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Author Topic: White's Playground (seeking FxF and FXM)  (Read 681 times)

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White's Playground (seeking FxF and FXM)
« on: September 06, 2016, 12:01:18 PM »
Hello there! So, I've taken up this thread of mine that's in non-forum and simply pasted it here because I am involved equally on forums and non-forums.

I like a slow and detailed plot driven play and not something that involves jumping into sex part of the story. I play in Third person.

I am pretty open to ideas other than mine. Also, we can build something front scratch if possible. (See my O&O link below)

I welcome all idea and if interested...send me a PM. Don't post in this thread PLEASE.
Mode of Play: Threads, PM, IMs, Google Docs
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1. Mysterious man: A girl who has been dating this guy for few years proposed to her and they are getting married in a week. A weekend before, her girlfriends decides to take her to a club and she meets this guy who sees she is one of those cutely innocent girl who needs a lot of teaching and have a submissive side to her that she doesn't have a clue about. Later that night, they make out but she realizes this is wrong and leaves him hanging. He couldn't let go of her. Being rich and having authority in his hand, he finds her and so on. So this turns into a cheating housewife roleplay even after her marriage. Would love to take this up slow on IM.

2. Masquerade: Your friend's father is big and is hosting the party. He is big in modeling industry. You guys have a spring break and so your friend has offered few of you to go with him to the resort where a week long function is held by his father including various fun activities everyday. First night is the mask party. Thats where you see a girl in mask with an hourglass figure. So your guy approaches her and one thing leads to another as they get intimate. Whatever happens, it happens behind the mask and in dark. Once they come out....they find out they are cousins and are shocked. Now how to deal with that? Will they continue this or just call it an end and never speak of?

3. Sugardaddy:  20 year old young girl in college struggling to get through. Just like any other student, she has lots of loans and she works part time in a library to make her ends meet. Then comes a man, well settled...who usually donates scholarships every year to 2 to 3 students. He sees her at the event when she is called on the stage to receive her scholarship from him along with two other recipient. He is very intrigued by her and rest can be discussed as to how he approaches her and they go into a relationship called "Sugardaddy". I imagine her as a bright student, not of those slutty types but can be persuaded into this considering her current situation.

4. Reunion in Court: Kate, She used to be one of those famous girls in school. Guys looked at her with eyes full of lust and girls secretly envied her. Such a beauty and it was sad that only one guy claimed her (Jason for now). They were high school sweethearts who ended up marrying each other. A geek (Jeff), who envied Jason a lot, and admired Kate but never able to confront like many other guys. Few years down the road, Jason and Kate are going through bad times and now at a point where they are about to get a divorce after finding out he’s been cheating on her. Jeff is a lawyer now and a well settled, rich man. What if she bumps into Jeff at the court as she is leaving after filing for a divorce without Jason’s knowledge yet? Will he offer to take up her case and find his way into her life? Will he be able to tell her how much he admired her back then? Does he just try to be a good friend through all this?

5. The Interview: Newly grad, young girl making her entry into the world of media. She is an article writer for one of the magazine. It’s a small company, not too famous one out there but she had to start somewhere. All she wanted to do is make money and that’s all. Sure she liked writing for the magazine but it was just something that she had to do to get money flowing in. It’s a small staff with mostly guys working there and a task had long been pending was to get an interview done on a retired male porn star who made most money in the industry. But there was only one problem…all the guy reporters felt weird going there to conduct an interview since it was bit weird and she was just new and inexperienced for the most part. When she found out about it, she talked to the Boss and asked if she can do that. He told him to get the porn star to let her conduct an interview FIRST and if he is ok…she can go ahead and do that. (There are other details but I also want my partner’s input so will discuss in details on IM)

6. Hubby's old Friend!:  Young couple who’ve been married to each other for few years now. One of his old buddy from high school moves in to the city but needed a place to crash for few weeks until he gets settled into his work (to be discussed what…Photographer…etc). Husband being generous, he invites him to stay in his house into a spare bedroom which they don’t use. At first, the wife doesn’t like that idea but giving some time, she starts liking his company since she is usually home alone bored while her husband goes to work. His buddy who is still looking for a job is also home for most of the time. His mind isn’t just set on finding some work but also he takes personal interest in his friend’s wife. It’s one way at first but soon it turns two ways. Will she resist? If not, who will they maintain seeing each other? What happens when he moves out into his own place?

