Wife / Wife
Wife / Wife / Other Woman*
Wife / Husband / Younger Man*
Wife / Husband / Younger Futa*

*Will require you to double

Higher Education

College (University) Professor / Student
Counsellor / Student
Bookworm / Cheerleader

*These will be in a university or college setting, not high school


Athlete / Athlete
Western Olympian / North Korean Defector
Athlete / Opposing Athlete
Coach / Athlete

Adult Entertainment

Porn Star / Porn Star
Porn Star / Rookie
Porn Star / Virgin

Law Enforcement

Cop / Rookie
Cop / Witness
Cop / Stripper

Nowhere Left To Go

Hitchhiker / Good Samaritan
Drifter / Drifter
Drifter / Motel Owner

Business Life

Boss / Employee
CEO / Interviewer
Hiring Manager / Job Applicant
Employee / Employee

The Arts
*All actresses here are fictional

Artist / Muse
Actress / Actress
Actress / Fan
Model / Photographer

*All politicians here are fictional

Politician / Secret Lover
Head of State / Secretary
Politician / Politician


Social Worker / Client
Waitress / Customer
Lesbian Harems
Futa Harems

M/M Harems

Science Fiction

To Boldly Go

Captain / Subordinate
Captain / Cadet
Captain / Bounty Hunter
Bounty Hunter / Bounty

New Life And New Civilizations

Human / Humanoid Alien
Humanoid Alien / Humanoid Alien
Human / Humanoid Android

Time Travel

Time Traveler / Time Traveler
Time Traveler / Person From Other Time Period
Time Traveler / Time Traveler's Younger Self


Dictator / Subject
Revolutionary Leader / Supporter
Survivor / Survivor


Fantasy World

Person From Our World / Person From Other World
Queen / Commoner
Evil Queen / Revolutionary Leader
Evil Queen / Prisoner
Human / Elf


Human / Immortal


I'm always open for a good fandom story. For each fandom, I only do F/F or F/Futa (unless otherwise stated) and I only play OCs.

Here's my thread for fandoms.


Lately I've been craving something with a celebrity, so if you're open to some F/F or F/Futa celebrity fun, feel free to give this list a look and see if there's anyone you like. All celebrities, like all characters, will be 21 or older, and will be fictional versions of them. Please see my celebrity search thread for the full list and plots.



Zoe Saldana
Jenna Fischer
Mindy Kaling
Catherine Tate
Karen Gillan
Freema Aygeman
Jenna Coleman
Alex Kingston
Pearl Mackie
Caity Lotz
Chloe Bennet
Elizabeth Henstridge
Ming-Na Wen
Candice Patton
Danielle Pawnabaker
Emma Watson
Evanna Lynch
Bonnie Wright
Natalie Dormer
Sophie Turner
Maisie Williams
Kristen Stewart
Lauren Cohan
Danai Gurira
Ellen Page
Emma Stone
Yunjun Kim
Naomi Watts
Nicole Kidman
Halle Berry
Lucy Liu
Sigourney Weaver
Julianne Moore
Michelle Yeoh
Sonequa Martin-Green
Rosamund Pike
Natalie Portman
Daisy Ridley
Kelly Marie Tran
Lupita Nyong'o
Zooey Deschanel
Emily Deschanel
Desi Lydic


Taylor Swift


Eugenie Bouchard
Serena Williams
Venus Williams
Yuna Kim
Tessa Virtue

For some M/M fun:

John Barrowman
Grant Gustin
Matt Smith
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Re: Seeking Active & Creating Writing Partners [F/F, M/M, Futa] {All Genders}
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I will periodically update this section with characters I create specifically for Elliquiy. Below is a current list of them. These are only as sample, as I'm always happy to create a new character for our story.

Note that all pictures are of verified models and celebrities who are 20 or older.