7. You have a right to remain SILENT: Ashley, a college girl who gets pulled over by a cop at night for speeding. Fortunately, she is a scholar student and a very well known around the campus. Unfortunately, she also takes some E Pill from time to time. She was heading back from a party where she bought some pills. She took one and put the rest in her purse. She can lose what she had if this news leaked out. Not to mention, the shame she will cause to her parents. What happens when a cop pulls her over and comes to find out about the E pills? (I want the cop to be in mid 40s, single and want to keep her under his grip after seeing how cute she is. Use this information and evidence to hold it against her for rest of her life by literally asking for her company and favors whenever he wants in near future. In a way…blackmail her)

8. Regrets:Ever knew a girl who wasn’t that cute in high school. She liked a guy very much that she even asked him out. But he turned her down. Bit chubby, bright but not popular. Few years later, she is now well settled in her career(TBD:  I was thinking a professor or a professional cheerleader, a model?). He’s grown to be a multimillionaire. Does he regret his decision of turning her down many years back? Will he approach her? Will he keep on attempting to woo her or use his money to get on the good side of her? She may say yes or no...but he is determined of his needs, and its her. It's a rough idea. Not fully developed yet.

9. From a simple girl to….:  A young girl in initial years of college who is having best years of her life. Coming from a small town where she dated few guys in high school. Raised in middle class family and instill with family values, she was perfect little innocent doll. Since first year in college, she’s been dating this jock and now it’s almost a year. Sure the relationship has its ups and down, mainly he can’t stop flirting with other girls and his girlfriend doesn’t bother to tell him to stop because she actually believes in this relationship and thinks it’s going somewhere. On their anniversary night, they decided to go out to a club where he continually did what he did best, FLIRT. She gets heated up and leaves the club. Waiting outside of the club knowing he will come to make things right like he always did, apologizing. He didn’t and she starts walking down the streets thinking about stuff. What happens when a nice stretch limo rolls to her side and inside is a businessman of some sort looking for a company of a female to acquaint him to a dinner and maybe something more later? Not just that, what if he assumes she is some sort of a high class escort seeing how nicely she is dressed and the area of the downtown she is in? Will he be able to convince her to go with him and what price? {Do note that she isn’t an escort but going to assume the role of one just to see what her real worth is?}

10. Geek boy/popular girl(Highschool) : This idea is still in construction. I want to play a girl where she is partnered with a guy in her class. He happens to be the smartest and geekest of all. As their first project ends, he offers her help in case if she ever needs any. At first she avoids him after they were done with their assignment but seeing they Aced it…the class she was struggling in, she figured a little bit of help from him won’t hurt at all. At first she treats him with nice gifts out of appreciation and they start meeting at places to work on different assignment she needs help with. She wants good grades and she found a sucker to help her. He starts demanding different things from her in repayment. Kind of like asking her to wear certain clothes for him at school and etc. She will eventually start liking this and would see him just to get assigned something from him again and again till it all turns bit sexual. Again….this is still in construction and would love partner’s input in this.

11. Neighborly Love/Lust: Mid age female living her married life thinking she's done everything she ever wanted to do in her life but the truth is that she was married to a simple guy and most of her life was pretty simple. Being a housewife and a busy husband, she keeps herself busy doing chores around the house and staying fit. She's one of those woman that everyone wants as a wife, friend and most importantly, want to have an affair with. A college stud moves into the neighborhood and having his way around the girls (mostly young ones), his next mission is to somehow make her fall for him. He knows how simple she is and his playboy approach won't work so comes up with a plan to woo her, evil minded. Starting with activities of her daily life, he starts to jog on the same path until he convinces her to job together everyday. Spending more time as the time goes on. She works out at a gym near by and he starts attending the same one as the same time she attends, evening. He messes up something with her car when no one was watching...sweeping right in to give her a ride that night followed by rest of the night while the car is in garage. Things happen slowly and there will be struggle with feelings. Don't assume to jump right into sex here....

12. In love with a Stripper:: A girl, recent graduate, who have been struggling to make a living with a degree worth nothing in today's world. Bills piling up and so does the loan payment statements. Interest on loan is a kill and she just keeps drowning in what it seems like a debt that'd never go away. Suggestion of a good friend, she takes up a part time job at a strip club, little further away from the place she lives in. Just so she can start paying her bills. Living on her own, she was left with no choice but to start working there part time while continue to search for a proper job with her degree that she graduated with. She is naive, innocent and a girl that everyone wished to have as a girlfriend, mistress, or a wife. What happens when a crime mob's sight falls upon her and with the way she is, she wants to win her over than force her into degrading acts. Can she fall for him? It can be multiple men or two or just him....but this story will move on, just like my other games, slowly.

13.  Certified Nurse to Certified slut::  This idea is about a nurse working in a hospital. She is a recent graduate nurse who got hired few months back. While it's getting harder to get a job...she got it. But with ever changing economy, pay isn't that great. She wanted to study further but that would cost her money on top of the loans she has at the moment. Her life changes from the moment her image falls in the eyes of a mid age filthy rich man. He had gotten into an accident and she happened to pass by on her way to work when she saw this. She gave the guy mouth to mouth when he finally opened his eyes and saw her only to pass out again. He was taken to the hospital where she was his nurse during his stay. Now he wants her...even when he gets discharged to home. Only if she would agree to work as a home nurse but the pay isn't that great. Will he able to convince her? How will he make his move on her? This will probably start from the time of accident and play out thru his stay in hospital to him needing a home nurse until fully recovered.

14. Doing what needs to be done: The girl and the mother are living in the States after crossing the US-Mexico border. Having an abusive father, both thought it was the right move. But without have any legal documents, it was hard to find a decent paying job. One rich man without inquiring decides to hire the mother and pay a good amount for her service. He lives alone and a known businessman. He’s never seen the daughter because she never comes there or as far as his concerns, he doesn’t even know she exists. Mother falls sick and unable to come to work for a week. Now that she needs money to pay the bills, she has her two weeks of pay that needs to be picked up. Daughter decides to go and pick it up, she sees the man interviewing a new maid. Knowing how it will ruin their lives, she asks the man if there’s a way her mother can keep the job once she recovers from the illness.

I see this as the man comes up with an agreement. She isn’t anything like other girls…beautiful. Just what does he have in his mind for her?

15. In need of an Adventure : A married woman in her early 30s, rather a joint owner in her husband’s firm. She now had an equal role to play in the company as her husband and that meant, if he was busy taking care of clients she would the one to take care of other clients who needed attention. She even had to attend meetings on his behalf as she represented the company. It also meant she had to travel a lot and their marriage was becoming more of just a lame relationship. Though, no one complained…both felt it that way. Vanessa Alfonso needed something in her life that would keep her life just as fun and exciting. Who is going to come her way to give her that experience? While she was out on a business trip? The waiter at a restaurant? Another business executive? The bell boy? A guy who she met in the flight? A boy she met on the airport? A masseuse? A cop who pulls her over at night while she is on a business trip? Men’s escort service she decides to call to spice her life because she just needed some kind of attention? So many possibilities as this can revolved between her and just one same character and if partner wants to play different men, boys that come her way…that is fine with me as well. Descriptive and creative partners only please. This isn’t just smut but also a plot.