Female Characters


Name: Anna Lane
Age: 50
Occupation: Small Business Owner, runs a beachfront supply store with her son and daughter
Family: Has one daughter and one son, both in their 20s
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Potential Pairings: Best Friend/Best Friend's Mother, Neighbor/Neighbor, Older/Younger, College Professor/Parent, Blind Date, Tourist/Local, others


Name: Kim Kwan
Age: 50
Occupation: Farmer
Family: Ex, Daughter (adopted), Two Sisters, Nieces and Nephews, One Brother
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Potential Pairings: Ex/Ex, Older/Younger, Photographer/Journalist, Activist/Activist, Activist/Businesswoman, Activist/Politician, Hiker/Hiker, Urban/Rural, City Dweller/Farmer, Farmer/Farmhand, Drifter/Good Samaritan, others


Name: Claire Williams
Age: 39
Occupation: Owner of several casinos and strip clubs, occasional stripper
Family: None
Other: She has a very secret private life to the point where she hired her actress friend to act as her for corporate meetings and interviews
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual
Potential Pairings: Manager/Stripper, Stripper/Stripper, Cop/Stripper, Cop/Witness, CEO/Employee, CEO/Journalist, CEO/Private Investigator,  Best Friend/Best Friend, Stripper Harem, others


Name: Hayley Hester
Age: 25
Occupation: Stripper
Family: Estranged parents
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual
Potential Pairings: Manager/Stripper, Stripper/Customer, Stripper/Stripper, Cop/Stripper, Cop/Witness, others


Name: Lily Chan
Age: 33
Occupation: Journalist
Family: Divorced, Ex-wife
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual
Potential Pairings: Older/Younger, Ex/Ex, Journalist/Journalist, Journalist/Politician, Journalist/Businesswoman, Journalist/Police Officer, Journalist/Federal Agent, Journalist/Witness, others


Name: Hana Lee
Age: 45
Occupation: Escort
Family: Elderly parents, sisters, no children, single
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual
Potential Pairings: Tourist/Local, CEO/Secretary, Boss/Employee, Older/Younger, Adultery, Woman Next Door, Neighbor/Neighbor, Waitress/Customer, other


Name: Jenny Smith
Age: 21
Occupation: None, college student
Family: Estranged mother, father unknown
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual
Potential Pairings: Professor/College Student, Counselor/College Student, Wife/Wife/Younger Woman, Roommate/Roommate, Cheerleader/Bookworm, Best Friend/Best Friend's Mother, others


Name: Karen Liu
Age: 25
Occupation: Professional volleyball player, part-time archaeologist
Family: Parents are deceased, no parents. Had lived with her aunt.
Other: Also enjoys surfing, looking to avenge her murdered parents
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual
Potential Pairings: Athlete/Athlete, Athlete/Coach, Athlete/Teammate, Athlete/Opposing Athlete, Olympian/North Korean Defector, Athlete/Photographer, Athlete/Fan, Adventurer/Adventurer, Tourist/Local, others


Name: Magdalene "Maggie" King
Age: 55
Occupation: Elected Politician
Other: N/A
Family: Deceased father, elderly mother
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual (Closeted)
Potential Pairings: Politician/Secret Lover, Politician/Lobbyist, Politician/Stripper, Politician/Foreign Politician, Politician/Secretary, Politician/Campaign Manager, Politician/Intern, Politician/Journalist, others

Miranda - NSFW

Name: Miranda Jamison
Age: 50
Occupation: Paparazzi
Family: Son
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Potential Pairings: Older/Younger, Incest, Mother/Son's Best Friend, Mother/Daughter's Best Friend, Mother/Professor, Neighbor/Neighbor, Celebrity/Fan, Celebrity/Paparazzi, various

Lisa - NSFW

Name: Lisa Barnes
Age: 47
Occupation: Fitness Instructor
Family: (Family Optional)
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual, leans towards women and futas
Potential Pairings: Wife/Wife, Wife/Wife/Younger Woman, Mother/Son, Mother/Daughter, Harem With Fitness Class, Fitness Instructor/Client, Trainer/Athlete, Neighbor/Neighbor, Married Woman/Younger Mistress, Artist/Muse, others

Ellen - NSFW

Name: Ellen Yates
Age: 50
Occupation: Model
Family: Has one son in his 20s. She has a daughter in her 20s, but gave her up for adoption.
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Potential Pairings: Incest, Model/Photographer, Artist/Muse, Harem With Art Class (all female), Neighbor/Neighbor, Woman/Best Friend's Son, Woman/Best Friend's Daughter, Bride / Best Friend, others

Alex - NSFW

Name: Alex Clayton
Age: 27
Occupation: Therapist
Family: Mother, two sisters - both younger
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual
Possible Pairings: Therapist/Client, Model/Photographer, Sister/Sister, Mother/Daughter, Good Samaritan/Drifter, various others

Francine - NSFW

Name: Francine Bates
Age: 50
Occupation: None/University Professor
Family: Daughter (21), Son (22)
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
Possible Pairings: Professor/Student, Neighbor/Neighbor, Older/Younger, Incest, various

Male Characters

Kory - NSFW

Name: Kory Bates
Age: 21
Occupation: College student
Family: Mother, father, futa sister, brother
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual, tends to prefer men and futas
Position: Submissive
Potential Pairings: Mother/Son, Father/Son, Brother/Futa Sister Older Woman/Younger Man, Boss/Employee, Hiring Manager/Job Applicant, Wife/Husband/Younger Man, Best Friend/Best Friend's Mother, Neighbor/Older Neighbor, Male/Futa, Male/Male, Artist/Muse, Blind Date, Harem with other men or futas, others


Name: Tyler Evans
Age: 22
Occupation: College student
Family: Mother, father, futa sister, brother
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Position: Submissive
Potential Pairings: Mother/Son, Father/Son, Brother/Futa Sister Older Woman/Younger Man, Boss/Employee, Hiring Manager/Job Applicant, Wife/Husband/Younger Man, Best Friend/Best Friend's Mother, Neighbor/Older Neighbor, Male/Futa, Male/Male, Artist/Muse, Blind Date, Harem with other men or futas, others

Futa Characters

Note: All futa characters have a penis and balls with no vagina. I prefer futa characters this way. They are NOT transgender.

Natalie - NSFW

Name: Natalie May
Age: 21
Occupation: Varies depending on story
Family: Father, other family optional
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Potential Pairings: Futa/Male, Futa/Female, Futa/Futa, Father/Futa Daughter, Other Incest, Blind Date, Tourist/Local, Boss/Employee, Drifter/Good Samaritan, Roommate/Roommate, Neighbor/Neighbor, Older/Younger, Rich/Poor, Artist/Muse, others

Amy - NSFW

Name: Amy West
Age: 21-30, depending on the story
Occupation: Varies depending on story
Family: Father (other family optional)
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Potential Pairings: Futa/Male, Futa/Female, Futa/Futa, Incest, Blind Date, Tourist/Local, Boss/Employee, Drifter/Good Samaritan, Roommate/Roommate, Neighbor/Neighbor, Older/Younger, Rich/Poor, Artist/Muse, others

Megan - NSFW
Name: Megan Nelson
Age: 25
Occupation: Social worker
Family: Parents, siblings optional
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
Potential Pairings: Futa/Male, Futa/Female, Futa/Futa, Incest, Blind Date, Social Worker/Client, Boss/Employee, Drifter/Good Samaritan, Roommate/Roommate, Neighbor/Neighbor, Older/Younger, Rich/Poor, Artist/Muse, Celebrity/Fan

Jennifer - NSFW
Name: Jennifer Lamb
Age: 25
Occupation: Heiress, hacker
Family: Parents, siblings optional
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual, leans towards women
Potential Pairings: Futa/Male, Futa/Female, Futa/Futa, Incest, Boss/Employee, Neighbor/Neighbor, Older/Younger, Rich/Poor, Artist/Muse, Celebrity/Fan, Hacker/Target, Blackmail

Kendra - NSFW

Name: Kendra Banks
Age: 24
Occupation: Aspiring author and comic book artist
Family: Adopted parents, birth mother and sister
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
Potential Pairings: Futa/Male, Futa/Female, Futa/Futa, Incest, Blind Date, Boss/Employee, Drifter/Good Samaritan, Roommate/Roommate, Neighbor/Neighbor, Older/Younger, Artist/Muse, Celebrity/Fan, others