16. To marry a son OR forever hold your peace?: Melanie has found the love of her life, finally! He is a rich guy…well his father is and he works for the company. Of course the company is his after he passes away but it’s still so far away since his father looks pretty young for his age. He proposed to her and she said her. People were gossiping that she was marrying him for the money and that might be true but she didn’t think it was. She loved him….? The marriage is in just a week or two and having already met her father in law before but it was around this time, she really got to know him. He was even handsome that her fiancée and of course the one who had all the money. Can he manipulate her into cheating on his own son? Will she get married to the son? If yes, will she live in the house while both share the same woman? So many possibilities and definitely lots of potentials. Please don’t just tell me you are interested in this but share your ideas and let’s discuss.

17.  Payback's a ZOEY: Zoey seems like the perfect girl. So perfect that the other girls in high school envies her for the attention she gets from all the guys and is teachers favorite. She has that perfect innocent face to go along with her bubbly personality. A cheerleader and a journal club president. She belongs to decent family. Her parents make plenty of money therfore living a perfect life and basically gets pampered around with all her needs. She isn't anything like those typical girls who dates just about anyone who's nice to them. She does date a jock who may truely not deserve her but he's been there since they were children. They started at friendship and moved onto dating for almost 4 years. Now in the beginning of their senior year, he happened cheat on her all through summer and she just found out on first week back. that too with the biggest slut in the school? Him with whom she had thought of a decent future after attending the same college but he threw it all away. She distances herself for a while but returns to school. Finding ways to cope with it when few days later she finds a perfect guy to cheat on him with. It wouldn't be cheating but more like a revenge sex. This guy who was just as big and had gotten in fights with through out high school. He isn't a jock but more of a loner. He doesn't speak much but comes to school, does his thing and leaves. Not a friendly one....but one who also thought Zoey was pretty hot and wanted her just like every other guy. He wasn't as good looking but guess the summer had blessed him. He looked more fit and way more handsome than before. What happens when she meets him in private and tells him he can take her somewhere for the weekend and do as he pleased with her BUT there's a catch...she gets to film this while thing so she can throw it on her ex-bf's face! He hated him too so will that be enough to make him agree? Their so called weekend relationship will end when they part their ways or will continue? Will he want more of her ? What about her? LET'S DISCUSS THE POSSIBILITIES!

18.  Similar idea as idea# 2 with an alteration of the characters. Instead of cousins... blood relatives. An aunt from either father's side (younger sister) or mother's side (younger sister)....

19. Learning The American ways: An asian girl came to States on student visa to do her masters. A degree from here would mean a lot back home. This is a story about a girl, possibly in her early 20s. The classes starts and gets lost in all the attention she gets from all the guys. I want this story to go slow where she falls for the charming guy who then wants to just corrupt her to his taste. He's met girls who knew there was to know about sex but something about an exotic looking conserved girl just gets him going. This will be laid back, lot of interaction as they get in this weird relationship where they are not dating just yet but will be in near future. Her culture where she congress from has values and she slowly lets them go under influence by this guy in her class that she meets. Now the girl here, I want her to be from any Asian countries...probably from India Or middle Eastern. I want for the guy to be an african American to make this into interracial probably.

Alternate version: Mixture of Sugardaddy Idea rather than a classmate.

20. The Babysitter!: There was this movie a few years back called The Babysitters, where the stereotypical thing happens, where the husband and the babysitter hook up because he's not feeling loved/feels old/blah blah blah.  Well, he gives her a huge tip and the girl's friend convinces her that she could pay for college with the money if she kept it up.  It leads to her starting a prostitution ring with her friends which grows until it's too big and then shit starts going down.  Actually surprisingly good, given what they could have done with the subject material. This is the inspiration, but I'm not looking to replicate it.  Basically what I'm looking for is someone to play different men or one man to one babysitter or few (Or with one being the main) who ends up starting up a connection with the father of the kid she babysits. It’s a long term plot---They talk as he drives her home and maybe she's wearing a low cut shirt and she notices that he's staring at her breasts.  Liking the attention, she encourages him and that first night they make out a bit, maybe he feels her up a bit.  He immediately is flustered and cuts it off, giving her the aforementioned big tip.  The next time that they hire her, she now has a mission to fully seduce him with her young, nubile body and the idea of making money for college/a car/whatever.  In this version, she keeps it to herself (or maybe one other friend whom she invites into the fun?), with each of them pushing and pulling each other further into the depths of depravity. (Thanks to Teke for the idea. I had something similar like this in mind as well but the partner painted a perfect picture)

21.Celebrity RP. I don't have any specific plot in mind but merely an interest to play a roleplay involving a Celebrity. I am open to a plot as long as it makes sense to me. I don't have a list as to who but if you give your list of celeb ... I'll gladly pick one.