Joanne - NSFW

Name: Joanne Rodriguez
Age: 40-47, depending on the story
Occupation: Varies depending on story
Family: Mother, Sister
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Potential Pairings: Futa/Male, Futa/Female, Futa/Futa, Blind Date, Tourist/Local, Boss/Employee, Drifter/Good Samaritan, Roommate/Roommate, Neighbor/Neighbor, Older/Younger, Rich/Poor, Artist/Muse, others

Bonnie - NSFW

Name: Bonnie Hester
Age: 40
Occupation: Varies depending on story
Family: Estranged
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
Potential Pairings: Futa/Male, Futa/Female, Futa/Futa, Incest, Blind Date, Tourist/Local, Boss/Employee, Drifter/Good Samaritan, Roommate/Roommate, Neighbor/Neighbor, Older/Younger, Rich/Poor, Artist/Muse, others
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Re: Seeking Active & Creating Writing Partners [F/F, M/M, Futa] {All Genders}
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Misc Info

I will periodically update this section with anything that doesn't fit into the above pages.
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Re: Seeking Active & Creating Writing Partners [F/F, M/M, Futa] {All Genders}
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Added: Current One x Ones
Added New Plot: - Please, Save Our Marriage

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Re: Seeking Active & Creating Writing Partners [F/F, M/M, Futa] {All Genders}
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Added: A link to my O/O thread
Added: Inactive one x ones, stories that I have been waiting on replies for more than three days

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Re: Seeking Active & Creating Writing Partners [F/F, M/M, Futa] {All Genders}
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Added: New character, Hana.
Addeed: New plot, Thornhill University

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Re: Seeking Active & Creating Writing Partners [F/F, M/M, Futa] {All Genders}
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Added new characters: Kim and Lily. Also added new plot: The Promise.

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Re: Seeking Active & Creating Writing Partners [F/F, M/M, Futa, Trans]
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Added new futa character Amy.
Revamped my O/O thread.

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Re: Seeking Active & Creating Writing Partners [F/F, M/M, Futa, Transgender]
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7/11/16: Added 'The Surprise'

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04/12/16: Added "House of Smut" section on the plots page for pure erotica based stories.

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Re: Seeking Active & Creative Writing Partners [Open To Any]
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24/1/17: Added new plot "The Price" and new character "Alex"

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Re: Seeking Active & Creative Writing Partners [Open To Any]
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05/03/17 - Added new character Bonnie.

I have a real craving for Futas right now, but I will never say no to a good F/F story.
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Re: Seeking Active & Creative Writing Partners [Open To Any]
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08/04/17: Added new plot: "The Rival"

Still searching for new partners.

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14/04/17: Added new plot "The Mandela Effect"

I also have a huge craving for MILFs, futas, and celebrities right now.

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22/05/17: Added new plot "The Other Side".

Still have a craving for futas and celebrities.
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17/06/17: Added new plot "I'll Be Your 1-Up Girl" and slightly modified O/Os.

Currently have a huge craving for F/F and celebrities.
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17/07/23: Minor updates:

Slightly modified rules
Updated schedule
Modified a few pairings
Added new plot 'Womanhood'
Still have the same current cravings and a couple new ones
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17/07/29: Added new plots "The Celebrity's Secret" and "Playing The Game"
Added "BBWs" to current cravings.
Added new celebrities.
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17/08/02: Completely revamped and updated rules, O/O, and plots sections.
Added new plot "Again And Again"
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17/08/31: Added Historical section to plots, new plot "Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Hot, and added "Arrowverse" to cravings.
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17/10/21: Added new plot "The Fuck It List".
Modified pairings and celebrity list.

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17/11/12: Added new plot "Your Daughter For Your Debt".
I want to try out a plot with more bondage than I've done before, and would like to explore the lifestyle with this story.
Other cravings are still wanted, of course.
I have a huge craving for F/F with Valkyrie after seeing Thor Ragnarok.
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