22, PHONE SYNC GOOF UP! (Would you like to merge SIMILAR CONTACTS?)
Emily has been dating Alexander Jr. for years now and after graduation last summer, he proposed to her and she said YES. It’s the month of December. Wedding day has been decided and the invitations are already sent. They are expecting variety of guests since he is the son of a well known businessman. The only son.
Wedding Day: January 1st
Family dinner and pre-wedding dance rehearsal: December 31st
The morning of December 31st, Alexander Jr. asks one of the drivers to deliver a gift to her place: A brand new Benz and an expensive Smartphone.

Astonished by seeing her presents, she wants to see him but wedding preparation’s actually kept them busy for past few weeks, letting them see each other nearly impossible, forget having sex. Speaking of sex, they never had sex but only pleased each other with other means of physical contact. She belongs to a well known religious family (Father could be a pope in a church?) For whatever reasons, they promised each other that their first time will be the day they are husband and wife. She really misses him, wants him and a whole day and half seems so far. She is all pent up and now doubting if that stupid promise even means anything. Why should they wait?

The father-in-law is just as handsome and dashing. She’d say he is even more handsome. But that’s just as far she’d thought of him apart from him being a nice guy. He’s always nice to her and was glad that she’s marrying into his family. The NEW PHONE mishap happens because in her old shitty phone, fiancé’s contact is saved as Alexander (since he is Alexander Jr.) and the father-in-law’s contact is saved as Alexander only. She is no computer geek so when she asked her little brother to sync her contacts for her since she didn’t have enough time to do it herself. So when she got the phone, she was on her way to the family get-together where there was suppose to be a pre-wedding dance rehearsal first and then dinner. She figures she might ask him to take her after party, maybe go up to his room or so?
She turns her phone on and first message that pops up is the contact sync message: WOULD YOU LIKE TO MERGE SIMILAR CONTACTS?

What happens when they are having dinner and she is sitting opposite of both Alexanders and she sends a text message: I can’t wait any longer. I need you and past few days have been too exhausting. How about some pre-wedding sex?

And what happens if she leaves after having one hell of a good time in bed with him, thinking it was her fiancé. Until next day, when Alexander Sr. is all smiling and wanting to talk to her if she was still going through marrying his son. But circumstances didn’t allow for them to have a conversation and during wedding ceremony, she whispers in his ears, “LAST NIGHT WAS GREAT!” He is clueless and tells her he was drunk out of his mind. She decides to call the number and her father-in-law’s phone rings. What next? Can she live with Junior and enjoy their physical relationship or she doesn’t enjoy it as much as she did with Senior and it’s eating her alive. Can she fight the urges?

23. A night with your Favorite PORNSTAR:
  The word is out there amongst the riches that one can rent a Pornstar of their liking for a night. Yes…you get to spend a night doing whatever it is your heart desires as long as the terms and conditions are met. Few years back, pornstars made decent money but these days, it’s not as much.
•   $800 for a girl-girl scene
•   $1,000 for a guy-girl scene
•   $1,200 or more for anal sex
•   $4,000 or more for "double penetration"
So few girls have decided to keep their mind open and take on opportunities that presents themselves. They are dripping wet as long as you got benjamins in pocket. There’s a website which sends a direct message to stars and they reply back to it since they are the members. So email today: (Name of the pornstar)[/s]

All these plots aren't set in stone and very much would like your thoughts and input on this so we can tweak it to you intersts.

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Gmail: jenwishuknew
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